Happened at my school

Student's engaged in a game about genocide with offensive usernames whilst at school.
Please don't ask how I got it.

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fucking based gen zyklon getting in trouble for stuff nobody got in trouble for 10 years ago this proves how fucking redpilled zoomers are

damn should have saged

1) "At worse" rather than "at worst"? This is a fucking teacher?
2) What the fuck is "racist safeguarding"?


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Any followups, now that we're 4 months after?

Goy vey! No critical thinking allowed goy!

sage for another glownigger slide

A dig to put the blame on the parents.

Who won the game? How many jews died?

Way to dox yourself. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do it this blatantly and this early into a thread.

Top fucking kek

"Son, it's time we have a talk. A talk about hiding your power level."

not enough :^)honk honk


Zig Forums1058955

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I don't know what's worse, being cuckchan or having the opsec of a tranny

Honestly, aside from the "racist safeguarding" faggotry, this is a more measured response than I would've expected. It basically said "your kids were all being little spazzes instead of doing their maffs, please talk to them", and not OMG litrul Hirtler, we must heal the community!

Wonder if this is a less cucked area, or realized the entire class doesn't take their histrionics seriously.

There are none. The students engaged in normal behaviour, none of the students found issue with this. It is cowardice personified to use fictional 'offended' children to make your point. Disgusting dyke in charge of this school should be hanged.

What the hell is that?

This is cult language. It is an infallible sign a social justice pixie has passed this way. Kill all who use it.

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What the fuck does that mean?


I have had this exact conversation with my son. He knows. He knows everything, and he also has ideas about what he wants to do when he grows up.

I hardly hide it anymore. Holofraud denial is still a tad tricky in normiesphere, but apart from that i refuse to ignore reality for the convenience of other people.

I too remember getting held back 3 hours after school for denying the holocost that one time. UK schools are the worst and i feel sorry for all the kids that have to deal with pakis and niggers

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It's not about convenience of other people, it's about your own safety. What happened to Zundel, Irving and many others? Their lives got ruined because they refused to play ball. Even if there are no "denial laws" in your country, it doesn't mean you should do this. Maybe you won't be locked up by authorities, but some attempt at your welfare or health might be made by some insecure, brainwashed faggot. Nowadays only having right-wing beliefs can lead to harm.
Fight smartly. Going head on against a stampede is not fighting smart and is no good to anyone. Guerrilla fighting tactics is not running in front of a fucking tank.

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I'm still sad after finding out that Zach Braff/JD is a kike

The grammar and diction of the letter as a whole seems far below the fluency one would expect from a head teacher.
There have been such fake letters posted in the past.
Looks like it was written by a teenager imo.

And what are you going to do? Fuck the kid over for enjoying some green?

Have you ever been to a college in the last 40 years? Words are cheap. They throw them around like they have no meaning or value. Diversity is our strength.

It is pretty clear from the shitty grammar, that op write this letter.
Probably non-white.
Probably angry about failing exams or being disciplined by a White teacher.
Thinks posting this and making us all crane our necks will get him a personal army against the school, and make us look like retards for raiding innocents.
Excellent work Zig Forums.
Please see if you can find more info in his other posts.
OP chose the wrong "dumb racists" to troll.

Go back to reddit.

Nah. If there is one thing head teachers can do, it is write their bullshit with fluency.
OP is the author until otherwise shown.

pic is an example that standing somewhere with a hat on your head can be a cause to receive death threats.
okay retard

The school's number is 01249 766020 if anyone wants to confirm this with the headmaster tomorrow.

Reddit and cucjchan are awful, es, I know.
Cuck as fuck nigger.

Go back.

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Thread has no purpose.

Depends if it's legit letter or not.
We've been given the number so it will probably sink down until someone confirms next week.
Tbh if it is, I'm more shocked about that level of grammar coming out of a head teacher.

You niggers haven't seen shit. I got 1 week kazerne for denying as it's strict here.

I dont have rightwing believes, nor leftwing beliefs. I have faith, faith in my people. I will not cower under perceived threats of violence. Its not about fighting back, its about not cucking yourself. I have certain convictions, and these convictions matter. Not speaking out is cowardice and more harmful to society as a whole, than holding your voice. Individualism is holding you back. Your voice is that of your people, let it be heard. Apathy is deadly.

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Oh shit. Look what I found.
Looks like they have a Muslim problem in Chippenham, and the police, school and coroner might be covering up honour killings.

Looks like she was "Honour killed" for acting like a slut at the prom. Police of course, pretending they have no idea what happened, it's a "mystery", "not suspicious."



Holohoax jokes = bad.
Honour killing = it's a mystery guvner.

I agree with what you say. Perhaps it's my fault and I'm just too tired to make myself understood properly, so I apologize, but by "being responsible" I meant doing all of this in a way that doesn't endanger you or anyone on our side. (((Holocaust denial))) in person among the people that know you and that cannot be fully trusted is not the way to go. Especially if you can be canned for it. That's what I meant by fighting smart; these opsec guides to hide your power level are there for a reason.

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I once pointed out a spelling mistake on a poster to a head teacher, and instead of correcting it she proceeded to lecture me about how they had done their best. Really wouldn't surprise me if this turns out to be real.

Oh I get it now. The in vogue trend right now is for teachers to ask students questions on an online quiz board like Kahoot. The students give enter their names and answers. Apparently some kids were making edgy names/answers on the thing and got in trouble. Sad, really, just let kids be kids.


Faggot donkey detected.

I don't think you understand the times that we now live in.

They don't just call us 'Grammar Nazis' for no reason. Look at the literacy of the average Zig Forums user (discounting shills, newfags, and cuckchan, of course) and it's quite obviously much, much higher than the sampling of burgermutts around him.

Thats all fine and dandy, but what our current clownworld teaches us is that you can be reprimanded for bullshit you said 10 years ago. Are we going to keep the holofraud in the dark, making it less accessible, for instance?
If words endanger 'our' side or my family, than its important to shout whatever words are so dangerous.
Its because of apathy this world denies reality and differences between the races. Its because of apathy that nonsensical catchphrases like ''Diversity is strength" can be uttered without shame, but "Gassing people is inefficient and stupid" is frowned upon.

Speak your mind. Even in your worst case scenario things will be inherently better than holding your thoughts to yourself.
Not saying i dont understand you, but i feel i made the next logical step to simply say "fuck your optics".

He's white.
I've seen enough shitty grammar in cUKistani official letters to not make that assumption user. Pic related.
ty user

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Didn't work for Dronya.