Thread dedicated to discussion and decoding of the short film 'I, pet goat II' by Heliofant.
It is obviously another legitimizing production like 'wag the dog' was, and just like in 'wag the dog', this short film "predicted" real world events many years in advance. Notably, the recent fire in Notre Dame.


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Huh guess its pyramids bye bye next before the spiritual awakening of Christians and humanity or something…
Never thought I would take another look at this.

So the crown of thorns and the third eye thing may elude to an actual spiritual awakening like the /x/ fans always said. Like dimension shifting.
but first the world must be destroyed
helophants only other animation is better imo
vid related
I'm just upset Samuel L fucking Jackson has a spot in the doomsday bunker in co and I don't.

I remember we had a thread on this years ago. Check out the map with the thumbtacks in the beginning, all were major efforts.

i hopw that is bait. that video is like first steps in 3D Max

i wonder if it was just mix of ideas or some prophecy.

At the end scene when pyramids get destroyed Sun is on the sky between constellations the Scorpius and the Aquila (Eagle). Hints of what?

Viewpoint is from the southern hemisphere?

who woulda thought

It's going to be like the apocalyptic event Fantasia in Berserk, isn't it?

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Shit this makes me feel old

Christ was never supposed to be fixated upon as a proxy. Christ was a demonstration of how to achieve apotheosis. Christ is exactly the indwelling of God in Man. When you are obedient to divine law you are annointed aka christened aka Christ. Christ is the point of view from which God perfected in man indwells the body. Thus all saints are Christ and Christ is the unity of all Christs. Jesus was firstborn. We are the coheirs who follow. Co-christs.
John 14:20 "On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you."

"That day" is the awakening. This is how Christ returns. In Total: Mass indwelling. Then the pyramid control is broken and the final war begins (although it is already over).

sure is 2012 in here

that was cool but it would have been better without the christcuckery

It came out at the same time pope what's his face was replaced with the jew foot licker

Okay, kill yourself.

From the gallery section of the website.

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day of the telephone pole soon

keep an eye out on ludovic when you rewatch it

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It's not shitty. Notre Dame just occurred, you mouth breathing spastic. Countersaged.

You sure are low IQ here. Don't like the thread, ignore it and post elsewhere. Otherwise you either look like a retard or a kike shill. Which is it?

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You're the fucking retard. The Catholic imagery in the film was about the first removal of a Pope since 1415. Not foreshadowing of a fire 7 years in advance. But go ahead, jack yourself off.

Just leave the thread, we'll have a comfy one for high IQs only.

Or maybe I'll stay here and point out what a fucking dumb shit you are. I've got all day, retard. Tell me again about your IQ

No one believes you. You are alone.

This is ancient bullshit. Do you think you're going to uncover more just because notre dame happened last week?


No one believes you. You are alone.

Of course you have all day, you are a worthless individual who has nothing else going on in his life. Post away, but I'll filter you now. Your words will be ignored here just as they are in the real world.

You're not going to filter me. You'll just keep reading my posts, but now you'll have to reeeeee in silence lmao

Look how many shills are showing up to this thread. They really don't want us discovering the next stage.

It's "important" to the "Great Awakening", which is why they want us to "decode" it, so we can find all the spoopy messages and be awed by their BASED JEWS BASED CHRISTIANITY plan to save the world.

Do you ignore books written before 2012 as well? Of course you do, you don't read anything.

It most definitely is a coded work, and it is relevant to today. It's also relevant to the last 7 years. Certainly Notre Dame is a continuation of the destruction of the Church, but that started with the removal of Ratzinger, a more significant event than a church fire. Also, a political move that was in the works when the film was being created.


Do you remember 2012? You were probably 12.

Look at this roach niggerfaggot and his gay kosher faggotry, fuck off.

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You will never be white, turkroach.

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Appropiate kvetching for a roachie, keep entertaining us.

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Who would expect that 7 years old cgi video will trigger shills this much.


It has Kek and Notre Dame in it.

I was thinking the same thing, western civalztion is about to collapse and people are shitposting about a half decade old music video lol

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Gas yourselves.

50% of thread here are slide threads and 90% on 4chan. you don't have to be here. nobody force you. it is just little thread that will die in few days. but you act like it is end of world. pathetic.


Never said anything about the thread, i did a polite sage. Interesting how in defense of this crap you feel the need to shit on the rest of the catalog.
Well, not really interesting, but i think you know what i mean. Faggot.
Also learn English and incorporate some capitals into your barely coherent sentences. Its atrocious. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Dont be a nigger.

It is not my thread. I don't think it is even worth thread. I wonder why you fags are so angry about it. This thread will be dead in few hours because there is not much to talk about. Why do you even bother to bumping it? I understand when shills don't like threads about holocaust. But this cryptic cgi video have no real answers. Sorry for shitty English. I will not post on Zig Forums forever.


Get fucked kike.


Care to elaborate?

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Christ incarneted in his body rules with a rod of iron fren.

Bumping to put the shills in a tizzy.


What the fuck is this supposed to mean? Being a vague faggot without providing any real info or sources makes you almost worse than a shill

Shut the fuck up and let Jewsus enter your body, fren.

And he who overcomes and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations –
‘He shall rule them with a rod of iron;
They shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels’
– as I also have received from my Father; and I will give him the morning star.”
Revelation 2:26-28

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It's also relevant to the last 7 years.

This is actually the same guy. Shills these days are so terrible at their job, they forget to IP hop between personas.

Your body is meant to be the temple of God. Embody Christ and weed out the kikes from your life.

You are obviously a kike but let me disambiguate for anons. Jesus is firstborn of many brothers. We are his brothers. We all can channel God equally. By channeling God you become Christ aka annointed ( By the Spirit). Often when Jesus speaks his does so from the Christ perspective. But Christhood is available to all.

Solid logic.

So is risperdal. Consider asking your mental health professional. Treatment is available.

Christ is a conciousness of being indwelt by God not by Jesus. Jesus was example.

Jews hate this because it ruins their control based on posturing as authority and gaslighting.

That is not exclusive to Cuckstainity. You just choose to use their vernacular because you have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into the sacrificial death cult from a very young age.

STFU, heretic. You sound like a 5 Percenter nigger who all call themselves gods because they're egotistical fucking niggers.

There is a clear hierarchy between the trilogy and man. We will never be God, the Son, or the Spirit. We are the flock, and They/He are the Shepherd. Your egotistical, deceitful, uneducated, heretical blasphemy would never convince anyone who has actually read the Scriptures. Do not attempt to abuse the good faith of those who seek Him. Your tongue is more dangerous to a lost soul than a sword or cudgel ever could be. Christhood belongs to one entity, and He is eternal.




Yup. It wasn't really till 2014-2015 till I took the NatSoc pill

Of course it's a coded work, but it's a coded work in service of The Plan. Not every puzzle is important by virtue of it being a puzzle. You want people to engage with and be excited by this great Plan you've spent the better part of your lives working on, but The Plan is dogshit. The Plan is Christian. It can have no racial loyalty, and will suppress all racial expressions of spirit that deviate from Christianity. It will afford all glories of our race to Christianity, and blame all failures on a lack of Christianity, as the Christian filth ceaselessly does. This behavior is inseparable from Christianity because it asserts itself to be the One True Faith, which it cannot be if it's the cause of its failures, notably the erosion of racial tribalism, inability to kill your enemies, and the racial treason of sooner aligning yourself with non-White Christians than White non-Christians. The spiritual debt slavery to Jesus Christ is too strong for Christians to shake themselves from – if they turn from Jesus Christ, they will be judged the full weight of their sins, which are great, as they are with everyone, but their ability to bear the moral weight of their sins has atrophied under Christianity.

If The Plan does have a racial component, or is non-Christian, then Q, the foremost spokesman of The Plan, has shown Whites to be duplicitous liars, extending a hand in friendship to non-Whites with Where We Go 1 We Go All, only to later drive in the knife. Wholly Jewish behavior that makes Whites as ephemeral as Jews. There is no longevity in a people who wage war under the pretence of peace, a people whose word means nothing, and whose peace is valueless – a people who live only as long as it takes for something stronger to notice them and hunt them as the future enemies they've shown themselves to necessarily be. That's not terribly important as the next stage of the Plan, if it's worthwhile, involves turning against the current stage of the Plan, but I won't know that until we're there. In the meantime, this stage of the Plan is dogshit, perhaps intentionally, but it's dogshit all the same. "Let's decode I, Pet Goat 2!" Fuck off, nigger.

The Plan, at least this stage of it, cannot and will not address the Jew. It cannot and will not address the brown hordes. Nothing pertaining to this stage of The Plan is of any consequence. Huber doesn't matter. Barr doesn't matter. What Strozk and Page texted is unimportant. Uranium One is unimportant. The Clinton Foundation is unimportant. This stage of The Plan seems like it will culminate in shutting down AIPAC, the SPLC, the ADL, prosecuting the Clinton Foundation, destroying the Jewish Media, including Social Media, getting rid of Dual Citizenship in public office, et cetera, and that's fine, but there will still be Jews, there will still be the "Melting Pot" and the demographic problem, there will still be Christianity affirmed as True, there will still be the Republic's basis in Tabula Rasa, and the Saviors of the Republic will be reaffirming all of those Jewish poisons. The victories of The Plan are good, and leave Whites in a better position for the next stage than they were before, but it's not enough to engage in any meaningful way at this stage of this Plan of yours. While it is several steps in the right direction, it's only the right direction assuming it goes where it needs to afterwards, and it could very easily only slow the boil to the point that too few Whites jump out of the pot to make the substantial changes that are actually needed.


The Intelligence agencies were in a precarious position after the SAPs on Clinton's server were so fully known to everyone. They needed a changing of the guard, or at least the appearance of one, to neutralize Russia's ability to blackmail the US officials over the corrupt activities they now had us dead-to-rights on. I don't know how much of that is normie-fodder, and how much is true, but there is nothing I've seen from The Plan that suggests this is anything but that – a tying up of loose ends, and return to normalcy for the still-corrupt Jew-infested Republic. Maybe if the President and his administration started conducting public Military Tribunals and executing Jewish traitors on the White House lawn or something, but that's fairly unlikely. More likely they'll round up both Jewish traitors and racially aware Whites and return to the comfortable middle, with corrupt Intelligence agencies wreaking havoc throughout the world, building nothing substantial or worthwhile with their Empire, and being gleefully fueled and funded by the large caste of White willful slaves, who think their slavery is a moral expression of their righteousness – Christians – while White heretics and heathens are purged, and Whites are slowly expunged from Christendom to make way for the more-suited-to-voluntary-slavery races. Hooray. Can't wait to dig into some old video for exciting clues to help out with that Plan.

You should be happy im uncucking Christianity if i bring the truth to them.

I can prove it all from Bible and Jesus' teaching. Romans 8:29. Romans 8:17. Pray to have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Guys, MK Ultra is over. Everyone already got charged. 4/20 was the mark of a long going party stage, but the elites will stop partying when the plebians don't know it yet, and start making things that entertain them. The plebians will buy, and give the elites more money. Giving themselves debt and obligation to do more work, which keeps the system going. The only missing start is a financial credit system, like credit cards, bank accounts, paypal (free money), or Bitcoin. What is the next financial Boom?

Rather than estoric bullshit, maybe it's better to focus on actual issue instead.

lol, the jews control our liberty and our country

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The inversion of 'Q predicted this'. Apparently, someone else predicted Q first.

There are two things about everything about your dozens of posts asking people to stop the thread, while bumping it yourself mind you. One is why are you here. Your reasoning was long told off to be BS. Half the catalog consists of 'right wing ecelep/politician XYZ is a zionnist shill stop supporting them and let the bigger zionist shill win instead' threads, but you're not spending your time being asshurt there, you're spending it here. So obviously, this video in particular is of greater importance to you than anything about slide threads. Imagine if you will, someone who didn't give a shit about the video when it was new, and doesn't give a shit about teh plan or 'trust the plan' tier Qfaggotry either. Say I was this person. Say I had an epiphany and decoded everything, solved all the puzzles and revealed every message for what it was, and it's just kiked up bullshit like you say. What would be so horrible about me finding it? What about deciphering just a piece of propaganda is so terrifying to you? It's nothing other than your everyday capeshit movie or news program, right? So where's the difference? Why is this video specifically so scary?

Just before, when Jesus emerged from the ice, a church collapsed. So the pyramids might be less of a metaphor than you think.

Isn't it funny that some of the frames are not yet filled with description of their symbolism? It seems that we still have happenings ahed to be filled out.

barcode is 666 and the thing is a goat.
also notice the chalk art.
is the man walking the dog or the dog walking the man?
is OP in on this due to the wag the dog reference?

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Obama was a homosexual notice the positioning of the jizzing dick

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this guy gets it

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Isn't the Jesus character the "anti-Christ" or a false prophet?

Due to the Notre Dame thing I showed my wife the clip of the falling spire, and she wanted to see more of the vid. When she saw the Sen-Sue character, she immediately thought of leftards/SJWs.

I've always found the movement and the character in I pet Goat, 2 creepy as fuck, she agreed, but said that Ludovic seems more human. Notice the blue eyes, btw.

Since it hasn't been mentioned, I should remind of the L'enfant Bleu doing a weird dance, and they did a similar one at CERN a few years ago.

Part of being white is knowing that when we finally win we will not let our culture ever be destroyed again. Whites winning the racial endeavor against the Jews does nothing if we are simply taking their place. I will not take part in destroying culture anymore nor will I tolerate endless war after endless war.
Newsflash, GOD WINS faggot. Being white and Christian doesn't make me a cuck or a kikelover. It is a form of higher morality and culture, all of which the Jew has sought to take away from me.

Q is Christian as is evidenced in the posts.
The Overton window of the normies is not yet capable of understanding the depth of the atrocities caused by the Jew and will take some time to address. This is covered in the posts if you follow them. Which I doubt.

The US government is in a precarious position with the SAP shit. Q has a fuckton of cleaning up to do in order to avoid the destruction of humankind. Whatever is in those SAPs is enough to likely cause full on war with Russia and China of which the only winner would be the kikes.
You pontificate about how The Plan isn't as bloody or violent as you want it to be yet you criticize endless wars. You fail to put forth a better plan that doesn't involve whites being a replacement for the Jews.
After all, whites are the Israelite and God's chosen people. The world will be led by the white race into the new era. Time to trust The Plan or find a better one.

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Mean calender wasn't the end. It was the start of a count down.

2020 nigs


Q literally is a psyop to make you suck zog dick. There is no plan. It's just another illusion.

My Pet Goat II actually reveals the only solution: the masses wake up to their own divinity and dissolve the control system by refusing to comply.

You’re not alone in user, I couldn’t have said it better. God bless

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9 out of 10, would subscribe to your patreon

Smells of the Great Awakening Q followers describe. The church will crumble and the old ways(gods of Egypt) destroyed. Jeremiah 43 is relevant.

Our Fathers plan is divine. I doubt he is happy with the christians or their inability to see the harm in their works.

Horus was first. There will be no great war.

We will be fine.

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Just remember: the pale anonymous guy is smiling at the end, watching the fire rise.

Yes new age dmt guru hippy jesus.

You're so wrong I don't even care to try to help you. I just don't care anymore.