Jewish Comic (((Zelenskiy))) Wins Ukraine Presidential Vote With 73%


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko acknowledged defeat in the April 21 presidential election just minutes after voting ended in Ukraine and exit polls were released predicting a landslide victory for his opponent, Jewish comedian (((Volodymyr Zelenskiy))).

A Jewish comedian with no political experience has won the Ukraine presidential vote with 73 percent, according to exit polls.

Forty-one-year-old Volodymyr Zelensky’s bid to lead the country was initially dismissed as a joke. But opinion polls suggest incumbent President Petro Poroshenko is heading for defeat amid widespread anger over poverty and corruption.

Russia’s foreign ministry on Sunday says Ukraine has voted for change, after exit polls show comedian and political novice Volodymyr Zelensky winning the country’s presidency in a landslide.

“Exit polls show the citizens of Ukraine voted for change. The new leadership now must understand and realize the hopes of its electors. This of course applies to domestic as well as foreign affairs,” Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin tells news agency RIA Novosti.

Zelensky, who won a landslide victory, tells his supporters he will not let them down, and encourages other-post Soviet countries to bring new leaders to power.

“I will never let you down,” the 41-year-old TV star says, at his campaign headquarters after the results of exit polls are published.

“While I am not formally president yet, as a citizen of Ukraine I can tell all post-Soviet countries: ‘Look at us! Everything is possible!'”

A joke president for a joke of a country.

Art imitates life

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If dubs all the jews in Ukraine die

It's all repeating itself. Give it 30 years.

checked. I hope he have better jokes than Trump.

let's hope he's too inept to keep a lid on the Hitlerjugend larping AZOV guys

Makes the "Ukrainians want to be independent" narrative look manufactured and exposes euromaidan as the psyop it was.

Of course it was a psyop, you dumbass. It was conducted as a psyop from both sides - pro-russian and pro-eu. Euromaidan was a spitroast gangbang for Hohlostan.
Nice dubs btw.

My thread on Azov v Novorossiya got deleted because of rule 4 and I didn’t realize this thread was up, so without going off-topic, if the user who was talking about how Joseph “Eric Striker” Jordan backed out of a debate with a NatSoc is present, continue dumping the screencaps.

Woot, thought this would happen. Score one for Tzeentch.

cucked again

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im ok with this

I think he was the actual better candidate, too. I look forward to good news out of the Ukraine.


The alternative was pretty much Slavic Clinton.
Dude had a fucked up past of crime and corruption, finnaly cought up with him.

In the meantime

Azov > Novorossiya prove me wrong

How much you wanna bet this is going to be the pre-text for the European army? To (((save))) them from the ensuing nightmare (they created).


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Nope. There is no excuse for EU army. Only reason for EU army would removing kebab. We are far from it.



This is the level of hate and disappointment people have for "real professional" politicians. They are ready to vote in any clown who is not from this crowd.
US elected Trump.
Ukraine goes even further.

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honk honk

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A Jewish comedian.. pretty based guys.

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The only stench here is of Russian faggotry.

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If they were looking for 'change' why did they elect another jew?

Pretty hard to make any logical choices when Zion-Putin is breathing down your neck.

Ukraine ceased to exist in 2013 when the true Ukraine joined Russia by a legal referendum ignored by the entirety of the Western World. This "Ukraine" is a puppet state of the European Union

Trips and Ukraine falls within the next seven years

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How's that cheap gopnik meth treating you, retard?

more like Holodymyr p2


if dubs all the ukrainians die
jews mysteriously unharmed

oh fuck it was just a meme please no holocaust

Thanks. You just killed millions and started WW3.

The goyim in Ukraine have a new leader. Honk, honk.

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Putin invades, Ukrainians and Russians unite to exterminate kikes.

azov btfo

Why do we have to do this to each other?

A few folks in the comment section insist that this guy was Antifa. Not sure if I believe that though.

With a jewish president, things should progress quite rapidly there. Apparently, Ukraine is getting the government it deserves.

Thanks, Russia.
We need another Maidan right fucking now.

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Normies don't know that they're jews.


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azov ns is typical shabbaz-goyim
fuck the ukrainian ns

Ukraine is now under full control of the Jew.
This all happened whilst we were all distracted by the Trumpf wall and Brexit and the EU.

If trips HOLODOMOR 100X perpetrated by jews then we jew israel.


Glows were in Ukraine via David Millaband , a so called British MP and the brother of the first Jewish leader of the Brits Labor Party.
"David Miliband is a member of the Trilateral Commission, founded and chaired by David Rockefeller.[87]"
Staff from the International Rescue Committee loaded onto a bus by masked gunmen and driven out of separatist controlled territory after rebels' secret police accuse them of espionage

Guess what will happen next.

This. Ukraine never was real country, just like hohols were never real nation.

Ukraine has a Celebrity in Chief now too. Just goes to show how unpopular the ZOGs coup puppet was, that he would lose to a celebrity Kike.

never heard of this yidish clown before the election campaign

Wtf, user, nooooo!

Go read the protocols ffs and do it fast

from shocolate factory owner to tv comedian
ok then

This look like Ukrainians are going get fucked by (((them))) again so be ready for another honk storm. Honk honk.

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memes aside, is there any known link between him and the glowing clown niggers? did this election happen more or less organically and this the guy ukraine picked?

apart from the echoes, i mean.

kind of irrelevant who he is funded by when the current president spent twice the money and got like below ~25% of the vote

These guys are going to be the butt of the joke now.

lmao nice pidorashka puppet

He was. Its ultimate vote against establishment. Of course Zelenskiy like Trump may tow same line and expectations are wrong but people voted for change.

Totally non Russian solders ETA 12-00.

Yeah hes a jew

People have been claiming that this will happen for the last 6 years (more than that actually) and it never happens.
That's because it won't. All wars now are proxy-wars. An actual NATO vs Eurasia war would destroy the very Zionist order that the jews want to preserve.

And that's new?

Well Im glad there was no fuckery, and I wish Ukraine the best. Keep an eye out for his genetic dispositions.

Enjoy your bridge to Africa, Ukraine.

"Errors of Russia" problems
Eastern Orthodox needs to be Consecrated to our lady.
Clown World is a state strategy by Russia called Hypernormalization or funding all sides. They were more than happy to have the Russia Hoax distraction for 2 years. Russia was find and kept eyes off their actual shenanigans or maybe everyone already saw this video…

Russia protects its own. It makes sure chaos is everywhere but 'mother' Russia. It's a big thing for them. They never get invaded, right? Been working for them for some time.

Also beautiful Russian women don't like you and probably marry into the West to spy, subvert or sneak in their relatives. What did that KGB fella warn? Who subverted the Roman Catholic Church with Sodomites?

Where's the punchline?

Hory shite. Uucrane gone mad.

Don’t forget that Poroshenko was Jewish too

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>Jewish Comic (((Zelenskiy))) Wins Ukraine Presidential Vote With 73%
As if things weren’t bad enough….
How the fuck do you elect a literal clown jew?
Imagine having a literal kike jester as your leader lmao
He'll pair well with their Jewish PM.


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As if things weren't bad enough already…

(((Oligarchs))) Weaponized Cyprus Branch of Ukraine's Largest Bank to Send $5.5 Billion Abroad

The former chairwoman of Ukraine’s central bank dubbed it one of the biggest financial scandals of the 21st century.
Valeria Hontareva was describing the alleged theft of US$5.5 billion from PrivatBank, once the country’s largest commercial lender. The suspected masterminds are the bank’s two oligarch owners: (((Ihor Kolomoisky))) and (((Hennadiy Boholiubov))), who stand accused of absconding with an amount roughly equal to 5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product. According to court records, both men are said to have recently been living in Switzerland, though Kolomoisky appears to be spending time in Israel.
“Large-scale coordinated fraudulent actions of the bank shareholders and management caused a loss to the state of at least $5.5 billion,” Hontareva said in March 2018. “This is 33 percent of the population’s deposits … [and] 40 percent of our country’s monetary base.”
Now, for the first time, OCCRP has traced the mechanism that appears to have allowed Kolomoisky and Boholiubov to funnel such vast wealth out of Ukraine: The money was moved through a PrivatBank subsidiary in Cyprus.
The arrangement helped hide the fact that cash was disappearing because the National Bank of Ukraine treated the Cyprus branch of PrivatBank the same as it would domestic branches. This designation meant officials never detected that cash transferred to Cyprus was leaving Ukraine.
Meanwhile, Cypriot regulators either failed to detect that the various bank transfers totalling $5.5 billion were backed by bogus contracts, or didn’t take the necessary action to stop them.
The system allowed billions of dollars to be pumped through the PrivatBank accounts, which were held in Cyprus by offshore companies.
This account is based on a forensic audit by Kroll, the U.S.-based corporate investigation and risk consulting firm. The report, which is based on PrivatBank’s own records and was obtained exclusively by OCCRP, also reveals that there was little distinction between Kolomoisky and Boholiubov’s corporate and personal accounts.
Ukraine nationalized PrivatBank in December 2016, saddling taxpayers with a $5.9 billion bailout. The nationalization was widely supported by the international community, including the IMF, the European Union, and the United States, which called it a “milestone in economic reform and the fight against corruption.”
Kolomoisky has said he wants $2 billion in PrivatBank capital returned to him. And on April 19, a Kyiv court ruled PrivatBank’s nationalization unlawful, deciding in favor of the oligarch and setting the stage for a prolonged legal battle.
In a letter circulated to the media by Kolomoisky’s Swiss office, the oligarch refuted allegations by the National Bank of Ukraine that Privatbank had engaged in fraudulent lending practices.
The new revelations about how the scheme worked emerge just as Kolomoisky stands to increase his already considerable influence in Ukraine through the country’s presidential election.
>(((Zelenskiy))) team dismisses his role in court rulings on PrivatBank

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Ah, the naivete…

There are no elections. ANYWHERE. Just the appearance of such, so that the unwashed masses actually believe they have a say. And then you have the perception management flunkies peddling the election narrative, everywhere, even here on 8pol, so that the world CONTINUES to believe the myth.

All you ever get is what the kikes install as your faux "leaders", after so-called [phony] "elections" are held. It's been this way for a long time. Best wake up, emptyheads.

No difference in Ukraine. It's always the same. Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, Yanukovych, etc.. Doesn't matter; never did. They are all subhuman, antichrist jewish excrement.

Betcha $1.00 the Maidan snipers still won't get investigated/exposed/prosecuted.

ukr shabbas-nazis related

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>literally forgetting the previous kike president "deeds" to Ukraine

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jew vs jew
you choose goy

as always

They buy those, it's not "aid".

Ukraine is going to be the second bolt hole for the talmudic zionists. They are setting up the native population to be destroyed and dispossessed, then they will take it over and own it outright.

That's even worse

Ukraine is a natsee antithemitic country with a Jewish President and Jewish prime minister; so typical.

Just throwing it out there

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I do my best to find redeemable qualities to Slavs but I keep being disappointed. I am also constantly reminded that it was the Nordic leaders at the top of their society that gave these Slavs the best there could be in their respective countries, but Slavs proved again and again to be unable to take care of such legacies.
I really want to talk about whites at large, about union against kikes, but I have a sense that Slavs are just white niggers and on the long term, it would be better to reduce their numbers and take their lands. I know, this is d&c, but fuck, give me hope or accept to be BTFO when the time will come.

We are an initiative Russian citizens group who wants to minimize various risks for foreign tourists with no ill intent or trolling attempts. These risks arise because of different mentality and traditions between Russian and foreign cultures. Some of them can lead to frustrations and awkward moments. Others can place your life and health in danger. Again – we don’t mean to scare you away or anything. We just understand the difficulties between us in all their glory and we want to help you in regards to contacting our compatriots. This message serves as a reminder for any foreign tourist on tour in Russia in order to minimize possible troubles. Please, cooperate within them and you’ll spend your time in Russia with pleasure and will be back home safe and sound.

Your style:

-Men don’t wear long hair in Russia. If your hair touches your shoulders you can be mistaken for an orthodox priest and people can ask you where’s your priest dress and why don’t you speak Russian. If they’ll find out that you are a foreign citizen they can decide that you’re trying to offend Russian Orthodox Church (and this is punishable by the national law). In other cases you might be seen as a gay man and you risk being beaten and submitted for police detention;

-Russian men don’t wear piercing or ear jewelry of any kind. These decorations are seen as a sign of homo orientation. Russian police can put you under detention for an “improper behavior” in case they see these items on you;

-Try to fix your hair before you visit Russia. This means that you need to have short, “normal” hair style of natural color. Any extravagant styles of hair can be seen wrongly. Please, don’t dye your hair if you are a man – you’ll be seen as a gay man straight away. Wash off your dye, style your hair accordingly and there won’t be any trouble on your way;

-Try not to smile to strangers. If you are a man and you are smiling to another man he’ll think that you must’ve mistaken them for somebody they know. And then – you’ve guessed it – you’ll be mistaken for a gay man. If you are a woman, you’ll be seen as a prostitute. It is a common belief for Russians that only prostitutes lure their clientele in using wide white smiles;

-Try not to laugh audibly while in the street. This is perceived as an uncivil way to behave yourself. Russia is the country which has lost the most of its citizens during the WWII and we have lots of memorials for the fallen on each step you take through virtually any town you’ll visit. If you didn’t pay attention and laugh near such a monument unintentionally you won’t be forgiven. It’s the same reason why you can’t point a finger in direction of such monuments;

-Please, try to conceal your tattoos. Tattoos in Russia are not meant for decoration purposes, they mostly serve as an identification within convicts and military men. There are lots and lots of symbols which are neutral in the world but are assigned a special meaning within these social groups. And they are very aggressive and they will try to make you prove that you deserve your ink.
Some tattoos are perceived as military or convict ones and others will again paint you a gay man or a prostitute (accordingly to your gender);

-There's not that much information on the Russian HIV epidemic in the media nowadays, but the problem remains as catastrophic as it was before. You are advised to either exclude any sexual contacts with Russians while you visit or use all precautions before, within and after the contact. Don't agree to have any sorts of unprotected sex and be cautios in general;

-Try to choose your clothing wisely – avoid bright colors and outspoken clothes (which can be perceived as vulgar). Men can dress in grey, dark green, dark blue and black colors. Women have better variety but they shall look for subtle approach to their clothing in order not to be seen as a prostitute. It is a common belief in Russia that you only wear bright colors or outspoken styles if you wish to make some sort of a statement. If you don’t want any problems with the police, citizen activists (think notorious “Kozaks”) you shall stick to subtle grey clothes. Men should not wear their shorts higher then their knees, women should not wear their minis. Those who do will be perceived as homo sexuals and prostitutes accordingly. Don’t wear khakis in any case! These type of clothes are for Russian military and ex-military men to wear only and you’ll be perceived as an aggressor in case you’ll wear it;

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-Don’t come too close to Russian children if you don’t want to be perceived as a pedophile;

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-Women are better to travel with men or they pose a risk of harassment. They will be asked out, they will be “picked up”, men will try to know their name, mobile phone number and all that;

-We advise you to stay within your touring destinations and to not leave your tourists groups. Please, try to stay nearby the crowds, populated areas near the center of a town you’re visiting. If you’ll go walking through a typical residence area you risk meeting some trouble just because you are a foreigner;

-Try not to lock eyes with the police. Russians evade locking eyes with them, so they view it as a sign of aggression or ill intent and they can detain you based strictly on their assumptions of your further actions;

-If you are black, try to stay within a group at all times. Russia is still a very racist place, so you need people on your side to safeguard you;

-Don’t try to mimic Russian words you hear. If you do a bad job at it, people around you will assume you’re making fun of the language in general and harassing them;

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-Try to avoid the following list of themes in your conversations with Russians: gay culture, feminism, WWII, human rights, democracy, Ukraine. If you somehow touched on a topic of Russian-American relations, you are advised to shift the conversation to the peaceful direction of American cinema or culture. You don’t start your conversation with it though, since the next question you’ll get is exactly what you’re trying to avoid – political relations between Russia and the US;

-You are not allowed to dismiss an invitation to drink with a Russian. If you refuse their invite you will offend them gravely. It is ok to stop after you finish your third shot, because the first goes for the Motherland, the second – for the Guest and the third goes for the one who’s paying for the booze;

-We don’t advise you to tell anyone that you came from these countries: Poland, UK, the US, Canada, France and Germany. It is better to name yourself as a Norwegian or a Swiss for example;

-I know this point won't offer any alternative, but I must warn you: try to avoid being hurt or injured, since Russian medicine is not a thing you would like to know more about from within. In case something bad happens or you'll feel ill or sick - please, contact private medicine services where it is possible instead of the governmental ones. Private clinics and hospitals will at the very least help you based on your insurance, while the governmental clinics are overcrowded, underfunded and are a mess to look at overall;

-Try avoiding street food. If you want to have a snack on the go, please, pay close attention to your choice. Some street joints are run by migrants and they lack health certification, they can be dangerous and some meals can even contain meats of unknown origin. It's better to avoid economy type of restaurants, cafes and communal diners too. Since Russians are used to cooking at home they rarely visit such places and service they can provide is below the norm for a civilized country. Since most of our regulatory bodies are corrupt beyond belief a lot of restaurants simply pay to prolong their license off the books and enjoy their business further on. This means that no matter how the place looks and feels you run a high risk of food poisoning and poor service.

This is it.
We hope that the list we’ve made will allow you a comfortable and sweet time in Russia.

agreed. drang nach osten. again.
ahahaha cmon nazi repeat your victory

The information from you is very useful so thank you very much.

Kek has spoken.
Anyone that has followed what is happening in Ukraine know the Jews plans making Ukraine into a backup Israel as it's more and more likely they will get kicked out from there soon (thanks to the Syrian adventure, it's pre-1967 with every country that matter, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey openly hostile to Israel again).
Check this posts in the other thread if you don't understand why:

Both candidates were awful. Both Jew puppets. Nothing of value was lost because in this instance there was nothing to be gained.

Zig Forums looking dumb as fuck as usual for not realizing the juden already owned Ukraine. Do yourselves a favor by stop living in a bubble and look into how corrupt Ukraine's current president is and how hated he is. Don't forget the retard and his even more retarded generals continually provoking Russia to try to drag the West into the conflict because they would be 100% obliterated without Western support.