Azov vs Novorossiya

I know the actual conflict died down a long time ago, but much of eastern Ukraine is still in turmoil. I’m wondering what anons think of Maidan, both sides and how to deal with Ukraine’s currently kiked leadership.

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Eric Striker is a Puerto Rican midget and a raging homosexual just like everyone else at (((TRS))). It’s fitting that they would be Russophiles as well.

Well of course, and it’s not just TRSodomites but also RT, Sputnik and their brain-dead capos. It’s a shame there isn’t much of an apparatus surrounding Azov/Pravyi Sektor because Russians just run roughshod and lie about “ebil Nazis funded by McCain”, which is one of the lowest IQ takes I’ve ever heard.

They deserve each other.

The optimal solution is dropping the bombs on the whole territory east of Varna, west of Ulaanaatar and pretend nothing happened for abot three generations.


Yeah kys glow in the dark kike nigger


diaspora here. didnt give a shit until it looked like Russians were going to turn the city I was born and raised in (Kyiv) into rubble. Both the ukrainian and russian oligarchs are using the conflict to encourage good goy nationalists to kill each other. I'm kinda happy that the russians who wanted war in the east will get to watch Donetsk be an uninabitable shithole forever with millions of unexploded shells and landmines

fuck if i know, but theyve bled the country dry (nothing new I suppose) and turned it into the worlds most pointless battlefield of the 21st century

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dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed

Maidan was a jew op. Ukraine is rightful Russian clay.

Give them to Russia. Better than ZOG.

azov is paid by israel and they are on point with diaper forces when shtf

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The hell it is.
Russia is Ukrainian clay.

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Off yourself

Vatnik psyop

The way I see it both Russia and Ukraine are run by ZOG but I think Ukraine has a better shot at breaking free because there are much fewer mud people than in Russia.

Both sides are killing their most devoted fighters. Ukrainian kikes sent right wing volunteers to die in cauldrons, Russian kikes assassinated theirs or let Ukrainians do it. War is bad for (((business)))

forget about ukraine, their 'ns' absolutely pro-yids and do not hide, and they get the rope together, amen

classic divide and conquer tactics, azov aren't based and redpilled just because they use German aesthetics and symbolism. Their combat performance outside of youtube videos and propaganda was dramatically low. Ask any mid-European (polish, hungarian, czech) about ukrainians, they're nowhere like you believe them to be in the US. They're immigrating to Poland en masse because their country is extremely corrupt shithole.


Good morning, Vietnam!
Now go to Britain and ask the average Joe what he thinks about Poles.

You never learn, faggots. You never learn.

You mean average Muhammad? I thought it's common knowledge that britcucks are gaslit to hate their fellow europeans while their kids are being raped by muslim gangs.

I meant Central European, I'm tired. Whatever. Polish people aren't ideal as well, we have a lot of gopniks, drunkards and typical intelligentsia-post communist leftards, but you idealize a nation (Ukraine, sometimes Russia too) while despising other (Poland) despite that all post-soviet countries are the same. Some have developed more, some less, but the mentality is the same. Our problem isn't the mass immigration and polluting the race and genetics, but the mentality that was forced upon us by communism and never properly healed. I don't say that there aren't good, proper people among Ukrainians - I just want to stop that idealizations. Poland isn't based. Ukraine isn't based. Russia isn't based.

this strelo/k/ put it better than I am capable of at the moment, I'm getting increasingly tired of constant fighting. I'm sorry if my behavior is overly autistic.

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White people hate each other more than the jews and shitskins.
No matter where jews are, no matter their "nationality" or even their ideology they always understand that they're jews first and communists or capitalists or Russians or Americans second. So they always work together to accomplish bigger ends while Europeans stab each other in the back at a moments opportunity.
This is why we lose.

There is a point to made that the very discourse you engage in on this board is created by the Bongs in the past two centuries, but some commienigger has probably done it for me already, so whatever. What I mean is that the deep feelings the proles of the West in the past two years express towards Muslims and other unwashed shit that flows towards their miserable working places are exactly the same as the ones they expressed towards Eastern Europeans prior to aforementioned two years. And some of us remember it.

Nah, I lol'd because the concept itself is a product of West Slavic-Hungarian affirmative action and the fact that you, presumably a Westerner, indulge in it, is funny for me.

to be made*

I wish we got Ukrainians instead of shitskins from Afghanistan and Somalia. Poles are lucky.

t. Serb

How retarded are you to support irrationally anti-Russian Azov?

Explain, please.
I'm Polish.

You're lucky you don't get a Bulgarian boot in the teeth and Croatian knife in the rectum as usual.

J⁄k. Is it really that bad or are you just reading too much Anglo sites?

Reminder Striker deleted his Gab account because his whole bolshevik house of cards was cracking at the foundation and he was getting exposed.

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Joseph is cracking on Twitter atm and losing his marbles to an user with like 200 followers on a disposable account. It’s amazing how this midget thinks he can keep it up.

He just cant stop humiliating himself, dont forget he challenged the moderator of the Zig Forums board on Gab to a debate on National Socialist economics and then backed out of his own debate challenge.

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Weak, JIDF. At least call me a Muslim too for hating and not supporting illegitimate terrorist apartheid state Israel.

Yeah I’m sure that’s an actual Pole and not someone using a proxy. Even in the event that it IS a Pole, Hitler’s biggest mistake was not killing them all.

Screenshots? I need to see this.

the only “funding” was because they were stationed in his district when he held a government position

Which country are you from?

This. Refuse to kill foreigners until your nation is 100% purified first. Never invade a Muslim nation when there's Muslims in your own nation.

Prior to the Migrant Crisis (or whatever they call it now) and the switching of the attention of European nationalists to Islam (since the absolute majority of economic migrants are Muslims), absolutely every nationalistic party in Western Europe employed the same talking points against cheap labourers from ex-commie Europe. The Dutch funny-haired-Jew-Nazi guy (can't recall his name) even pulled the cultural incompatibility card once, I remember.

I should have guessed, nobody cares about that Mitteleuropa shit besides the interested parties :D No, I have no problem with it, it's just kinda pathetic.


It started when he went on this obviously bolshevik broadcast and made a bunch of retarded statements, like saying Juche is the same thing as National Socialism, on top of speaking in favor of Dugin etc. When he was called out, he tried to use his show to win the argument by making a debate challenge he assumed would be declined, then he could just say you would even debate me.
more caps to follow

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I have three citizenships. But does it matter? I'm not talking out of some identitarian interest, I was just joking

Proof?! I think the guy is a horrible cuck who tells people that 1/4th yids are okay and uses "purity spiralling" unironically to descibe people who wish to adhere to certain standards, but he doesn't strike me as someone who would avoid a debate…

He agreed to do it within 2 months, after about a month to the day he was asked about setting it up within the next couple weeks which was after the start of the next month, at which point he started weaseling his way out of it

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Pretty much him and Spencer and Heimbach were all about to be exposed as bolshevik Jew loving shill subversives so he backed down, didnt realize he was picking a fight with someone who would clobber him. Alt-Right Tankie said they are 98% the same if not 100% in agreement and that Striker views everything from a Eurasianist perspective, guy has the dugin logo on his videos, they are dugin bolsheviks lying and calling themselves natsoc.

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Juche is still better than the "fashy libertarian" that most of his sphincteral brothers at TRS advocate.

Ah, so the international element

Your nationality is highly important in these matters. I don't know, I find petty European national-chauvinism to be counter-productive and self-destructive long term, which we are witnessing today. We lost 1/3 of our male population in WW1 fighting Austrians only so our land is given for free to shitskins that didn't even bother invading us properly, they get it as a gift by our Jewish government that stole it. Same goes for most other European countries. We will either unite or perish.