What do you think about the Serbs?

What do you think about the Serbs, are they white niggers of Europe?


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All slavs are second tier but at least they are not like the albanians. those people really dont belong in Europe.

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Unlike OP and his shitty thread, Serbs are alright.

Tupac fast rap serbia

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When it comes down to it Zig Forums hates most white people, serbs included.

They are convienient sometimes because of their optics (remove kebab), but Zig Forums would give them the gas at the first opportunity.

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Modern Serbs are half Slavs, half Turks and half Gypsies.
Their women were raped by Turks for 500 years that's why a lot of Serbs have darker skin and middle eastern facial features

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Mr drawings of Turks raping Serbian women through history.

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op is the fuck

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Killed invaders
Didn't care about optics
Serbs build monument to him

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Serbs are basically Turkish rape babies.

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saved last one. I'll hang it on my wall when I end up a partisan in the upcoming ethno-wars in minecraft.

Would you not rape then if you fight in war? It don't matter.
Or are you a knight?
But in real women are not so beautifull.
and not all Turks want to rape then.
You doing like all Turk males want to rape serbian women and serbian women are so beautifull.
Are you want to rape serbian women?
Go death.
So beautifull are serbian women not.
On that picture women are pictured like beautifull sex object.
WHAT are you want or something with that picture's? You traitor.
Go death.

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The serbians are the prime example why you shouldn't racemix.
They exemplify what the jews want all of Europe to become.
Mindlessly hateful (and thus easily controllable) violent low IQ niggers who can be easily appeased by throwing them a bone they can bite.
Too bad, because I actually like them as people, it's just that they don't have a single self-reflective bone in their entire body.

This is bullshit. The babies would have been aborted or killed at birth. Instead of posting pictures of your degenerate cuck fantasies, try doing some research into the genetic makeup of modern Europeans. Serbs have overwhelmingly white DNA.

AMERICAN SOLDIERS have raped 2 Million Arian Women!
So say nothing about rape or anti-racism you traitor.

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They gave the world Nikola Tesla too.

pretty much this

serbia stronk


DNA maps debunk the "turk rape" theory

I guess that's why they've been trying to kill them for centuries and why they are shipping rapefugees there as well

You mean like OP and people posting those images? It's probably made by the same leftists/kikes as the one about Japanese being Jews. Niggers don't understand this is not 4chan.

tri prsta!

Quads of quintessence

The genetic make-up of a serbian citizen can vary. For the most part, excluding the gypsies, kikes, mudapes, rapebabies/mongrels and so on. Yes they are "white" - they are a European people of the slavic variety. Not niggers. Fuck off kike.
Same goes for croats and montenegrans.
Once you abandon what is true to your blood and embrace the foreign, you are a traitor and an enemy; therefore albanians and balija/bosnians are the only official niggers of Europe - atleast until they fix their shit.

Vucic is a gay Albanian prostitute placed into power by western glowniggers so he can finish off what's left of Serbian people, the idea that this image would offend anyone just shows that kids spamming this shit are part of some kind of leftist raid. Or JIDF started hiring sub-saharan Africans.

This thread is an incompetent attempt at D&C.

exactly this

Hey I don't want the serbs to be exterminated or anything but they have to pull their shit together because their country is going down in flames and liberalism is spreading there like fucking crazy. And they are very aggressive people too. You can't deny that.

Many Serbs look like this, dark skin, middle eastern facial features and eye bags.

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Mongrels. Many serbs also do not look like that luckily. Though This is a problem stemming from having been occupied by miscegenating rapehappy muds for a few centuries.

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About 40% of them deserve the gas.

That's a Jew

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Sad but true.

You want to know why you shouldn’t be bigoted?

It splinters you and makes you a slave to lies. It puts a huge nightside/lightside split into your psyche and compels you to tell little lies to everyone you meet forever.

If you want to make a society slightly unpleasant for everyone, lie and teach others to lie. Stick your claws into progress and truth, and drag it all back bit by bit into history’s suffering hatreds.

Serbia Strong.

Jesus fucking Christ the irony is so strong with you. If Serbs are sub-German because their country is LESS liberal than Germany, then Germans are even more sub-German because they are insanely liberal.
As for hyper-niggerish aggresiveness, look no further than 8/pol/ for genocidal irredentism towards your White neighbors. According to 8/pol/ Germans are God's Chosen People and can do no wrong. The jews of Europe.

Also, eat a dick.


Reddit spacing.

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You traitor.you are a traitor.
You see women like SEX objects!
Wonen are not sex objects!
Women are not sex objects and they are not humans.knight knight knight.
You think all male's want to rape women.
Shame you.
O you see on that picture very MUCH women and they are 'victim of rape'.
O they are so sad and Victim.like male's are all dirty men who want to fuck beautifull white women.
you are the same like the movie and media traitors.
We schould Kill all women to show we don't give about THEN.
A WOMEN is a WORTHLESS pup and she have nothing to want.
If she can not want something, rape is a myth.
Rape is nonsense.
Male's not always Kill young girls,but they fuck a women even when she not want it.
This is totally nonsense.
Doing weird about rape.
Male's are also rape each other,WHAT do you think about that?
Guy males got to rape you traitor.
Do not like women are sex objects and all males want to rape THEN.
You are a traitor.

So in your opinion Poles and Russians are white, not Jews, and deserve to have self-governance and their culture, language and heritage preserved?