It's all so tiresome

When will it end? I can't take it anymore

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Nigger and a white girl who looks like she could be on a porn set. Why would you watch the entire film? Wouldn't the poster or a short preview be enough to deter you? Oh look it has a nigger leading male, how bad could it be?


The nog is not on any of the posters or promo material. They snuck him in. I thought it was a simple story about a girl and car. I should have known better.

I feel u.
U have to dig pretty deep to find non pozzed entertainment these days.
I typically watch movies based on my favorite actors and how they perform with different crews. Brad pitt does a decent job u shud check his movies out

Back to cuckchan nigger faggot piece of shit

Ya op. Just read books like the rest of us. Mark twain and charles dickens name the jew constantly

Thinks reading books is a doomer thing. You probably are a porn addict.

This is a cuckchan thread.

Fuck off.

Tom Cruise is a fairly safe bet too.

I meant the right kind of books make it a doomer thing. Not sure how that mKes me a porn addict.

Hah, no.

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Shit OP. Kill yourself.

I don't know who that is, but from the OP picture she looked like a white in whore makeup.

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Its the slut from OP's image, without the filter on.

Not a thread. Fuck off, idiot.

Yes I realize, but I don't know these names.

Yes, that is a nigger.

get AIDS illiterate nigger

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Okay go watch (((movies))) made by (((hollywood))) or (((netflix))) or (((amazon))) or (((disney))). I'm sure you will be smart dude after that!


Need I go on, faggot?

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You are an exceptionally stupid motherfucker. Like you were going to wake up and Jews would be making 1488 movies suddenly? People like you are why there will never be another white nation. You probably have difficulty putting on clothes and moving both your hands at the same time. Stop making threads here and go back to wherever you came from.

Yep, thats just what the roach would say.

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Yes, you need to actually discuss what you're talking about. Not just "SIGH HUFF GROAN THIS IS BAD GUYS".

Death to Kampfy

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For post 2000 film I stick to korean and japanese flicks.