Muslim women passing through a nudist zone of a public park in Germany

Muslim women passing through a nudist zone of a public park in Germany

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Nice ass

Those are obviously ninja’s

Those German women need to spend more time in the gym and less time collecting cancer.

Nude gym

Better wipe that bench down before and after.

Compare to the status quo Islam doesn't look so bad anymore.

White Sharia!

You don't like someones pussy juice on the bench?

Nudism was popular during the Third Reich too. It's a German thing so don't be judgemental.

Well it would obviously be someone else's pussy juices. I don't have a pussy.

You're making the common mistake of assuming it would be just pussy juices. The last time I went to the gym she demanded I shove it elsewhere.

New waifu.

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Wait, you don't do that already?

Those are actually men. they're masturbating under those burkas

Walking trash bags.

What's to stop a bunch of refugees turning nudist zones into rape zones? In fact, why haven't they done it already?

Not a thread. Fuck off.

The white whores should cover themselves up. The Muslims are actually in the right here.



thank god islam

Keep your dipshit Puritan ami morals in the US

Burqas are excessive, but women shouldn't degrade themselves like this.



Probably teenage Muslim boys.

Attack inc




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nice dress


..and you know they are women because?
Exactly. You have no fucking idea what it is.
"Political Islam i.e. Sharia is at the heart of Europe" Frederica Mogherini - head of EU Security

Nudism = degeneracy. If jews gets what they want. You'll see nudism all over.

LOL you think those were women?? they were men in disguise

It’s sad that shitskins have more morals than white women

no. lack of self control is degeneracy. beautiful body is beautiful. and statue and painting and human body.

t. pornographer