Good! Niggers Are GTFO of the U.S. and Emigrating to Ghana

France 24:

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This is what we want. This needs to be memed. Though it will be hard for Niggers to give up their gibs

Muzzy post trying to be smart.

We know.
We are clowns.
Honk honk

Seriously, they need to be encouraged to go back. Tell them they can build their Wakanda there cuz dey wuz KANGZ n SHEEIT n dey kan b KANGZ again *smacks lips

At the very least, we can encourage the "smart" ones to move there. By "smart", I mean the ones who can do more than flip burgers for a living.

If it was memed in a way that made Ghana look like a fucking vacation spot/eutopia then niggers may go for it. Meme like it was a nigger idea and say something that encourages them to support each other to get their black asses over

Sssshhhhhhh don't say anything

Niggers are good for picking cotton and selling crack.
No jobs are open in america to a nigger.
Go home to Africa niggers.

This meme would of course need a nigger in a suit with glasses.

And he is fucking a white woman.

some are already red pilled about Africa unfortunately

But you hate that nigger.
Let's have a bar B Que and I will give you 20 dollars of crack to suck me dick.
Great offer nigger.

The niggers we want to leave yesterday don’t listen to this type of nigger. They call him an Uncle Tom

I call them Muhammad Ali want to be white slaves.


A muzzy try hard post.
Fck you are dumb muzzy scmbag

No. We need THE nigger in a suit.

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I like yoir style.

Honestly, a machine does it better. It can't get pricked, it doesn't need to be whipped, and it's a lot more efficient than doing it by hand.

What do you call a nigger in a suit sitting up in a tree?

Branch manager

What do you call a nigger with a job,
A Faggot.

Nigger joke thread

What is the worst part about being a black jew?

You have to get to the back of the oven

How do you stop a nigger child from bouncing on a bed.
Put Velcro in the ceiling.
Tad dah.


The people in the video are very rich.

Daniel Carver would be proud.

Did you know that niggers make the best oak tree ornaments?


You get them down by telling Mexican kids that there's a pinata.

It just isn't as satisfying that way.

Off by one.

This raises a point I was thinking about earlier: the black slave was always meant to be a supliment to the white working class. As you should know, white workmen would often sleep in the same quarters as the blacks, and they often worked side by side. The nigger is just a machine, that Lincoln wisely knew would be returned when it’s use is no longer needed.

Contrast Ghana with "racist" America.
Link to article.

We need to dig up the blaxit memes.

From Wikipedia:

Sounds like a pretty good country to meme them to. Hey, they speak english and there's no white oppression!
This site makes it look like an all-year party!
Ghana Tourism Board:

Year Of Return - #Brafie (Come Home)
“There is a special sense for African Americans of somehow connecting up with a part of yourself
that you might not have been aware it was there.” – Barak Obama

Official Year of Return 2019 Campaign Ad

Twitter #Brafie - means come home. We need to fire up our black twitter sock puppets and raise awareness!

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Imagine all the crack dealers actually saving up and sending all their chimpanzee offspring over there. That would be a dream come true.

Even meming about going to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, or Puerto Rico could work. All they do down there is fuck and shake their fat smelly asses so it’s right in line with their values

Also meme it in a way that goes with this video

I wish for the best, but this attempt will fail. Here's why:

Have you ever seen a teenager who lives on his mother's couch and won't get a job, but who talks like he resents her authority? He runs his mouth about how much he wants his own place, but the steps to do that – get a job, save money, pay rent – are way outside his ambitions. He's comfortable where he is, and it takes drastic action to get him out into the world.

Niggers are the same way. They all want to be we wuz kangz and sheeit, nigguh!, but when the rubber plantation hits the road, they're all talk. They bitch and moan about muh-white supremacy, but they know whites really are keeping shit together, and that if they went to live in a black country, they're po-nigga, massuh routine would fall flat. Ghanians may be definitely are stupid apes, but even they know better than to create an SSI program for lazy niggers to live off of for free.

Now, whites on the other hand, would leap at the chance to move someplace all white, break ground on a farm, drill with long guns, and build a future through hard work. Niggers almost never seriously try doing this, and they know they have it good right now.

I do think you’re mostly right. But if it can get .01 percent of niggers to up and move over there, I’d be happy. Because that .01 wont be populating America anymore.

Maybe if they did do well over there, they’d start paying for the others in America to come over too.

I’d try anything to get rid of them at this point.

Ghana (Deshanti Kingdom) arrested people for petty crimes and sentenced them into multi-generational servitude as sugar cane harvesters.

There is literally chattel slavery in Ghana's cacao industry right now. This sound's like a trick by some Hershey's or Nestle to get cheaper cacao feedstock.

They mean sold. As in the people of Ghana sold the niggers into slavery. They were not kidnapped. It seems Ghana knows something we don't and want to stock back up on their niggers so they can sell them again when western hegemony collapses and whites are no longer able to ban the slave trade.

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Bump because we need niggers to go back to Africa

you ain foolin me wyboy, ima keep muh dik rite hur

Meme this autists

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Pyramids. Pyramids everywhere!

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make it happen

Stop being retarded now we need this shit pumping on bet/wurlstaw/youtube/facebook whatever. Encourage this.

Already posting comments about it on my wurlstaw niggeraccount.

Don't them them that.
Tell them about how great their civilization will be if only they'd go back to their homeland.

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What will happen is the natives will notice the western nogs (especially American nogs) are pieces of shit and will close their borders to them.

Think about it. If you're black and have a U.S. education that you earned at all, going to a black country that is accepting you with open arms can only set you up for FAR more success than you are having in the U.S. Sure, it's scary as fuck moving to a new country, starting over, at least socially. But if you're going with any kind of decent savings you are going to be among the elite right off the bat. And you should have the brains to take full advantage of the situation, even to the extent of becoming part of the leadership class. I'm really surprised more blacks do not take advantage of this best possible chance at becoming wealthy and respected. No accounting for Nigers choices. Of course they're lazy as fuck so that explains a lot!

A couple hundred down, 45,000,000 to go.

Being 1/10 white, as many US nogs are, basically sets you up to be king nog when you go back to africa.