Social Security Ponzi Scheme to Collapse

As we all know, Social Security is one of the largest ponzi schemes on the planet today. It was created out of the disgusting and treasonous LBJ administration, as a product of "The Great Society" he was pushing down our throats. Now, the ponzi scheme is proving itself as such.

Social Security shortfall: Trust fund to run dry in 2035, trustees predict

Social Security’s reserve funds are expected to be depleted in 2035, at which time the program will no longer be able to pay out benefits in full.

That’s according to the annual Social Security and Medicare trustees report released on Monday, which said total costs of the program, which covers the old age and disability insurance programs, will exceed income in 2020 – for the first time since 1982. That’s two years later than projected last year, but means the program will have to dip into its reserves to cover benefits at that time.

By 2035 those reserves will be depleted, and 80 percent of benefits will be payable.

In 2018, the trustees forecast that 100 percent of benefits would be covered through 2034, meaning the trust fund gained an extra year before expected depletion. However, the trustees are still urging lawmakers to take action sooner than later.

“Both Social Security and Medicare face long-term financing shortfalls under currently scheduled benefits and financing,” the trustees wrote.

Taken separately, the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) trust fund will have enough reserves to pay full benefits through 2034. The Social Security disability fund, however, will not run out until 2052, about two decades later than what last year’s report projected. That change was attributed to a decline in disabled-worker applications and disability incidence rates.

The trustees combine the programs in the report to summarize the overall state of Social Security's finances.

Medicare’s hospital insurance trust fund is expected to run out of money in seven years, which remains the same as last year’s projections.

As a share of GDP, the annual cost of Social Security will increase to 5.9 percent by 2039 – up from 4.9 percent last year. Total Medicare costs will rise to 5.9 percent by 2038, up from 3.7 percent.


As of the end of March, more than 68.3 million people were receiving Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, or both. The average benefit was $1,347.06.

Combined, Social Security and Medicare accounted for about 45 percent of the federal budget in fiscal 2018.

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Just like, print more money LMAO

If everyone just became a based NEET and drained it in a year or two boomers would never ever recover.

Honk honk boomer scum

that's the plan

time to raise taxes

I'm not passionate about many things in life, but to pinpoint one single thing, social security is an aberration that I despise with every fiber of my being.

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If you didn't create your own personal savings with money you made and rely on welfare after retirement, you deserve a bullet.

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Oh user, you're so silly

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Great, we have a fixed date on the race war now.

He thinks he can get to the bottom of a bottomless pit. To be literal, he thinks that his purchasing power will not suffer. Good luck, soon enough (((americans))) will be burning their flags in the street. Pic related.

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It's not a Ponzi scheme, it's a program with a massive surplus. The GOP traitors couldn't keep from giving to the billionaires, corporations and using it for Israel's expansionist agenda. All above groups are big donors to the GOP and to pay them back they stole your retirement money.

You can't allow corporations and billionaires to legally bribe our elected reps and that's exactly what Citizens United does, I like the Orwellian name, as if it's good for the citizens,

/r/equesting the screecap explaining why retirement (for us) is never going to happen

Ill see you in 2035

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If only I had all that money I paid into social security. Oh well, at least I got a fireworks show on tv out of it when we invaded Iraq.

You didn't pay anything into SS, don't be fooled. Your money was stolen for SS.

lol, user this is a rabbit hole I'd love to guide you down. Why do you have social security? Lots of reasons right? It's not optional like any other retirement plan. Your money doesn't go into "an account" that can grow with you for your retirement, and is instead instantly spent on "necessities" of degenerates and the infirm. It's a mechanism for the government swindlers to fuck over net tax payers to pander to the refuse of society because in terms of value your vote is still just one vote. There are a lot of reasons the ponzi scheme is fucked morally and mathematically.

The bottom of the rabbit hole is that this is how our money works too. You see over the last century of Federal Reserve money printing we've seen a relatively steady rate of inflation… more dollars, and more dollars, and more dollars. We've seen the currency debased in terms of coinage, in that coinage no longer contains silver… just pot metals. What the mechanism of inflation does is give a politician a way to reach under your matress and undermine your savings virtually ensuring the impossibility of long term financial stability for the middle and lower classes. As those dollars sit, year after year, they lose a small bit of value not super noticeable… but over the course of 5, 10, 15, 20 years your little nest egg looks shakier and shakier. Then you start wondering why all of a sudden the hour of work you did 20 years ago is suddenly of so little value. 20 years ago that hour of work might have been good enough to buy you a tank of gasoline but now you're scrapin pennies for a half a tank.

You can thank the existence of the system itself.

The magnitude of how badly you, your parents, your grandparents, and your great grandparents have been fucked over by the subtle annual theft of inflation can scarcely be imagined but it is the reason (among other things) that in the 20th century the accumulation of wealth passed from one generation to the next has left you with a small inheritance of a few thousand here and there as a sympathy card for when your loved ones die and write you in their will. The government is in a race when they print a dollar because they know they can spend it at full value before the impact of inflation has deminished its purchasing power, then as it circulates through the economy it buys less and less as more and more dollars are printed. So the government isn't just forcibly taxing you in a ponzi scheme, lol… they're fucking you frontways and backways because they've got their grubby hands in your savings and everything you own.

Freedom, everyone.

"hate", ffs

All that, plus

Niggerpocalypse in 15 years? That's plenty of time to defeat China for Israel.

It's a fucking pyramid scheme built to garner votes with promises of delayed benefits constructed in such a way that the benefits will NEVER EVER be equal to what it cost you. It's infuriating that nobody has the fucking testicles to propose abolishing (((social security))) or making it opt in (effectively the same, but this might piss off boomers more because it gives them the illusion that they still get mo money fo dem programs but every self aware person under 40 won't dream of slashing 6+% of every paycheck they make). If people my age were actually smart and long term planners they would realize that abolishing social security is actually feasible instead of creating money out of nowhere for their liberal arts student debt.

Conquest is the only solution to this problem if you don't want to fix the system.

Resources will have to be taken by force or we face collapse.

So what would do you think would be a solution be to fix this spiral down?
Add in immigration from shitskins the whole system looks bleak and ready for collapse.

Time to go introduce freedom to a country that has natural oil.

I didn't read the whole article, but based on the OPs post, it's missing an important data point. When talking about the 2035 date, it mentions that is when SS will run out of it's "reserve funds". Where do you think these reserve funds are? Just sitting in some bank account, or some big pallet loads of cash money in a government warehouse? Fuck no, that money has been spent. For years, SS ran a surplus, meaning they took in more money than they paid out. Instead of saving that money, the government spent it. It was thrown into the general fund, and used to help balance the budge. I believe Clinton was partially credited for this back in the '90s. All the SS administration has are basically inter-agency IOUs that say, "IOU 10 Billion", "IOU 20 Billion", etc. You would think these IOUs, being worth Billions of dollars on paper would be safeguarded, right? Wrong, they are simply stored in a locked filing cabinet in some SS administration office. You know why, because those IOUs aren't worth anything.

I remember years ago watching a news story (60 minutes, 20/20, regular news?) where they simply showed the IOUs to the reporter, but I can't find the video. Here's some links for you lazy niggers.

TLDR; there are no reserve funds, any money re-allocated from the SS program in the past will have to be BORROWED to be able to pay it back.

Newfaggots these days.

Time to rid Mexico of Mexicans?

Is definitely a fag, doesn't like Fox News.

If you don't want an unstable, poorly engineered structure to collapse and destroy the block around it, putting everyone in the vicinity at risk for their lives, you use controlled demolition to bring the building down. Just fucking abolish this kiked welfare scam already.

We're well on the way to doing that already by moving them here.

What's this we shit? I am from Arizona, mostly Mexican and Native populace. Everybody speaks English. Go to Colorado, half the people there don't fucking speak English.

It's not Conservatives doing this.

They've been in Arizona forever and Arizonans tend to have a lot more guns than shitstain liberal Coloradocucks.

I am talking about the illegals. They have't been there forever. There was a huge influx of them when we invaded Iraq. It was the housing boom that brought them in.

Oh we're definitely bringing them in, we just have to do it legally now. After all, we need more people to pay for social security and replenish birth rates for the working population to keep social security afloat.

I will pass on whatever you're smoking.

You can't have mass immigration and a welfare state of any kind, period, ever… because shitskins from shitholes all around the world come here and increase their standard of living 10x by just sitting on their asses and doing nothing except replacing your culture. The math doesn't work, and the longevity doesn't work because shitskin cultures produce shitskin civilizations. Import the third world, become the third world… period (that's a slogan) and it was the main lesson Rome should have taught us. The complete corruption of our government 50 years after the 1965 immigration act, and the communist infiltration of government correctly identified by McCarthy, and the current dual-citizen examples of corrupt kikes fleeing to isreal (there are so many fucking examples) is a testament to the fact that dual loyalties cannot exist. The Somalians in Michigan and Georgia are perfect examples of this, electing their own "smart nigger" with an IQ of probably 85 to represent them (ambitious). The spic-ification of the southwest is another great example (LATHEENOW representativies every fucking where). The only reason nations exist (and I'm using the traditional definition of "nation" here) is because of common blood and kinship. The comprehension that multiculturalism is an abject failure should be a daily talking point (it is for me, and I work in a fucking corporate environment).

You also can't have pure representative democracy where every single pile of shit individual votes, especially when you put government in charge of education. The reason you have a mentally squalid population of people that suck up propaganda from the government is because they were educated by the government to RESPECT AUTHORITY figures above all else and suck up propaganda. Public education is how NPC's are programmed, reinforced by media after college. It's not a magic "red pill" and it's not "an awakening" …some of us just have an inbuilt (probably genetic) bullshit detector that won't shut the fuck up in our brains so when someone says, "hey we're invading Iraq because Saudi hijackers fucked up some buildings" we're like, "say what?!" and spend a decade researching it (to ultimately find out it was kikes)… but most people don't have that inside them.

The solution? I think that there are so many positions currently that are "politically unpalatable" that we are close to running a candidate who embodies all of them and winning simply because of how completely disconnected the elite is from reality. Trump attempted to be this candidate, but of course cucked on every single thing because his cabinet was filled with trash. People who run for office have this bizarre concept that they need to be educated on "how to do government" by the people who were in the previous administration that were voted the fuck out. "Oh my goodness you need a press secretary" or "oh my goodness you need to fill xyz cabinet position" when I think in reality government isn't that complicated or at least shouldn't be. I think Trump, in terms of his core personality and character, was overwhelmed by not being well liked… and so the people who were attacking him created this miasma of dislike around him… pumping trash into the news cycle for two years just to "hit him where it hurts" so to speak. He buckled pretty fast if you were comparing his pre-election speeches to his post-election actions and that is mostly because he was trying to "do it right" in the eyes of people who were technically "the swamp." It was doomed to failure.

Far left and Far right political parties at least get this piece right… you have to kill your enemies. Hell, even Hillary and Bill get this right in that you have to fucking "suicide with 2 bullets to the back of the head" your enemies to make progress. Totalitarianism, therefore, is the only pathway out of this. There is no argument, no debate, no mathematical formula you can show to some pile of shit on the dole that will motivate them to forego their gibsmedats. You have to TAKE IT FROM THEM and then actually probably kill them. The redpill here is… as things continue to escalate… either you die in a Gulag or you're in the SS watching over a "Concentration Camp." If you're white, you don't have the option to not choose.

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What should be done is to put the SS money into individualized IRA accounts because the government loves to use SS for pet projects. The government could compensate the years of missed out compound interest. This would be practical for young adults such as those who're in their 20s.

Compound interest would provide better pension returns than our pension system where the money is worthless due to inflation.

Compound interest is based on usury of others though, it's like selling drugs to a fell european white.

There is no working system to keep this shit afloat besides bloating it even more with taxes.

Ah. The crux of the "boomers vs all new generations" shilling. Hate our elders so that we'll let them suffer in poverty and squalor while we continue working for towards the American Dream that (((they))) sold us, all the while convincing ourselves that it was our fathers and grandfathers who did this to us.

And while we grow to hate the generations before us, we'll simultaneously be told to do the exact same thing they did. Spend more money. Rely more on credit. Spend more than you have. Buy more than you can afford. Reach out as far as you can for your dream. It will certainly benefit you in the long run.

No. Stop spending money, and stop making socialist programs. Abolish every single fucking gibs program under the sun and expect personal financial responsibility from your citizens.

Go die, you've had enough time.

lbj didn't create anything

it's the same story every time, some kike offers a piece of shit a chance for power or wealth (look at trump now, utter fucking zionist trash)

Under me millennial wouldn't put money into the pension system, make what you want out of that.


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it is a shill technique. boomers voted for trump more than any other group. the millennials are the commie trash.

well anons you got 15 years to prepare for balkanization, I suggest a comfy plot of land with your own food sources

as a millennial, no denial… my generation is shit.. but that is no reason to shit on Gen Z.

wrinkled niggers?

Also note that generations that are post-boomer are less and less and less white. This isn't some random coincidence. It is fucking damn near linear.


Currency should only be based on Productive Labor

Thats why inflation is used, if they said "we are going to lower benefits/increase taxes" people would rebel, and this way "it just happened by itself", and you recieve the same amount nominaly, but you can buy less.

Its a pathetic far away date. Plus in Greece after bankrupcy they lowered pensions by 1/3 openly, and people just voted into power next jews out of 100s.

Plus war will be fought when whites are weak enough, and we wont start it, go shoot some jews to prove me wrong.

Currency should be based on energy. See, (((they))) can't manipulate the intrinsic value and worth of a joule of energy, can they…

The greeks lived in shit since, like - they were conquered by the turks in the 1500s. They are quite used to it; no suprise they voted for a different set of kikes to exploit them.

And you want to work till you die? Pensions must exist. And majority wont save enough from wage slavery to have even basic survival provided.

People will adjust, always, and if the steps are small enough they wont even notice it.

People would complain, nobody would fucking rebel, this is an old excuse to keep the ponzi scheme going. People would kjust complain and vote for social security until they got used to it and became desensitized to the issue, just like what happened with abortion, obamacare, homo marriage, income tax, and everything else that was a major unpopular change.

This user for fuhrer

Those who cannot produce should be eliminated and ground up for food or fuel.

Don't give them any ideas.

This shit wouldn't happen if we were in the gold standard, but because the jews are infinitely greedy, this is the price we have to pay. This fiat currency junk is a gigantic sinkhole that leads to nothing but pure oblivion. It's all just so that jews can have their abominable globalist society with this fiat currency that's to act as a global currency, but this society is just a mountain of cards that's bound to collapse.

This also further shows that their slave race populace plan is a load of bullshit. They literally need this welfare shit in order to keep them complacent. Without that, things just become a massive Venezuela-tier collapse where people are gonna be searching for squirrels to eat to survive.

I fucking called it that this shit is just the modern day tower of Babel. It never worked, never will work, and won't work.

you dont even need to be on a standard you just need to stop printing money and let its value stabilize. also give counterfeiters the death penalty.

i see "compound interest" used to refer to multiple distinctly different things. oppose usury of course. but if referring to a drip (dividend reinvestment plan) you're reinvesting your earnings probably tax free which is ok.

this tbh. gold standard / silver standard / bitcoin – it is not necessary. nsdap did not need a gold standard. what happens when finance jews corner the gold market or inflate and manipulate it through paper gold trading? gold standard is not necessary.

What about global re-insurer companies? Some of them profited during the 2008 recession. How is that even possible?

Make your own savings you lazy fucker
Stop being so greedy that you think you're entitled to live off other people's money

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Muh shills. Fuck off back to Qresearch
wow based Trump. wtf I love boomers now

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Most boomers will be dead long before then. It will be fine without jews stealing from the bank.

I agree with the general sentiment (government and central banking is corrupt), the current system is broken, etc. I'm reading some misconceptions of how the system really works. So I figured I'd post. I did some research a few weeks ago when I thought of a way to save social security. It could be saved (made to be sustainable and able to pay better benefits) but it would require changes to the law that could be risky to make (not risky to retirees/participants but for the US national debt's creditworthiness).

The social security taxes that come out of paychecks are invested in two trust funds: Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) and the Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Funds.

Believe it or not, the social security tax technically fights inflation. It does so in two ways:
1. Lowers the amount of money in circulation by leaving less money for the working class to spend.
2. Puts downward pressure on Treasury bond interest rates the government has to pay. This means interest payments on the national debt are kept lower than they would otherwise be.

While the government is running a deficit, it raises money by issuing treasury bonds / notes / bills. These debt instruments have maturity terms (Social Security trust fund bonds are redeemable at any time). Current interest rates paid to investors are around 3.0% for 30 year bonds, 2.5% for notes (ranging from 2 year to 10 year terms), and around 2.4% for bills (ranging from 4 weeks to a year). The bonds are sold by the Treasury to investors of all walks: individuals (domestic and foreign), institutions (domestic and foreign), and other governments. The treasury is happy to sell these bonds to whoever is willing to buy them. The rates are set during auctions.

The (((Federal Reserve))) also sometimes buys treasury bonds. It owns $2.15 trillion of the US National debt. Interestingly, the graph shows a recession coinciding with Federal Reserve decreasing its holdings and ending with them increasing their holdings.

The social security trust funds represent the largest shareholder of the US National Debt ($2.798 trillion). It owns treasury bonds for about 13% of the total US national debt. Obviously if the trust funds were to stop buying bonds, Treasury auctions would result in higher interest rates. The latest interest rate for bonds purchased by the Social Security Trust Funds is 2.5% (this is disclosed on the website).

So, how could social security be saved? It would require ending the basically free ride given to the US national debt. For example, instead of investing 100% of revenue into Treasury bonds, invest 50% into the total stock market and 50% into Treasury bonds. That's $1.4 trillion (for comparison, the total market capitalization of US stocks is just over $30 trillion). Other countries do similar things, for example China's government owns shares in publicly traded Chinese companies. There are potential implications of government owning publicly traded companies (e.g. participation in shareholder votes - I'd think that ideally the government / trust fund managers would refrain from voting at shareholder meetings and maybe be prohibited by law in most cases).

Here is a fund I like to invest in for my own IRA and brokerage accounts. It is a no-nonsense ETF that is backed by ownership of all publicly listed companies on the US stock market (and has the lowest management expense compared to other similar ETFs). The average annual return over a 10 year period is 16.11%. That is way higher than the 2.5% paid by the government.

Consider if instead, half of the Trust Fund's holdings were invested just like this ETF's portfolio is structured. At a 16.11% average annual rate of return, that $1.4 trillion would be worth $6.234 trillion in 10 years! And that's not counting additional social security tax revenue being invested over the years. At some point, e.g. after 20 years, additional tax revenue could stop being put into the fund because it would get to a point where it could pay for American's social security benefits even without collecting more taxes.

(Continued, as the body was too long to put in one post)

You might be tempted to point out that sometimes the stock market has bad years. Sure, that's true. Index funds still have a great rate of return with a large enough time horizon. In down years, the Trust Funds could rely more on cashing in their bond assets (since they would still be putting 50% of their tax revenue into buying treasuries). Treasury bonds would have to start paying investors (including the Trust Funds) higher interest because the trust funds wouldn't be creating as high of demand for Treasury bonds due to the reduced purchasing. So that would also be available to cash in on during down years. Plus, the worst-case 30-year average rate of return for the S&P 500 index (the top 500 US companies) is just under 8%. That is still way better than what the bonds are doing. And the average and best cases are much higher.

Cons: The federal deficit/debt would balloon even faster because of having to pay higher interest. This is a risk that would put off politicians who are budget hawks (although there aren't many). The cabal would probably strongly oppose it since they want America to fail, so that would be pressure on co-conspirator/blackmailed jews and politicians to oppose any fix whatsoever. Many CEOs/boards/corporate lobbyists might oppose it due to potential rammifications of the US government voting in shareholder elections (the Trust Fund would basically own 4.45% of shares and gradually increase its holdings as social security tax revenue comes out of paychecks and is invested into the market). Hedge fund managers might oppose it because they would be kind of upstaged (revealed to more people to generally be leeches that don't provide as good of rates of returns).

Pros: Everyone's retirements would be secure (i.e. those who paid social security taxes). Jews have reason to support it (they mostly love collecting higher interest). Politicians have reason to support it (they can take credit for the achievement of "making social security sustainable" and relieving a great source of anxiety their constituents have). CEOs / board members / corporate lobbyists also have reason to support it (it means more investment in their companies). Hedge fund manager have reason to support it because their existing holdings would surely go up in value (stock prices receiving a boost due to the government adding $1.6 trillion (and more) to the existing $30 trillion market capitalization).

No, Socialist Security was created under Franklin Roosevelt.
Stopped reading when I was stunned by your grave mental retardation.

That was the first form of social security, government idetification. It was LBJ to introduce a retirmemt fund

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Because this happened….

And it will keep going, with more printed paper money. It will only stop by violence.
Kill your local jews. Kill all jews. There is no political or economical solution.

This. If our enemies have wealth and resources, kill them all and take all their wealth and resources.

401ks are carrots on sticks for goyim

Dump it. Let granny starve and pay off the debt. Everybody wins.

The point is to shake down yt

as Ron Paul says, "Govts always pay their debts, they just do it with worthless money".