Bare with me boys please this is important:

In order to secure the existence of Western values and traditions we must destroy the narrative of the holocaust.
Think about how many beliefs are being trampled with due to the narrative of the Holocaust.

And finally (here is the most appalling)

This is our "original sin" that we must bare for the rest of our lives. We can't defend or preserve anything due to this Narrative.
This is not an "Historical event" that our society tries to tell us but an Ideological TYRANNY. LITERALLY You can't speak about it just accept it as the way it is OR ELSE you go to jail and get your life ruined or killed. We can't think anything else in fact we must devolve back into low IQ priamtes and indulge in porn, junk food and buy useless shit made with cheap materials.
Our pop culture, our music, our movies, our art! It's all based on the narrative of:

Forget about the Faustian spirit, Forget about climbing the mind ladder and reaching to the mount Olympus and having a sit down with the Gods

We must take this Ideological Tyranny out the Western Mind.
We must DEstabilize it with memes, arguments and public debates. And finally make that shit legal to talk about and legal to deny.
Holocaust is (((their))) achilles hill boy.
We MUST be the generation that ends this Ideological Tyranny and if we succeed we will educate our future generations about the Holocaust as the greatest "mind prison narrative" that was used to justify myriad of evil things while at the same time it was masquerading as a "moral compass" that we should all follow and never deny.

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I smell a muzzy

kike free second post, first one got kiked up tho

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Burn the mudslimes, gas the kikes.

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The Holocaust is the greatest weapon the jews wield over Whites. I guess in Gaza or Iran there are Holocaust denying Muslims but in most of the Muslim world the Holocaust of jews is remembered as way to attack Europeans, such as in Saudi Arabia, ethnic Semites will always stick together.


I can respect this.

People have tried to explain all the errors of the holocaust and explain how (((they))) benefit for years.
Here's the thing. "Holocaust denial" is a very unattractive prospect. Normies have been programmed with that shit since birth, and hearing anyone question such clear and obvious a fact will alienate the shit out of them. If normies are to be converted it must be in one of two ways.
-They must realise on their own.
- It must be state sanctioned and explained as new facts.

Until these goals are achievable, IE- we've already won, we need to be satisfied with the destruction of the holocaust NARRITIVE. We need a solution.

We need to promote "questioning" the holocaust. For now, the Jews benefit greatly from the false dichotomy currently existing.
The mainstream;
And the "nazi"
Of the two, the first is most supported by the "facts" they are shown and have internalized. Instead of yelling incoherently that the holocaust never happened, we need to steadily shift the discourse over time, and weaken the holocaust as a weapon. I recommend the following order.
Continue like this until the holocaust can be almost entirely discarded.

Of course, you could always just distance yourself from the holocaust. Better for public figures who are Zig Forumsacks. Just refuse to talk on this unrelated historical tragedy, focus on your strong ideas and points. Maybe even mock people bringing it up

Just be smart, they're already on the backfoot and are wearing out the holocaust as a tool

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1. make fun of yolocaust like posting memes
2. always use term >believe in holocaust as an argument for example:

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It's actually quite easy to confront this false dichotomy. Ask someone how much they know about the Holodomor. When they admit they know nothing at all, tell them about it and ask why the schools, media and politicians never mention it.

You can't really compare it to Santa. There are lengthy books on the Holocaust and revisionist books that challenge them. But there are also books that challenge revisionism. Revisionism has been around for decades and has done nothing to change what most people believe.


remember students, pay attention in oven math class because it will come in handy during crematorium calculus next year

Yes, but outside of factual discussion, we need to do more emotional negative PR.

For example, ridicule holocaust by comparing every little inconvenience to it.

Santa was a example, main message was the holocaust is a jewish legend not fact

Fuck off, goatfucker.


Watch this one if you feel like a laugh


You know how I know you're a jew?
You said "destroy the narrative" instead of "reveal the truth."
You see "destroying the narrative" sounds evil and jewish - exactly what the kikes accuse NAZIs of doing.

Instead, let's tell the truth about this open wound called "the Holocaust" so the world can heal.

It's not a legend that's easy to disprove though because every argument you come up with there will be some professor somewhere who has an argument against. That's why it's better to focus on the obvious hypocrisy of ignoring all the other genocides.

Too much at stake for them to let it ever slip even an inch. israel and the entire modern jewish identity is based on it, international jewry from the US, Britain, France, Russia and Germany have collaborated in a war crime so hideous that it can never be admitted, global politics would've no shred of credibility if the holocaust falls because they would all be legally exposed as the mass murdering criminals they are. Every crime/war afterwards is based on the holocaust, their path going forward is a path against the human race for total world domination by slavery and violent destruction of any dissident. The crimes they've committed are so big, the lies so massive, that they absolutely must be the ultimate evil. There is no way to survive their onslaught without killing them, humanities only choice is how much suffering it can take before it strikes at them.

your western "values" are a 2000s propaganda term invented by conservatives. your western "values" are wrong.

(((Polish))) subhumans detected.

This. Not to mention kosher states like (((Poland))) have a huge stake in the Holohoax too.

You know how I know you're mentally ill? You make up totally incoherent arguments.

Neo-Holocaust revisionism will basically be explaining what happened in Europe with reference to the Kike's identity. Did the Nazis kill a bunch of Europeans with the Kike identity? Yes. The question then becomes "Why did the Europeans hate their own people who identified as Kikes so much?"
It's also worth pointing out that when the Nazis invaded a country, if that country didn't cooperate with them in rounding up their Jews, basically nothing happened to them (Denmark). It's only in countries where Jews were already nearly universally hated (Poland) that the Nazis were able to do anything to them.

I don't know how to start a board, but y'all need to start a board with this. These fucking people are SICK - anyone who associates with these people is just as guilty as they are. Fuck their money and their "language mastery"


It's got pictures of them prominently right on the front to. How could you NOT hate these ppl and want to exterminate them? That's not saying that I believe that the holocaust really happened. But even if it did, why wouldn't it be a good thing? Just look at these freaks!!

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We should make a clickbait top 10 channel that occasionally sneaks redpills in, like how the Holocaust never happened, or how niggers commit 52% of crime despite being 13% of the population.

It's never about the act itself, but about all the other crimes hiding behind it. Like all the bolshevik and British crimes were blamed on Germany because of it, not to mention that the actual murder of jews under German imprisonment was committed by the global jewry calling for a strike against Germans food supplies, thereby willingly sacrificing their own kin to starvation, disease and death.

I'm with you OP. I propose the strongest weapon: humor. We need to turn the 6 gorrillion into a joke (because it is).

maybe beter will be say that in aushwitz died poles russians and gipsies (if we count as nationality).

Look at this pathetic attempt at D&C and laugh

No user, we need to make ETHNOGLOBE happen…that means the extermination of them all

Ancientfag here in 1976 I was finishing up engineering studies in college.

Now had I any idea or clue that this book was written specially by a EE I would have purchased it and read it post haste, but there was not any way that I even knew it existed. There was a total media silence and the media was controlled by a select few back then.

Fast forward to 20 years ago and first tubes on the scene, I was at the forefront and back then still there was almost nothing about it except for a few crack pots. The majority of web users still adhered to the established dogma that had been drilled into their heads. That has changed now, I myself have changed at least 50 minds, and it will continue to spread.
Don't try to set everything on fire at once build many small fires and eventually you will have a conflagration. It is working I have seen steady progress we cant overcome what we were once up against all at once but the tide is now turning.

White Geneticists and Researchers in underground clandestine labs? Aboveground work needs to be light and quick…only going for the most awful examples in this clown world.

"Anti-Semitism" is like "Islamophobia", "Misogyny" or "Racism" - It's a thought terminating cliché, it's just a way of ending a conversation and accusing someone of being a bad person.

Jewish people are riding on the holocaust victimhood-narrative the same way American blacks are riding on the slavery victimhood-narrative to gain special privileges and to avoid criticism.

Change my mind.

We have to remove the protective status from every group. Everything should be up for discussion and scrutiny.

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the holocaust and 9/11 are in my opinion the two most important "red pills" that there are. we could turn 9/11 into israel's original sin. this one seems a bit more difficult than the holocaust but i suppose if the holohoax were made known then the subsequent red pillage of 9/11 would be easier.
some people recommend starting small but i disagree with that. if you get rid of the head then the rest comes easy. somebody can know the facts about the uss liberty but still be bluepilled about it, just like somebody can look at negro crime stats and yet remain bluepilled on that matter, whereas if they are redpilled on the holocaust then they'll be able to initiate themselves into the lesser topics very easily. full holocaust denial must come first.

what is the best way to go about convincing people of the holocaust though?
i see lots of people who sympathize with us that could be very useful if not for the fact that they simply don't know about all of the information. as an example; somebody who hates jews and whatnot saying "hitler only killed like one million, not six million", when he should be saying "the germans had no intention of killing anyone and only 271,000 campers died from things like allied bombings and typhus (which is what the zyklon b delousing agent was for)." for these people you can just post a few facts or link them to r/holobunga and they'll soak up the info with no problem but in order to educate a large amount of people, especially the 'lemmings', i think it would require something more.

i've seen attempts at compiling data to create a single 'red pill' on the holocaust (pic 1&2 related) so it's not like it hasn't been attempted before but i feel like it's possible to create a super concise image with everything in it, almost like pic 3 or "it's okay to be white". something that would be an extremely potent red pill that covers all the necessary bases and can be distributed to the masses. i suppose it may be better, if you're going this route, to try to just go with the most potent pieces and leave out all the fluff. i just made these two examples (pic 4&5)

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Just because somebody critizes the Jews and their lies doesn’t automatically make them a muzzie. We hate both you faggot piece of shit. Go back to /r/the_cuckold

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And there are refutations to all of those arguments. The thing is, that doesn't even matter so much. What's necessary is just to get people to question it, and with the sheer amount of 100% provable falsehoods that were presented to us as fact, that isn't hard to do. The Holocaust as a thing that "may or may not have happened" loses a lot of it's propaganda power, and then if you actually take the time study the material from both sides, you should be able to shoot down the arguments regurgitated from Nizkor and Holocaust Controversies.

He's probably one of our friends from the ADL. They see Brenton Tarrant as a way to turn us into counter jewhad faggots, the same way cuck/pol/ became /r/The_Donald without upvotes.

I think that killing people, or even seriously discussing it, is very very immoral. That's the truth here. If the holocaust actually happened, or was seriously discussed and considered by the German government, then that's an issue.

I'm not exactly going to say Jews are innocent, but I think that there are some things that go too far. Expulsion of them from your country, and the use of military/police force in doing so is not the same as deliberate genocide.

I would support a military or police action of removing Jews/Muslims/Blacks from Europe, even using violence to ensure that it succeeds, but I think that a holocaust type event of deliberate murder is going too far.

I think there are more people who would agree with me than disagree.

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There should be buckets of teeth at museums. Where did all of the teeth go? In Cambodia teeth turn up after a heavy rain. Also why don't we see the Jews morn the victims of communism? Why do jews such as the Krystols love communism but get angry when you point out that the leadership was jewish?

All you semites have teamed up against whites, ksg yourself.

It has to be more subtle than this, many I tried to redpill recoiled instantly at even approaching the topic. The programming is real and deep, and linking them websites or infographics normally has the opposite effect and makes them run away.

I simply like to mention it offhand and casually when it comes up in discussion, like "oh we're talking about the holocaust? yeah it didn't happen". The more nonchalant and unashamed you are of it, the less visceral the reaction. Act like it's not a big deal.

Of course, when eventually questioned, say something like "I looked into it for a long time, I was curious, it's all a lie I'm afraid". Then they'll say something like "but muh evidence!". This is where the socratic method is useful. Ask them what they /actually/ know about the holocaust, and where they got the information. Ask them if they can name any camps, how many camps there were, when did it begin, how did it end, who was the guy in charge?

They will splutter after every failed answer. Make them feel a bit dumb. Then answer these questions yourself, make it clear that you know much more about this than they do, that you are the intellectual authority on this matter. My line I like to use is " you really don't know much about it at all, everything you know is from Schindler's List and Anne Frank… those aren't real sources, that's not history, it's propaganda".

Also I like to throw in the "why are you so mad about this? Isn't it a GREAT thing that 6 million jews weren't actually killed? Genocide is terrible, this is GOOD news!"

After this, stop. Don't go too hard and too fast, you'll ruin it all. Change the topic to something more lighthearted and leave, but never apologise or back down. The seed has been planted, this is enough. Just simply MEETING a holocaust realist and hearing some of the rhetoric is enough for many to stop being so scared of even approaching this topic. Top points if you're an attractive chad too, they'll really begin to second guess themselves; teach by example.

But yes, show them you're not ashamed of admitting it. Bravery and personal conviction goes a long way in convincing.

This sounds great, but how would this be done on a large scale? Obviously, redpilling people one person at a time isn't a very efficient method.

true except for the word holocaust. the "holocaus" never ever happened

R_thedonald is losing more and more influence on cuck/pol/

The Holocaust is real and your antisemitic hate is why this website is going to be shut down. Trust me, I work for the ADL

Mind giving us the date you are?
I am pretty sure a lot of anons are aware it will be shut down one day rabbie.

There's a lot of sense in this, this narrative needs to be smashed, but so do a couple of others, namely: slavery and the Crusades.
These three narratives are used to foster guilt and self-hatred among Europeans and to promote multiculti.
In all three cases, the wisest course of action may to to begin by challenging the uniqueness of these events, drawing equivalence to other historical "injustices". It's important to begin not with denials that these things happened (you'll just be dismissed as an ebil nahtsee), but with discussions about things that normies can easily find trustworthy information about and that can't be flat-out denied.
has the right idea. People must be taught about equivalent events and then made to think about why certain events are rammed down our throats all the time and certain other events are rarely discussed.
For the Holocaust, bring up Holodomor. Ask people why the former is supposed to be worse than the latter (those Ukrainians died a horrible death of starvation). Emphasise that Holodomor is not taught because the winners write history. The Germans lost, so the allied nations didn't hesitate to charge them with terrible crimes. The Soviets won, so they got away with what they did. The Armenian genocide may be useful to bring up as well (and Kim Kardashian adds some star power to this). The Armenian genocide has the benefit of being carried out by Muslim Turks against Christians.
Regarding the slave trade, emphasise the Barbary and Crimean slave trades, where millions of Europeans were enslaved in Africa and the Middle East:
Some slave raids went as far north as Iceland:
Ask people why we don't learn about these things. Tell people that a lot of European women (especially the blonde ones) and even some young boys were taken as sex slaves.
Additionally, point out that the Africans enslaved in America were not actually captured by Europeans because Europeans were incapable of conducting such large-scale slave raids in inner Africa at that time (for bonus points, say that the assumption that Europeans went around catching blacks in nets is based on racist beliefs about European superiority). Emphasise that the African slaves were mostly captured by other Africans, in many cases being pagan Africans who were captured by Muslims conducting jihad.
Bernard Lewis's "Race and slavery in the Middle East: an historical enquiry" may be a very useful source for the role that Islam has in slavery. There's a very good argument that the very idea of enslaving black people was brought to Europeans by contact with Muslims (who had been enslaving blacks for a long time).
Regarding the Crusades, this is all you need:
One people realize that what they've been taught about the world by the media and educational system is cherry-picked in such a way as to make Europeans appear comparatively worse, they'll be slightly red-pilled and more willing to take further red pills as they start to ask *why* Europeans are slandered and whether the narratives based on this slander are reliable.


Always refer to it as a fairytale
Always refer to it as illegitimate
Always refer to it as though it never happened
Never humour that it did
Anyone trying to prove or argue the holocaust irl will end up embarrassing themselves against this, with a pure irrational and programmed reeeeesponse. And once things cool down, always make sure to sneak in the question "why does it upset you so?" or "I never saw you this passionate about your own people/kin/family"


What's a 'bear witness'
Is that some sort of stock exchange swap i'm unfamiliar with?

If one is in education:
Set up a project for investigating Adolf Hitler. Make the kids watch "The Greatest Story Never Told" in segments. Meanwhile give them exercises on how to spot fake news. Set up another project where kids will work on crafting their skills of logos and argument.

reminder that the Holocaust is treated as the only genocide that ever mattered, you dig very shallow onto any civilization and it turns out none of them are any more innocent than ww2 tragic heroes

Nice try Schlomo!
The eternal merchants have been trying to breed into the European people since they witnessed Alexander curb stomp the "civilized" world! They used a psuedo-roman historian (read Josephus) to lie about ties with Alexander who the Romans idolized in order to gain a footing in their economy and then their govt and then subverted Rome into becoming a Christian nation. Then took over Rome after many attempts (66 AD) and moved the Holy Roman Empire east splitting European power in two just to be closer to Jerusalem! The eternal merchant is literally the cause of millions of white European deaths in wars and crusades over the last 2000y! AND, the eternal merchant does all of this so they can manifest their sick end of days prophecy when east becomes west and west becomes east!>>13171691

You're all middle eastern trash, neck yourselves.

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Is it already destroyed, no?

You have "holocuast" survivors who live to 90s and 100s year old.

If they are that healthy, maybe everyone should be holocausted.

Holy shit, this is direct proof muslim shills are on Zig Forums.

the typical brainlet paradigm that every jew wants you to fall for:

that shit doesent work, go back to jewtube comments section

Actually, the muslims would have it that if you criticize a muslim, you are a jew.

What comes around comes around.

You seem to think that I do not hate both.
But I can say that I hate yids more than mudslimes, a million times over.
The mudslimes would be useless without the help of the jew turning them into their attack dogs.

So you hate jews more.
So don't hate the attack dogs, hate the trainers?

The fuck? Without the dogs, how can the trainer attack?

I noticed your shill ID

This. The problem with cities like Baltimore are simply the populace. Lived there for 4 years. black people are like locusts or goblins. Nothing can be left outside unbolted down, no window should be left unbarred, no woman should walk alone at night. Niggers are permanently in prison. Wherever they go, iron bars manifest on windows, and the greatest punishment of all is that they are trapped with other niggers, but that is the way they like it. Niggers build their own little societies and blame white people for how it turns out.

I lived in Baltimore for 4 years. I saw maybe 6 instances of a black man parenting. I saw a black woman sweep a porch exactly one time. Niggers don't repair or maintain anything, they simply wait for shit to decay so much that it becomes a hazard for other people around them. Then the city has to fix it. The only reason they own a wrench is to unbolt someone else's AC unit or smash a car window.

Real scenario. A nigger would rather let their gutter overgrow and visibly seep water into their front wall for years until the entire front of their house sloughs off, becomes part of their overgrown front yard and become a mess heap so overwrought with shit that a hive of hornets takes residence with no one's knowledge. Then one day those bees kill their 4-year-old because when she ran in the house the bees tracked her scent through the blue tarp replacing the wall and she couldn't get away. Then try to sue the city for not fixing their own wall sooner.

All because nobody wants to take 30 minutes to scoop some shit out of a gutter costing absolutely nothing. Niggers would literally rather watch their own children be stung to death by bees than bear the torment of not being a nigger for 30 minutes.


I don't disagree with you but the formatting of this thread is such faggotry.
Have you ever stopped to read your thread and thought to yourself that formatting it with this fucking reddit speak is complete faggotry. Call me a kike all you fucking want but it's cringe-y.

I came to realize this simple fact some time ago. The whole idea of racism which is really anti white-ism, is nothing more than a carry over of anti-nazism. Which depends on the so called jewish holocaust of WWII. Which is the biggest, most laughable, easily dis-proven lie of the 20th century.

The greatest story never told is a must watch.

One Third of The Holocaust is a must watch.

To bad it didn't happened.

Yep, it's where all victimhood cultism and self-effacing nu-morals come from.

No denying the deniers lol.

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But it's past my bedtimes cunts. I'll give you 20 hrs to come up with some credible evidence of millions of murdered jews.

Something is going to get shut down alright. Ask the SPLC you fucking kike.

Nuremberg is the pillar of the Holohoax and yet it's easy to attack, which is ironic since it was done to give Allied justification of the war. Article 19 and 21 of the trials basically stated that evidence wasn't needed to convict and therefore it entirely rested on testimonials and confessions to fell the Germans. Combine this the fact that it entirely rested on (((crazy testimonies))) and forced confessions under torture, any normie that believes in honor and justice will find themselves doubt the Holohoax origins.


Never attack the Holohoax in its myriad of lies in the details, it will never work because there are an equal amount of whataboutism and bullshit or conspiracy pointing that skeptics can do to undermine the critique. Attack the Holohoax at its pillars of belief in people, such as: The doubt of Nuremberg justice, the reason why Hitler was against jews (jews declaring war on Germany or promoting Weimar degeneracy), basic facts about the ovens which couldn't cremate the absurd number, or that the death toll has been revised several times.

Remember that it is a propaganda war. (((They))) started it, and we're gonna end it. The reason we can win this is because (((they))) constantly give us ammunition, such as modern day treachery, subversion, and exploitation that can be compared to old history and shown as proof of constant evil. I recommend all anons serious in destroying the Holohaux to read (((Edward Bernay's))) flagship books to understand (((their))) mind concerning propaganda, but also how to use it.

You still need to read the books, but to boil it down: Make simple slogans and make sure they appeal to a subconscious psychological desire at the same time. This composite will give people motivation and a way (of your choice) to fulfill it. That is the secret to meme warfare. Godspeed, anons.

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"David Cole in Auschwitz" is the best redpill video about the Holocaust.

"One Third of the Holocaust" & "Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil" are also great.

Any NPC who watches these will have their brain wires fried and they will no longer believe in the holohoax.

No graves no holocaust.

You want to be a slave to lies, that’s pathetic, but sure. You do you. Roll that boulder up the hill, Oedipus, and tell me if I’ve yet another way to make my faithful slaves hurt themselves at my command. I had great success responding to a schizo comment earlier.

You guys are so completely obedient it’s pathetic. Real happiness doesn’t live in screaming hatred and the denial of history. Put down the everwar. Conceal nothing, learn everything.

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That was Sisyphus, you nigger. Or was that parapraxis on your part, perhaps?

Here's the thing, even the modern academic conception of the Holocaust is far more naunced and less black-and-white than what most "normies" think. For example the functionalism versus intentionalism debate regarding the origins of the Holocaust. Or lesser known events such as the Rosenstrasse protests, or that Hitler personally declared a friend's Jewish wife as an honorary aryan. That's just a few from the top of my head, the list goes on. It isn't necessary to "destroy" the narrative, simply making people realise that it's more complicated and less settled than what they realise is good enough.

Is JIDF testing their new bots?

Were almost there user… Just hold out a little longer

the holocaust is 6 million jews who died during WW2, non combatting civilians… and combatting.
WW2's total bodycount reaches more than 70, 80 million deaths total. also a huge part of whom were civilians, executed or left dying of famine.

Allies, also Germans got slaughtered.

The holocaust is an insult to the real bodycount of the war.

also Stalin's gulags killed more than WW2 itself. Mao's planned famine and execution of his regime's opponents, 100 million, make the "holocaust" and I believe statistically 6 million is a normal number, well historically it is insignificant.

Scholohomocaust is not real. It's asspull. Numbers don't addup.

Prisoners being liberated from the Auschwitz "death camp" by the Russians. What does that sign say, is it the hospital or the whorehouse?

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We don't have to destroy anything.. just let it recede into the past.

It's just a bunch of grainy black and white photos from last century.

Who gives a fuck?

This is the attitude we must promote.

Excluding christ-insanity the holohoax is the lie that led to anti-racism, that led to the lie that we're all created equal, that got us into the shit-hole of a mess we're in now.

To put it in simpler terms the sole reason White people are allowing their race to be destroyed for fear of being called bad names is because of "muh nazis". Nazis who aren't even guilty of what they're accused of.

Attached: good ole days.PNG (573x364, 440.14K)

Just say there is no proof of it and when kikes cry "but muh survivors" say about all the debunked lies to destroy their credibility. Lately they debunked the soap thing, thats a fresh one that everyone was brainwashed to believe.

There’s so much wasted potential in this world. All these people whose skulls get fractured by the gentle brush of melanin (or who lie about it, heh) could be helped to enjoy life again.

I’m not actually a fan of unlimited migration, but I’m also not a nativist. Foreigners don’t break me into a nazzy hateslave. I have limited pragmatic concerns. In a hypothetical perfect world, I would oppose national borders as such, so the question I need answered is, how much like a perfect world is this one?

You mean national socialists?

Simply explain that the first Crusades were retaliatory. And then when they try to argue against that say of course the Christians were there first. Christianity is an older religion by well over a thousand years and hello what happens in Jerusalem? How do the Muslims have any claim to that at all beyond killing and raping? Now it's actually quite easy for the Liberal to try and make an argument that the Crusaders did some shady shit but it's impossible for them to rationalize Christianity really starting it.

Still, I'm starting to think if we are stupid enough to fall for it, even when so many of us are yelling and shooting flares to alert our fellows, maybe we deserve to die.

WTF , A Holohoax thread and no Ay! Tone Memes

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