Straight people DON'T exist

The concept, of men's sexuality being a spectrum, is nothing new. In 2016, YouGov found 43pc of 18-24 year-olds in the UK do not identify as entirely gay or straight. Another study, published by Kinsey, suggests that around 60pc of pre-adolescent boys engage in some type of homosexual activity. And YouPorn have documented that straight men watch gay porn a quarter of the time (your porn history doesn’t lie nigger). Bisexuals are the majority.
The study found that no matter what sexuality was reported, the bodies reacted positively to both hetero and homosexual sex, which means that the sexuality of the sample was not as simple as the ‘gay or straight’ dichotomy.

Ritch C. Savin-Williams, the Director of Developmental Psychology and the Director of the Sex and Gender Lab in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University orchestrated the study.

He told Broadly that the research is part of a wider trend of research to uncover human sexuality using the physiological response to certain triggers.

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What kind of gay porn did they watch? Hairy muscular men or traps? This is important.

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To further clarify. The modern trend is to label Lesbians as gays and queers as well.

I have seen this trend being pushed to convince straight men, such as myself, to turn gay or whatever.

Also, it's degenerates that watch porn.

Traps aren't gay.

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Are you saying ladyboy, or just being a dumbass.

What if the trap in question is gay?

Mark my words, they will push for homo conversion therapy.

They already have that. The left and Jews already try that shit.

That one even better describes the confusion I posted.

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oh and btw be sure to thank Codemonkey and his puppet mods for allowing this thread to thrive on Zig Forums

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I discovered it's mostly old bitches that hang out at leftist libraries and can't seem to mind their own fucking business.

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The moderation doesn't endorse anything. Half of them are working on other things and ignoring this shithole.

It's the most heterosexual thing there is.

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So homosexual degeneracy IS in fact psychological.

Take a long look at this and really stop and think everyone. This is how they do this shit. Once they've established a beachhead of degeneracy, they then relentlessly push it until it is begrudgingly accepted by society.
Once it reaches this point and they've had room to push this degeneracy on kids and teens, then it is no longer genetic, now it's "everyone is a little gay".
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The mods do endorse this. Codemonkey hates Zig Forums and has selected mods that also hate Zig Forums.

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>YouPorn have (((documented))) that straight men watch gay porn a quarter of the time (your porn history doesn’t lie nigger).
Of course it doesn't lie, nigger. It's obvious we should trust "documentation" of a kike-run pornography site. It's not like they're doing it on purpose, right? It's not like they have an interest in convincing us that straight orientation doesn't exist and everyone's a faggot.
Jesus Christ, what happened to this site.

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It could be false positives detected by people appreciating traps.

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It's been going on here and at cuckchan since last weekend. The trannys and faggots are raiding from somewhere.

3D traps would look nothing like that. The 2D/3D disconnect lures lots of young white men into decisions they will regret


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Nobody said anything about disgusting 3DPD except you.

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2D traps are permissable

I wish that all men were gay. i'd actually have a chance of banging a female xd

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What are you, gay?

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The amount of jew shitposting lately… Fuckers are scared.

Yes, yes it is and here's the proof

Really? 60% huh?… I never heard of a single one. But then am not in the UK and those guys… they just seem gay. They aren't really it's just their speech and manners.

Only degenerates have such accounts.

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Now why would they be interested in that? I can think of a few reasons. America already has a weapon that does that though.

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