The Christchurch shooting might be a black op

Before any of you cucks say

Let me present some valid irrefutable evidence that will make you reconsider the case.

I'd like to call this theory "The Men In Red" because several men in red can be seen throughout the video/livestream.

-So basically at 3:06 he pulls up.
-Kills the audio then says something.
-A man in red can be seen at 4:08.
-Brenton then switches on the light on the gun and starts to drive a couple of seconds later.

1- What was he saying when he killed the audio?
2- Why did he stop for a whole minute and then proceeded to drive exactly after the man in red walked past the car?

-Brenton reaches the mosque and a man in red can be seen at the entrance at 5:01 (A better vision of the man in red can be seen at 5:05).
-Brenton leaves the mosque at 8:47 and a silver car can be seen.
-He aims at the car but doesn't shoot.
-A traffic cone in driveway can be seen at 8:53 (Remember that).
-Brenton went back to his car to switch weapons and then returned to the mosque.
-10:28 and the silver car that was seen at 8:47 has disappeared.
-Brenton leaves the mosque for the second time at 11:48 and an empty yard wall can be seen on the left.
-6 seconds later (11:54) a man in red suddenly appeared out of nowhere and is standing against the yard wall. (Note that the man in red was in plain sight, yet Brenton didn't shoot him. Also note that this is the third man in red that we see in the area of/around the mosque, coincidence? You decide).
-Remember the traffic cone at 8:53? Well, at 11:56 we can see it knocked over on the ground obviously by an exiting vehicle (Maybe it's the silver car that we saw at 8:47).

1- Who are the men in red?
2- Why there were 3 of them in the area of/around the mosque?
3- Who owns the silver car?
4- Why did the car disappear?

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The livestream:-

The pulling over for no clear reason, waiting, and signaling the red fat man with the huge necklace on is evidence others were involved and it wasnt a lone wolf event.

What about the other points?

Also why was everyone in piles already on both sides of the room?

No exit elsewhere? Trying to get out the windows? Not sure but thats my guess.

He says "Hello lads", consider getting the original video instead of the broken one.
To mentally prepare himself, and make sure as many shitskins as possible made it inside the mosque before the attack. You can see them still arriving when gets out of the car
People with red clothing.
Red is a common color, try going outside some more.
A sandnigger
The sandnigger drove it.

Get a fucking grip you tinfoil faggots, all of this has been answered 6 gorillion times, and none of it is suspicious.
gtfo you tinfoil wearing faggot

no. hollywood+belorussian KGB work. tarrant was nigger in fact. blue beam tested. everything will be fine.

explain this faggot

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Also if it's a sandnigger that drove the car, why did he didn't just drive it when the shooter was in the mosque?, why try to reach the car when there's an active shooter just outside the entrance?

People without disabilities usually have an ability called "walking"(See:, this happens as time passes, meaning a person "walking" will be able to move his physical location in this world and be at different places at different times, depending on "Walking" speed.

The man was in plain sight, why didn't he just shoot him?

Also you're supposed to run away from the shooter, not run to the shooter and stand in plain sight.

Mossad simply don't livestram their false flag attacks so whole world can uncover their secrets. Did they livestream Notre Dame or Sri Lanka?


This entire thread is JIDF.
St. Brenton of Tarrant gave us the solution but you're too much of a pussy to do anything about it.

Note that the man wasn't there, and suddenly after 6 seconds he appears and stands in front of an active shooter.

kek, I didn't know that you're supposed to walk when there's an active shooter standing 7 meters away from you

Panicked people are not very good at making rational well thought out decisions. And you do realize that the camera is not inside Brenton Tarrant's eyes right? just because you can see it, on a still frame, in a video, doesn't mean he was even looking in that direction.

It was black op. The dude was operator as fuck and seasoned in room clearing and cheeky breaky'd like he just got some coffee and donuts at work. No average gun owner operates so fluidly as he did. He was black ops. I'm genuinely impressed. Spooks fucked up having him livestream it because it clearly doesn't show a regular gun owner shooting people in a building FOR THE FIRST TIME. We also found out his travel history indicated he as such as well as the telltale sign of a police "exercise" also happening nearby to make sure the asset wouldn't be stopped immediately by a passerby armed defendant.

Let me explain. Those are shills. We also have been hit hard because the (((media))) narrative are after us hard. They are like the kikes calling everyone else kike for every little thing trying to make anons look like we are ridiculous when we call out shills for being fucking Jews and shabbos goys.

I get the argument that we should consider him a hero. We listened to what the shills were saying and have to agree that he did clean up mudslimes like a fuckin pro and it is still heroism at the end of the day.

=BUT when a shill claims he was JUST a legit random user because he was here all last few months before shooting using our lingo and dragging pewds into it because his kike handlers also want to censor 9 year old army on jewtube, and he doesn't clean out a synagogue. That is a fucking shill paid to act like a hu'wite man and push a narrative to cover up the truth we already figured out.

You can meme him into a hero since he did something remarkable. Don't fucking lie to us that he wasn't an asset.


Download for better Study:,16329509/Einer_gegen_50.mp4/

that will never win hearts and minds of NPCs. people hate muslims. jews are protected by holocaust. your only argument is that he did it well so it must be false flag. he killed unarmed muslims. you could do it too. all of us can do it.

People are allowed to wear red, user. Sometimes they do.
You got me user - only special ops pointmen are allowed to own silver cars
It obviously drove away to the sekrit base

Go away boomer. It happened, and was long overdue.

panicked people run away from danger not to danger.

Idiot, it's a woman in a Burka.

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I signal at least 20 pointmen when I go on a walk, user. Our codeword/answer is "Hey/Howyadoin". What kind of nefarious shit are we up to? Is it just a drill? Oh shit, you need more tinfoil.

Even if your statement was 100% truth, which it most certainly isn't, that would require the person fleeing to know where the danger was to be able to run away from it.
Some people fight none of the shitskins did
Some people flee several shitskins tried this
Some people freeze a lot of shitskins did this

1 point you sorta missed..when he changed weapons and came back, the silver car have moved about half a metre

he then went around the back and came back the silver car had disappeared, but it had moved a bit 1st before it disappeared

Lift the veil channel did a good analysis of this on his youtube channel

Did I make you oy very too hard?

He stopped to make his post here before he rolled in you dumb fucking kike.

The first person in red is a lady, no one wears full red tracksuits are you people fucking serious. Guy in silver car is in on it, why else hang around after 9 shots let off in front of your car and then go on to listen to a hundred more before leaving, no serious wounds to anybody, bodies all face down and fake, exits behind the piles of bodies not used, survivors not even phased recounting events on the same day, the list goes on. Event is laughable. Mosque now fully renovated with allegedly hundreds of holes covered up, dont think he hit the wall that many times.

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one muslim tried that but failed

did you seen any public support for I am goin in guy? Bowers i think. No. High level jews don't even visit these synagogues. It is waste of time and ammo.

he tried to ran away and fell over the plastic chair hitting branton.

Ayyyy lmao

I'm not saying to take kike meds but this shit sounds like gang-stalking. If St. Tarrant was working with others, why the fuck would they be color-coded?

*OVENING Jews is a joke
Fuckin spellcheck

I hope we have more cool psyops like this.

running in to shooter is not exactly running away.

I would not attack synagogue. Jews are parasitic rich fuckers. But they don't breed like rats. Muslims will replace us in Europe. Jews are behind it. But public do not support killing jews because holocaust. That is reality.

That or he spaghettid his fucking mags and didn't even plan it properly so he could burn it down. Pick one.

Fuck the public opinion.
Strike fear in your enemy.
There secrecy works to our advantage, because they can never tell the truth about their shady shit.
Target their shady shit.