Japs = Jews

Ever wondered why (((Zig Forums))) that claims to be White with upstanding White values seems to be filled with weebshits?

Now you know.

Kikes are already desperate deleting threads, archive everything.

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Just like synagogues Japanese shrines have a place for worshippers to wash their hands and mouth at its entrance. Both places of worship have two pillars as its entrance. In Japanese it is called "tori", in Hebrew "tar'a". They also both place lion statues at entrance as guardians.

Both places of worship are divided into two parts, the Holy Place and Holy of Holies. Both places of worship places its Holy of Holies in the far west or far north of the shrines and share the same dimensions.

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Japanese language has its roots in Hebrew.

Scholars were having trouble placing the having trouble classifying the roots of the Japanese language as it is extremely similar to Korean but there were differences. Small, but enough to prevent them from definitely ruling that the language is rooted in Korean. That's because the Japanese are goyim who have been ruled by Jews since ancient time.

Their counting language for example is Jewish retelling their mythology and Kana is based on Hebrew. Their word for "you" is the same as Hebrew. There are thousands of such cases. There are also many folk songs which sounds like Hebrew, including lyrics such as "Hallelujah, haliya, tohse, Yahweh, Yahweh, yoitonnah".

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God you're stupid.

>oy vey the goyim know, alert the (((mods)))

I said you're stupid, you illiterate faggot.

The ones who lie about the Celts by calling them jews, aren't telling the truth when they call the Japanese jewish.



YES, OF COURSE. And Japanese language has its roots in Brazilian Portuguese and their accent is from Amerindian languages, of course. The language of both groups are more similar to them than to Korean and we have given them their "arigato" (obrigado) and nee ("né"), some of their most common words.

Obviously this is not true. They are only coincidences. I would need to be dishonest like a kike to push it as true. And we shouldn't forget current kikes are not the old Hebrews. The ones now are mutts with artificial culture and language. Maybe there are common Eurasian ancestors, though, since nips have different ancestors from their neighbors: from Mongoloids with strong Caucasoid characteristics to rare Himalayan genetics not found in China and Korea.

No. We preserved better the vowels to look better like Japanese plus it adds dishonesty to the cause, since "obrigado" is for sure European (Do Portuguese use "né?" like we do?). Using Brazilian Portuguese strengths my absurd point.

Yeah, you're dumb. And I never called you a 'goy'. I just called you dumb.
Because you're dumb.


It all makes sense

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So JIDF also means Japanese Internet Defense Force

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You idiot. If I don't bump the thread, no one is going to read me. Use sage more strategically, faggot.

And the global report is supposed to stop his ban evasion and spam, since board mods don't have access to his IP. That faggot has potential to ruin multiple board with the same subject. Use global report to advice global mods strategically as well, just never overdo it.

I haven't once called for anything to be shut down, I just called you stupid.
Because you are stupid.
And clearly a shill.

Nobody needs to read you, loser.

To make sure you understand my point: I want Zig Forums to read this faggot's thread as well, so we all know with what we are dealing with in the future.

Make the kikery known, prevent future kikery.

You must be pretty damn new here if you don't know the lingo rabbi
JIDF cutting its budget and not even giving you basic training?

Archive for actual posters for when Jews shut it down

According to the current crop of newfaggots; Slavs and French are not White and should be exterminated but Japs are our greatest allies.

I'd settle for this shit not being a daily occurrence.

I never called for you to be shutdown, dumbass.
That's the point.
You're behaving like a jew, because you likely are one.


Who the hell do you think your fooling?

Oh boy, and now comes the 100+ retard to spam the thread.

This is a very insightful thread.

Thanks for the archive, btw.

I wonder whether you're the WHITE NATIONALISM IS JOOISH! guy, the …. well… this… and stuff… guy or some new faggot I'm not yet familiar with.


No, it means you are a retarded nigger. If this is all the proof you need to believe your own ridiculous claim that nippon equals jews, you are one retarded fucking nigger - and its insulting to assume others will believe you based on what you post here. You dont blend in well. Sub-IQ nigger.

This is gay and you're still dumb as fuck.

JIDF aren't even trying any more… RIP Zig Forums

I'm sad to say that I'm not even surprised any more

If they arent trying then there here for a paycheck noting more.
Zig Forums isnt dead is basically seeing these shills as small insects and to be ignored.

You're dumb and really bad at this.

No one here is defending Nippon. They are attacking the ridiculous claim that the Japanese are jews. So far a hear-say sketch, a standard relief and mizura-hairstyle are not really convincing are they.
The only 'arguments' OP has beyond these ridiculous claims are:
>(((you))) dont belong on Zig Forums
Your handbook specifically said anime and weebposters are a fracture point, ready to put pressure on. But it didnt explain you thoroughly enough how to do it with some tact. So you just call everyone a jew. Sometimes even capitalising the word.

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I can't believe you get paid for this low effort shilling

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You're still gay and stupid.

awful thread

No rabbi, you're the inbred schizo who sodomizes kids

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Nah, you're just dumb, and gay.
And you're really only making it more obvious.

Not only that you're dumb and gay, but also, that our mods are corrupt, and also dumb and gay.

itt: shills attempt but fail at drumming up hatred for japanese people for not accepting refugees

There are no facts in this thread. Except that Celtic has a Semitic substratum.

Show me a single fact.

This board keeps getting more shitted up with faggots and shills alike daily. Mods aren't really doing anything about it. Its all so tiresome.

Nice Times of Pissrael article you got there, rabbi

The Celtic languages have their roots in Semitic. The same syntactical structures are found only in Celtic and Semitic and no one else in the word. Begorrah! Tis another potato famine!


Who the fuck does that here. Show me a single post from any thread in the catalog and tell me who actually does this.
Fuck off.

The moron got the basic facts wrong. The hebrew letter shown is ב bet is B not K. It has nothing to do with コ and everything to do with Arabic

You got all your "facts" from a boomer's bible mysteries website, you disingenuous kike archive.is/nhFqp

OP really is a dumb niggerfaggot.

It must suck to be a boomer-tier brainlet
No, you kikes did not create the flower design, you're rats that destroy not create. I've already disproven 3 of your "facts", jew your schizophrenia isn't holding up as much as you thought it would.

This is the most retarded thing ever. I wish you kikes would go away.

Imagine not knowing that the jews steal the cultures and traditions of others to make them pass for their own and confuse the gentile.

This thread is a terrible attempt to crack consensus, and OP's Reddit spacing is worthy of derision.

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Japan also has the deathplace of jesus and a replica swedish village, i doubt having a few jew shi t that every country has makes them jewish

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