People on the streets of Chicago aren’t afraid of cops anymore

Two officers were making a drug arrest this past weekend in Chicago when they were surrounded by an angry mob.

The group of riled-up locals yelled and threatened the officers, who were overwhelmingly outnumbered. Body cam footage apparently showed some of the bystanders saying they were going to pull out their own weapons to hurt and even kill the TAC officers. The police were left no choice but to let the suspect go.

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based niggers



Good for the niggers, but this is just gonna make pigs think they can bully white people more.

basically cops will only be going after white people now, like in europe.

more proof that violence and utter disregard of unjust government WORKS and people that counter-signal this, side with the enemy.

There's a teachable moment then.

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It's argued that if there's not enough of the same race on the jury as the accused then it's a mistrial because of the possibility of bias. Yet who's to say it wouldn't be a hung jury because the jury could side with the accused simply because they have the same race or ethnicity?

This wasn't a rare scenario.
It's not a rare scenario for the ZOGbots to let nigger go / off easy with no pressure from a groid crowd.
Standard operating procedure on handling human Whites is to murder them and claim you were fearful.

This might be a good opportunity to form a limited alliance with and perhaps form a black offshoot of user to join forces against our common enemy

According to the law, the police would have been in the right to open fire on the group - weapon or not, brandished or not.
But they aren't police. They're ZOGbots. They follow the (((law))) not the law.

The Vancouver police were terrified of Roger Daggett and no matter what outrage he was committing they'd never come closer to him than half a block away. I saw it with my own eyes. My friend saw him single handedly beat the shit out of 13 HA in front of a grandstand full of more than 60 HA at the Cloverdale Rodeo one year back in the late 70's. When he was finished throwing them around like rag dolls he stripped them of their colors and pulled the grate off a storm sewer and stuffed 13 HA colors into the sewer. The entire crowd stopped watching the rodeo and watched Roger fighting instead.

For a while he worked in the black part of Oakland collecting debts. He'd knock on a nigger's door, throw him aside when he answered, and then he'd walk in and unplug the nigger's TV set and walk out the door with it.

I heard many many stories about this maniac. We were friends insofar as you could ever be friends with someone like that. He was the closest thing to a pure manifestation of a character out of the Marquis de Sade's Juliette that I've ever met.

He did a strict 365lb behind the neck seated press

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That's Barry Gibbs' head pasted on to Arnold's body… 3/10 though

It begs the question why the two officers didn't or couldn't call for backup, and why they didn't open fire, as they were entitled to do.

The danger here is that if this sort of thing happened in Minneapolis or some other heavily Muslim area, it would enable them to impose Sharia on the non-Muslim minority. History has shown that they impose Sharia 100% of the time when given the opportunity.

The fruits of Obama's presidency still linger.

Based niggers

It's called 'unarresting'

Goes back a lot farther than Obongo; try LBJ's Great Society. LBJ is in the running with Dubya and Buchanan for worst president in history.

Big deal. HA (kikes on bikes we call them) are like niggers, they are cowards that only attack in packs.

This is your city when you have a large percentage of niggers in it.

You forgot Woodrow Wilson.

Violence solves everything.

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It appears that this user fell for the

If so, he has publically identified himself as a moron.

southside chicago niggers entire culture revolves on fuck the police and killing their opposition for real. contrary to sheltered spastics opinions the people being murdered arent random niggery. they are targeted hits by gangs against rivals. the police are literally scared of them as the niggers are truly about that life. they wont even try to pull over a van without a license plate on it at 3 am as theyll get dumped on by multiple shooters. you faggots really underestimate your enemy. their culture is killing their enemies. yours is drinking soy lattes.

the westside tons of white trash walking from the burbs paying their nigger herion dealers

Hishillkun, have to go protect the reputations of niggers? They're dumb 60iq apes with firearms they could never manufacture or maintain on their own, with no concepts of forethought, stratefy, tactics, or cause and effect even. Niggers have never been difficult to slaughter, and never will be.

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this is the grave they dug, let them lie in it
open season soon friends!

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At that point you kill the grid, water, cell towers, block roads, and hunt them down to the last man, woman, and child. That's how you deal with muslims, and it's the only language they understand.

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Neck yourself nigger lover

im telling you how it is for real. they are in practice neighborhood insurgents getting away with murders and drug trafficking. if you ever listened to their lyrics they explain how they wear gloves/masks/burner vehicles to get away with doing hits. of course some niggers chimp out and stab somebody over a dice game but the majority of nigger murders are deeper than that. you show what a programmed npc you are when you act as though the caricature is the reality.

Cops aren't your friends, but niggers are worthless monkeys and should never be defended. I can tell you're not white

omfg just start shooting them and the rest will run away, one of them takes out a gun - BAM IN THE HEAD.. done.. next..


That's not Arnold.

He thinks he's a movie character. Hilarious

hes a gang member in chicago


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

Niggers will save America. God bless niggers.

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Okay P. Little. Niggers are niggers and are not capable of anything.

No, I know it's real, retard. Niggers commit the most crimes. It's just the way he's acting reminds me of an edgy Batman villain monologue.
One white man killed 2000+ niggers. Nobody is scared of retarded niggers user. You are going to tell me these niggers are harder than their Sierra Leone cousins in Africa?

The only thing stopping some Zig Forums-tier militia fron dropping phosgene and tabun on these nigs is ZOG. Just like ZOG protected Kosovo and Albania.

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Do it yourself.

The point that user is making is that something is stopping you, whereas it is not stopping them. There is always a lot of possibilities in the realm of theoretical, but it doesn't mean anything if never gets applied.

while man for man an uncucked white male can be formed into a more effective fighter you really need to stop portraying nonwhites as punching bags. you’d be hard pressed to find many examples of whites conquering nonwhites without a large technological advantage. and now that white nations give nonwhites all of our tech its a serious issue to underestimate our enemies. youll be in for a rude and demoralizing awakening if you think when shit goes kinetic that we will just steamroll every shitskin in our areas. especially when zogbots arent likely to be on our side. study your enemy.

ZOG doesn't care about them either. ZOG just tells you to be smart about it, and not get caught.

Okay busta

I agree that it's a mistake to underestimate them, but they don't know how to use the technology given to them

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Call it shitposting, but if whites did this the yellow vests would be much more effective. These "baste niggers" have more organization and sense of community than whites in this country. If whites stood up for each other the way blacks do, the world would change very quickly.


Yes exactly .
the only reason why the white man is so cucked right now is because hes constantly being bombarded by society and the newsmedia with lies about how the black man and muslim man is superior to him.

and the whole feminized culture that has been created . the white man as now hero aspiration too look up to.

its always some bron black hero now.

before we had super mancho white male in movies and tv shows saving the day.

movies like terminator with arnold schwarzenegger
or silvester stalone
and many others

If whites did this that National Guard would be called in immediately. lmfao

Why would they risk their pensions to keep [unspecified race] Chicago citizens from ruining themselves with drugs?

whites are degenerate niggers. crazy imagined geniuses.

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Why should criminals in Chicago be afraid of the police, The courts have essentially taken away all of law enforcement's power. All of the people voted in by the city have pledged to dismantle police departments authority and rights. The cops in Chicago are not backed by anyone, not the courts or the politicians, or the citizens. With these circumstances how can they possibly do their job. This is just another attributing reason Chicago is a shithole.

Then fight the national guard. You have to understand that if you won't kill there is no reason to respect you.

50–120 militants,12 technicals, ~20 motorcycles
10 soldiers, 1 intelligence contractor, 2 technicals, 1 unarmed Toyota Land Cruiser (and the 35 worthless niggers they were escorting)

Sure thing buddy. You know a good supplier of anti-tank supplies?

Taliban seems to do just fine.

That didn't answer my question though, tbh.


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Many excuses and none action.

Many responses and none answer.

i bet you believe lone survivor was a documentary and the seals and their helicopter qrf werent wiped out by a 10 man militia.

Home Depot, Lowe's any construction supply store.

Tanks have tracks. Tracks hate pea sized gravel and chains.

My point is that he shouldn't be stating as if these retards are to be feared. The real fear is ZOG. Do I need to post Abrams and Bradley's in front of Waco to demonstrate my point?


They clearly don't fear ZOG or its consequences.
Again, that is the point. Rigorously and continuously applied violence is an exceptional deterrence.

Tanks have to drive on ground. Pea sized gravel pits on hard turns make them throw track.

I have driven many tracked vehicles. All of them with big guns and armor.

pretty much this. you ever wonder why that 12 year old black kid you buy your weed from is always on time and polite? It's fear of the higher ups. These guys have very low regard for human life, especially their own street level child dealers..

Are you 14, user? Laws are the reason no one has killed you and your stupid ideals

mother of the order, oldfag

They are if you live in a subhuman community, a polite community respect one another like if we're all cells of the same organism and the cancer know as zogbot is completely unnecessary.

GOD(nature 'order') are reason of ALL things

Why would they fear the system that allows them to exist? Do you really think drug violence threatens jewish financial power?
Palestine would like a word.

We don’t need to form an alliance with niggers to combat the police. These niggers need to go. It’s easier to get an American cop to agree with our values than it is to get a nigger to stop being niggers. It’s better to support police and hope they shoot them in the streets than to support the niggers going against the police.

The number one priority of police is their own power and living standards, which only come from extortion of the White population.

Maybe some of them but that hasn’t been my experience with white cops in the south. They hate niggers as much as I do and don’t want them here.

The ones I know just want to live peacefully without chimps running around stealing their shit or attacking them at the mall.

t. Kike

How are niggers and spics any different?

We don't need an alliance with either. They are two sides of same coin.

No one said that other than you. We celebrate the decline and fall of ZOG. Not niggers, you dumb spic


If they genuinely felt that way, there are few people better suited than they are to do something about it. Governors and prosecutors and news reporters are all weak, effeminate people whose only force projection comes from the police you claim want all the niggers gone.

Most American cops are fucking mutts these days, and those that aren't don't like most noncops.

Just don't get caught. These gangs aren't roving outside of Chicago for a reason.

only whites ever have, or ever will, as a group, care about the rule of law. Might makes right for everyone else, never forget that

'human rights' of course
fuck off

Why yes I did, and technically speaking he was perhaps the worse. It's hard to know which way to go on Lincoln.

I predict that when the NWO or international jewry or the communist international or whatever you want to call it finally decides they've brought in enough criminal immigrants and stowed away enough weapons in their mosques, they will just suddenly dispatch them across N. America at 3 in the morning to murder all policemen and other civic officials, take over electricity and water supplies and then begin the great replacement butchery of their most evil fantasies.

The police are far from perfect but they're better than the alternative.

I hate the libertarians, they literally support niggers. I bet they'd let Tyrone creampie their wife if "DON'T THREAD ON ME!!!"

Most niggers (especially rappers) are complete liars and the dopeman is ALWAYS a lazy dumbass who runs an hour late
Still, don't ever underestimate nogs.

I'm given Chicago PD till sundown….

to get the FUCK OUTTA TOWN!


There's was no character in Juliette like that. 120 Days yes - the Duc de Blangis.

if I had the jew courts on my side letting me slide I wouldn't hide I'd be known to ride…
what this is systematic irratic behavior…pandered niggers having favor
nothing to do with a fake culture…all to do with the kike vultures
about that life…more like about that trife
these niggers wouldn't be able to survive without generations of welfare
these niggers couldn't be labeled tru a sly no doubt imitations of pale care
whiteys failed experiment nigger worms out of the can

safe to say in the 1970's cop would say ok boys put 'em up and duke it out with their firsts. That no longer applies now that the physical requirements changed in the early eighties and began allowing women and girl-boys to fullfi their lifelong dream of being a policeman, now cops simply kill people for no reason at all.

People don't realize how vulnerable armor is, I think they just can't think outside of the "what can I shoot it with" box.

What the he'll is an HA? A Hectare?

When a ZOG-thug kills a nigger, I don't care.
When a nigger kills a ZOG-thug, I feel overwhelming joy in my heart.