Pro-Antifa guy gets killed by mulsim

He's irrelevant, just highlighting another Mollie Tibbets

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Enjoy the dirt nap.

Great news!

He got killed in an anti-white hate crime too. The Nigger's trial begins at may 15th, can we possibly bail him out since racism is "privilege+power"?

hard to make a choice here. I'll have to reconsider my priorities.

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how the fuck was he not in jail after killing the security guard? sounds like he got arrested, was released, and then he killed the 3 white people, what the fuck?

If this is a hard choice for you, you need to leave, faggot

this story is two years old you fat niggers

His trial starts in 2019, fuckwit.

Then put that in the thread title instead of “faggot gets killed by nigger”. Nigger

Did you see his skin color?

when has murder been a love crime?
it's a terrorist

I bet he apologized profusely for being white while being murdered.

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Then tell us wgo you side with, the mongrel whod kill you and rape your loved ones or the traitor who would sell you and your loved ones to the mongrel? Traitors get the first bullet.


Let it out again what the hell…

Its sad a White man died by the hand of a nigger muslim but I've fought White Antifa in person, I wanted to be nice to them and try to understand where they are coming from but they'd kill any racist White man and his White children if they had the chance, we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

Terrorism can make sense here, but don't they usually require organization?

Don't worry there are ten more Antifa to step in his place, coming from this years graduation alone.

Not anymore you don't.

Suits him well, he was a race traitor and anyone who feels bad for him or defends him is utterly retarded

This is old as fuck lol

At least his kids will be redpilled.

What to do if someone is killed by a shitskin
1. Find and archive any social media pages
2. Find, archive and screencap cuck posts
3. Mspaint together [cuck posts] + [headline:cuck killed by shitskin] into .jpg
4. Memorialize cuck deaths forever by reposting cuckma.jpgs on internet

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anyone got his facebook? only got reposts

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at least you can crawl dead facebook photos through the photo link
not finding anything worthwhile though

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Can’t make webm or mp4 right now, but this is one of this nog’s “rap” videos. He’s been posted here before.

Am i on a deja vi or i already see this thread a hundreds of years ago?

He killed people a little close to home for somebody in Fresno. It is a mystery. The Lawd sure do work in mysterious ways.


He's been making shit videos for years, and yet white men get killed by cops over minor arguments.
Really jogs the noggin.

That non-Somali nigger who threw the white kid off the third storey balcony in Minnesota had earlier been banned from that mall for violence and crazy behavior. Laws are not enforced concerning blacks, resulting in subsequent violence.

I love watching natural selection take its course