War With Iran? Trump to Reduce Iran Oil Exports to ZERO

The Administration of Donald Trump via Secretary Mike Pompeo is going to "end sanction waivers" which allow the world to buy oil from Iran. This will effectively bring Iran's oil exports to ZERO.
Iran is one of the world's leading oil exporters. This will push Washington and Tehran on the brink of war at the behest of Israel and the Saudis.
Just a few days ago, Tulsi Gabbard said that Trump was a puppet of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Saudis and that he was setting the stage for a war in Iran.
Here's her saying this:
"Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia want to drag the United States into a war with Iran, and Trump is submitting to their wishes," Tulsi Gabbard.
Get ready to die for Israel, Goyim.


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I have come to realize the real 4D chess with Trump is that he is actually so hated he is making Zionism unpopular

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Video of Tulsi calling out Trump

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RT seems to think there's a coming market or currency crash and the banks will be bailed out again. Not sure how we can afford this with $22 Trillion in debt currently. This means every child born today is about $70,000 in the hole

Forgot this

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Charles Lindbergh was right

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Bumping for dead Jews

This board has gone so shit, so if jews start ww3, nothing valuable will be lost

Wasn't Tulsi calling for war with Syria when she was at the UN literally every time mossad gassed some children blaming Assad?

You're thinking of Nikki Haley.

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This board's gone to shit because several Zig Forumstards saw the Christchurch shooting and thought they finally got a revolution going and now they're far more fucking obnoxious than ever before.

Nigger nothing changed except behaviour.

Trump’s Already Serving Matzah, Gefilte Fish At White House … Thanks?

Lmfao this motherfucker


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Yahweh bless president kushner

This brings with it the potential for great things to happen.
Firstly, this tells us something about the growing influence of John Bolton in the administration. Without a SecDef, without a DHS secretary, and without a Secret Service director, among other unfilled cabinet positions, John Bolton is increasingly the loudest, and only voice in the room.
As I said, this is not necessarily a bad thing. John Bolton understands that if left unchecked, China's power will eventually eclipse our own, and we will eventually hemorrhage all of our wealth through the trade deficit. To combat this, John Bolton has a plan: Provoke a war with China by securing (through war) the last possible sources capable of satisfying future Chinese demand for petroleum (Venezuela and Iran.) Venezuela is quickly collapsing and military intervention is an option, but may not be required if passive covert operations ultimately succeed. As for Iran, our strategy remains one of goading the Ayatollahs into crossing U.S./Saudi/Israeli 'Red Lines'. We are accomplishing this on two fronts: 1.) Ending the Iranian nuclear deal, thus inciting the Iranians into making unacceptable (to the Israelis) levels of nuclear development and 2.) Provoking Iran into closing the Strait of Hormuz, infringing upon Saudi Freedom of Navigation (FoN.) Any closure of the Strait of Hormuz, it has long been understood, will result in automatic kinetic response by U.S. forces.

Currently, The U.S.S. John C. Stennis Carries Strike Group is stationed in the Persian Gulf in anticipation of these events.

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That will force more and more countries to isolate themselves from the US banking and payment system, especially the EU ones since their official position is that the US is off it's rocker and they don't mind some basic trade with Iran and several companies (French and German banking/insurance conglomerates most notably) have been constantly racketed with insane fines (in billions totals) by the US justice system since they have affiliates of affiliates of subsidiaries locally trading with people that the US doesn't like and since they created the insane precedent that if ANY part of the (gigantic) multinational has transactions in $US (even if said subsidiaries never traded in $US) it makes the whole entity responsible in front of US judges, using specifically designed loopholes in criminal laws (RICO) designed to fight organized crime, instead of commercial laws (were obviously the norm is autonomous subsidiaries are a separate legal entity, it's the fucking basics of capitalism. You create a company that company is responsible of it's own losses not you, or only to some extent, nor any other companies you might own).

All this does is weakening the grip of the US empire and demonstrate it's complete impotence by literally forcing companies to abandon the US dollar by creating "firewalled" branches that will never use it (and will only ever conduct trade in local currency and international trade in yen/euros/yuan).

Here an example:

AXA is a very old insurance company (200+ years) that is easily on the top 3 of banking/insurance transnational company (other 2 would be the British Barclays and the US State Street that are just as old and enormous). Besides North Korea there is probably not a country on the fucking planet they don't have some kind of activity.

Bunch of guys get (arbitrarily) to a sanction list in the U.S. Treasury Department Office of Foreign Assets Control (which has 0 power of law enforcement or inquiry. 99% of the time it's a politician deciding to get votes and look tough on X or Y issue).
They have standing prior life insurance policies in one of the myriad of companies AXA has parts in.
Three years later, just as arbitrarily (they weren't arrested or anything), those guys are removed from the list.
Of course no-one notices, why the fuck would a insurance case agent in Mexico check a list made by an obscure agency in another country against the ENTIRE existing client database, retroactively?
Then some US fed, years latter, no doubt using the total surveillance of datastream the US can obtain in complete illegality and feed them through the NSA supercomputers, realize that those guys had insurance contracts with a company that is a tiny speck of a bigger one that they can racket (IE not US), kicks it to a prosecutor friend for career advancement, US subsidiary of a multinational (completely unrelated to the whole thing) ends up with a $20M fine (that is probably 10 times the actual life insurance policies).

Now this is just an example, imagine that this shit is happening basically EVERY TIME they put someone on one of those list (terrorism, narcotraffic, organized, crime, might have had lunch with Putin, etc…) your looking at those fine raining down on major companies on a weekly basis.
Now you could say "well it's incentive for foreign companies to stop and check their entire worldwide operations every-time a US senator's aide has a stick up his bum about someone" but the truth is that everyone has realized that it's a mint for the US justice department… so of course it's not gonna stop anytime soon.

So what is happening is the exact opposite. Companies are taking steps to continue their operation unhindered by the US.
Which means that the US is spending it's economical warfare capital on RETARDED BULLSHIT and actively incentivize the rest of the planet to build the economical system AROUND the US.

carrier group, excuse me

Last year it was bearable
This year it is cuckchan

no, this place has fallen into hopeless cuckchan-tier shitposting with mods not deleting even obvious anti-white posts
It has lost all it's quality and you can't discuss things normally anymore. Cuckchan niggers imported clown pepe and make horrible posts and jews have limited all discussions to jew vs. jew, like with Tarrant, you have retards claiming that it was a psyop because MUH ELECTIONS, or the other side claiming that it was totally (((our guy))), even though zionist links like with Breivik and the fact he was killing muslims instead of kikes and said Israeli jews are ok if they don't subvert our countries

One question I've always had about Russian/Chinese disinfo activity is why they think posting on Zig Forums is going to sway anyone in a position of power

Don't you guys know that our government does not listen to the people?

War with iran is great, it means zog's frontline soldiers will be put to the test and killed abroad whilst weakened at home.
Thanks jews, by securing israel they make our job easier. 😎👍

Anyone dumb enough to go to war for Israel at this point gets exactly what they deserve.

implying bumpf isn't going to reinstate the draft

Wow, its like trump is an israeli pawn or something.

There is.
They won't be.
We can't.

This is how America gets sunk.

I'll say it again because this is very significant development… The U.S. is now forcing a conflict in Iran which may cross China's Red Line.

Iran WILL close the Strait of Hormuz, it can't survive without being able to export oil. Importantly, this is not just exports to NATO, but ALL exports… in effect, it is an indirect blockade of all Iranian oil. Iran will have no choice but to take bold action. That's where the U.S. Navy steps in to save the day.

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Ill be here laughing when nothing happens again

We're going to be able to pay down the debt with all the oil we get from Iran
This is trillions upon trillions of dollars of oil at current market value, and even more oil in Venezuela. Don't make the mistake of thinking America's power is waining

Fuck off.


Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them a shill, I am just stating what the facts of U.S. foreign policy are

The U.S. has positioned one carrier group in the Persian Gulf and another in the Mediterranean, very close-by. These deployments were scheduled months ago… obviously we knew what these sanctions would lead to

Brent is now at $74 to WTI's $65, which is a pretty big gap

"Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States would no longer grant oil waivers to China and India, Iran’s two largest customers. The decision would also end waivers for Japan, South Korea and Turkey, all American allies or partners. “We will no longer grant exemptions,” Mr. Pompeo said in Washington. “We’re going to zero. We’re going to zero across the board.”"

In case you had any doubts MAGApedes are all brainlets.

Really, you're attributing this to MAGA? Trump is probably the most dovish president we've had since Wilson. Just as Bush's admin was run by Cheney, Trump's will ultimately be co-opted by Bolton.

Trump, at this point, has given up on filling cabinet positions and Bolton is more than happy to wear multiple hats. I'm sorry that you don't agree with the decisions of the U.S. National Security Advisor, but fortunately for the rest of us, you don't have any say in the matter.

pressure. attempt to provoke a riot. again.

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iIl be laffin when the banks get a bailout

You do understand it's kushner behind all this so all these jews behind genie energy can profit, right?

If you give us our hostages back, we'll lift the sanctions…
And by that I mean, travel back in time and stop yourselves from invading sovereign U.S. territory in the first place. What's that? You don't have a time machine? It's okay, we do! Enjoy your invasion, ragheads!

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Kushner is 72 hours away from being booted as Chief of Staff. He's on the outs with Trump in a big way. Trump, "Doesn't need" a Chief of Staff.


Kill yourself.

nu/pol/ is tards

…Waiting for a good opportunity to try out these new SM-6's

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Cheney was just another shabbos goy. Scooter Leibowitz had more power, and then Trump went on to pardon him.

use the right terminology. "nu/pol/" is apt for the low IQ Qtards that flooded the board post-globalization that care more about SALT and leaving papers on a tranny's sidewalk than about kikes and genocide. "Zig Forumstard" is a well known leftykike term.

I dont believe you

2020, you mean the year when Dow hits 30,000? Well, that's one theory…

this is Zig Forums not a church

any other thinktankfags on? Was itching to have an intelligent conversation… maybe I came to the wrong board

why does (((USA))) have such a bug up its butt about Iran???

If Iran is any White nation's worry it would be RUSSIA's, due to border, and due to Russia have actual Muslim populations that were NOT recently and VERY artificially imported by Jews.

The reason USA (Israel) has such an "issue" with Iran was that under the Shah, Iran was rated as NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD "Human Rights Violator" and that was ALL due to massive Israeli involvement in Secret Police, torture, etc. The Jewish torture, particularly of the "subject"s children, was supposed to make Iran our "island of stability in the region", and "bulwark against USSR".

When that was all swept aside in the biggest, most powerful, unparalleled PEACEFUL revolution in Human History, it totally contradicted everything the Jews had been pushing on us.

1)Jewish torture works
2)USA needs Jews because Jews understand MiddleEast
3)Jews can help USA against USSR
4)Jews are good at Intell and Security

Fact is, the existence of Iran today as a strong, stable and even progressive (social services, not Jewish perversion) nation is all the proof you need that Israel is evil, and that Israel is very bad for USA.

Guess which Middle Eastern nation is currently NOT sending lots of Rapeugees to USA and Europe? Iran. Kushner wants to fix that.

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I warned of this during the elections, Trump was kvetching like a kike about Iran. Gas every Trump marketer.

>why does (((USA))) have such a bug up its butt about Iran???


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It's not a question. Trump will do everything Israel wants and more. He is their little orange dog.

Not tired of winning, shitskins BTFO


Fuck off Trump marketer.

If you are under 50 and have never bothered to learn about the Iran Hostage Crisis, watch a movie called Argo and then come back and tell me that you think Iran should be allowed to do business as usual

We should have cleaned their clocks back in 79, but Carter was a bigger coward than Trump

Lmao what a fucking circumcised dick sucker.

Iran is Israel's enemy, not ours.

You don't belong here.

This is a group that seems to be full of cheerleaders for Trump's re-election. Are there any boards for people who are further right than Trump?

Well, then they shouldn't have taken 53 embassy staff hostage 40 years ago. If they thought we'd forget, they're sorely mistaken.

Yes, and you are a Trump apologist. You belong on /qresearch/. Do not post on Zig Forums ever again.

Enjoy your place in the front of the line on day of the rope, subhuman.

You can't have debt if you move to Latin America…

"Iranian Hostage Crisis" was perfect in so many ways! :)
1)Instead of getting lots of lower-middle class American boys killed and maimed, it only effected high-level Deep State traitors and Zionists.
2)The Iranians released the token Niggers, and unlike John McCain of 'Nam, the Niggers gladly took the offer, basically confirming that the Iranians were right and that "US govt oppresses Niggers".
3)It exposed, to any thinking person, that all this "diplomatic immunity" was in fact legally ONLY if the host nation agrees, which most are willing to do, as long as the victims of foreign diplomats are "little people", even if the "little people" are Gypped, Jewed, raped and murdered.
4)It put Iranian Govt on same plane as Israel, in that it was "understandable" for a Govt to take "illegal" actions going after War Criminals and those guilty of "Crimes against humanity".
5)The rescue attempt showed:
a)the Govt is willing to risk soldiers lives to save bad and guilty people.
b)all these Commando types aren't quite as good as they claim.
6)October Surprise. Nuff said.

Just turn in your guns, it's all part of Brenton's secret master plan!

Pakistani Shias are our greatest ally.

Wow, you clearly didn't read what I said.

We stand on the shoulders of giants.

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That was in retaliation for the US meddling with their internal affairs (on behalf of Israel of course). Fucking gas yourself.

You are cheering for war with Iran. You are being a Trump apologist in this way, and a supporter of Israel. You belong on /qresearch/. Do not post on Zig Forums ever again.

Between Carter doing nothing in retaliation and Reagan choosing to blame Lockerbie on Libya even though it is clear that Iran was responsible, this has been a long time coming.

Invading an embassy is never justified, no matter what you think the U.S. may or may not have done to the backwards Iranian government. Taking those hostages will never be considered justified by anyone.

You are proof that liberals are intolerant of anyone who doesn't agree with them. If you don't think exactly as a liberal does, you can expect to be attacked physically on college campii and shouted down in pro-transvestite forums.

If anyone should criticize Trump, it should be for his inaction, not his promises.

You belong on /qresearch/. Do not post on Zig Forums ever again.

Anyone who complies gets exactly what they deserve.

It is when your entire country gets invaded by US spooks. Had the US minded its own fucking business instead of causing shit on Israel's behalf then none of this would've ever happened. Now gas yourself.

The Iranian Hostage Crisis never happened, it was an esoteric metaphor for customer service is airplanes… you feel like a hostage when you're 30k ft up in the air.

No retards there isn't going to be a fucking war. Pompeo even admitted it.


Yeah and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan weren't wars either. Same with Kuwait and even Vietnam. There hasn't been a formal declaration of war since WWII. "War" means nothing. The US military will do whatever Israel wants, at any time, regardless of current "war" status.

You do realize that by saying that over and over and not getting results you sound like one of these 20-something single mothers that lets their kids do whatever they want, right?

Someone is going to rule the world. The alternative to the U.S. running it is the Chinese running it. Believe me, you don't want to live in China right now.

The only people advocating for some other country taking over global affairs are people who have never seen the world or read a book. The Chinese are genociding millions annually now, and no records are being kept of it. These are the people you would give leave to rule our people.

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You do realize that by posting over and over on a board you don't belong on, you make yourself look like a pompous child, right?

There isn't going to be an invasion or anything. Trump does not want a war no matter how badly Bolton wants it

bec233 is the same poster, or automated posting bot, that has made and/or taken over at least two other threads along these same narrative lines in the last month or so.

Yes he clearly does. He's put sanctions on Iran, and is now cutting trade ties. When Israel says go, Trump will go.

I've had "hyperinflation" as my student loan payoff plan since 1995. We can see this coming a long way off.

t. was once an Italian millionaire when on vacation, in 1989

(((They))) killed his kid for not hiding his power level. He should have used anonymous boards.



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He clearly doesn't. He's being harsh, but he has no desire for a war. Israel can do all that if they choose to. Stop thinking Trump is 100% a puppet of Israel

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No, Tarrant's Target Practice brought in several groups of normalfags:

a) the useful idiots of the (((left))) who were rallied to convert, evangelize and disrupt

b) the kikes who are planting seeds of information to herd the goyim and depend on a) for backup, and

c) ShareBlue or whatever Brock project is going on now, and they're mostly agast and frozen but they will be the ones who are slowly converted.

Don't worry, this same thing happened during GamerGate. Give it about six months until the hardcore reasserts itself.

If I wanted to silence you, I could just filter you. I'm letting other anons know that you have a specific angle and this isn't the first time you've been here pushing it. It's too bad your other threads have fallen off the catalog and can't be referenced.



This. Zig Forums got worse after Kamphy left. With him in change we had good quality discussion threads and shitposting was deleted rather fast. Now look at this place. The Jew obsession has ruined this board into people actually thinking radical commie liberals are based because one jew might get mad

Trump is 100% a puppet of Israel.

Huh? I don't know what you're trying to say. You mean you'll IP hop because one user filtered you? You know what? It doesn't matter, you don't have to answer. As you were.

He likes Israel, but he's not their puppet. If anything Obama was their puppet.

No they can't. They have to use the US military because their own forces are dogshit. They used the US military to take down all their other rivals in the middle east, and pressure Russia by threatening Syria and Iran both.

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>why does (((USA))) have such a bug up its butt about Iran???

Because kikes can't ever let anything go even if it causes their ultimate destruction. Knowing this, you have your orders.

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Neither is shooting down a civilian airliner and not apologizing.

Carter had (((Mika's Dad)))) advising him. Reagan had Bush with his CIA experience.