Poland, NO! Poles Beat and Burn Jews In The Street!

Polish warlocks gaze upon the eternal shekel demon and burn it with fire for the world to see!


It's also happening in Spain, except they kill the Jew with fire before shooting it:

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And yet they all have US bases in their country.

That'd be more meaningful if their Prime Minister wasn't a kike.
Just sayin'.

I'm not disagreeing, Jews control every world leader. But at least the people here know.

When Poles burn effigy jews, and
vomit forth to grasp at straws to attack Poles (even going so far as to accuse the Poles of doing exactly what Germany does)

But when Germans burn effigies of White people or parade through the streets demanding more money to homosexual muslim feminist africans or contribute more to NATO than Britain or France, these same people defend Germany.

Isn't that a little strange?

You are reposting from 4pol with even less effort put into the 8pol post

What is USA doing about having more Jews than Israel and AIPAC controlling US politics while Judaism directly controling american perception of reality?

The people on Zig Forums do.
How many of the people in the videos actually do, that's another matter.

They may have jew politicians in their gov, but I doubt those hooknoses will be visiting their neighborhood anytime soon.

Oh God I'm fully erect

It's a coordinated tactic to make sure world feels nothing by apathy when Jews extort 300 billion dollars from Poland through S447 JUST.
On bad goy websites you shill that Poland is compromised, everyone is a secret jew or at least a shabbos goy who can't be saved, or redpilled.
On good goy sites, you paint a picture that Poland is a medieval shithole, with medieval beliefs like nationalism, whiteness, and Polish children got antisemitism with mother's milk while young adults are murderous neonazis ready to holocaust women, (((minorities))), muslims, LGBT degenerates, and jews.

You should read Ilya Ehrenburg's "Kill" directed at Soviet Troops, it's the same tactic, but more sophisticated.
Here's an english translation
“The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word ‘German’ is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word ‘German’ strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day … If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime … If you have already killed a German, then kill another one – there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses. Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the Germans! … – Kill the Germans! Kill!”

They did that to Poland in 1947, after Soviet Union managed to fail to put the blame on Katyn Massacre on Germans by provoking a pogrom against jews, then issuing a stand down order to every unit that had license on violence, while sending journalists over to document the "Vile jew-eaters massacring innocent jews from dawn till dusk, not even 2 years after the holocaust; really soviet union deserves a REWARD not condemnation for executing so called "elites" of this savage, primitive nation fueled solely by hatred of jews"

It's not about US. You're missing the point.

That's not a jew you fucking morons, that's the retard trying to separate Catalonia from Spain.

It's not an anti-Jewish/Zionist thing, it's a effigy of Judas Iscariot, who happened to be Jewish. Think about it, it's the end of Lent and the beginning of Easter.

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Jews are kvetching

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It's not a jew you fucking moron

Just because some jews are complaining it doesn't make that guy a jew. That's Pudgemont.


It's a damage control psyop.
They're freaking out after that rather too candid video hit the rounds (SINCE PULLED FROM YOUTUBE), explaining how Poland has acted as a paradise for the jews, for the last 1,000 years, and was crucial in helping them establish Israel.
The "based poland saving the White race" meme is of jew origin.

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nothing that is said here is not already known on this board what you are trying to do is conflate the decisions of the polish monarchs with the genetics/behavior or ordinary poles who despite jews. the voice of this translator reeks of incompetence and this is some d&c shit from the (((russians)))

Bro we know Poland is kiked. The whole fucking world is kiked.

by being completely obliterated during ww2 while its allies waited for the complete ruin so that they could finally get their war with germany; poland indirectly created israel by being sacrificed by the kikes but then it can be said that poland was used by kikes to create their new home

By that logic, Germany was responsible for the creation of IsraHell.

what? post names and events I couldn't care less about some random retards interpretation

More truth about based "poland" (Paradisus judaeorum).
The underclass of Poland has for the past 20 years been used as a willing social and economic hammer against White communities in Western Europe.
This staged conflict is just a cover.

See video.
And watch the kikes in the thread try to downplay it.

You're just using the "this is old news, why are you brining it up?" shill technique.
No, it is not already known.
No, you will not stop me posting it by trying to demoralize.
No, you will not stop others from investigating by lying about it being 'old news'.

The lie that Poland is a "based savior of the White race", that they're burning jew effigies, and all the other bullshit needs to be addressed.
You're just working with probably taking orders from the same controller over skype.

They're here and running damage control for the jew/poland union.
The actual reason is in the video I just posted.

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thats why i said it was the kikes who used poland therefore one could only say poland created israel by being a dishonest kike and persist on this technicality

and can you tell me the names of these people?

It has nothing to do with Germany.
The fact that you'd lie while there's a fucking video explaining that the Polish army took them to Palestine and then allowed them to desert to fight the Palestinians is one post above.
Holy shit, the chutzpah.

fake narrative? poland fought germany (and russia soonafter) for 8 months before england and france did anything poland was a smouldering ruin at that point and the justification for entering the war was that poland who was allied with france and england was under attack.

this is old news you faggot everyone knows poland was called paridisus judaeorum using a bit of latin does not make you some researched scholar this is tired propaganda and you fail at it


The jews like to think they're smart, but a quick look at history and the thousands of years and thousands of places they've been thrown out of shows they clearly haven't learned anything. Jews bring it upon themselves. I look forward to the day some mudshit smuggles a nuke into israel and levels the place.

except they were kikes like you user

When Anders' Army reached Palestine, of its over four thousand Jewish soldiers three thousand left the army.[6] Some deserted, while others, including Menachem Begin, obtained permission to depart their formations. The majority of Jewish soldiers who left Anders' Army joined other military units, especially the British Army.[7] The Polish army did not pursue the Jewish deserters and it is said that Anders actually facilitated the release of Jewish soldiers, including Begin, because he did not particularly want them.[8] It is a matter of public record that Jews who served in Polish military units in the Second World War were subjected to anti-Semitic bullying, including death threats, by their ethnic Polish compatriots. This led many to desert and re-enlist with British units where they could fight the Nazis without fear of being targeted by their own comrades.[9][10] General Anders himself made anti-Semitic remarks but emphasized that the thousand Jewish soldiers who remained in his force fought bravely and no less gallantly than other soldiers under his command.[11]

Britain was responsible not germany.

The fact that this information is being swarmed by shills proves that it's highly damaging to the illusion, fostered by the kikes, the Poland is some kind of White ally. In fact it's the most jew-friendly state in Europe:

Have you ever wondered why there were over 5 millions Jews living in areas of I Republic of Poland in the 20th century? You probably have no idea that we Poles share with Jews over thousand year history!
Polish king Kazimierz Wielki is recognized as a protector of Jews. During his reign in the fourteenth century, the Polish Kingdom became a heaven for banished Jews firm all over the Europe – from Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Moscow. Before the Catholic Counter-Reformation in seventeenth century Poland was one of the most tolerant and hospitable countries on Earth! It was a home to one of most populous groups of Jews in the world!
That is why Poland was called ,,Jews paradise”(in Latin paradisus judaeorum). A Polish rabbi Moses Ben Israel Isserles from sixteenth century once said: ,,If God hadn’t given Jews Poland as a shelter, fate of Israel would have been unbearable”. At the end of the eighteenth century there were partitions of Poland by Russia, Austria and Kingdom of Prussia which resulted in country’s disappearance for 123 years. In 1918, during the time Poland restored it’s independence, there was a population of 3 million Jews, one the worlds biggest. On the first of September 1939 Poland was attacked by Nazi Germany and 17 September of the same year also by Russian Soviet Union. Polish army was beaten by two invaders working together in secret Rippentrop-Mołotow agreement from 23 August 1939. Despite that during WW2 Poles created the worlds largest underground resistance - Home Army consisting of 400 thousand members at it’s highest. Collaboration groups were created in other European countries invaded by Germany but not in Poland! Neither was a government collaborating with Germany. The Israel War Crimes commission estimates that roughly 0.1% of ethnic Poles were cooperating with Germans during WW2. Nazi Germany started extermination of Jews in occupied Poland. Although only in Poland there was a death penalty for helping Jews, only here worked Żegota - hidden organization created by Polish underground government specifically to rescue Jews from oppressive regime. Poles have saved more Jewish lives than any other nation: 100 to 150 thousand Jews. One million Poles were engaged in rescuing Jews. It is the Poles who are awarded with Medal of Jewish Yad Vashem institute ,,Righteous among the nations’’. During WW2 there was over 6 million Poles, including 3 million Jews, killed by Germans which is about 20% of the prewar population of Poland. Germans have killed over 90% of Polish Jews. In WW2 we had the most suffered and most material losses of all countries. Many Jews fought and died as Polish mates and soldiers of Polish Army during 1939 campaign and many other for instance battle of Monte Cassino.


Maybe so but the British people were not.
The mental gymnastics these kikes expect us to jump through to get us to hate Poles is insane.

Did you really just copy and paste from wikipedia, the jewish encyclopedia any kike can edit?
If it doesn't matter, why are you arguing so hard?
You're shitting it.
Full damage control.

Honk Honk
It's so much easier than all that greentext

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so ur saying a polish king let the jews in on en masse and they have been there influencing polish politics ever since then you talk about how jews gave poles medals for killing germans during ww2 and you post a nice video saying paradisus judaeorum same old tired shit repeated ad nauseum

keep insisting shlomo u are gaining no traction here

yeah those werent kikes they were actually slavs its a clever jewish ruse right


i really did shlomo i used your website against you

No wonder Texas is a shithole

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poland isnt based because the country is still infiltrated by kikes just like every other country on earth there is no based white country you circumcised freak

Listen goddammit Jack Posobiec
How many times do I have to teach you this lesson old man?
Get the fuck off my board

this isnt the donald where we circle jerk "basedness" no one is saying based white poland because there is no based country.

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So they stopped doing the reverse psychology by LARPing as poles and saying natsoc is trash?

As said before, this was a Judas lookalike. Obviously kikes are going to turn it into what they want it to be.
Poles responded virally by calling out Jews on having even more brutal ritual of such rank - hanging of Haman (vidrel). Typical response was that
It's a constant rhetoric used by (((them))). In the past they used to imply that Warsaw Uprising was more of a primitive struggle, while Uprising in Warsaw Ghetto was deeply philosophical, etc.
Another time there was this campaign blaming Poles for the Holocaust. A rabbi was invited to a show and at one point speaker openly said that there were also Jews selling out Poles to Germans, etc. The kike got tangled up and concluded that
Obviously to them it wasn't because an old book tells them you're the master race. It's unbelievable how fucking openly racist those people can be and noone is calling them out on that.

Read about Zabotynski plan and how polish army trained first jewish commandos before the war.

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did jews burn the reichstag though i got a feeling they did

you're misunderstanding me, I'm asking about the names of those soldiers who stayed in palestine and founded israel

he knew what you said he pretended to answer because if he answered you truthfully hed be posting what looks like a tel aviv phonebook

The way you obvious jew shills are panicking and scrambling to find any diversion, tells me that Poland portrayed as "hub of right-wing extremism" is going to be playing an important part in upcoming mass-media propaganda.
A bit like it did when they refused to take refugees.
Except we now know that they didn't refuse because they're "based and right-wing", but rather because the jews of poland do not want muslims to enter their European homeland.
Video: more on the same topic.
This one explains how Poland giving the jews refuge is what strengthened them in Europe.

Sure. I'm not running errands for you. Do your own research.

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Part 2.

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obviously being sheltered gave them a base of operation in europe this goes without saying i dont have to watch your gay video to know that; you dont post the names because you havent done any research quit projecting jew

I dont think that has anything to do with judaism

This one is definitely a jew effigy

no panic no scramble we are not neurotic kikes like you what is your message ultimately that ethnic poles are genetically predisposed to philosemitism? y

so you're pulling this out of your ass, ok retard thanks for your insight

Jewish "military thinking" always centers on attacking children.
Moses is a fake story, which makes in even more of an insight into the Jewish Mind.

Based Polish death camps. Today this dummy, tommorow whole world jewery.

Why are you so afraid of the paradisus judaeorum being exposed?
Why do the names of the soldiers matter so much to you?

USA is literally new Israel
The land from the nile to the euphrates is old Israel
The lands from between the atlantic, mediterranian, and the ural mountains is just Israel

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lmao being exposed? everyone knows the majority of kikes lived in poland historically, that they were let in by monarchs long ago and that they grew fat off the backs of workers just like they do everywhere they go. the names matter because they were jews and you are purporting that they were poles. you are really quite the (((reporter))) exposing pardisus judaeorum bravo the jig is up

You are clearly terrified of this, otherwise you would just have ignored it as already known.

go ahead and mention it i ask you again what is your point? no one here believes in some t_donald narrative about poland we know how bad it is everywhere

provide proof for your claims or gtfo retard, thats like me saying uganda founded nazi germany prove me wrong. what, can't do your own research? why do the names of these ugandan nazis matter so much?

Show me a Ugandan presidential candidate and an expert on Ugandan history making the statement.

we know how bad it is everywhere
If everywhere is the same, then why do jews call Poland PARADISUS JUDAEORUM?
No, it's not the same everywhere. Poland is like Europe's Israel.

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that was said in the 16th century they do not call it that today retard and im citing the video you posted

everywhere the jews live from la to long island to london to moscow to shanghai they live like kings they called it paradise judaeorum because it was their home at the time and they were living it up today paradisus judaeorum is the whole world

user what are you talking about, all of europe is Israel

europe's israel? as opposed to israel's israel?

I wonder if maybe, just maybe that would stop when NatSocs ceased peddling the jewish German master-race propaganda?
Not everyone here is a hypocrite when it comes to race. Nor are all non-German NatSocs ethnomasochists. Most truly believe that their people are beautiful and should be protected and preserved against all foreign aggression and exploitation.

Not here
Hate to break it to you - Kowalski was a fucking joke in presidental elections. He got 0,52% of the votes and all he has is primiary school education. He's an underground whatever-right sellout who ran a show with sub alex-jones tier manipulative pastor.
Your expert is also a niche. All those people are a niche, a fucking dot not treated seriously by anybody, including their own associates. Kowalski was ditched by his political party, and also he was ditched by Chojecki. You can't just frame him as a "presidential candidate" - politically, he's a failure.

That makes sense.
Especially if we ignore all the nice things jews have said about Britain, France, America, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, and Ukraine.
Hey, maybe jews even have had praise for the Netherlands and Belarus too.

his wikipedia page says hes a bodybuilder not a historian, why are you so prone to spreading misinformation? presidental candidacy doesnt mean anything either, do you agree with the statement that white people dont know what poverty is because breadline bernie said it?

This is what pilpul looks like.

The fact that Poland helped the kikes establish Israel and continues to act as their main European stronghold is proof that if it has changed, it has only become more jewish.

Why are you pretending that I was referring to the political candidate when there were 2 people on the panel? Holy shit, you're vile.
Funny that it's confirmed by hundreds of jew sources. In fact it's even worse than the historian of Polish and jewish history who appeared in the video stated.
The Poles supplied the jews with armaments and training to fight the British, as well as transporting children disguised as catholic schoolkids (the British had forbidden jews from entering Palestine) and allowing troops to desert.
They aren't commemorated as being foundational in the creation of israel for nothing.

Being with the Polish Army was for them the only chance to leave the Soviet Union and come to Palestine, which in fact happened. The British administration opposed moving Jewish civilians along with the soldiers. The problem was solved by the ingenious Poles, who dressed Jewish children in Catholic school uniforms, and transported the rest of the group by a roundabout sea route, thus avoiding the British. Then the desertions of Jewish soldiers began.

in fact another of Poland’s great contributions to the building of the State of Israel.

Now gas yourself you filthy kike, and take your anti-white polish traitors with you.

Full article.

Now watch them say that the Jerusalem Post is also lying about Poland's critical role in supplying the jewish terrorists in their fight against the British, and bringing the seed population of breeding rats into the country, smuggled dressed in Christian clothing.

so the largest population of jews in europe is in poland? i thought it was in england france or germany what is your source here?
tons of arms were taken from the polish armies and got into jewish hands poland was under the kikes control prior to and during ww2 what is your point you question dodger gas all poles? kill europeans right? keep kvetching

need source about how poland is even more jewish today than prior to ww2

All the pole shit posting redeemed on one 15 second video clip

Dear God, Thank you for Poland!

Wtf did I just watch

poles realize the mistakes of their ancestors we call them targowice; know our country has been steered into ruin by kikes time and time again and today the word zydokommuna is synonymous with the public opinion of governments; lot of work to be done still but its a grassroots movement so it shows promise

jews hanging some goy from the book of esther

Was that supposed to be a NSDAP flag?


The polish government during WW2 was run by kikes in London.

i was wondering what that was they seem to be celebrating the death of more than just one persian guy

because he's the one making those claims, retard
where does it say that? just because they trained the jewish soldiers for war with germany and those soldiers deserted, eventually ended up fighting the british (which isnt even confirmed by the article by the way) doesnt mean the polish army trained those jews with that specific goal in mind, are you lying again or can you prove that those soldiers went on to fight the british?
the article states that they didn't want to return to poland in fear of prosecution for desertion

"contributing" =/= crucial in establishment, hitler was crucial in israels establishment after signing the haavara agreement and that was years before this happaned

That sign really should be memed into a disney world castle.

almost brings a tear to my eye

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lmao the kid at the end says in polish " we can roast sausages now" referring to the fire/burning jew at the end

this is the correct historical analysis