Two U.S. Army Cowards Surrender to Mexican Army



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One year warning Pablo. Then Mexico is going to be bombed out of existence.

If it had been Marines, at least they would have had the courage to give their lives to force the conflict to a head. Now we go back to the status quo because the Army fags wouldn't pull their guns.

Fucking. God. Damn. Cocksucking. Cowards.

bet the american soldiers were spics as well

Trump is laughing at his voters all the way to the bank.

I stopped caring about this country about a year and a half ago so I feel nothing. The Army is full of niggers, spics, and commies anyway so this news doesn't surprise me.

Mexican army soldiers are actually armed and our soldiers arent allowed to carry live ammo. the us military is a joke.

They allegedly had a pistol they they didn't use… this is treason…

Maybe they conspired with the Mexicans to embarrass the U.S.

imagine believing this.

Do you seriously think the Marines aren't just as cucked? I got bad fucking news for you, sunshine.

The French indifference to the burning of Notre Dame… The U.S. suffrage of uncontrolled immigration from nations run by drug cartels…

This is the breaking point. This is the line where we went from being a force for good in the world to being irrelevant, for what power we have, we refuse to use.

Time to put it together that we don't actually have any power at all.

Domination of Space, Air, Sea, Land, and Cyber isn't proof enough of our almighty power?

0/10, anyone here who is familiar with the Marines knows they would have rather died than surrender.

if not me then who
if not now then when


You would think having all of that wouldn't result in defeat in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, etc. Total collapse of border security, semi-official policy of genocide against us by "our" government. Planes dropping right out of the sky when they cross into enemy territorial waters. The results on the ground are the exact opposite of what you're asserting to be reality.


But the cops carry around full auto m4's locked and loaded in our cities…

Boomer thread.

Is there any difference between the Mexican army and the US army at this point? Spics on both sides of the border, you are fucked my friends.

Mexicans don't have niggers do they?

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try using it to protect your own land heh

The number of incidences of the jew forieign legion bots cucking is piling up. Recall this chestnut:

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Enjoy your ban.
This isn't cuckchan.

This an act of war by the fucking Mexicans. Every fucking last person who stands in the way of immediate retaliation is a seditious traitor and needs to be liquidated. Armed forces need to be unleashed and bombing runs started along the boarder NOW

So much for protecting free speech, eh? the /b/ mods don't ban people for their opinions, maybe we'll go over there

Rabbi Hillel was right


Have fun faggot. You will not be missed,

Still not banned yet

What a cuck

You have to know what the ROE is for the soldiers on the boarder. They understood there was a way to fix this without starting a war. They did a great job.

Explain how we couldn't wipe Mexico off the face of the Earth if we felt like it? James K. Polk practically did it in 1847 using swords, you think we can't do it now?

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ROE on the border should be, request identification, if not provide open fire. If identified as foreign agents, detain, if they resist open fire.

But, user, if you were one of those soldiers, wouldn't you set yourself up to be shot by Mexican troops? I mean, Donald Trump would even tweet about it!

Who is we? The United States?

Stop responding to this bait thread you retarded fucks report and leave.

This happens more than you civilians hear.

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Obama apologized to Mexico for that incident, btw. Apparently we have a gentleman's agreement not to patrol too close to the invisible line, and if we do they shoot.

Maybe those militia guys who detained those invaders could start shooting Mexican troops

Best part was this was by where a RIVER is the official border, so the Mex Army no way could've not known they were in USA.

Of course not, you wouldn't ban yourself.

The USA hasn't been a force for good since the civil war m8.

No there isn't.

A shame the US is so cucked.

Obama wasn't the United States. He was half-nigger/half-Jew just like you

President of the US bro.
That just makes you double-cucked.

We'll all be waiting on the edge of our seats for Trump's timely response.

low tier spics vs controlled US goys and the cartels vs whites who wins?

Oops, was I under 9000?

Shit, I was exactly 9000, wasn't I?

You don't see people speaking Russian here, do you?

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cringe, zion don will do nothing

build a wall faster yankees

Obama was a muzzy not a jew.
Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a Kenyan senior governmental economist and the father of Barack Obama,
Obama Sr was born into a muslim family

You're not from here.

What are we doing to make sure he has to respond? Presidents don't just read shit on the internet and get mad and do things. They need to feel pressure they can't ignore, so they have to spend political capital.

Although, it seems that a good shooting war would give him the quick fix to all of his self-imposed problems. Treason is defined in the Constitution as requiring aid to the enemy, which is arguably what half of Congress does all the time. Trump could jump on this incident, order a "defensive incursion," then arrest every traitor in this country without due process.

I'm not your bro, d&c-kike.

Jews reckon descent through the mother's line. Jews rule the world and outrank all golem races.

Obama was a Jew. It's how he won. Lurk, faggot.

Are you from Montana or some shit?

He should want to without being prompted. That's why we need to get John Bolton in there. He wouldn't fuck around.

Reminder zognald arrests people who try to stop illegal immigration

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Both valid points… I recommend you drive around and mark speed traps using Waze, that will teach them…

Was it a force for good before that?

=what color were the us troops=
i want pictures of these cowards. since they were not combat troops deployed into a violent warzone, and were given cozy domestic duty, i will assume theyre not white (and thus not actually american) unless shown otherwise.

Rolling for armed conflict on the border


just lol at zogbots

I *know your right the Army and the military in general is 30% and better POC and trending higher by the year.

Yes, it is true… we want you to take back your own country and keep your own treasure… Any time you see a thread encouraging the defense of American sovereignty, it is all secretly meant to support jewish interests… YUP!

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checking these boomer dubs

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The only armed force on the US/Mexican border that worked for the FOLK had their old ass leader arrested by the FBI today ….#Accelerate

Should've made higher effort thread.

hahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahashahhahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahha oh man

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I would like someone to explain the difference between "accelerate" and "escalate" in its intended meaning here…

Is it just that Gen Z newfags don't know the word escalate, so they have misappropriated the word accelerate? I get the feeling every time the word accelerate gets used, it's an FBI trap

The two soldiers probably have a couple trannies at home they have to support

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Maybe you should STFU and soak up more useful knowledge.
Than of course you will be safe just like the rest of the sheep….you are young and the globalist have stolen your future and given to POC…do you understand young man?
Unless you are the glownigger hmm?

parts of it yes, the revolutionary war was a wonderful thing, pity about the slow decay after.

The last defensive war fighting an aggressor invader was the war of 1812…ALL the wars since have been for the GLOBALISTS….READ your American HISTORY white man.

Here, I was wondering if you are a foreigner.

Wonder no more. You're an Israeli.

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No…you should see a Southern border entry points anywhere….. ALL Border Patrol and Customs officer are LATINO…everyone of them….it is TWILIGHT ZONE kinfolk….than go to Europe and feel at home in at least some parts of Europe…..Greece Serbia Russia,Hungary…even Spain..etc

We memed Pepe, the name of many immigrants.

Green niggers are used to following orders from foreigners.

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How much do you want to bet they're pic related?

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This would not surprise me… either way, I don't see how the President could get away with not booting them from the Army

What's with all the disinfo agents in here


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Literally unbelievable how many here shill for the Trump Regime.
The reality is that Trump is not a white nationalist and he has done literally nothing to stop illegal entry into the country. North Korea stands poised to level L.A., Venezuela is about to be co-opted by the Russians/Chinese, and the Saudis kill journalists left and right without consequence.

China imposed its 'social credit' system without a word of protest from Donald Trump.


Trump exists only to discredit conservatives and appease the dumbest segment of conservatives to keep them from rising up

re-elect him at your own peril… The lack of response to Notre Dame and Sri Lanka only invite further attacks… it will be open season on the U.S.

The Vatican can solve their own problems. They want to behave like a state within a state as if they were Jews, then they can manage their own security. Not state protection for nonstate assets.

I keep telling you that the mexican army crosses the border to run drugs for the CIA since FOR EVER, ages ago…they were always coming across the border when I lived there.

Here is the mexican army catapulting drugs over the wall. But I have seen pictures of the mexican army crossing the border FULLY EQUIPPED to run drugs into the USA.

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Marines would have raped those little spic fucksticks and go on as if nothing happened
< 1stSgt: Hey Cpl. you know anything about some mexican soldiers getting assfucked sodomized to death?
< Cpl: n-No sir, haven't seen anything
< 1stSgt: Very well, carry on.
< Cpl: Aye sir.

Picture is probably fake, and that's not a catapult.


Trips = eternal truth

North Korea leveling L.A. would unironically be the most White nationalist event since the Russo-Turkish wars.