Let's have some fun with the bong police PART 6

let's have some fun with the bong police PART 6


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Keep it up chaps, demoralise but most importantly


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Explain. What the fuck is going on?

This has memetic potential

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Top kek

Based operator refused to snackbar.


You sir are AWESOME.

These are all great.

Fucking sweet, user.

life imitates art


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This one is my favorite so far.

I tried my best, I’m super high rn

More pls

Ahahaha, that's just hilarious.

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Oh my good heavens

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Britbong palize deserves it, tho.

my fucking sides user holy shit

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Bongs can be arrested for singing a song or misgendering a faggot online while those advocating the same views as terrorists are left untouched.

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this can't be real lol

He returns.

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wew I forgot this existed
Andy Samberg is my fav jew tbqh

oh how this place has fallen

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Copper handled that well. Good on him.

I started similar operation on 4cuck some years ago. Plan was to find leftists and create fake twitter accounts and post "hate speech" under them
However I am not good organizer

the absolute state of bongs

it sounds like something liberty prime from fallout 3 would say

I'm ok with this

Fuck off back to kikechan.

Britbongs, I think your judicial weapon to fight the Jews is right there.

You just got that poor zog bot fired.


Doesn't apply to factual compliants.

One of you guys needs to 'report' on a satanic ritual at Buckingham Palace.

As am I. We Tarrantulas now.
Die Spinne

made my day

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True. Make your reports factually and historically acurate if you are subject to such laws. Expect them to simply ingnore and hang up on you. Pic related.

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Ask the police if they will send someone out to deal with a petty theft you've experienced. Then do another stating that your 250 year old Qu'ran has been vandalized.

This is actually pretty great idea.

someone report a bunch of kike doctors/hospitals for "female circumcisions" and "female genital mutilation" and then plot-twist that the babies are trans and the foreskins are from "feminine penises", my VPN isn't working

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I'll explain.

dude hasn't even had his tea yet