Ethnostate viability

Our societes have reached a point of no return where the NPC's are a majority. They are so confy in their glass palace that would rather die than change their lifestyle. They will never accept most of the topics in Zig Forums and will chimp out if confronted. This critical mass of retards will explode sooner or later and there´s absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent it.
They control education, government, media and money. We are slaves of their narrative. Any form of lone wolf type bullshit will end up in you beeing killed or thrown to prison for life .

The only solution that comes to my mind from an individualistic perspective is:

1) Emigrate to a decent country where most of the people are white and hasn´t yet received tons of Allahuakbars.

2) Overthrow some african government and create a new country.
Buy land somewhere and stablish a self sufficient community.

Is this idea feasible or am I beeing a dellusional for not realizing we would sink with the rest of society?

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I suspected as much.

According to the bible Christ said "render unto Cesar what is his.." which means "render unto the European authorities what is theirs".

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are Americans allowed in the ethnostate?

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The only thing I know is religion would be forbidden and everything else would start from there.

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White Nationalism is kiked. It's beyond kiked. Richard Spencer is a Jew and so is Mike Enoch. Prove me wrong.

Just move to Israel. It's over 70% white, unlike Europe.

As you pointed out, I findmyself surrounded by NPCs. And you're one of them. The answer is to kill all of you, or simply remove the safety nets of society so the weak die pitifully as God intended. You should take the first step and kill yourself immediately.

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A significant proportion of European peoples are already sympathetic to the implementation of policies towards our racial self-preservation, despite a non-stop cradle to grave propaganda stream directed at stigmatizing such feelings. Our fundamental problem is not lack of land or a state, but one of coordination and communication. If we had a way of communicating with like-minded people, we could simply organize a boycott to bring the entire kike system down. This is where we must start, creating our own system of information distribution, communications, media and fundraising. Nothing is possible as long as no two Europeans can communicate or exchange anything without a kike intermediary.

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What if we posted encrypted messages on this board, and sent the keys to the leaders of local groups who could tell the secret message to their trusted members.

For example the following is a secret message: Az vvlr hk ktfryaumh

Use the following website to decode:

The key is: eveningmyfrensofold
Input it into the pad, make sure you set it to decrypt.

What does Zig Forums think of this? This is a very simple cipher and could be cracked quick enough, but you could always use more complex encrypting algorithms and use multiple levels of encryption. Now I get that if you have a secure enough means of giving someone the cipher key you may as well just give them the message, but here your message can have greater reach. Just an idea. Please roast me.

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What you described already exists. It's called end to end encryption, some sort of telegraph group for example.
There is no need to post things publicly if they are encrypted, you would be generating metadata (people would know when you post, how many posts, the poster IP, etc). And if the password was hacked they could read all the messages.

Also your approach would still fail if you trusted the wrong person so there is no advantage.

This. From my personal experience there are people within the state apparatus that do support the cause, they just can't do it openly. It's not just cops or some office guys. I'm talking about decision makers, the guys behind closed doors. They'd be massacred if they do. There is hope, especially if we get communications sorted out and remove the kikes from the loop.

Op is eventually going to become ns or fascist due to the pipeline.

Your approach is basically what I think about this topic. We need to starve the beast to defeat it. If the majority of people would share this objective (((they))) would lose the power. After that, the population would already be red-pilled and more susceptible to our propaganda.
How can we achieve this?
We need people to hate banks, we need bank runs, we need people to invest in cryptocurrencies like Monero so (((they))) can no longer tax the flow of money. (btw BITCOIN CAN BE TRACED)
The idea is to leave politics aside and focus in this objective in order to reach as many people of different ideologies as possible. Communists would support this and NPC's would follow the commies. The only ones who would oppose would be the elites and the police / military.
If you haven't realized yet, I'm just describing what the yellow vest movement is.

So go support the yellow vests, meme the yellow vests, donate to the yellow vest cause and if Macron falls that will set a precedent for other countries to channel their anger in the same direction causing a domino effect.

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