RIP Japan, Funeral service thread for the land of the rising sun

Weebs BTFO

Massive shoutouts to the user from the other Japan thread that posted these. The lack of replies to your posts was incredibly telling.

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Thank fucking god it's finally happening. Smug niggers BTFO.
For years weebs on here have been saying how Japan is so much better than the west.
Now Japan will be jewed just as hard and they'll get to watch their cartoons die too.

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Sucks. What are you going to do when the jews own you? Become jews, I guess. Taiwan's constitution was amended 2 years ago to allow aids marriage.

Japan got jewed just as hard as Germany. Now they know it.

at least use archive you shit tier OP

Great minds think alike.

Agreed so fucking hard. But there is nothing we can do about it. We officially surrender Japan to the kikes. Nowhere is safe. The Jews effectivelh won forever at this point. Siiiiiiigh.

Doesn't change the fact that everyone knows OP is right. There is no arguing against it anymore: Japan is dead. It's not coming back ever again.

now this is blackpill autism. from a redtext for attention fag aswell

So fucking sad. What happened to Sweden will happen to japan and there is literally nothing we can do to save them.

We lost. Literally everywhere is jewed now and there is nothing we can do to fight back. Weebs are digging their own grave as we speak.

What happens when millions of manbabies and nazi autists don't get their weekly dose of cuckime?

He's absolutely right though. Japan is dead and it scares weebs.

Also reminder that Hitler was a turbofeminazi cuck. Those fucking shitlords had no hope.

This is your brain when you realize that there is nothing for them to 'win'. They are parasites. We are the host. There is nothing for them to parasite off when we are gone. There is no 'win' for a parasite in a corpse.

redtext for attention fag is also hitler was a feminist fag

Literally what the fuck are you talking about? This is a tbread about Japan's death and how the weebs are coping with it.

Makes literally no difference when Japan and its culture are going to die in a few years anyway.

this thread is black pill autism muh you can't do anything about it

Triggered, Nazicuck?

Japan is Sweden 2.0 btw. Enjoy your cuckime cartoons while they last lmfaooooooooooooooo

The breeders won't die and they are the only people we need to be concerned with…the rest is trash.

Oh god shut it down!

Explain Sweden then :)


It's much easier to discern you kikes by how you type over an ID anyway.

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Thanks for posting pictures of the average weeb. Wonder how many helium tanks they're buying on Amazon now that they realize there is no hope for Japanistan.


Who gives a fuck? The nips are all getting a bullet for the Europa ethnoglobe, anyway. Weebs will get the rope, though, they aren't worthy of bullets.

Prime example.

Fucking this lmfaooo.

b-but muh AWN URR AIR EE ARYANS!!!!!!!

Can't wait for that day bro. Weeb salt will be off the fkn charts.

muh gays

No. Nobody wins. The jew will die before the white man. Are you gaslighting or retarded? Whether we gas the kike or no, he's on borrowed time. 600 years to wait for his messiach, but he only has maybe two hundred before the race is gone, and without the white man, he has neither the strength, will, or the brains to accomplish his ambitions. The world is becoming a desert. The nigger chimps everywhere. Islam makes a world of slaves. There is no win. Live and die with dignity, do what you can for National Socialism, but resign that this struggle is very much uphill.

It literally won't matter in the end either way. Humanity is fucked for all eternity and there is nothing we can do to unfuck it. All we would be doing is prolonging the inevitable.

Here's the archived versions:
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Thabk you kind user. Now there is literally no argument to be had against the fact that Japan is dead.

you aren't Aryan


I wish my country was 98.5% my own ethnicity.

Just going to leave this here.

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One phrase: International Law will save the Whites and exterminate the kikes.


Lmao you wish

Asses and elbows


Ya, kinda blew my mind when I first saw it. Makes you think …..

Is that like how they stole the tetrahedron from the Celts?

I remember seeing that Japanese genetics is the closest to Whites of the Asian tribes and does not really fit well into the Asian genetic area. Somewhere way back they probably mixed with Europeans at some point, and got stranded on that Island.

This is why the jew fears the Samurai.


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Get brapped on weeb

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Your thread got deleted, you disingenuous kike. You get your info from boomer bible mystery websites with nigger tier formatting and design.

Are you saying those characters are incorrect?

Not surprising tbqh makes me think of the tarim mummies. I'm pretty sure Ireland is the closest to Atlantis and Japan is the closest to Lemuria, make of this what you may

Anti White Stormfag

Yes I am

Pay off your debts, faggot

Japan was over in about 2005.


There's no hebrew script that looks like the "hebrew" script in that cancerous pic.
t. studier of alphabets

I know Christians are triggered by gays because this is blasphemy their book. But Japan is not Christian country. Stop been euro-centrists. Its too 19th century.

God you nu-Zig Forums niggers are beyond retarded.

Nice pilpul jew.

Alright give me a japanese artical that is not pozzed or owned.

Japan is pretty great, really. They’re moving ahead of the curve on the post-sexual revolution. They’ll crack out the precision cloning tech while the rest of us are still running old-fashioned “clown car” uterine pumps.

Culture is perhaps the effort to prove that humans are not viruses, fungi, bacteria, or other soulless insensate things that can do nothing but spray replication goo at the world.

Then you know Hebrew is an abjad, while Honorable Japanese is a syllabary. Neither of them are alphabets, and they could hardly be less similar if they were pictographs.

Kek keep ip hopping heeb.

I know that neither of them are true alphabets, and I didn't care when I made my first post (and still don't).

Nice try this isn't cuckchan.

beddy interdasting

This is extremelly low-effort shilling.
At least try to make it seem like your thread isn't populated by one samefag, you faggot goon.

Protip: OP practically spends every waking second of his life lurking the /a/ meta board and shilling every /jp/ thread on /tv/.
This is how butthurt OP is because (You) posted smug anime girls.

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Multiple waifu?

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Taking gay marriage seriously proves your a colony of ZOG.

guys guys guys holy shit holy shit get this, swedish and greek letters look similar I am telling you they're exactly the same. Dude dude dude RUSSIANS AND KAZAKHSTANIANS ARE SO SIMILAR DUDE DUDE. Fucking kill yourself faggot and stop cherrypicking.

This thread proves that fags think we are stupid.

save Japan

Guys I think because so many Japanese men are becoming soyboys, it is the duty of white men to inject our virtuous seed into this dying race and at least try to partially save it by producing a generation of hapa-hafus with Japanese waifus. I know I'm personally just waiting for them to change their citizenship policies to allow dual citizenship and then I'll feel comfortable trying out over there being able to retain a backup plan.

Let's make sure we save all their toons.

I am entranced by how well timed this is, a true masterpiece of effort, and I think it is desensitizing me to fart fetishism. This is dangerous!

Is he the one spamming ">cuckime" posts there?

user living in Japan here. OP is a complete cocksucker as usual. Faggot marriage still isn't recognized in Japan and there aren't any talks about trying to legalize anytime soon.

The greatest ultimate red pill.
The best way to kill a parasite is to starve it, or swallow something so poisonous that only the host can survive it.
Stop paying taxes, stop buying stuff you don't need, never take a loan of any kind, only buy locally, in cash, or trade directly.
They starve.
Or disrupt the society and take the poison which will affect you and your kin somewhat, but kill the parasite completely.
See gilette jaunes in France, breaking roads, block transport routes, instantly weakening the parasite.

Fuck off you race mixing degenerate.

Fuck off back to /trannypol/you disgusting abomination.

nips have lost honorary aryanship when they let gooks run their organized crime syndicates and had their daughters get turned into whores for their bosses while they work themselves to death in some makework office job

what an ashtonishing amount of goons, tranies, and jews in this thread.