War on Islam in Balkans Strategy: Cut off their supply line to Turkey

We've come a long way since the peak of the mongoloid invasion in 1300.
1550, mongoloids driven out of Eurasian plain
1780, mongoloid driven out of the north of the black sea
1877, mongoloids/turks driven out of the Carpathian mountains.

Pic related map, is what we're left with today. Not too bad if you consider the 700 years effort it has taken to get to this point.

Turks, are mongoloids.
Bulgaria and Hungary have Turkic mongoloid cultures, but some very white ethnicities that have been subverted.
Islam is what unites them.

The demographics of the muslim regions are aided by this islamic supply line stretching from turkey. Islam in the balkans would collapse without this supply line.

There are a few weak spots, arrows in red on pic related. If we could cut these regions off from each other, then we could isolate them and wait for quicker collapse.

I have this weird feeling the catholics are supplying the muslims from Albania as an insurance policy against eastern orthodoxy ever rivaling Western Roman Catholicism again after the islam is finally driven out.

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Anti-White D&C thread?

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said: but some very white ethnicities that have been subverted.
don't fuck up my thread.
bulgarian is literally one of the ancient turk tribe names. Hungary also traces the founders of its state to turkic peoples (aka Huns). They've been subverted after 700 years of mongoloid rule, but props to them for still being so white. im not an expert on their cultures, but they need to at least change thee fuckin names of their countries.

I'm not entirely convinced a lot of the people referred to as a Turkic in the old days weren't pretty close to what we're looking at there.

Sure. Next you'll want them to abandon their language too.

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Turks are fucking asians. What side are you on?
Yeah, why don't they make a new country called Mongolia in Europe. So long as they're white, you'll have no problem with it right?

Turkic shill playing controlled opposition fronts against each other. fukawf

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About 6 months or so ago, Erdogan threatened to send 100,000 troops into the Balkans if any harm was done to muslims there.

There's a reason world war 1 started in Serbia.

Good thing the USA cut off Turkey's islamic support from Arabia, I finally understand thee invasion of Kuwait and the war in Syria.

Do your part in making europe white again. Target the heart and mind of your people!




most Eastern Europan countries haveTurkic or Iranic influenced cultures, that's where the term Eastern Europe comes from, and that's why it's called Europa Orientale in Latin languages

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If you consider yourself turkic, then you should go back to the land of your ancesters.

You can't avoid being named, everyone know now. HONK HONK

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Bulgarians are White. Just because they adopted the name of foreign rulers of long ago doesn't mean that they're not White. They're actually South Slavic and their language is as well.
It's like how we call Britain after Britania because the Romans called it that or Germans after Germania for the same reason.
As for Hungarians, again, they're obviously White.

Agreed! Turks are just the lightest of the Near Eastern Asians!
It seems the southern Greeks and that Bulgarians have policed the land to the point that it funnels their movements in way that could be collapsed by a unified effort.
If it were possible to truck loads of right minded people into those "Red Arrow" areas for a weekend you could achieve what you want! Perhaps a "YellowVest" protest during the day and "BlackMask" protest during the night? If the groups of young men with the right mind were able to collapse the RedArrow areas then the isolated areas would be far easier to collapse as well.
Good Luck user and God Speed!

We need not be rude when subtely re-directing them. Honestly the D&C guy is right; this is an issue we should ignore until have islam has been subdued.

Come on, Avi, you can only pick one. The two are mutually exclusive, are Serbs getting cucked? If yes, I've lost all hope. Serbians are the most based vs. Muzzies because they're bred to fight Muzzies.

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The lands of Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia are the most important sites on the entire planet in Aryan culture, because that is where the Vinca Symbols were found, which shows the ancient people of Europe some 7000 years ago using written symbols, which is before all other peoples. Nobody knows for sure what the meaning of the few artifacts found is but contained in them are symbols still used today. If the Muslims knew of this treasure they'd irrevocably destroy it and with it our few lines into the deep past.

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Serbs ste getting cucked badly, look at the celebs. Gypsies were always pushed, but now we have thots like attachment related fucking mutts and bragging about it on JewTube. It's not as bad as (((the West))) yet, but it's going in the same direction despite us not being in the EU.
t. Serb living abroad

oh my god, i hate the muslims but ALBANIAN muslims and BOSNIAN muslims are angels compared with the orthodox serbian animals. don't discuss you know nothing about you fools

btw, balkan is lost since like 1600. half of em resemble the turks, they ain't white in my eyes especially albanians serbs and croats
im dutch and i have a croatian friend, he looks more like a morrocan than myself
so don't even bother about these wogs anons, only western europe, northern, russia, ukraine and baltic countries counts as WHITE

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bro, sorry to tell you but she looks more turkish than northern european or slavic. slavic my ass

no bait here. i just get pissed off when they say wogs like italians, the spanish, balkan, turks are white….. because they are not!

just check crime stats. its not a coincidence that northern europe and north america(white ppl) have way less crime than wog countries.

we have IDs here Shlomo

Albanians are muds, what did you expect
Well then he's not from croatia is he


to take someone's hand off your throat, first you must peel back the fingers.

So sad OP how your thread for ideas turned into an shitshow about who is white and not white? Almost as if some merchants were trying to slide this thread into some nonesense D&C topic? what a shocker!

Step one is join the Kurds.
Next winter repeatedly blow the Iran/turk gas line.
Shut off Russian gas line.
Turks freeze.
Currency collapsed
Diaspora return home to grab home sand much cheap.
Build wall.
Putin remote destruct the ICBMs he sold roaches.
Constantinople back to Europe, the rest to russia

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OMFG that is one of the greatest plans I have seen so far and I only wish it were possible!

no it's not, go to a Croatian or South Italian beaches and see local Mediterranean Whites without exaggeration darker then most black tourists

On the other hand, I am fwb with a Muslim girl and she sends me links to all the crime and conflict immigrants are causing in BOSNIA. European Muslims like Bosniaks and Albanians both of whose members I know, are nothing like middle eastern or south asians, they view their religion from same secular lense as other White people, they are basically "cultural Muslims" that have Muslim as part of some vague history pride but roll their eyes at stuff imams tell them and think it's all backwards and contradictory

Serbs are destroyed by hedonism, I know Serbs also and their community has reckless hedonism like no other place on side of "left" and center and on right you got basically mafia posing as patriots.

Turkey is a VERY warm country, I live north of Turkey and we don't rely on gas to heat and we can import tankers full of natural gas if we want to. "sand much cheap" is nonsensical, wtf do you even mean?

What wall, where? There already is a wall between Turkey and EU

Putin what? nonsense

Europe is pacifist

Serbs are the first European kingdom to bow knee to a Turk Muslim. After 1371 already "Kraljevic Marko" or Prince Mark who never became a king for he bent the knee to Ottoman Sultan is considered a hero by Serbs.

inb4 "cuck/jew/leftie" because this is demoralizing info not fitting the meta narrative, yeah I don't care, it's true

Disinformation, faggot. Albania cucked themselves to the Ottomans in 1358 and became Muslim.

Serbia fought the Ottomans for 571 years. That Prince Mark you talk of was in 1863 or some shit. Then the Serbs beat the fuck out of the Turks or something. Fuck you for being a disinfo shill.

The only time the Serbs got cucked was when Clinton and the US beat the fuck out of them, fucking faggot.

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Damn, you're right, I take my other post back. He cucked to the Ottomans and fought against the Wallachians (Romanians). WTF? I thought Serbians claim to fame was they were never conquered, and stayed Christian Orthodox because they didn't allow themselves to become Muzzies. Like, Serbs would rather be skinned alive like pic related than turn Muzzie.

Redpill me on Serbs, knowledgebro.

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Turks are good people, this is a shit thread.

Muzzy found



albanians and bosnians are hardly muslims tbf, the communists beat all the religion out of them

Turks are a good people from a good land, on the EAST of the Caspian Sea, and to the WEST of the mongol mountains.

i bet you at laeast half of all those balkan muslims are generationally paid by the turks to stay on and occupy that land.
Let's be honest, the turks pay commoners to do their will. These are soldiers.A type of Janissaries. This is real east vs west war going on in the balkans.

The demographics of the muslim regions are aided by this islamic supply line stretching from turkey. Islam in the balkans would collapse without this supply line.

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Saint Brenton mentioned this. I've only learned about the balkan wars recently.
Clinton really is one of the main enemies.

That argument can work both ways shitskin.

Also, it's important to distinguish between "Turks" and the "Turkic peoples". They have different meanings, and the terms should not be used interchangably. It just makes it all confusing as fuck, and I can't tell what half of you mean.

Strawman. Reported.

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

If Mudshits were really the enemy of Jews then why the fuck are they in Europe destabilizing and mongrelizing White nations?

Fantastic thread, Brenton would be proud

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Muslims circumcise their children just like Jews do. Their holy book and supplementary material demands it. They are just as bad as Jews and should ALWAYS receive the same punishment for being as such. Bullets and gas are not a scarce enough resource to justify only ever using them against one or the other.

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I was wondering why this thread wasn't getting more replies.
The balkan muslim war front is one of the most important battles for all of european white christendom; ever since the muslims were driven out of Spain.
Are we going to need another Inquisition to get the mudslimes out off the balks? I knew the catholics had to be good for something. They are the most warlike of all christians pretty much, but can be checked by an Anglican Protestant Eastern Orthodox Alliance from getting out of control again.

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All we really need to do is not interfere the next time they snap. At most some gentle prodding to keep them from killing each other until the work is done.

It's okay to admit you're Bosnian user, we know that the only thing a slav hates more than a muslim is the slav next door.
This is the problem with using maps to figure out who's white or not. Just use the brown bag test and the nose test until we stop having problems.

Supply lines? Just imagine if the Muslims took their thobes off to bring in supplies by car…Or even more sinister, what if they bought their supplies from STORES!!!! THE STORES THAT ARE EVERYWHERE AND SELL SUPPLIES (FOOD, CLOTHES, ETC)!!!

im also talking about a fucking spiritual supply you fuck. maintaining an islamic viewpoint involves spiritual connection with other believers. That shit quickly fades away if you cut off the "supply".
Besides that. What's so hard to think that things they cant buy in stores (i assume certain powerful weapons) would be supplied through this islamic supply also.

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i honestly want to take my muslim brothers out of the land of the jew for they are being brainwashed by the wh*toid jew