Japanese language has its roots in Hebrew

Japanese language has its roots in Hebrew.

Scholars were having trouble placing the having trouble classifying the roots of the Japanese language as it is extremely similar to Korean but there were differences. Small, but enough to prevent them from definitely ruling that the language is rooted in Korean. That's because the Japanese are goyim who have been ruled by Jews since ancient time.

Their counting language for example is Jewish retelling their mythology and Kana is based on Hebrew. Their word for "you" is the same as Hebrew. There are thousands of such cases. There are also many folk songs which sounds like Hebrew, including lyrics such as "Hallelujah, haliya, tohse, Yahweh, Yahweh, yoitonnah"

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Just like synagogues Japanese shrines have a place for worshippers to wash their hands and mouth at its entrance. Both places of worship have two pillars as its entrance. In Japanese it is called "tori", in Hebrew "tar'a". They also both place lion statues at entrance as guardians.

Both places of worship are divided into two parts, the Holy Place and Holy of Holies. Both places of worship places its Holy of Holies in the far west or far north of the shrines and share the same dimensions.

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You might not want to show your hand so early, faggot.

What did the Jew mean by this?

This is the same exact bullshit used to promote Christian Identity and British Israelism nonsense. Are you next going to call the Danish people jews because there was a tribe of Israel called "Dan"?

Kike goes to a foreign country and subverts it by claiming his fellow jews founded their culture/language. What else is new?

We know that Japan is their next target. Expect this kind of bullshit to amplify in the coming years.

Ok Nigger tell me, how did these Jews even get into Japan, a country known for having its borders wide shut until the 1600s



Are you trolling or something? They have more in common with China more than anything.

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If martians invaded our planet, someone on Zig Forums would be arguing that they are somehow the original Hebrews.

Nah Martians are good, its Saturnites/Titanites you need to watch out for, everyone knows Jews come from Saturn :^)

If those martians were right-wingers, then shills would claim that they are kike shills.

They do this with literally any right-wing/nationalist person, place, or thing out there. And it only fools the most dumb people out there.

Are you retarded?
Jewish settlers are documented in China as early as the 7th or 8th century CE, but may have arrived during the middle of the Han Dynasty, or even as early as 231 BCE.

Jews have lived in China since BC

It's cute that you Jews are out trying to argue against yourselves but the cat is out of the bag and the few actual White people posting on this site will read this.

Yes Hanzi was taught to Japanese by Koreans and the Japanese pronounced it Kanji, what does that have to do with Kanas mister rabbi?

So China, that's like saying Jews made it to Australia before the British because 1 kike went to Indonesia
Lol Ok Nigger

You do know that in hebrew there are different ways of saying you, right?

ani = 1st person singular, anachnu / anu = 1st person plural.
ata = masculine 2nd person singular, at = feminine 2nd person singular.
More is: atem, aten, hu, hi, hem, hen

Meanwhile Japanese:
kimi, anata, omae, anta

I don't see any same-ness here.

Case closed, foilkike.

So you think the Japanese just sprouted out of the earth like mushrooms and aren't people who travelled through China to settle there.
Rabbi please…

That's -1 shekel for you

Japan was settled by the Ainu tens of thousands of years ago and the Chinks came by about 1500BCE

Looking forward to watching weebshits damage control this

Yes along with ancient Israelites who conquered, spread and ruled the island.
Glad we're on agreement here rabbi.

don't care, have 179 Bitcoins on wallet.

It's not even Weeb Damage Control, OP is just being a colossal faggot as always who needs to stop sucking Trump's Dick :^)

There's no truth to any of it. These same hysterical nutters are the ones who call Danish people and Germans and Brits and basically all Europeans jews/ancient hebrews based on the same kind of weak etymological and cultural similarities. Just read about Christian Identity or British Israelism to see what I mean.


>the chinks (((we))) interbreed with
>the japs don't like ((us))), what if (((we))) (((christian-identity))) them but with their entire language, culture and racial heritage
None of us, not even the non-white - outside of the disgusting arab, berber and various other levantine garbage is related to the kike or have anything to do with the kike, in any way that doesn't spring from lies, usury and subversion.
Don't trust non-whites, but don't let a kike try and make jew-golems of non-whites, potential threats are better potential than effective and direct threats working in tandem/directed by our enemy.

You're not very good at this are you?

Your life is a god damned delusion. The whole planet is jewish according to fags like you.

JIDF really needs to hire native English speakers

Tbh was just trying to get on your nerves

Well I mean when you account for the fact that being rich and being jewish is the same thing then it actually is

we should definitely hate these people who act nothing like jews now
i'm convinced OP

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how much does this image trigger you?

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Yep, nothing like Jews

Japs used chink characters and evolved their old japanese later. Jews had nothing to do with it regardless of what this kike fuck is spamming.

So them using nuclear destruction on japan thrice, was jews sacrificing jews…just like the holocaust? The more you know.

Ok Nigger if you're actually serious where are your proofs, and not "HERR DERR DIS WORD IZ DA SAME AS DAT WORD" Since with that I can prove that Arabs and Abos are the same people because there is an Aborigine tribe called the Araba

they have one of the lowest pedophilia rates in the world though?
and, cannibalism, cite your source?

Your is possessive and indicated it was *your* life and not someone else's in the contextual usage. "You are life" makes no sense at all.
Oy vey I can't help it, goy. Hebrew is my first language, Yiddish is my second, Mandarin is my third, and English is my fourth.

None of these things are associated with Japan
Are you sure you're not confusing them with China or India or something

And the Jomon lived in japan for 17000 years. Kill yourself.

Not at all, those are chinks playing dress-up for a festival.

Shh you don't tell the goy you're a jew, oy vey

JIDF please hire some non-Jewish people. The people you have on payroll at the moment are an insult.

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I don't give a fuck about christianity. It is foreign and only as european as a mongrel can be; not at all.
I don't care about non-whites, so long as their interests are not against mine.
Gooks with a kikeflag is amusing though tbh

Every language is actually rooted in the hebrew language
never mind that modern hebrew is a complete fabrication based on phoenician runes and script but tdont let that get in the way of facts or truth or reality or anything, just make the claim, lying costs nothing

all that stuff you posted was cool but the one thing is hearsay and, i mean, i agree kids shouldn't dress like that, but i bet no one fucked them, either, considering japan has one of the lowest pedophilia rates in the world
guys in japan won't even fuck women legally, how many of them do you think are trying to get executed for it

AHAHAHA You're using the Australian Government as a source while saying you don't trust Jews
As an Australian I'm fucking dead, thanks for the laughs mate
What's next you're going to say that fucking cartoons are child porn or dumb shit like that, fuck me

Rabbi… next you're going to say that there are no rapes in Japan

I will now destroy jew propaganda
Pic 1 cite your source
pic 2 is from a chinese made movie not an actual documentary
pic 3 is from brazil carnaval
pic 4 is propaganda, remember how the british government said germans where cutting off hands and raping nuns?

Fuck off kike we didn't let you create Israel in our back yard and we sure as hell aren't buying your bullshit now

Gonna need some proof on that rabbi

Oh yeah I forgot that Judaism as it is didn't even exist until about 1100 AD, before that it was purely Torah based but with Talmudic interpretations it turned the shitty proto-jews into finding ways to cheat their own religion and become the shittier current year jews

Australia always was and always will be Aboriginal Land get used to it Jew Cunt, UNNA

"War Crimes" in general do not actually exist, you stupid boomer cuck.

Evidence isn't even hard to find, you faggots are pathetic

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That chart is completely fake. Also, Celtic has Semitic roots. It's been demonstrated by linguists.

but user, a jew named Sara Miller McCune owns SAGE publishing
seems your source isn't very credible around here

Nice evidence and something completely unrelated. Never see Jews do that.
This is sarcasm btw rabbi, you didn't get away with it.

what were the americans last names

Look everyone, what I predicted to happen, just now happened. First they said Japs are JEWZZZ, now they say Celts are JEWZZZ also. How ridiculous can you get?

Seriously Nigger, you're expecting me to believe fan fic from a turbo kike Fucker that's just as bad as fucking Soros, fucking please, this just keeps getting better

But rabbi, it's a scientific article, fucking read it instead of crying about which site it was hosted on

Oy vey goyim it truly is not real!

It's not far fetched in the case of Celtic. Tons of Irish have been amazed by how similar their language is to Arabic and Hebrew. Watch this video, and read the comments. Lots of Irishmen talking about it.


the goyim where created by yahweh to serve jews so it goes to follow

nah, you can go fuck yourself, john dussich brainwashed people into thinking 9/11 was real
lol you're a fucking kike bro

>Say China is Jewish despite their own government NAMING THE JEW
>(((Zig Forums))) says it's kosher
>(((Zig Forums))) says it's kosher
It's long past sad and as almost funny at this point

Are you seriously telling me you actually trust George H fucking W Bush, the fucker that killed Kennedy, the fucker that brought US kept the US in the Middle East post Soviet fall, the fucker who then brought his son and and colluded with Israel and Larry Silverstien to take down the twin towers
And you're the one calling me a kike
This has to be a fucking joke right
This isn't even a case where he's one of the survivors, he's the only one meaning the fucker would of made up anything

Based rabbi


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also, seems to me like getting a degree on how to be a victim is pretty fucking kiked, maybe that's just me though


There's countless evidence but you're just going to sperg out and ignore everything won't you rabbi?
You're already trying your darnest to red herring with completely unrelated bullshit

Look, they fucking double down! What next, Pastor? Are the Danish people jews because there was a tribe of Israel called "Dan"?

Your schizo is showing rabbi

dude, you're not from around here.
warning, do not open image unless oldfag

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Nope I'm just wondering why the fuck you trust HW's word, you don't even budge an inch and admit you fucked there you just keep pushing
Something has to be wrong with you, are you even white?


Wow, Japanese people did bad stuff like the rest of the world? How crazy. I would've done worse shit than the Japanese ever did in the wartime, if I knew I'd live in an efficient and near enough ethnostate, believe me.

Is there nothing kikes won't try to ruin?

they've been at it for years, there's tons of faggoty reimagined anime on netflix and other kike owned services (castlevania was decent, but still kiked somewhat)

It's the Jewish nature, I mean the faggot was defending George 42, so I doubt he has any sanity, all they do is dodge points brought up

No. And according to these same (((Christian Identity))) rats, you're also a jew and so was every European in history.

Absolutely pathetic.

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i'm a christian and i don't believe any of that garbage and i don't think jesus was a kike, either
kikes don't act like jesus did.

doesn't change that the clergy is jewish as fuck

i agree. all i can do is try to find the least fucked version of the bible as i can and takes its lessons as i see them

over a 1000 years before Japan was even a thing?

You can call me a Heathen for Christ, but Jesus is irrelevant to the insanity that is (((Christian Identity))).

Compared with Hebrew, Portuguese is closer to Japanese you faggot.

I didn't Japan was founded in the year 2600
Fuck this shit is gay I'm outta here

katakana are simplified kanji, that some look similar is not surprising as there are finite simple shapes

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Every time

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Chinks are jews so it doesn't surprise me that jap language has been eventually traced back to Hebrew

The whole planet is jewish according to fags like you.
You're a gutter worm.