Operation 13/50

The American flag is now a symbol of hate speech. Think of the opportunities we have with this. You know what to do, anons. 13/50 brothers.

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No work required.

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I mean, that was already obvious, but this is glorious. McFucking Bump.

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isn't the actual number 52%? but the flag meme is funny

13/50 kek, the meme is strong within you user.

ya know, this is just dumb enough to meme into a click bait article and blow up on social media

That's a good meme. I remember this other one way back when in 2014.

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bumping this for HIGH POTENTIAL

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This is a great way for every American to remember it. I remember it now because of this.

Thanks user. You're really doing gods work.

no you cant do this stop before you even start it will not work
it absolutely will not work

Next week we show the world that Spic and Span is racist.

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This. Do this instead.


if you niggers meme the flag………. they would have to change it. so stop.

How many of these fucking cringe threads are going to be posted.

Nothing is sacred, so let's just accelerate the collapse.

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50% of homicides

You fucking racists fuck you

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To this?

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The "American" flag is a symbol of forced integration with niggers, even in your retarded meme.

These memes just fall on our laps now. It’s surreal

They did, and it's beautiful.

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honk honk nigger

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I want to see this on all social media platforms

You know media fags are already watching this thread. Let’s make it happen

Thats barely even stage one treason. Its advance well beyond that stage….Anyone remember what milton freedmen said about the surest way of finguring out how people feel about something is how they vote with their feet. If they truly hated this palce they would get the fuck out. And they wouldnt be beating down our door.

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You are a honky,

That kinda meme won't hold out for long but we might be able to start a runaway effect with it, the climate's primed for it.

bump, jews won't be able to slide this


It's Honkler, get it right.

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