Your Pronoun is grammatically inaccurate

Let’s discuss. Transgenderism is a mental illness.
It causes otherwise healthy (albeit highly susceptible) iindividuals to commit suicide at 20 times the normal rate.

It is publically supported by a political belief system that has no limiting function and cannot see the negative impact of extreme inclusion.

To put that into context:

Pedophiles and pedophillic activity are not part of the diversity celebration. However, there really is nothing in the liberal philosophy to explain why this is the case. This is because liberal philosophy champions degeneracy as a virtue.

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Linguistic arguments are retarded because language changes.
Keep it biological.

Conservative environments are hyperdegenerate. They lie, cheat, steal, and rape. Liberals hate pedophilia because it leads to conservatism - molested children become two-faced and mentally ill in ways that traditionalist acculturation rectifies into forms just functional enough to create really stubborn crime problems. Conservative communities are desperate to achieve law and order because their inability to protect the most vulnerable causes them to have really pernicious long-term crime issues.

Liberals don’t venerate degeneracy, but actually tend to dwell within the conjunction of pleasure and integrity. The most grey-faced and personally boring liberals still tend understand that tolerating “useless” professions and “parasitic” pleasure-seekers, far from causing a free-rider collapse, is more economical than dealing with the entrenched criminal underworld and pervasive untreated mental illness in conservative communities.

This is where I should point out that culturally conservative POVs are endemic in minority communities much-hated for their violence and degeneracy. That’s you. That’s what your ideas achieve when liberals can’t stop you from self-harm. That’s what you look like to people who aren’t you.

The transsexual hate is just a bonus. Conservatives opposing people remaking themselves is something that doesn’t even make headlines. If you really sincerely oppose degeneracy, learn to do things like legalizing homosexual prostitution. Then it won’t be necessary for “good community men” who are too vitriolic, bigoted, slobbish, or otherwise unpleasant for functioning gay communities to groom choirboys instead.

Amen to that.

Penis = Biological male = male
Vagina = Biological female = female

If I need to take drugs to be something, I will only ever be that thing when I take drugs. When the drugs wear off, I am the thing I am without drugs.

If you want another free governing advice tip, listen close and get ready to glow.

Conservatives are valuable when they are charismatic. Getting people to voluntarily keyword VOLUNTARILY forego wasteful pleasures makes the economy and culture more stable, prosperous, and yes, getting them to voluntarily not do stupid shit can make people happier too. A hypocritical conservative can sometimes be good for society for as long as they don’t get caught. Honesty is insulation and longevity to conservative thought; it’s not the key component in a governing sense.

Liberals are valuable when they’re honest. It doesn’t matter if they’re conventionally useful. It doesn’t matter if they are or aren’t charismatic. If they’re honest and charismatic they’ll drag society towards honesty; if they’re honest and uncharismatic at least the world will learn more about what to avoid. Honest liberals drag the world towards truth either way. Liberals try things. Smart things, stupid things, all the things.

Honest conservatives… don’t. They don’t try things and they don’t drag society towards truth. An honest but uncharismatic conservative is at best a cog, implementing a plan they tend not to even try to comprehend. An honest charismatic conservative is a gem, but it’s the charisma that matters. Too many honest conservatives aren’t even charismatic, and by honestly bringing their clenched fists to bear on culture they degrade their allegiances and outright obscure good ideas.

Does your brain work? I wonder…

Conservative environments are hyperdegenerate.

In case you guys were unaware, the whole "they" thing came about because that's how we refer to those of indeterminate gender. Consider this example:

Person 1: "I made a new friend today."
Person 2: "Really? What are THEY like?"

In the example person 2 can't say for certain whether the friend in question should be referred to with the pronoun "he" or "she" and thus "they" is substituted. Lefties then took this principle and then applied it to those that they see as not having a traditional gender role, upgrading the role of the word from a placeholder, used only when information regarding the subject's gender is not available, and started using it with regard to those who will never fit in those gender categories. Do I believe that transgenderism is anything other than a mental illness? No, I'm not that new. But when you get down to it this shit fit about pronouns is just semantics at best, and is often used as an excuse to mock anti-transgender advocates.

Great example of pilpul.
Notice how the kike uses the word conservative in multiple contexts, then conflates them in a failed attempt to blame Whites for the behaviour of non-Whites.
"Liberals" simply repeat what the jew on television tells them to, in order to feel that warm tummy tingle. Don't pretend there is reason behind it.

By the way, we don't live in a conservative environment. The left is in power and has been for decades. There is no "conservative" government or state apparatus left anywhere in the Western world.
Your people are in power, ask them to do it.

She thinks we are "conservatives".

Madam, you are so right. Life is pleasure and anything that gets in the way of that pleasure is bad and degenerate.

Which is why I like to fuck my dog. He is very loyal and moist and also I find it equals pleasure.

Please add me to your diversity flag. I choose crimson as the color of his torn anus excites me and also equals pleasure.

Pleasure is pleasurable. Anything else is fascism nazi racism.

This is the world my ball-gag wearing friend. This is why you are degenerates.

You are salves to your genitals.

Grammar does not give a fuck about you indeterminant status my poor crazy-pussy afflicted friend

Transformative potentials will eventually be undeniable. The importance of granary law has been falling all through civilization’s history; it is the very nature of the good granarian to obsolete themselves.

Your values don’t save anyone, Buddha. Hah.

Notice how it can't conceive of a driving force higher than beast materiality.
This is why the left can't meme. Their "understanding" of the right is a memorized Buzzfeed caricature.

Do ya not understand that bigotry forces you to tell broken slave lies that honest pleasure-seekers need not submit themselves to? Reclaim your pride!

How many times have you reminded people to use your “correct” pronoun today?

It ain’t happenin’ MaryBruce. You’ve chosen a mentally ill pronoun that runs counter to ingrained grammatical rules of (singular vs collective) and then chased the team of millennial fuckheads at the oxford dictionary to chuck it into their book of shite and hey look everyone, we equals book!

I actually got thrown out of a leftist environment for suspected conservative wrongthink. It was fun. I’ve learned ways to utter Christian heresies that atheists reject AS heresies, quite unaware of what they’re saying.

He, him, his.
Me myself and I

Yahweh is that which is. The ultimate obeisance to that which is happens to be science, not faith. Everything you can prove about the nature of reality is a proof about the nature of divinity, for we dwell within all that we can ever see of the divine. Within the glory of the material is the glory of the divine, and within the glory of the divine is happiness found. You are not on this Earth to suffer.

The course of the faith was perverted when faith set itself against the material, for that which is speaks to all people, and the oil of eucalyptus is the oil of the pheonix tree.

You are sad to me. And common, common, common. How often I meet you. So sad. So very, very sad to me.

I have met you a thousand times. You start. You are intelligent. Thoughtful. You read books and memorize the words of great men, and then speak - pretending the discoveries of great men are your own thoughts, when they are little more than regurgitation. People applaud.

And then, you read books by academics, desperate to publish or perish, and mistake there blather for the words of great men, and sprout them with the same flagrant disregard for critical thinking.

Awaiting applause. But there is none.

Come back home, brother. We welcome anyone who can use their brain. It is better than the applause brother. It is better than the applause.

Lol, I’ve already turned the world, but yet I love what you’ve said, for three times now it has been said to me, and I have learned its true meaning.

You laugh at Buddhist values and claim to be not a degenerate.

Brain equals not function.

Transgenders also have better success rates

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Grow a brain moran. (Sic)

Is this a shill trick. Right misinterprets right like a turd? KYS.

After pleasure comes more pleasure.
Then more pleasure.
Then more pleasure.
Then more pleasure.
Then more pleasure.

At some point, pleasure requires more intense pleasure. Hedonic adaptation kicks in. Need more. Need more. Need more. Need moar. Need moar. Need MOAR! Need MOAR! NEED MOAR!! NNEEED MMMOOOAARRRR!!!

This, I prove the degenerate philosophy tends to degenerate.

Shill tactic, but why?

Is it because TG meme is population control. If so, G-man, I’m down. If you can convince a man his dick ain’t a dick, he ain’t fit to make humans.

I get it. We’re tricking by the dumb ones to commit suicide. I’m in.

At suicide? Can confirm.

Only when realize that you're not actually giving said person pleasure, just making the case for his message that much clearer for the nonanimals.

Please god in heaven, grant me the
Trump Purge

This nation’s greatness struggles beneath a cancer. Lord, please grant the Trump Purge. Let us breathe the glory of greatness unfettered.

Why do niggers vote Democrat then?

its a shame tranny "they" caught on in normalfags circles so fast I bet the teachers all over from k-12 to colleges are shilling this.

Because no one has bothered to give them a better narrative.

Wither black go red man (reservations, how) or we accept, black don’t crack. Either ethnic Tate or they come onboard.

Heh. On board.

As far as I can tell the primary "Christian value" is complaining that people are trying to brutally stomp out your traditions and it bothers you because it means you can't brutally stomp out theirs anymore. If you admitted to the hypocrisy I'd respect you more.

It's why you dont use gender but use sex instead. If you know of gendered languages like Spanish or Russian you find that living beings have a sex but gender applies only to inanimate objects. In Spanish, for instance, words like "the table" are made feminine "la mesa" instead of "el (masculine) mesa" but pronouns apply only to living beings with a sex. Linguistic arguments can be made because while language changes, the foundation of the language does not, if you remove gender from Spanish it ceases to be Spanish. You can thus make the argument that since sex is the determinant of pronouns, rather than gender, it is always incorrect to call a person a pronoun using anything besides sex as a determinant.

Still, pronouns and grammar are truly retarded like this user said. The problem with a tranny is not pronouns, it's the rejection of reality caused by mental illness. If you really want to get into the discussion with anyone, it's not grammar that you should focus on but the fact that a mental illness is being championed as normal. Comparing it to any other disease is your best bet: "You wouldn't tell a paranoid schizo that the voices are real and that rather than taking medicine he needs to get plastic surgery instead to fool his imaginary stalkers, so why tell a tranny that?"

the trend of tumblr pronouns is not linguistic bullshit or a mental illness, it's a psychological trick to grab unwarranted importance in your brain
when some faggot otherkin requires you to learn a specific grammatical exception about xirself, it's to create a hypnotic hook in your mind to force you to remember its existence
same shit about corporate names or logos that are weird-sounding and/or repeated often enough that their existence becomes self-evident because memory bypasses the analytical recognition process that would make you react to their bullshit
same thing also with the "en'xivem" cult that has no reason at all to be pronounced "nixium" except to force you unwittingly to create a linguistic privilege about how the scammers want you to remember it

it's just hypnosis against you, nothing more

Found the kike.
It's fucking SEXUAL MIMICRY.
Betas pose as females to get past the alpha and fuck the hareem.
Don't believe? Why do so many trannies claim they aren't gay? Well, they aren't. Some turn queer though b/c of social pressure and that they can't get laid with women.
This has been exaggerated to a HONK HONK degree by (((them))), of course.


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No, let's not as any sane person knows that. So whatcha sliding jew boy?