Brenton Tarrant was a retard and here's why

The people on this website love to go on and on about how they know the jew tricks and yet here we have the most obvious, kike-cum-splattered, false flag of all fucking time and nonstop you see retards posting clown memes supporting Tarrant. Are you dumbfucks really this slow? It's time to make 9chan apparently because the only people still left here are braindead.

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I shouldn't even need to explain why you shouldn't support a mass shooter at this point. The Jews control the media and almost all or all of the governments of the world. There's literally fuck all shooting up 50 muslims will do when we are still being replaced in our fucking countries you retarded anons. How dense are you?

Very cool.

It's going to be non-stop false flags until: A) WW3 breaks out or B) heebs are dealt with in our countries

Tl;dr kys

Only though the pressure of governments will people find the strength to rise.
How can this be lost on a facist?

Why did you even bother coming here to write this? Just fuck off to 9chan. Sage for severe and contagious autism.

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What sick tranny porno were you watching before you came here?



Because you are trying to memestart the total and overt oppression of whites while the average white literally cannot see that "racism" is really just a gaslighting buzzterm for "shut up faggot and let it happen". They'll be totally complicit while retards get more and more negative attention. We still have solid time to redpill normies before we cut our dicks off before we are even out of the gate. We don't even have a military and a bunch of short, fat, and unconditioned neckbeards think they're going to lead the whites to victory. This board is a larp at this point. Between the "please kek come back to us" memes and the civil warring here I realized that the memetic potential this site and similar once had are gone. Now it's just a site whites go argue.

Wow more braincells here than on any post on this entire website good job faggot. Now maybe if you can use that subhuman IQ to do something useful that would be good.

You're still trying this tactic, Schlomo?

Morally wrong or ethically wrong? His actions had no postive effect? Are you just so lost in life that you are willing to throw it all away to kill a few muds?

There are only three ways to deal with immigration.
(1) Segregation
(2) Deportation
(3) Extermination

(1) and (2) are never going to happen, so (3) is inevitable.
In every case in history, multiculturalism leads to war and violence.
In every case in history, where rulers have brought in immigrants to undermine
another culture, there has been war and violence.
Violence and war is inevitable.
Brenton Tarrant is just a canary in a coal mine. He is a tiny sign of an imminent and inevitable explosion.


Didn't meant he second question mark

Technically, whatever is good for the jews is morally acceptable according to their teachings so I know where you are coming from.

Muslims do it all the time, it's no big deal faggot

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Sandniggers aren't our friends, Schlomo. Kill yourself kike.

But that implies the attack had any net gain for whites, which it didn't. That's the only way it could be morally acceptable by that standard. You still aren't applying your own success metric. The point of a plan is to have a positive effect. What everyone here is suggesting is to just cause random chaos with no regard for what the response is going to be.

I am on your team.

Brenton killed those Muslims in self-defense, saving himself and preventing 50 potential terrorist attacks. Remember when Brenton entered the main hall of the mosque and a Muslim charged at him from the left? That was clearly a reflexive behavior to suicide bomb triggered by the sight of a Kaffir. Thank goodness Brenton is safe and unharmed from that vicious attack.


Screw your optics, faggot

Do you understand English correctly? I never said that. Can you understand the difference between not killing people who we don't need to and being friends with every sand you see?

Kill yourself kike.


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Their first language is Hebrew and you would do well to cut your new hebrew buddies some slack on the internet. It's just fun and games on here.

I know I'm questioning your reasoning not your intentions.

His manifesto made more waves than anyone wants to admit. If muslims retaliate, more people will do what he did. The goal is to make this conflict look like the war it actually is. Once it gets there, it's up to the rest of us to actually win it, but starting the fire is the first step to burning something, no matter how big the thing you want to burn actually is.


If Ron let me be a polvol, I would have just deleted this thread as soon as it popped up because I would have been following the catalog in "Creation Date" mode instead of bump order.

Tarrant got a senator to say pic 1.

Waiting to be victimized gets pic 2.

You, dear reader, may decide which outcome is better.

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I'm so despondent about everything. Everything I try goes totally wrong. There's no escape from this hole here. I feel drained. So far, I still haven't found a real purpose in life. Sometimes, I'm afraid to get out of bed in the morning. There's nothing to get up for.

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Damn, that's a working class specimen if I've seen one. I'm glad it removed itself from the genepool.

Is it still alive btw? I haven't followed the news much since it chimped out.

He is manlet so he was removed from genepool 28 years ago anyway. At least he removed 51 subhumans from genepool and made best movie in human history.

Yes and this was the response. Watch the last 20 seconds. The kikes are very, very careful when it comes to their words. They intend to play the shooter off as crazy and the rest of the world is more than willing to oblige. And sadly, the most eager people to distance themselves from this event and white identity are conservative whites. The people we need to awaken the most are being rocked back into their self-sacrificing dream state. If we don't control the narrative soon we will have dug ourself into a hole we can't get out of; so far past the overton window that we look like larpers to everyone else instead of the feared force we were a little while ago. The jews are paying extra close attention now after all the commotion these past few days they aren't going to allow white identity in any form to become even remotely relevant ESPECIALLY not after Christchurch. The entire world seems to be watching our every move here. We don't realize the outreach we here have on politics. If wielded correctly, we wouldn't NEED to do risky things like this because we can organize some form of actual resistance instead of whatever this is.

True, I agree Muslims have to be culled a bit, since they tend to make more children than the economic systems they live in can afford (still they're a minor problem, the retardation of the working class is the mjaor one).

Do you think Islamic attacks strengthen or weaken the spread of Muslims?
Tarrant strengthened pro-white sentiments dramatically, even if people are playing him off as crazy.
Most of this board actually does fall into the LARP category anymore.
And a lot of them will hopefully learn from what they see, because Tarrant brought them here.
New Zealand has people in their senate RIGHT NOW to rally around, thanks to Tarrant. That's progress, not whatever you're proposing.

Idk perhaps I gave up hope for an answer in the established political order as it now it, but if this man is willing to sacrifice his name for his race, he can truely, truely change things. Though most politicians have a line in the sand somewhere. Perhaps we can give him support with his full awareness that we are doing this for white identity and nothing else. We don't care primarily about economics or foreign affairs but white identity and the ability to represent ourselves in the world. If we can make him understand that we will support him fully he will be less inclined to shy away from the spotlight but he'll jump into into joyfully as we goad him on.

And you're right about the muslims they aren't really gaining support but only gaining us support. I can kind of see where this is going if we can get them to play tit for tat with us. But this is a slippery slope hopefully everyone is ready for the consequences.

After all, muslim terrorism is old news and the jewnews hide it anyways. White nationalist terrorists though will cause a lot of unwanted attention and once again the cuckservative will whimper and bow to avoid being labeled racist. We need to break the narrative that white identity is bad in some way and I don't think a shooting can do it, even if it can theoretically do otherthings. But it won't make a different if we don't awaken within whites the aryan spirit they possess. You can see now how that nationalistic identity had all the Trumptards in lockstep behind Trump. If we can channel that same fire we'd be unstoppable.

This isn't 4chan.

Continue to say irrelevant shit while you go extinct.

You're boring, other shills and subhumans are more fun. You're just a 5/10, not good at it, not the worst, just meh, normal run of the mill "I hate Zig Forums" tripe. I could find everything you write from any random npc on faceberg or twitter.

Well I'll try harder next time.

You just can't stop yourself sounding like a jew can you? Do you lay in bed at night rehearsing? Does it sound right in your head? Do I sound white?
Yet when you write it down it screams 'JEW' 'JEW' 'JEW'. You're head has been fucked with since you were born. You'll always see yourself as the perennial victim and you'll always sound like one. It is woven into the very fabric of your being and it rears it's ugly, bitter, envious face in everything you do and say.
You must cry a lot,

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Brenton Tarrantino is a star, a super celebrity loved by white women around the world. Show them Sweet_Dreams.webm and hear them get wet. Filthy semites like (((you))) are trying your hardest to shill for the opposite.

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