Liberals are now useing the term "regime" to describe trump's admin

Scribd has become a popular place for people to upload PDF documents to share with the world. But the hosting site’s algorithms aren’t handling the release of the Mueller Report very well, according to a new report from Quartz. Scribd’s robots are flagging the document as a copyrighted work, despite the fact that, as a government-produced document, it’s in the public domain.

The Mueller Report, which documents the Trump regime’s many contacts with Russian government associates in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election as well as Trump’s efforts to impede the investigation against him, was offered for free, but some publishers are selling it as a book.

They were the ones to first use it, now it's OK for us to use it on them such as the "Macron regime."

Funny if Trump killed that many people Macron did… How many protestors did Qaddafi had to kill?

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As if O'nigger didnt rule the nation with an iron fist and give the internet away to the UN which caused the censorship we see today

Liberals are living AIDS

So what? The guy has more more than enough time to do something about it and punch back.

Ya but they used the chemical weapons first in public discourse.

It is a regime. Trump was elected on the basis of making America great again. Instead he’s a Zionist puppet.

They've been doing that for the last three years, user.
Which, in fairness, I too call the current American elite a "regime"

Now if we can just get them to start referring to jew billionaires as oligarchs

Who gives a flying fuck. (((Republicans))) did the same during King Nigger's tenure.

They waited until 2013. The first instance I can find of a (((Republican))) media piece mentioning "regime" is August 23, 2013





this could go for any (((leader))) just call them as it is, +regime

This. Leave him to the vampires he so graciously invited inside.

Who cares, retard?! Libtards and Cuckservatives are both good goys. Kill yourself!


Who cares what liberals call the Zionist Occupation Regime?

It is an Israeli occupational regime so I don't see how they aren't techinically correct.

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I actually feel bad for people who still support Trump. Lost, desperate, and delusional. Sad.

Noun: the organization that is the governing authority of a political unit.

wow bad dumf dumf leading regime dmp brtoftfo DUP pdup dup btfo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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liberals use "regime" as a dogwhistle for "le spooky right wing populism". Remember the time when Hitler was a zionist who gave tax cuts? Me neither.

OP, they were doing that the first month he took office. Libshits are retards and as such, have no arguments so they use over the top language. To them… haha saying so makes it so.