Doing something myself

Italian here. Briefly, I have this Muslim neighbor who beat up a 15 year old kid because he said he was "Disrespecting religion" and walked free out of it my blood boils for him since then he always looks at us with a victory smile on his shitskin face. he works as a taxi driver and the car is he's only way of making a living and I decided to torch the car and i needs help.
1-What should I use to set the car on fire so it becomes no more usable? kerosene? Gasoline? both?
2- its a small town, there might be some CCTV here or there, there might not. Just to be safe, how can I completely hide my face of it?
ps Im planning to do it at 4 or 5 AM
he is always alerted since the incident that he even brought a guarding dog near his parked car
Im using VPN

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sugar in the tank would be better. if torched, he may get insurance. If only broken, it may cause more hassle.

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You could work your way through the criminal justice system and simply replace the judge responsible when they die naturally or retire (assuming you are young.) zero risk. Total domination. %100 reclaimed turf.

Pour a whole bag of sugar into his tank. That’ll cost thousands to fix.

u got it m8

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Kerosene burns better. Try kerosene and as a backup strategy first pour lots of sugar into the gas tank as other anons suggested. Also slash the tires with a big knife.

But if you just want the honor back you could simply disrespect his religion (since this seems to be the place he wants to stake out a conflict.) This is fucking easy and legal. I mean Jesus Christ dress up as Jafar with curly shoes. Ask him if he fucks goats. kek how hard would that be.

Or just keep calling him the wrong Arab name. "Good morning Mister Akbar!" That's plausibly deniable.

Kerosene. It's almost impossible to put out.

Learn what actions you could use untraceably to remove the invader.

You could also treat him like a hindu. That kind of shit would amuse the fuck out of me personally. You should be his friend like "bro I just want you to know I agree that no one should disrespect your religion. All you hindus or whatever are cool with me."

No faggot. That's a meme.
Try draino mixed with soap water. That will actually fuck up a machine.

I mean all this is based on how committed you are. There wouldn't be anything illegal with like seducing his mom over the next 20 years. That would be a supreme finale if you give that much of a fuck. You should put more thought into what the conditions of victory are for you. But think long term and lowrisk. Also funny. Go funny. For me that always satisfies my feels.

So no big deal if i pour sugar in your gas tank, ace?

Simple tricks for minecraft:

A basecap and glasses are simple and tested methods against cctv from above.

Use clothing you can remove in another city afterwards (do not use your public garbage or anything in the vicinity of the happening in minecraft).

Guarding dog can eat some meat mixed with 2 sleeping pills (refugees use poison against dogs, this is something i am against).

This is a board of peace, but minecraft needs the best ideas from us, so read the security section of this little gem:


You do realize context matters, right? Saying "in minecraft" at the end of your sentences won't stop a jury from convicting you.

I want to second this user. Water does more damage to a gas tank than sugar. It'll cause the whole thing to seize up and cannot be fixed, and also gives you plausible deniability because the water could have gotten into the engine through non-vandalism means whereas sugar is obviously vandalism. Google it (on tor) if you don't believe me, water will fuck up an engine more than sugar will.

Jury, conviction? Don't get caught you retard.

If you can't even reply properly you do not belong on this board.

Water is incompressible so it will destroy the engine.

If you can't sage properly, you don't belong on this board.

Cut the breakers, unoticeable and more likely to the subhuman to die in a horrible and deserved death.

Global report.

btw. How's YOUR property user? I know you already have cameras set up on your house, car, fam etc. You're armed right? You have a good phone, a plan if someone attacks you etc? All that basic security stuff is already in place? You're not flagging yourself for a conflict without first thinking of your defense are you?

Sugar will not make it past the fuel filter in the tank.

Slash the tires. No one insures tires and they aren't cheap. Drill a quick hole in the fuel tank. Breaking the windshield shouldn't cause so much damage that he'll have the vehicle written off as vandalism, but he will not be able to legally drive around. Dont go full street fighter on the car, In which case he'll get insurance shekels for a new one.

Jim, he's mad HAH!

Gallium also works. A few globs of it in the coolant.

Do it at night.

Author unknown. Responsible for the publication is not responsible.

- pour gasoline / diesel onto hood and set fire to it. It is possible to simply put on the hood of a plastic canister with gasoline. A bottle should be enough for a normal car, a bucket for a hummer (
- brick the glass, molotov cocktail into the salon. Requires less incendiary than the previous method.
- loosen the brake caliper and all the nuts (it is possible to kill the driver).

place home made caltrops under tire or even in his lawn. just drop/throw.

the tires will blow while driving, possibly on his way to a hospital after stepping on a caltrop some psycho put on his lawn.
you can also put cooking oil on his windshield wipers.

or just throw acid in his face like his people like to do.

Winner winner, chicken dinner! hahaha

No no no. If it gets hot enough, he'll just make kebabs on the windshield.

Hire his cab using multiple disguises. Never pay him. Get free rides anywhere. Mama mia.

Pray for them! It's what Jewsus would do!

Put socks under ski mask to change facial structure

Napalm you chemistry illeterat fuck
The easiest reaction in the entire world. You buy a bunch of fuckin packing peanuts and mix them up with gasoline. Wait until it's goopy and you're done, nigger.

There is nothing left to live for besides terrorism.

Follow in the footsteps of Traini, user

Jews control the JEWdicial system

1. go and gather some thugs
2. wear balaclava
3. beat shit out of him
4. if he dont submiss beat him again he must learn lesson
break all windows
throw molotov coctail

aanon tell everyone ur leaving to visit someone then return at 4am with a mask

Rewire the left and right turn signals. XD

I thought muslim hate puppies?

You wont do anything you nigger.

You could probably use your sweat to draw dick picks on the doors, so they glow in the dark at night when he's driving around town wondering "Why they laugh?".

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I wouldn't convict. It's obviously a joke.

Except this shit can take out innocent white people and young white children too if he crashes into them, so no

it's irony posting, retard. Sometimes, people want to have fun even while talking about serious things.

Allahu WhackCar

Many cars have aluminium engine blocks.

How close is your neighbourhood. This isnt solved by destroying his car. You need to rally your people.

A Muslim owning a dog? Hmmmmm.

But the cheaper one's are iron. Plus, you really should do something legal, like maybe make a giant moat / pothole puddle of gallium in you driveway and put warning sign beside it, then bet him to drive through it, to test the durability of the aluminum parts of his car.

Dont do it alone, make an ally with another neighbor who is pissed about this. perhaps talk to the victims father, and if they know of anyone who is also interested. of course be sure he isnt an open borders faggot

Ax handle. Forget your dumb plan. Setting anything on fire to send a message requires shit-for-brains to make an abstract connection. He's already shown you he's a nigger one way, why force him to not be a nigger in this way?

Can't go too wrong with an ax handle, paisan.

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All cars have aluminum water pumps and radiators.

paint stripper

He might have insurance so if the car is destroyed in a fire he would get money. Make the car smell bad. No one will want to be in a taxi that smells bad. No one will buy the car if he sells it. Insurance company will not want to pay money. Rotten fish and rotten butter smell really bad, just find a way to get them inside the car into all the fabric, the carpet and the seats. also get it into the air conditioner.

Fuck torching the car slit the tires forever one quick razor sharp knife slit on the sidewall.
The tire is now fucked and is $100 every time you do it and plus he has to change it. If you get real good you dont have to cut all the way through and as soon as he drives a bit it blows.
Arson is a felony slit tire misdemeanor.

Don't count on gallium. Aluminum forms a thin oxide layer that protects it. You have to really gouge the surface to make good contact and start the reaction.

All it takes is a small amount of exposed AL for it to work. It would just take longer.

Is it even his car or does he lease it from the taxi company?

I think if he beat up a 15 year old for "disrespecting religion" you could get him locked up for that… right? Or is there no obvious proof?

If not then i think the honorable thing to do is to go meet him with a couple of honorable gentlemen and beat him up good. Just dont fucking lose. If he's totally into ze muslim community and has a multitude of retarded friends wear skimasks(might have to change your facial structure with socks or whatever depending on how well he knows you) and contact lenses if he knows you well. You also gotta make sure it doesnt go back on the 15 year old… Maybe say after youve beaten him up: "X knows nothing about this, but i couldnt let this stand, if you touch him again youre dead".

No clue how Italian insurance works, but that doesn't necessarily hold if someone has all four tires slashed, so you slash 3, and then anonymously record him slashing the fourth for insurance fraud

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Just silently beat him up. No need to expose your voice or bring up the kid for a dramatic line afterwards.

gasoline, if you use kerosene some polise dog may sniff it back to you, but a car burning by gasoline won't trigger to much suspicion
you should try puting something that explodes inside the car and light the fire from below, if you put a canister of gasoline make sure it's only half filled up cos fire won't start with out ewnough oxigen
if it's winter just go for a scarf a hoodie and a cap or something, if it's not winter you should try to get creative with your make up, like wearing a fake beard, a wig and painting you skin with a dark shade of brown so you won't be found out
also make sure to get shoes specially for the ocation, they should be a couple of numbers bigger than your actual shoe sise so as to throw off anyone who may try to find you by footprints

water bottles hombre, let the engine seize

what with insurance? otherwise it is meaningless.

Glownigger tier thread, no need to resort to illegal means when there are plenty of legal ways to fuck with him.

When dealing with Muslims, sometimes it's best to act like a Jew. I wouldn't say that you should do this with the intent of getting him to react violently since that would arguably be premeditated murder, but if he manages to find out you're the one making his life hard via legal means and takes action into his own hands that's on him.

What's the vehicle make, model, and approx year?

Good point user

use napalm/phosphor/termite

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Well now everyone in the world knows who you're talking about in Northern Italy don't they faggot? If you don't get arrested before, then everyone will know it's you when they read the news about some shitskin who recently got let off for assault & now has a flaming taxi.

You know, you could probably get away with murdering him almost as easily as setting his car on fire. The truth is that when the police have no obvious motive in a murder (husband killing the wife for cheating on him), they're pretty helpless. TV shows like Law & Order are propaganda to make you believe the police are smarter than they really are.

but op want a terror for acceleration



A true martyr is somebody that can be reasonably portrayed to your average normie as a victim, if Muhammed chimps out and attacks OP with a kitchen knife then Muhammed will look like the bad guy in the eyes of most people, especially if all OP was trying to do was try to get justice for a 15 year old kid. For a quick rundown, on how martydrom can work in radical right-wingers favor, refer to Herbert Norkus ( )

One Herbert Norkus is worth 100 Brenton Tarrants, remember to be a gud boi who dindu nuffin but not to be afraid to die if your morally justified actions lead you down that path

Just keep in mind, shut the fuck up about and don't tell it to anyone


Italy is currently being consumed by niggers of all religions since the jews got Berlusconi out and killed Gaddafi

Also, a hat and sun glasses would be enough to cover your face. If it were the ZOG in "America," they wouldn't even have enough to take it to trial if they caught you on video, if you had a hat and sunglasses on, much less would a jury convict you of anything, especially if there is already widespread anti-Muslim sentiment in your area.
The ZOG courts don't use evidence to convict people. 90% of cases never go to trial, because they get the person to admit their guilt. The real challenge to beating the police/courts is simply to never admit to anything.
If you're killing people with no obvious motivation (you're essentially a stranger to the people you're killing), you could do everything up to and including jacking off on their corpse, and never get caught for it (just don't ever submit your DNA to any databases). If they can't pin you as a suspect in an investigation, they'll never find out anything.

Rub a few drops of gallium on his wheel hubs. Wait for him to die

Most random acts of violence go unsolved. Can't have the goys figuring that one out though. Can you imagine if people just killed a random shitskin or kikes on a whim while traveling, etc? The absolute horror.

I know. It's like half the people in this thread are trying to fool the guy by blathering about trials and shit, when there is no way the police would be able to link it back to him, even if they had video of him doing it, as long as his face was reasonably covered.
Law & Order, CIS, etc, all ridiculous ZOG propaganda.

This is in Italy, they don't give a shit.

One thing I might add though, (and there is evidence of the ZOG doing this), is using your cellphone to place you at the spot they found the body.
They don't do this routinely enough for people to have figured it out, but it is possible to prove you were at location X at time Y via cell tower records. So if you're gonna kill some random person, make sure your battery if out of your phone, or you just leave it at home.

kek ;)

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Bleach in the tank, not sugar. I swear people just regurgitate stupidity.

In france I'm pretty sure this is classified as "hate speech" and you'll be swiftly escorted off to some prison or retraining camp or whatever 1984 tier shit is going on there. Sugar is the way to go.

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webm related


sugar is for diesel

Have you tried rubbing your hands together really fast ?

How can one user possibly be so based?

there are thousands of martyrs from all sorts of attacks, rapes, rapes and murders idiot


fight back, directly and without analyzing and rationalizing crap

Gasoline is so volatile it can and will explode with the force of dynamite blasting the flesh right off your bones as you ignite it.

Spaghetti spaghetti, never forgetti

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next level

I suppose we'll just have to make do with hundreds of Tarrants

OP here Yes kerosene and paint thinner work as a fucking bomb I will probably use them.

Pretty good, but the fucking dog will alert the whole fucking town.

The only way anyone finds out that it was me is getting caught on camera other than that no

You're going to get v&, but have this.

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My house is right infront of his house and overlooks it. Plan is go outside my house with a bag that have a black zipper shirt and a hoodie and a mask, take a different route, put on the zipper and the mask then come to his car from that other route. At that point, I need a way to torch the car a fast way like putting the gasoline or kerosene there and start the fire and flee fast because the dog will alert the street if i stayed too long so i need the fire to get real noisy after I leave.

What a worthless no fun nigger. The faggot is obviously either a fed or retarded enough to get v&, just go with it.

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