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Partisan / Guerilla Instruction Manuals

Does anyone have any serious and detailed partisanship manuals for minecraft?
This would be something that describes tactics (urban and rural), survival, communications, weapons and ammo storage, in minecraft.
I often seriously think that this may end up being a reality on my minecraft server, so I want to build a library.
Physical book recommendations are fine.
Full manuals / books are better than infographics but what the hell.

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(doing my own research)
Currently downloading this (English Version) supposed to be great. Tree version available too.

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Most guerrilla war manuals are useless.
Dumb 8channers think that being told "Do not engage superior forces with inferior forces" 100 different times in 100 different ways is insightful but serious individuals know that in reality, these manuals are mostly propaganda and rarely contain meaningful information.
Worse, most of these booklets (for instance Che Guevara's) have in mind a kind of warfare that simply will not happen. An almost conventional-unconventional war between small bands of guerrilla warriors that slink around in sugar caine fields or mountains and try to hold off government forces long enough for US sanctions to kick in and kill them.
That's not going to happen in the USA.

Link plz

Sure. Probably.
But when I suddenly have to put my second amendment rights into practice I think I would rather have read this stuff than nothing at all.
Like I imagine that I could snipe a few leaders - but what is the received wisdom regarding entry and exit - do I move immediately? Hide somewhere? plan an exit pathway to my base? Stash my rifle and blend into the populus. I am really cocerned about the last one actually. I have like three rifles I could use for this purpose and dont want to ditch them after use (not least because I'd be then sitting on a bunch of useless ammo)

Search TPB - "Total Resistance"

Just read military handbooks on tactics, sabotage, gathering Intel, improvised weapons and explosive devices etc.


This one is pretty good quality:

I'll seed for a few hours

Thanks user

Barely worth the read. You mentioned Total Resistance. So I presume that you've read it too.
People like to salivate over this book but it, like most of this kind of literature, is geared towards fighting a conventional war with guerrilla tactics (like in Vietnam) rather than a real asymmetric war that we're likely to face.

A much better book that gives actually useful advice if you can stomach the writing style is "Fry the Brain" (can't post here)

I'll say this, as a connoisseur of revolutionary warfare I think I have some useful information to share even if I have no practical experience, your rifles are an asset but not nearly as crucial as you may think they are in a realistic scenario. You'd do far better to read up on chemestry or learn how to use drones or study computer science or learn to talk your way into sensative institutions.
Sniping enemy leaders from 1000 meters sounds cool and all but that's not really how modern asymmetric warfare in an industrialized democracy looks. Snipers only come into play when a guerrilla organization has graduated into a semi-conventional army able to hold territory and ambush police forces. A lone sniper without support cannot accomplish much in the real world.

Another book that you might actually benefit from is Anders Breivik's manifesto. It contains actually useful information on how to do… stuff rather than the glittering generalities and blindingly obvious advice you get in manuals like TR.

Right, but I'd like still to maximise their effectiveness
Conceded. But one of my concerns is that the acceleration leads to conventional aggression - and that I end up fending off Russians (not a larp in my part of the world)

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Thanks for the recommendation - grabbing this one

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Thanks user.

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Cheap disobedience

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FM's or fighting manuals published by the DOD are THE accurate resource to ensure accuracy and authentic info on small unit tactics, improvised exp. and all kinds of shit buddy….when engaging MINE CRAFT on a serious level gamer level…i mean if you want to be the best go to the source nigger

i would not buy on ebay or amazon cuz you can get a much better deal on a used issue from a used book store ..ya know where cash is king kinfolk

More cheap things to do in minecraft

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Interesting that memeshooters never try this (Hide in a pre-prepared hole with food and water for a week)


Been reading Total Resistance for half an hour and already noticing how pretty much everything involves explosives

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Now *that* is the kind of thing you need to be taught

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Truck with winch is asset

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>>>Zig Forums480825

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Interesting read if a little lacking in detail

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Ah. That is a concern.
On the otherhand, one good thing about being close to Russia is that people are already sensible enough to be able to form resistance organizations. So you're a step ahead of American and Brit anons.

The other advantage is that I would rather be conquered by Russians than Mexicans or Pakistanis… Not a whole lot more, but given the choice.

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Why don't you just stick a knife in them whilst smothering their mouth or some shit? It sounds really risky to try and hit someone with a baton in a pinpoint location and avoid detection.

You usually have to stab someone at least ten times (hooligan / shank style) to disable them. Generally you have to grab them hard around then neck and just start going mental. Once they are down they are probably still vocal.
My guess is that this is designed for instant unconsciousness.
I wonder why the base of the neck rather than the top of the head.


Doesn't sound legit to me tbh, as much as I would love to believe this guy.
Certainly not anything like modern military style

He's just reiterating something known since Rome. The Greek sword-fighting style was to slash from above, while the Roman's had the superior straight-stabbing method.

While the Greeks went to slash from above, their chest was completely open for a shot and before he knew it, he was already dead from a fatal impaling.

It's the same exact thing.

Must read books for any street gurrella

The Poor Man's James Bond by Kurt Saxon

The Anarchist's Cookbook by Various

Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques: Incidearies (TM 31-201-1) by The Department of the Army

Use (if it comes back on)

Steal this Book by Abbie Hoffman

IRA Green Book Vol 1 & 2 by the IRA

Phrack Magzine (ongoing)

Wilderness Survival Handbook Wilderness Survival Handbook by Michael Pewther

Lainzine by Lainchan Working Group

The Youth International Party Line (And TAP) by The Youth International Party and TAP

The Hunting & Fishing Camp Builder's Guide by Monte Burch

Guerilla Warfare & Marxism by William Pomeroy

The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving by John Hoffman

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You seem like a newfag, SO FUCKING LURK.

Algerian War is a good period to study. Even though the french mostly won but it's the jews who pushed for them to abandon the country, the algerians were a pest and used the following methods: bombing, assassination, traitor extermination (towns were completely slaughtered) and lots of torture, while hiding within the population.

French patriots were bretty good too: when they learned that France was giving up on them (many lived in Algeria), they seceded from the government and formed litteral RWDS, Death squadrons, called commandos delta. They fighted and killed many of the white officials, politicians and intellectuals they considered as traitors. Good times.

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Great but very antiquated.
Do not, I repeat do not do this shit. Read through it, sure, but do NOT try to cook anything explosive from that book. It was written by literal spooks to get your shit blown off. Memebook, well-known.
This is a good book.

Obviously I would never partake in such activities, because Im a civil patriot…

But revolutionary/guerilla styled harrassment has never been easier. The user who said focus on chemistry and computer science had it right. You could cause massive damage and waste tons of time with minimal effort. Hell, a good team of 7 could cut power and internet access to entire districts for hours or even days and be long gone before repair teams could be brought up to speed on what happened. And if you are a revolutionary, and you're goal is to show how weak/unable to give cake and ale the gov is, kicking those technological crutches out from under the populace (and by extension, government payroll goons) is the way to go.

As I said though, I'd never do anything like this though because that's illegal and just plain whacky

This one's excellent, it was designed to be memorized by subliterate Cubans who had no education so it's simple, to the point, and concise. Way better than any US military field manual I've ever read, even.

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Islam luckers are mad.

4th Gen warfare is the subject your after.

Also this:!E6pAjBBY!nStNV2S_hdbqFt2H1V1MYQ

Red Army Choir: Partisan's Song.

appropriate music.

hit hard then disappear or create trap for forces that are coming to help. use small numbers as advantage. also, you do not need as much logistic help.

small group or lone wolf attacks. hit and run tactics. maximum damage with minimum losses. do not attack heavily fortified targets. or, if you are attacking them then use maximum force and move quickly. this is a reason why caliphate use suicide cars

either use open channels or ham equipment

everything is a weapon. first weapon you have are your hands and your brain. be smart, use your brain.

get electrocuted, better is to just hack the damn pole down

Think about that for a minute. It's a bad idea and would take forever without causing much damage.

Those are telephone wires.
Power lines is similar with the added step of "let go"

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set the pole on fire?

Even worse.
Look up electronic substations.

What are these from?

Btw a dog TEAM is useless without its handler, handler>dogs



Or just wear rubber gloves.

Rubber gloves won't stop 500 kilovolts.

Class 4 electrician's gloves can handle about 40 kilovolts. Many low voltage power lines are under that.

Total Resistance

Magnet is here (or do your own searching)

Yeah it's something I really wouldnt have considered before reading this material. Dogs and handlers are critical targets.

this (all this) will not work. we are living in 21 century. there are no telephone wires anymore. here are base stations for mobile phones.
we need to come up with completely new ideas.

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Not true. There are plenty of overhead copper, optical and coax cables used still today.
The less dense the country the more likely you are to find it. (Australia, Russia are two good examples)


pull down telephone wires and your grandma cant call you to tell you your a faggot

pull down cell and radio towers and the cops cant coordinate your ass raping.

thermite or jamming or what do you suggest ?>>13176395

I picked up the Special Forces and Guerilla Warfare manual at the army surplus for seven dollars. Good read. A big component I often see people gloss over is the separation of your guerilla fighters and your legals that remain in society.

clean team>>13176863
, dirty team ; keep to 5 men fire teams cross trained

Couldn't you just shoot them? Seems like there is no need to reinvent the wheel when a 35 cent bullet will fuck those dishes up. I'm not in the telecom field but I would assume those house important components.

hypothetically. anything to disable them. short term maybe mess with wire bundles. long term figure out how to make the tower fall down.

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kill kikes

IRA Greenbook

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