'Christ Died Also for You, Traitorous Jews': Poles Attack U.S. Ambassador for Passover Wishes

he US ambassador to Poland on Friday wished Jews a happy Passover in Polish, and the reaction has been a wave of angry comments on Twitter.

Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher also wished Poles a happy Easter on Sunday. But by then, she was accused of offending the country with her Passover tweet and reminded that she is serving in a mostly Roman Catholic country.

Krystyna Pawlowicz, a lawmaker with Poland’s ruling right-wing party, called it a “provocation.”

Robert Bakiewicz, a far-right activist who organizes a yearly Independence Day march that government leaders joined last year, said “Christ died and was resurrected also for you, pagans and traitorous Jews.”Some came to Mosbacher’s defense, recalling that Poland also has a small Jewish population. Poland was home to Europe’s largest Jewish population before the Holocaust…


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And so it begins again

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Based Poland wins again!

Long Live Poland

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Let's consider this quote for a moment:
No, he did not. He did not die for anyone here's sins. He died for the sins that brought about ancient clown world aka Rome. Christcucks need to stop taking it so damn personally.


It's so crazy to hear them talking about "feeling jesus in their life" and "experiencing jesus".


Obligatory un-mindfucking initiated.

The desperation of these kikes.

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This user is a kike pawn piece of heathen trash.
Once you've felt the Holy Grace of the Lord then you'd know what a faggot you sound like.

They're slipping powerful drugs into those communion wafers, I swear.

It's called the truth pagan larpfag

I'm sure you know what being a faggot is with experiencing the King of the Jews personally.

Anyway most christcucks are just jewish shills.

Insane, demon-possessed idolators!


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Reminder that if you're circumcised all of your [Hebraic honking noises] are for nothing.

Hey user, don't shit on everyone who's circumcised, it watered the seed of hatred even more for some of us, I fucking hate the kikes and any sympathizers deserve the rope just as kikes do. Though, you're right about the guy you're responding to, fuck him.

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Well, sucks to be me, but at least I've got a nice verse to club pro-pissraeli christians over the head with.

fuck off christcuckold

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Did you read the contents of his post, or are you some variety of pagan-bot? The quoted scripture could easily be used as an attack on the vast majority of American Christians. If anything that segment of scripture works in your favor, but you're literally too god damn dumb to think of the bigger implication. It's like a Pavlovian response with you larpagans.

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How is Poland getting more and more redpilled by the day?

lazy & money pinching yids try to reuse the same tactics they used on western Europe
if some Birnbaum or Goldbach tells some German kids to put other people's well being over their own they will nod their heads in agreement, but if the same is tried in Poland outside of the hipster areas of its largest cities then people just look each other in the eyes and they know

it's become especially bad recently because the holocaust reperation receiving fat jentas in Israel are wanting more and try to guilt trip Poland into paying the same reperations as Germany

Mixing p*lestinian blood with European.

Fuck you're cringey

Muslims don't hate Jesus, Atheist and Jews do. It's not the Muslims who get on stage and say nasty things about his mother, it's the Atheist and Jews who do.

Always bring that up, that way you know what type your audience is.

Why're Poleniggers so far right? Every group of people who've encountered them considered them subhuman.

Actually Jesus acts as a constant and living sacrifice to the demiurge to keep the evil at bay. It's why freemasons hate Christians – serious Christians, that is – so much.

t. Jesuit

Christ’s story is just a metaphor for the eternal victory of life over death


Jews aren't people, user.

That's a pretty retarded LARP tbh.

Too bad slavs aren't white.


The kingdom of God is within me.

Ah, makes sense, Catholics have never even opened a bible

Haman is an allegory from a Jewish fairytale that represents all Jewish enemies. Remember goys only jews have the right to burn, hang or beat effigies. You have no right to be offended or to protect your nations….

Neither are you, nigger.

Guess how do I know you're a shill derailing the thread?

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People need to crack open the history books about the events that lead up to the holohoax.

Nice try Schlomo!
The eternal merchants have been trying to breed into the European people since they witnessed Alexander curb stomp the "civilized" world! They used a psuedo-roman historian (read Josephus) to lie about ties with Alexander who the Romans idolized in order to gain a footing in their economy and then their govt and then subverted Rome into becoming a Christian nation. Then took over Rome after many attempts (66 AD) and moved the Holy Roman Empire east splitting European power in two just to be closer to Jerusalem! The eternal merchant is literally the cause of millions of white European deaths in wars and crusades over the last 2000y! AND, the eternal merchant does all of this so they can manifest their sick end of days prophecy when east becomes west and west becomes east!

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Updated version …

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Based Poland.
Also Anons who want to argue about religion instead of enjoying jewish salt are faggots of the highest order.

when read in context, it becomes clear that what is being said is that it literally doesn't matter if you are circumcised or not- that you can be saved either way. it amazes me that the anti-Christians infesting this board can't even be bothered to learn basic Christian doctrine. in order to take a rational stance against a thing, you have to at least know what the thing is.

Christians, don't try to shove your religion down everyone's throats or make everything about your religion because of this. Pagans/Non-Christians, you'll survive one thread of Christians not being portrayed in a cucked light for once. We should be celebrating the kvetching, not needlessly arguing this moment. Props to you, Poland.

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Fucking saved.

Getting your foreskin nicked off by kike parents doesn't mean anything you jew seeing as no one had any control over that, maybe you jews should actually read the bible

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Replace the hexagon with a swastika.

Look, boys.
This man hates white pagans so much that he says he hates them as much as his eternal racial enemy.
These types of people will stab you in the fucking back if you DARE question his religion. He hates you more than Jews.
This is the unmasked nature of Christianity. His church raises funds for negros and preaches universalism and his concern?
Hating his racial brothers because they reject his myth built upon the prophecy of the Torah.