Europe is going to shit

Europe is going to shit what are we going to do guys.

im 18 and go to collage in sweden and ive been trying to redpill my class mates and other students on the regular but im being shut down by the teachers.

recently i got sent to the principals office because of my ideology and my statement to other student there calling me a racist and that what i was talking about had to stop. ive been talking about that Europe is getting destroyed by immigrants and our government and the genocide of whit people that is happening slowly but surely.

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Not your blog. Clearly not 18. Go away and don’t post here again. Either kill jews or we don’t care about you.

Go away

maybe come with some real solution to make the white people of europe realize whats going on then yust shouting gas the kikes racewar now

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Europe is dying cause it wants to die. Good riddance to good goyim slaves anyways

Only weak minded whites and kikes are worried about the destruction of Europe. The strong will always survive, the white race will take back control when needed


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Beautiful day in europe
Stop being moralized goys, that's illegal!

This. Nothing so weak is meant to survive.

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No selfies. Reported.



ban and you lose

Global report.

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Keep doing it. They can't expell you for it, and if they do, make a crusade out of it to burn them down. Bless you

Global report.

Fucking retard. He’ll be imprisoned if he keeps talking. He will never fight back.

The price of freedom

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Suicide now.

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What I would suggest is to approach the issue from the direction of basic nationalism, because that's more widely accepted. Talk about wanting swedish to remain the de facto language and having swedish culture. These people are programmed to react badly to anything positive associated with "white people" since "white" is a negative trigger. What you have to do is get them to agree that preserving swedish culture and society is desirable and then the only rational solution to that is preserving swedish people. Also useful are the fracture points in multi-cult ideology, ie talk about how its important to retain sweden's freedom for women and sodomites (even if you hate sodomites) and how islam kills gays. That's something they can't disagree with and it also aligns with their ideology so it's difficult for them to argue with

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Write down teachers that do that. Do that anyway.

Europe and America are shit don't you get it. You have to ride the tiger, son.

anyone know a good recpie for chlorine gas or any other good deadly gasses for use on towelheads only

Memes and subtlety work. Blatant questions don't. You have to normalize the questions before your friends will allow themselves to even consider your statements.

Try using the Captain Sweden memes, and similar edgy-material to normalize the ideas before trying to have a discussion. It's worked for me before. Murdoch Murdoch is good for this but only in english, don't know if there's a swedish equivalent.

Global report.

Global report.


Okay anglo boomer. It's really not as bad as you think; it's just as bad as it is where you are. Good on you for believing the kikemedia

*And that is fucking bad already
It's by design though, so that you don't really notice how shit is shifting to the worse by the day.

You mean like you, spamming "Global report" and several variations of "kill yourself" for years on end?

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Ok neckbeard

Don't try to redpill people. Unite with others who are redpilled already. Who see the truth.

Change by ANY means necessary the outcome of who is leading your future.

NPCs will eventually wake up or change opinion.

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The average British police person looks like a fucking retarded toddler in that image(that stick of a woman in the front can't even wear her oversized police jacket properly, and then there's an obese retarded looking nigger dressed as a police officer), I though that the average police had to be capable of ending physical altercations if it came to that, they look like litteral clowns with police uniform on, and the women look like they're ready to be part of a rape scene, this is pathetic, stop shit posting you retards and start doing something, I can't make a change all by myself, I need comrades, not retarded shitposters, start lifting weights, start reading books and get ready

Don't try to redpill normies. When you reveal your power level they get pushed further into their blue pilled state.
Be smart, work silently. Make the best out of yourself. Support the white agenda, shun race mixers, discriminate silently. Invest in pro-white stuff.

Unite with white nationalists underground. Most people are actually more racist than you think. It is human nature to dislike race mixing and mixing of cultures. Just give them gentle pushes into the right direction. You would be surprised how racist normies get when push comes to shove.

Don't let your kids play with non whites.

Europe has never been this progressive and diverse and you call it "going to shit". How retarded are you OP?

Get in contact with:

Alternativ för Sverige

Det Fria Sverige

Nordisk Ungdom

or even

Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen

Don't waste your time trying to argue with bluepilled classmates, it doesn't work like that.

Also, subscribe to Pewdiepie.

Btw, ignore the negative shill posts. You are doing great, Sweden is lucky for having people like you. Just need to be patient and above all remember - slow, steady and patient wins the race in the long term.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Why haven't you swallowed the HONK pill yet OP? Laugh at the face of your classmates when you see shit going down

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One sides "racist" is another sides freedom fighter. Sweden has taken in 2 000 000 immigrants since the year 2000. We are a country of 7 500 000 ethnic Swedes. This is an ethnic cleansing of our native population.

You are already seeing the consequences of this in the form of christian graves being vandalized, our dogs being poisoned (muslims hate dogs). The new immigrants hate us and want us dead, even though the country did nothing else than give to these people.

If you cannot accept that we also deserve to live and survive and live you should get the fuck out.


still not as bad as weimerica

It is people helping other people you scumbag. No one is getting "ethically cleansed" and you know it.

More dumb lies.

Nice shitposting m8.
No, I don't know it, the truth is I can do basic math.

7.5 million Swedes where most are boomers who are going to die within 10-20 years anyway
2 million mudshits and still counting (they are bringing in 100 000 new every year).

in 10 years, just by bringing mudshits in we have 1 000 000 extra mudslimes. They have roughly 4 kids per family while the Swedish have 1.8. Simple math. Within one generation we are 50/50 and that is when the mudslimes will start asserting their role.

Civil war or genocide of one side or the other is inevitable.

this blue pilled nigger

Atleast he has a 18 inch cock unlike you cuckboy whiteman

This calculation doesnt even take into account all the Swedish coal burners and yellow fever faggots who actually do in fact breed… however they give birth to more of the enemy (non whites) instead of to more whites.

why keep helping people that rape your women and trash your entire country

What the fuck is wrong with you fag?

I'm not shitposting. You simply can't handle different opinions. No one is getting ethnically cleansed, you're stating "facts" without backing anything up, per usual.

That is not true though, I am debating with you, am I not? I am presenting arguments and solid numbers. Unlike you who appeal to > muh emotions.

Please present a single argument with substantial evidence for that we are not being ethnically replaced? Because from my calculations from current Swedish statistics on demographics, there seems to be none.

I in fact wish you were right. I would do anything for you to be right. But facts don't care about feelings. To be a man is to face facts and not deceive oneself. We are in a low scale ethnocide and war. The faster you realize, the better it will be for you.

But your opinion is shit. Did you missed news about Sri Lanka today? That is what muslims do. Every fucking time.


i op praise this man

My IP changed, so my ID is different. I was talking about sources buddy, you have none.

If you where being "replaced" you would've been already and you would've been forced to live by the culture of muslims or other migrants which you claim are overrunning your country, or the whole of Europe. You're still free to live as you please, so no you're not being replaced nor will you. Hell, the muslims and such don't even bother you and keep to themselves, you're just being afraid of them for no apparent reason, they are different people sure but they don't have any evil intend.

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Can the mods ban this obvious (((poster)))?
Its obvious that these shills were hired to distrupt the first few posts on a critical topic like OP's so as to prevent discussions.

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You seem to don't understand the concept of proportionality. Your logic is: if we were replaced we would already right now not be free.

The truth is that we see our liberties disappear increasingly as a proportional function of the percentage of non-white immigrants. The higher the percentage of non-whites the more infringement we see on free speech.

The higher the percentage of immigrants, the more graveyards we see vandalized.

The higher percentage of immigrants, the more self-imposed curfews and the more areas where white people cannot safely walk.

So yes, we are definitely seeing our liberties be infringed on by immigrants. But it is proportional to their amount. Therefore, I draw the conclusion that bringing in more of them will just further our oppression and limit our freedoms further.

truly an incel argument

OP, the solution is to kill, imprison or somehow remove the (((people))) in charge of mass immigration. Doesn't have to be all jews, just the ones that infiltrated our education, cultural and government institutions. Don't forget to kill the bankers financing them too. How to do that? Well, you can start a mass revolution, aka almost impossible in the era of peace today. Or you can assassinate them one by one but they will be quickly replaced. Really? Its impossible unless you are willing to dedicate your whole life, even then the chances are almost zero.

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they are still in Syria. only alpha muslims attacked Europe.

You have to be very careful deprogramming a NPC

You cant tell them shitskins are criminal untermensh that need to nuted and put into labor camps.
You need to be more general "free shit for everybody dont work in the long run " "as much tax we pay in sweden we would have pension at 40" (now raised to 75)
general comments like that wont trigger their programing.

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keep doing what you're doing, people will listen and will think you are nuts at first but you planted a seed and they will start seeing things happen and think about what that crazy guy said…maybe he might actually be right….
seriously, keep just making small comments about things, put the ideas in your peoples minds and let them find their own way to the truth..
i don't know if you've ever heard the say "you can lead a horse to water but you cannot force him to drink" …. you cannot force anyone to open their eyes, but you can lead them to a place where they have an opportunity to drink in the truth.

Still nothing to back it up.

What's up with all the weirdass shills in this thread? Are we being raided?

Just leave.

Its natural, we are infested by JIDF, FBI, CIA, NSA and independent shills. They LOVE to shit up threads like this.

Start small and soft but never back down. Respond to cries of "racist!" with "yes, and?"

Still better than 4chan. I suspect 4chan is raided by paid Chinese PRC shills. I cannot understate how many threads are started each day about how Huawei is based, how we should do more business deals with China. Race mixing WM AF-threads, just pages upon pages about the horrors of "white women" and how Asian women will save the white race-threads

At first I didnt notice, because I am also tired of white women and feminism, but the shilling ffor race mixing and doing "business" with asia, has taken onto new proportions. It makes me want to vomit honestly.

Then feed the principal redpills.

What's the worst they're going to do to you? Is it worse than having your entire people eradicated or being made into a slave in a 1984-state? Then stop being afraid, and have confidence knowing that you are choosing the best possible course of action.

I suspect the ratio of anti-white shills here is like 20%. In 4chan-pol it is more like 85-90%. This place is still relatively based.

i miss the old times, when posting here was comfy and most posts weren't rage inducing trash by kike nigger faggot shills
at least the shills made me go outside more and focus on the world around me

wow…..that's some next level jew shit right there.
"pay no mind user, you haven't been completely replaced……yet"
fuck back off to reddit you stupid piece of shit, if you're being paid to be here like the shill you are, when the dotr comes you'll be in line with the rest of the piece of shit niggers and kikes.

It seems to me that if you don't take a gun and kill muslims, jews, and/or government, then you die. It's as simple as that. You can't coordinate your shit with anyone else unless you're 100% sure they won't rat you out. Same goes for anyone in any White country.

Notice how I don’t give a flying fuck what you say, think, or do. That’s because you don’t get to spam your shit here without being called out on it. Cry harder about being exposed, yid.

If you had an argument, you would have posted it by now. Everything I said is fact.

Red pilling won't do shit, only way to win is by creating a movement with a paramilitary movement and eventually occupying the government, the people that will want to be redpilled will come to you, don't forget that the jew is at the centre point of everything, start reading a lot of enlightening books to inform people about the jew when they come to join your movement

Basically this, also check out Nordic Resistance Movement

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be patience, eropkins must be assimilated by nig/arab/turk, near asiyah-עשיה‏‎-Ἀσία-‎ reign time, join us or be assimilated by others

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they are raping young swedish women what the fuck do you mean with not bothering are you fucking retarded.

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Don't bother trying to redpill individual people in your personal life, it's fruitless.

Still running Windows XP, I see

This. You can't approach the situation with a needy attitude or they will smell desperation. You have to introduce small idea "links" over time that will eventually form a picture on their own, until the victim doesnt even realize they've been redpilled consciously by you.

yepu, ama' goin need to see some ID.

the thing is that it counts as hate speech by saying the truth and the principal told me that they can report me to the police for hate speech

Say "no balls"

This goes here

Might want to learn to spell before you post bait.

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Wen't looking for a picture of a collage to post for lulz
Google images full of shit "photo collages"
Hard to find even one pic of the art form collage
Once again experiencing how shit the internet is these days

The price of freedom is to be killed by invaders. Or having your daughters raped by them. The price of living in a free city is terrorism. The price of freedom is having your government, media, and education system controlled by a foreign power that pumps it full of propaganda that you cant question or your life is ruined. The price of freedom is to have your lands taken over by people who dont believe in freedom. If this is the price of freedom bring me tyranny and dictatorship. Sieg hail.