The disability question

Today I realized something previously forgotten, old and suppressed, covered up with ideology.
My entire life has been a pathetic joke devoid of all accomplishment, because I am a retarded piece of shit.
Somehow I was ruined. Either one or multiple factors crippled me forever.

Maybe the vaccines? Or circumcision? Or concussions? Or prenatal stress?
I can't accomplish basic tasks. My brain is equivalent to an 80 year old's.
Unable to think straight or even solve elementary school level mathematics. Visuospatially horrible.
A pathetic I.Q.
So what is left now? Death is inevitable.
How should I commit suicide Zig Forums?
You all have more intelligence and wisdom.
My life only gets worse every year, every day. The damage continues accumulating.
Soon even talking, walking and typing will be a challenge.

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Everyone here is a chad these days.
Am I the only one with an I.Q. below 120 on Zig Forums?
Just give me advice on suicide methods. I give up.


you probably just have autism from vaccines like everyone else.

1.Obtain pic related.
2.Shake well.
3.Insert nozzle into mouth and squeeze firmly.
5a.An hero.
5b.Bonus points for live stream.
The end.

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Live long enough to see the world reduced to ash, better to see this degenerate world go before you than to go alone.

don't fucking kill yourself inb4 larp
If you have the guts to kill yourself, channel that energy into shitposting IRL, and do what none of us dare to do. Livestream it, we will always remember you as a hero then. If you don't want to continue living after that, kill yourself after your spree.

I had concussions, and during recent vaccinations experienced temporary blindness.
Also saw UFOs and possibly got abducted when young and have an alien implant (experienced missing time, brother experienced the same thing. We were in a bedroom at night and then suddenly both woke up at the same time next day. He remembers it too.)
I just know something massive will happen during 2020. My time is running out

P.S.: Zig Forums is a board of peace, and everything violent we discuss is about minecraft.

When I was 8 my dad barged into my room dressed in my mom's clothes and gave me a lapdance while he played holla back girl on my stereo

If you really have to go out, do it minecraft style.

Your brain is a muscle user, and just like any other muscle in your body it needs working out. Don't write yourself off so quickly.

Also, go to a Doctor see if you can get a prescription for an ADHD medication (or source it another way), it will help you with focus and concentration.

Big wank

He should try to get on a disability pension so he can wank all day and make juicy succulent poos

It's too easy claiming to be überchad on Zig Forums, don't let it bring you down. Stop thinking like the normalfags on facebook "oh look at all these photos/stories his life is so much better than mine, I can never compete".
Even if you feel like you've given up, as long as you're aware of your own situation no matter how bad, there's hope. Take your perceived hopelessness and start molding it into forward momentum towards self-improvement instead.
I'm barely worth the oxygen I breathe right now, but I'm bettering myself because I feel like I owe myself that. I might never get half or even a quarter of the life other people claim to have, but at least I tried.
Some people are dealt a shitty hand at birth and has to fight with their life for every minuscule scrap of happiness or normalcy and some people are carried through life with minimal effort and no resistance.
If nothing else, then take pride in the fact that despite what feel like everything in the world working against you, you're still here. You're willing to fight even with shitty odds, that's worth a lot more than you realize.

Blame Everything but Yourself?
Sounds Familiar…

If you're saying hes blaming everything but himself, you're autistic.

Go shoot up a synagogue OP. Doesn't take a genius to accomplish that.

I become temporarily autistic when I masturbate

So you're masturbating as we speak?

No, I am thinking about masturbating which can bring on mild autism but once I am finished wanking my autism goes away

Ah, I see…

>Also, go to a Doctor see if you can get a prescription for an (((ADHD medication)))
Behold, a literal fucking NPC. You believe in a fake problem invented by jews to drug your children.

There is no need to shoot up a synagogue, the Jews have already had enough suffering.

Since when did killing random and innocent people become a heroic act? If you/your loved ones were the victim of his killing spree I don't think you would call him a hero, would you?

Browns aren't random, innocent, or people.

How are they not innocent?

Attempting to displace us from our own countries.

What country are you from?
Also, its not *all* brown people who are immigrants ya retard, immigrants come in all different races.

i cant stop laughing man. fuck, it hurts because i haven't laughed in weeks.

Shalom you piece of shit. Gas the kikes and nuke Tel Aviv!

Haha! It's funny because Jews!

Please don't kill yourself user. If you need to talk to someone make a Proton email account and send me an email.

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Alright NOW I want you to kys

I'll grant that the yellows are also a problem that needs to be addressed but that doesn't give the browns a pass.

And why is that?

do you get temporary memory loss? I sometimes forget what I doing for a second or two, doctors told me it's a seizure. I asked for a second opinion but never went. I am afraid of getting medicated

Shit effort. Neck yourself faggot.

please remove yourself from the gene pool u fucking niggr

In anime, people with a disability tend to be very powerful

Sure you can say a lot of immigrants are brown, however that doesn't mean its acceptable to take peoples lives because you're depressed and suicidal. It's a cowardly thing to do. If he wants to go down as a hero and be remembered she should go to Military School. Maybe post updates on a thread or something, when he doesn't post for a long time, we'll know what happened and he will be remembered and little to no one will have an excuse to hate them.

Lower your standards, not everyone was born to be a high skill office worker. I'm sure you could do just fine working in a factory or something

See these posts mods? These are the people you should be banning


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My nation is in Europe. Americans are either urbanned up trash or spiritual Jews.

I never said kill people for Israel but okay, also.

This is what im talking about, this is not killing people for your nation

Well user, I was hoping to be optimistic for you, but after re-reading your post, it's impossible as your decline seems inevitable.
All I can suggest is taking some evil cunt with you and make the world an infinitesimally better place for an infinitesimally small amount of time.

Polyurethane foam an hero would be awesome live streamed.

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How stupid some of you are is unbelievable.

Rock out with your cock out.

don't trust them.

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I agree man

It's carbs

All suffering amogst the white races is caused from Jews controlling the world as they do everything they can to weaken us in their efforts to eliminate our race.

Do not kill yourself. The Jews laugh in glee whenever a white man kills himself (video related). Don’t let them have the last laugh. Be a man and show them that we have had enough of their abuse. Take down as much as you can. God speed brother.
I know its some gay shit but its something

I don't see how.
Depends how and what they are used for.

Read the first twenty or so pages of the previous version. Then get back to us.

What the fuck are you talking about lol

why just kill yourself when there are so many high value targets, and most likely within a one tank of gas range.

dont be a pussy and just kill yourself
dont be a nigger and not make a plan of action
dont be a robot and shoot up a yoga studio

think about this, practice, and then execute your final orchestra. we wont disavow if you do it right.

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Just chill out. Don't kill yourself. Don't do anything extreme.


There ya go.

Why would a tank of gas matter?

Nice IP jump, faggot. SAGE for fake & gay.

I saw a billboard the other day that said "SENSORY SENSITIVITY IS A SIGN OF AUTISM". No it isn't you lying kike scum, sensory dullness is a sign of being a normalcattle piece of fluoride-saturated garbage.

It's the concussions. I had everything else you've listed before I hit 25, and I was just shy of certifiable genius. Now I'm in the same boat as you. Attention span and short term memory are absolute garbage, I make typos like crazy (even though I catch them all), I feel this strange sense of alienation from things I've produced in the past, organizing my thoughts into words has gotten much more difficult… Every time I orgasm there's a palpable neurological backlash in my brain, that's most tangible the following day.
Concussions are fucking horrible. The more you've had, the easier it is to get even more. A slippery slope to the inexorable decline of CTE.
What you do is up to you, but in both of our cases suicide should be on the table. I don't want to go… but there's no point in staying much longer. …I wonder if or how Brainless Sissy Retard guy went out.

Theres a guy in my city who is basically stephen hawkinings leveled disabled and still hustles favor/uber eats on his electric wheel chair, no excuses user.

Option B: at least take out some jews before you off yourself.

Fools, you know we have big plans for Great Stuff, right? Don't kill yourself with it. Not yet. Our underground network of Zig Forumsomanndo frogmen have been doing extensive research into sewer warfare techniques. Gr8 stuff has a big part to play in DotC so you should be collecting as much of it as you possibly can.


No thanks

Never share your plan of action with anybody. Gitmo that shit, never let them see your full deck.

Depends, if it's hot thots doing Yoga, definitely hit them up ;^)

I know a guy that actually sealed up a neighbor
s wild cat sewer with great stuff. I was expecting the guy to need some hydraulic cement, but he pulled it off. I was amazed at the newest entry into nigger rigging working.

You're friends with the electric chair Jew.

Fight the suicide script. You recognize your situation and have the intelligence to consider your station within the nation or within Zig Forums. No one expects anyone here to make the best effort posts, 900 IQ thinking. There could be a nutritional deficiency you are facing, cut the junk out, eat what your great grand parents would have had. You could be low on anything, take some zinc and iodine if you've been jerking it a lot, which causes deficiencies and brain fog. Try and figure out if it's a genetic, developmental or nutritional deficiency. Think about what good would actually come of suicide. How would that be helping us? Why can't you do something so minor to fight for Whites? Why can't you comment and chat, share links and ideas within groups? You can obviously write and think intelligently so go and do your duty to your race and fight for it in what ever way possible to see the awakening of our people. Even if you were half jew half nigger, if you still had a sense of honour and duty to what you love, then I would still accept what ever help you offered me and my nation. Stop emo fagging, end the jew suicide script. We have work to do. Don't meme yourself as low IQ, your vocabulary and writing is good. Research some remedies for concussions, try some iodine. Quit the weed, porn and vidya. Read a damn book in place of those time slots. If you can't, try a change in scenery, move, work. Not everyone is a nazi rocket scientist, we all have our station in our only life as we know it, do ANYTHING to help us. Go meme on some future Zig Forumsacks in a game lobby or something.

He did said that his brain is not working as it should. There's no discussion, the problem is within him!
Those other things he cited were just possible causes for his present state.

BTW, humans are not closed systems, how can you trace your own defects back to yourself? Makes no sense! When are you blaming exterior things and when are you blaming 'yourself' by talking about your own faults? This line doesn't exist.

Just do your best, none of those things are your fault or something you should be punished for. Try picking up a new hobby or developing a talent. It will at least give you a feeling of self-worth.

Everyone here should be taking iodine if they aren't. Amerilards don't get nearly enough because the kikes that control the food supply intentionally deprive you of it (all while supplementing you with an excess of fluoridated soy concentrates, of course)

hi sickofag sickofag here,
This happened to me. I went from IQ >150 to IQ 70. I went from electrical engineer to not being able to be a janitor. I'd forget my name and birthdate. I started the paleo diet, started taking niacin and zinc, started to recover immediately. Stop eating anything except meat you cook for yourself and lettuce for a month.

Make sure all supplements are naturally derived. I recommend focusfactor ($20 a bottle at BJs/Sams/Costco). Take 4 - 8 a day imo. This should help but it might actually make you worse.

Step 2 is find a chiropractor that uses contact reflex analysis to find out what other supplements you need or what allergies you might have for detailed nutrition info

I'm on tox at

ADHD may be fake but the drugs sure aren't. user is trying to help OP. They are perhaps the one class of psychiatric medication that actually helps depression without turning you into a zombie. Reminder that amphetamines were used extensively during WWII by both sides for increased alertness and attention span. Because it fucking works.

Get eternal life free before you kill yourself. If you kill yourself youll at least go to heaven even if you are low level while there.
Hear the gospel in this vid


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No OP, that isn't the answer. Maybe something did happen to you/was done to you but most likely not. The tough reality is, not everyone gets to be/can be an astronaut. It just means you need to work harder. Switch up your routine, cut out bullshit like jew videos and video games and read more. Set some goals. Work towards them.

That pastor isn't wrong. I liked his straightforward redpilled replies he gave to that fedora kid.

He knows what the rest of us know.

Don't stick your nose in their business.

That's the whole war that's being fought is that we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children. The marrying of a Black Man to a White Woman is the exact antithesis to that.

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It's not vaccines. Vaccines do not make you retarded. This is a lie pushed by the moronwaffen. Low attention-spans are exacerbated by two primary causes: too much sugar and too much screen time.

1. Eat less frequently - once per day to get your blood sugar levels under control. You don't have to go full carnivore but just try to limit the amount of carbs you intake (eat mainly meat and decorate it with veggies and fruit).

2. Lower screen time. If you have a phone, get rid of it. Remove yourself from all social media networks and limit your screen time to a couple hours per day (unless you need either for work). Organize your activities into blocks and plan out your week.

3. READ MORE. Pick up books and read them. Like put them in front of your face and move your eyes, nigger. Go to a quiet place free from distractions so that you will not be tempted to break concentration.

Do this for about a year and then report back. Also you might just be dumber due to your biology, but we all have to play the hand we're dealt.

Step 1: Buy a model kit
Step 2: Build the model kit
Step 3: Don't stop till it's finished
Step 4: Repeat from step 1
Step 5: ???
Step 6: Prophet

It's not just 'sugar and screen time' you moronic boomer fuckwit. It's Calcium Fluoride in the water, soy and soy concentrates in LITERALLY EVERYTHING, chemical poison-dyes in LITERALLY EVERYTHING, plastics in LITERALLY EVERYTHING, systematic iodine depletion, systematic boron depletion, and a host of other jewish nonsense that has no place in any food item's ingredients list. Sugar is bad and overconsuming it is a big problem but it is far, far below the others. People can easily cut sugary garbage from their diets. It's not so easy for them to cut out LITERALLY EVERYTHING that is readily available on the (((supermarket))) shelves.

Go and learn about 'the heroes journey'. This right here is your call to adventure; it is your understanding of the direness of the situation of our people. Your supernatural aid is the internet; it can teach you near anything, and anything it cannot teach you, it will allow you to reach someone somewhere in the world who can teach you it. Your suicidal thoughts show that the 'threshhold guardians' no longer have power over you.

Now go forth. Right now you are a zero. Follow the path and become a hero; A HERO, NOT AN HERO!

Sage because idiotic thread.

Kill as many jews and leftists as you can when you suicide. If you can't see any other option, at least take some of the enemies out with you.
Aim to kill jews that are corporate suits and bankers, or leftists that work for corporations.

Keto diet and intermittent fasting.

There is no fluoride in my tap water, if this is a problem then use an ion exchanger or drink bottled water. i'm assuming anyone with half a brain is doing this

None of these things come close to the effect on attention span that sugar and screen time do. Plastics might accelerate cancer development but they won't affect attention span.

eat iodized salt. are you not already doing this?

throw a tiny amount of borax in your food

Varg Vikernes is right about autism being caused by screen time and not vaccines.

I'm 31. And stop using boomer as a pejorative. Boomer hatred is a dailystormer psyop that is designed to redirect blame for the current state of affairs from Jews to older whites. Jew Jack Weinberg popularized the phrase, "Don't trust anyone over 30" and sold it to the boomer generation; Jews Aurnheimer and Anglin peddling antiboomerism is just the updated version of that meme. When you immediately reach for boomer as an insult instead of anything more appropriate, you are doing the Jews' work for them. Please educate yourself before making any further posts. Thank you.


go look up red 40, retard


already have, please stop being a retard and go read some research papers because i have no plans on spoonfeeding you.

this troll

you're low iq af m8. like holy fuck i know trannies smarter than you

right off the bat you're a flaming faggot. it's in most tap water in the US, and a couple of eu countries. flouride lowers iq and inhibits thyroid function - aka it makes amerifats fat. The on IQ is in general 1-3 points, but I'm sure for some people it's more significant

I get rashes all over my body when I eat soy. If your immune system is weak, then this would also impact your brain


too much sugar? ahahaaaaaaa

totally agree. This is actually a major problem. I doubt it's OPs problem though - it mostly effects memory, OP seems to be deep in the shit

boomerposting ahaha

imo you're emphasizing some problems and neglecting bigger problems, but at least you educated yourself ahaha

I forgot to say, focusfactor can make you worse off if you're sensitive to something in it. I think it's entirely naturally derived so this should rarely be an issue, but people are different, there's no one size fits all solution


I had numerous concussions too, but those didn't get me. There's a difference. When I had a concussion, I'd forget stuff but I knew I forgot it. When I have memory problems from eating gluten, I get severe aphasia - I forget words, but I don't know that I don't know them until I try to speak them.

That might sound like a small difference but it's pretty major. You should try my recommendations too. It's worked for a few people I know, most of their memory problems started to get bad around 20

1. Cut out all grains and beans
2. Cut out all processed foods
3. Drink only reverse osmosis water
4. Vitamin d3 supplement
5. Lift weigts
6. Probiotics

If your symptoms dont improve in 3 months then pick a worthy foe and make them pay in minecraft.