Mexican Troops Detain US Troops on American Soil

So incredibly cucked man.
This is insane.

cnn. com/2019/04/19/politics/mexican-troops-american-soldiers-border/index.html

>Two US soldiers were questioned by Mexican troops earlier this month while conducting a surveillance operation on the US side of the southern border, two US defense officials tell CNN.

>During the incident, the Mexican soldiers pointed their weapons at the US troops, removing a soldier's sidearm and returning it to the unmarked US vehicle, the officials said.

>Officials said that the US soldiers allowed the weapon to be taken "in an attempt to de-escalate a potential volatile situation."

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The United States troops did nothing wrong. The most interesting part of it is this:

It sounds like the United States is doing a reverse-Israel move and ceding territory by building their border wall interior to the actual border line. Maybe there is some environmental reason for that, but then it also sounds like it shouldn't be an area where the Mexican military is driving around.

Tired of winning?

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Well the Mexico/Texas border is the Rio Grande river, obviously they cant but the wall in the river, and do you think Mexico is going to allow the US to build a wall on their territory? Fuck no they aren't they are vested in exporting as many of their people as possible into the US because they are profiting from it.

That implies the US is building the wall. We're not.

Here's hoping some beaner brigade tries that on a private militia on private land and gets ventilated

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I'd be curious how far it is from the river. You would think it would be only a few feet away, only what is necessary to keep the foundations from being washed away.

Thanks for the correction, I shouldn't have said border wall, I meant border fence. And I didn't mean what Trump was building, only what is already up.


around 300ft.

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What the fuck are spic troops doing on US territory?
It's time to go to fucking war for the interest of the US, instead of Kiksrael

old news…

stop trying to (((blackpill))) me bro

Yeah, there's a thread already you faggot

pretty sure the FBI will step in to protect those brave spics from the Americans defending their nation


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Don't know until we try.


The US troops did do something wrong, they do something wrong everyday.

This is almost identical to the event which started the Mexican-American War, except that back then our soldiers had nuts swinging down to their knees.

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An embarrassment on an international scale. Disgusting beyond words.

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Actually, this "surrender" was an esoteric metaphor signifying the US is willing to to anything to preserve the peace in the American continent. China is probably shitting itself right now.

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Nice reading comprehension pedro.

Maybe this will wake people up…

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The wall was an esoteric metaphor and you know it!

protip guess who shot up all the striking workers over the weekend, American PMCs using Israeli-leased Stingrays. Anyone who thinks the US military and Mex military aren't forks of the same beast are retarded. The only Nat Guard units in the US not under the total authority of Israel are Louisiana's, and only because they are structured so differently than the rest of the US.

pic unrelated.

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And they were probably not in uniform.
What were they doing in an unmarked vehicle?

shh… the mods will ban you if you ask real questions

Yeah that makes no fucking sense at all. Sounds like a load of horse shit.

Yes they can.
The reality is they don't want to put the wall anywhere.
Concrete is one of the cheapest construction material there is. The Israeli wall which is about 1/4 of what would be needed for the US, costed them 350M.
That's 3 F-35.

take a guess…

but user, we need the workers!


5500 Marshall Road
El Paso, Texas, El Paso, 79930


it was all esoteric

they probably jewed the costs though

probably running drugs

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It reads like it means to imply these two randos working for the respective governments were actually plenipotentiaries negotiating a ceasefire or something.

t. el atrocidad

zogbots cucked out do you even know how to read?

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Why make this incident public knowledge? Yes, indeed why?

probably because one of the beaners whipped out a cell phone and they wanted to get out ahead of the issue. try unlocking the ability to think.

Can't wait for ZOGnald's response. I'm sure he'll fix this kek

It's clear the US gov't is so corrupt that it won't close the border and deport invaders.

What happens if we just start shooting the trespassers? Will we get arrested and charged? Will the Mexican or south american governments complain that an invader got killed? What jurisdiction do any of them they have, if any, when it comes to acts of war, albeit via a soft invasion? How else do we get them to stop?

Don't get caught.

id bet if a group of them walked into an ambush and 5 or so got left braindead then the resulting media coverage and spic/marxist retaliation might spark serious racial violence

why isnt this massive news? are zogbot worshipping blue lives matter cuckolds trying to pretend this didnt happen or do they not know

Shut up shill. This is not news.

Because who gives a fuck? What are you going to do about it? Nothing. What is anyone else going to do about it? Nothing. What is the military going to do about it? Nothing. What is the government going to do about it? WELCOME IN ANOTHER 100,000,000 SPICS TO COMPLIMENT OUR EXISTING BATCH.

Hi, shill.


i assumed the “patriots” and their gay movement would blow this story up but it seems like the pacification is complete and even those who pretend to be “patriots” avoid stories that show how pozzed their country is. i mean not only is nothing going to be done, nobody even wants to raise vocal hell about it. pathetic. even anons dont even care theyd rather fill up 4 threads about doxing a tranny. what the fuck

proven right. board is pozzed. solipsism takes hold. borgs and bots become apparent. talking to myself for 4 years. of course its always the same shit day in day out. if people were sentient the truth would spread and repeating the same arguments wouldnt be required every time i look away then look back. what do the borgs say? nothing, they want me to dox trannys.

Kek this country is fucking finished. Love stories like this.

I try to share stuff but its not working the same as before. It doesn't seem like I get any coverage on the accounts that aren't banned. It could be just as true that the spread on social media is more well curbed then expected and only "allowed" stories which won't push someone to our side are broadcasted.

The way I see it unless you were brought up with the ideals of this board it was a single story/controversy which brought you here, which allowed you to see behind the curtain. It might have been ethnics in games journalism or tranny storytime but your witnessing of such a thing forced you to see that these things aren't "organic" but instead are being controlled by a special set of (((Internationalists))) who are jews. A story like this one would seem to fit this class as to many "patriotic" Whites, even the liberal ones, could see this as an attack by a foreign state and when America is attacked it must defend itself by attacking back.

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i feel like i got tricked by advanced bots for years to make me think i wasnt alone so i didnt lash out. then they realized the miniscule amount of people that are aware are pacified and turned the bots off.

You know what would fix this? Giving more money to Israel and some salty tweets from drumfk.

picking off spics on the border with a deer rifle and not letting zogbots disarm you when they show up to kill and bury you in a shallow grave for not letting beaners in

Not a big deal, confusion over jurisdiction and two US soldiers in an unmarked vehicle got briefly detained because the dumb ass Mexicans thought they were on Mexican soil since it was on their side of the fence.

Seriously, making a way bigger deal of this than it is… Shit like this happens all the time.

The absolute state of the united states military.

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the border is the river you dick mutilating kike this was spics flexing their muscle and cucking zogbots on american soil


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