Why doesn't the far right fan the flames between the left and muslims?

New to posting. I'm not suggesting anyone take action here. I know I'm skating on thin ice. If this is illegal or inappropriate I'll gladly STFU and delete the thread.
I started thinking about what I would do if I was a far right activist who wanted to remove the heavy Muslim population from my city.
I figured I'd pull a Russia: fan the flames to create a division. Except I'd do it between the left and Muslims. Organize a pride parade next to a mosque, etc.
Think about it: the left supports feminism, GLBTs and muslim refugees.
Muslims hate feminism, GLBTs and pretty much everything the left stands for (except for "give stuff to refugees").
I'm wondering, has it been done? Why haven't I heard about it?

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it's JEWS

Because it is the Jews. Until they are dealt with first, they will use any reform or clean up action to backstab and sabotage from within and use subterfuge and infiltration.

Get rid of jews must take top priority. So the left and right must be honed to remove kikes first.


Because go fuck yourself you fucking retard.

Also the kikes use money to keep progressive leftards and mudslimes docile. How else do you explain the left being subservient to goat-fuckers who oppose everything they stand for?

How are the jews preventing far right activists from doing this? I'm not disagreeing or agreeing yet, I just don't see the connection.


Because the left has a serious case of cognitive dissonance. You can't reason with people who are inherently delusional and mentally ill.

1. They're claim that all ethnostates are bad and inherently genocidal, yet they support the Kurd's right to have an ethnostate.
2. They attack peaceful right wingers on campus after a few right-wing terrorist attacks, but they don't attack peaceful muslims after several occur.
March: 30 muslim terrorist attacks, 1 WN terrorist attacks
April: 40 Muslim terrorist attacks, 0 WN terrorist attacks
3. They will prevent the immigration of white identitarians like Jared Taylor who point out the demographic decline of whites, but will prevent the deportation of Islamic criminals/terrorists. Not joking about this at all
4. They won't restrict content that has radicalized muslims, but will restrict everything has has radicalized WNs.

People who already have those factors in mind will already become a right-winger by now.

they controll both sides of the us political system AND all media/entertainment

There are no flames. Faggots don't have any vitality and don't breed except when they adopt/kidnap other people's children to indoctrinate. They've already begun their drift over to the "conservative right", whatever that means in America.

Muslims hate Jews.
White people are starting to wake up and hate Jews.
Why not allow the Muslims to kill the Jews, if they will allow Christians to live in peace?
I know it's wishful thinking at best, but Hitler came to such an agreement with Islam, why can't we?

To the extent that it can be done it is being done.

The problem is that jew control 99% of the media, so it's shitposts to small isolated forums and person to person conversations.

This is a good avenue of attack for boomers and civnat cucks, but leftist don't care about facts at all. They cant hold totally contradictory beliefs. If you want to get leftists to go after someone you have to put that person into an already hated group or attack their beliefs morally. For example calling jews white and the 1% can sometimes get lefties to go after jews. You should always point out to them that muzzies are antifag and antisemite, just don't expect it to be overly effective.

Never post here again.

Because muslims will not allow that, you brain damaged faggot.

Because they infiltrate far right online and irl. Focus on targeting Jews. Mudslimes later.

Because leftist have thing thing called "cognitive dissonance."

Leftists often have a very guilty conscience and are into virtue signalling while being generally terrible people. Hell, I knew of a leftist who got a job helping muslim women just so she could seduce them and turn them into dykes.

This. The most valuable lesson Zig Forums has taught me is the name game, earlobe attachment and other phrenology, and that kikes can't be fixed and need to be avoided in every aspect of ones life.

The thing you have to remember is that they don't actually believe any of that shit. They just realize that they can gain temporary power, profit and sadistic pleasure by towing the party line. They don't understand that one day it'll be them on trial at one of the kangaroo courts they helped create.

Because people think its the jews. The muslims have made it anti-semetic to be islamophobic by making it look likes its the jews. The jews are peaceful people. They only attack when its in self-defense. The Mudslimes are evil shits that will kill you the second they get a chance. The Jews have reasonable laws. The muslims will tax you until you have to become a Muslim or you get killed. The Jews are good that way. They don't want you to become a jew so they don't care what you worship. The Jews brought huge technology to the world. The Muslims ruined Africa and the middle East. The Jews are slowly cleaning it up.

As a god loving Christian I am on the side of the Jews.

Let me put it this way. You pose as a leftist from your local university. You antagonize a mosque, maybe leave pamphlets saying that Islam needs to bend the knee to feminism, etc. Those Muslims then attack and terrorize the local university. The leftist cognitive dissonance can only go so far, right? The real effects of Islam are now on their lawn, instead of outside their walled garden. They can no longer be deluded by "the jews" if it's happening to them directly.

There are no flames to fan, both the left and mudshits are jew creations as weapons against Europe. Both have the same exact end game. When liberals and mudshits are in public, liberals turn off their entire agenda and cede space to muds who rank higher than them on the progressive stack. When, supposedly, anti-homo anti-degeneracy mudshits come to western countries, they vote for pro homo liberals at rates equal to niggers.

There is no conflict, they have been designed for a specific purpose and they will always fulfill that purpose before all else, sacrificing their superficial differences so as to fulfill their mission. Once you wash away the outward differences meant to fool newfags like you, you will find a core of pure jewish subversoin.

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There's no limit the left won't cuck when it comes to appeasing muslims.

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Anyone who points out that fundamentalist Muslims hate gays and feminists gets banned from every leftist forum. The secret is that the institutional Left does not actually care about gays or women's rights. It's all about MONEY. The people who run the Democratic and Labour institutions are being paid off by the Middle Eastern states. ALL OF THEM are. The innocent ones have all been kicked out and blacklisted as "alt-right" and any of them who still have influence are getting the Sargon treatment in the press (remember that he's a liberal atheist!).

You're half-right. It's ROTHSCHILDS. They declared themselves the leaders of the Jews and they have enough money to make it happen, and enough Jews are dumb/greedy enough to believe them and follow them that it appears to be so. And the Rothschilds and their Jews are only the Jewish branch of a larger organization with its roots in Rome that practices racketeering with every time of identity politics. You're only allowed to be one type of Jew, their Jew. You're only allowed to be one type of gay, their gay. You're only allowed to be one type of woman, their woman. You're only allowed to be one type of labor organizer, their labor organizer. Step out of line and you don't get funded next year.

Islam operates in the same manner. No other form of social organization is allowed unless it drives people toward Islam. They have formed an alliance.

So it is not only The Jews but the transnational organizations for every social identity working under a centralized command structure that is undermining their host countries from within their own national security agencies.

There are enough Jews opposing the network to justify replacing the "The Jews" theory with a "some Jews / dumb Jews" theory. Unfortunately, they are not organized and they have no influence.

frontpagemag.com/fpm/140051/israel-policy-forum-network-intrigue-moshe-dann A Jew points out that the network is working against Jews.
israel-thrives.blogspot.com/ There is a group of liberal Jews that they kicked out.

Friendly reminder that successful false flag posts aren't overtly obvious and over the top like this one. Go back to /intl/ and hone your craft a little better, then you'll be ready.

Pretty sure this is an IP hop from the above false flagger, either that or you need to lurk for 50,000 more years before ever thinking about commenting again.

The current left is completely demoralized. They'd happily give 10000 dollars, a house, and their 7 year old daughter to a 60iq somalian.

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Fuck’s sake, people try. They try this and many other things. The problem is the left in recent years sanctifies liars the same way Islam does. Trump may damned well have pulled a few voters by proving the right could outlie Darth Hilarious and the O-bomber put together.

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I was thinking of making some posters on the 'Stop being a godless whore and turn to Islam' subject, and then after a few weeks, I'd do a 180 and make posters on 'Feminism must destroy Islam', or, 'Islam is the ultimate form of Patriarchy'.
But the above is just an example, there are many contradicting factors in degenerate's ideology, they should be outlined and propagandized with the goal to make them fight each other. Kikes do D&C all the time, why not try using it against their minions?

Also, stop thinking within the left-right boundaries OP, it's all a part of ZOG and it all must be eradicated.

Yes, that's exactly the type of tactic I was thinking of. Has it been attempted?

Also I agree that the left-right paradigm is a tool used to divide and conquer. But for right now, that's the narrative that people know. If it can be used against itself, shouldn't it be?

Look user Ive found a mirror, do you dare click to see the reflection?

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It was mentioned in some threads under the subject of accelerating the collapse, but I don't think It was actually tried.
It'd be great if one of the drawfags could draw something on this subject, as I'm pretty terrible at it.

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OP and his post is a nail to the coffin of alt right culture. You do not provide any solutions to our ecosystem. All you do is instigate shit. What a fucking loser😆

I was planning to, just wanted others to know what it was before I did

I'm wondering, has it been done?

Sure, all the time by people of different political orientations. Nevermind the far right, this is a major talking point of the radical centrist "FACTS AND LOGIC" crowd like Shapiro, Rubin, Poole, etc. After the Pulse nightclub shooting, the Ariana Grande concert bombing, people point out the main victims of these events are the people supporting open borders and leftist ideas. Does it work? I think it highlights leftist cognitive dissonance to undecideds and moves them away from leftist ideas. Others have explained why the hard left refuses to criticize Islam .

We're busy fanning the flames between the world and JEWS, moshe.

In the left-wing hierarchy ethnics will always come top so they won't go near Muslims with their LGBT pride and gender equality hysteria. So you'll be doing the gay pride march past the mosque on your own OP. Good luck.

This is effective, it just needs to pick up momentum, and hit closer to home for the sheltered crowd.

Remember that huge numbers of leftists either live in rich white areas of cities, are mothers in white suburbs, etc. No amount of "13 do 50" facts will dissuade them because they think they're heroes to an oppressed community.

Getting curb stomped for your iphone or having your kid thrown off a mall balcony by Africans who don't care how big an "ally" you are generates the emotional response that breaks the programming.

Emotions react first, then reason fills in the details. Not the other way around.

it's BOTH