Prince Harry and his mud princess get shipped off to Apefrica

Prince Harry and his mud princess get shipped off to Apefrica

Clown world gets more hilarious by the day…

Apparently he will be made to "get a job" with some NGO in Botswana or Rwanda.

Is this the queens revenge?

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no its political theater

Maybe he will divorce her and marry his gay apefrican lover who has AIDS to show his support for diversity and LGBT?

(((They))) really have the royals by the balls it seems…

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If some Anglo wants to Assassinate these two shitpiles, now is your chance.


What else you expected, its all about blacks replacing europeans.

That's probably already the plan.
They're gonna get their dumbasses Princess Died.

how come when Prince Harry wants to date those of a lower caste he can but when princess Diana did it she got accident'd??

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Coal burners pay the toll. Oil drillers don’t.

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Burn the coal, pay the toll
Drill for oil, youll get blood on your soil


All race mixers should be exiled to native homelands of their subhuman partners to be raped to death by a pack of niggers.

its probably just a distraction from all the weird pedo shit

He's a bastard. It's widely known. No one cares about him. They just tolerate him to save face.

He's forced to when the crown wishes to punish him.

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just give them all the gift

Diana was running around with rich paki and saudi oil princes. That is why they offed her.

the royals are jews

Really? Is there evidence?

cant stand any of them… fucking joke

This is the first time I’ve posted on Zig Forums since September so idk what the fuck you’re talking about m8

While at the surface it would seem "wise" to get rid of traitors of blood and mongrels that way, it is only a gift to our enemies and potential threats.
They have to be put to death or sterilized. There is simply no other solution.

Genetheft should carry the deathpenalty.

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Only that he looks exactly like his real father, James Hewitt.

Would you hate race mixing if they turned out like her?


ugly and trashy? yes.

Let the come to Chi-Raq or DC They'll just become another statistic.

Interesting considering during the church fire, sheboon spam commenced.

I would rather have the pet cat


Drill the oil, reap the toil.

Yeah…really? Is it because she is a fucking nigger, and now his cock is blacked as well? If only it was this easy to get rid of all the niggers in our nations.

AHHHH FUCK IT IS UGLY…Fucking spoiler that shit user…fuck that thing is HIDEOUS

Good riddance, I only agree with the queen about the bullshit vegan being stupid and unnatural

100% agree.

From what I gather Monkey Markle has bee a mega bitch to the future queen. Lots of tension. Not acting very regal. Doing usual royal duties. Low class nigger bitch from America doesn't fit in. Big surprise.Seems they're shipping them off. Family probably owns a huge estate in Africa or will rent one. Send them away while the new king is crowned and children are raised.

As someone else said hes not even royal to begin with

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It’s Yiddish theater, like everything else.

The elites found it was easier to just brainwash the public rather than try to take over things militarily.

Marry into the nog family and then go work for an "NGO". Where here to help goyim, trust us.

he's gonna take the time to do things he never had

Nicely done, indeed, user.