Being the 2nd wealthiest man in the world isn't enough for some women

"Even Melinda Gates Has Struggled to Get Her Husband Bill to Do His Fair Share"'

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Bill is Chad. Jobs is virgin.

Wait… did I say it other way around?

This thread is completely pointless and the only thing remotely surprising is that she hasn't already left him and taken half his shit.

Are you a MAGA-TOW by any chance?

Explain why this is here.

Bill and Melinda Gates are doing population control in Africa.

They are good billionaires.

We will need them in the future.

Are they reducing them or feeding them? If reducing them then good.

wtf does equality mean to these people


MeToo movement

White genocide. Pay attention.

MIGA-TOO movement?

Why should anyone care about a shabbos goy?

this happened

Get over it bitch.

Listen, do you think she is honest?
Do you think it really happened.

Bill Gates is certainly a fellow of the (((tribe))) just look at the nose of his wife. Ugly as hell!

What does the tribe want? ==White Genocide==
Why? ==Because the aryan race has the highest IQ and creativity of all races (chinks cheated on the IQ test)== Therefore the white aryan male is No. 1 enemy of the (((tribe)))/JEWS!

How do jews destroy the white male?
Destroy his family. No family, no children, no future!

How? Turn men into women and women into men.
How? By propaganda 24/7365

Do you think Bill Gates is so poor, that he can not afford a nany or a whole fucking bus company to get his children home every day?

Think again! This jewish bullshit from Melinda Gates is PsyOp targeted at the white female to make her sour and mad at her own husband who works his ass of.

The goal: Destroy the marriage!
Boycott this shitness. Melinda is a hypocrite. She is a liar! Her story never happened. Is is just garbage for the mind of the normal joe and his wife.

Women want alpha males, not sissies without a dick.
Jews do every trick in the bag to feminise the aryan man (porn, soy, propaganda and so on)

Resist this!

Oh the horror. How do women manage?

They are doing research on how to sterilise the whites aswell.


Hire a goddamn driver. Jesus.


Bump all the quality threads it is not that difficult or migrating to a different Zig Forums board on this site.


So leave.

Get the fuck out transhumanist kike.

When will Zig Forums admit that MGTOWs are right about pretty much everything?

Zig Forums is aware of woman nature.
You do sound like a jew.

so the nu/pol/ meme is true indeed.
I left this board jan 2017 and only came back because nothing else to do atm

you people seem to close your eyes even when everything is obvious

I am against transhumanism.
You think you can pull that shit here or did you forget you were posting on a natsoc board?

I am not shilling transhumanism
I am happy about women soon having to compete with robots and artificial wombs for "jobs" as mothers and wifes. Because these rotten people will never change their behaviour just out of goodwill

Competition will ensure they have to civillize themselves and become female again if they want children

Oh then I agree with you.

Look at the kid's eyes….obviously she clipped his nuts off early on. Those are the eyes of a eunnuch, a castrati, a catamite.

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Their theory is that decreasing diseases by vaccination will decrease their desire to overreproduce. I am not so sure.

I don't understand this
Why do women lust for Alpha fucks but make their own sons into pathetic cucks

lol, sure, just make sure the vaccines contain lots of infertility chemicals and heavy metals and it may work.

Instinct vs Social programming, they want to satisfy both and cannot distinguish the two.

Women will do whatever the society tells them to do, as well as their fathers and husbands, hence when Daddy Gov goes against Daddy Dad, they go insane and malfunction.

They aren't really responsible for it, men should know women must not be exposed to filthy society or else they will malfunction, but men are slaves to powers they dare not comprehend for fear of ripping the veil and realizing the sanity of society has always been merely an agreed upon fable.

A thread died for this.

Because some women's dream is to "tame" the alpha/real man into becoming their cuck, and when the taming doesn't work they freak out.

They go with the cuck slave option because it's beneficial they fear if they do not control the man he will cheat or whatever nonsense by instict.

If you're a guy and get tamed like this, which you can probably find an example of IRL relationship is never going to last, because the cuckold was never what they were looking for in the first place so the love dies off.

Did she found a billion dollar technology company? The absolute ingratitude of this cunt, the only reason she gets to have such a cushy life is because of the axe wound between her legs. She produced nothing, she had no ideas or skills.

They're working on a viral epidemic to wipe out most of the population of Earth. They will of course conveniently have the vaccine. So yea, I guess they're good, the survivors can always lynch them afterwards.

Where'd you see that one user?

tfw even if you are the richest man alive can not escape the ungratefulness of some feminist whore mooch flea

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Genetically modified corn that makes your sperm impotent.
Think about how many foods corn products are in.

It's been years by now. Basically the totally unconnected series of events was
Basically he's selling sterilizing substances to niggers and markets them as vaccines.

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Jews cant be chads.


Fathers should be spending time with their children regardless.

Just because she's being a cunt and he's got an important job, doesn't mean he shouldn't drive his kid to school occasionally.

This is some Plebbit MGTOW faggot shit.

Wow, memes leak into real life once again.Does anybody have that lois lane superman feminist meme/comic picture where it shows that not even Superman is enough of a man for her?

but honestly, if she were to be judged by other women with zero white knights to protect her in court she would be sentenced to burn at the stake because jealous women would hate her guts. Remember, it's not men who cares how fat skinny women are or what their outfits look like. It's other judgemental women who do.

JESUS CHRIST SHE IS fucking ugly

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Why does the richest man in the world marry such a slag?

Does money really mean nothing?

roastie alert!!!!!!

The woman should learn her place, she has won the literal lottery by being married to him.

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ITT: newfriends and tourists get hard baited.

On reddit there's an infamous post . Basically the post was created by a female who was butt hurt to learn that her Ex was well off, and wasn't wasting his money on things he didn't need. The Ex got his money from his Father's oil wells. Reddit crucified her.

If this woman had to face the consequences for her actions she would be crucified as well.

Who says the guy in question isn't spending time with his children? His parasite flea wife with no job who got so upset she had to drive kids to school a couple of times and even had to cry about this in some richfuck diarybook? Lol

They can afford an probably have an unlimited amount of personal servants/cooks/cleaners by they way they don't need to ever do menial bs.

You have to marry the rich bitches, make then even richer so you can take half when they divorce.

bill is a thief and a pussy who probably gets bullied by his bitch

all this thread does is point out, once again, that women must be enslaved if this world is to survive

this is why you blokes are fucked, every woman is a money hungry bitch who isn't happy till they're not lifting a finger, while the farther is working and being a actual parent.

But this is x50 of the money and happiness… Pretty sure I get this thread.

I bet she made that story up. The left thinks they're going to cast a spell and magically achieve 'equality'. Evidence of this is visible in the never ending woke-left garbage released on TV and in theaters. It will never happen that way. Also, women live longer than men so of course they should end up doing more work.

Cool sauce you got there.

Melinda, anything you can do to get Bill out of the office and out of the world of computing is making my job easier, keep up the good work!

Actually Bill is better guy than jobs.

Jobs made tablets for soccermoms who shouldn't be on the internet, Bill released a tablet years before jobs and it's market was basically for business.

In an alternate reality the ipad wouldn't be a thing and my pictures would be the future of the mobile world.

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Have any of these modern billionaires built cathedrals and churches? Nope, Have they built any monuments? Nope, have they built any good schools? Nope, have they built any state parks? Nope, have they ever fucking contributed anything of any value? Nope

Shit like this makes me feel like beating women is the only answer nowadays.

It's a well known fact that Bill Gates doesn't fuck his wife.

liberals are complaining that billionaires were giving money to fix the cathedral and not using that money to "help those who need it".

Mind you the liberals stole the cathedral from the church during their bloody revolution that caused the public to throw themselves at the first guy who propped himself as king.

It was the liberals who allowed the world famous Notre dame cathedral to fall apart by not giving any money to maintain it even though it attracted of tens millions of tourist to generate money for the local economy.

whether it's good or bad doesn't matter but what matters is that they caused the mess in the first place & have the never to complain when people attempt to fix the closal fuck up..


Liberals complained for decades that NASA is not getting money even though corruption and political screwery ran that institute into the ground. Now that the rich are setting up competitive rocket institutions that blow NASA out of the water, the liberals are complaining that soon the rich might be able to go to space.

If musk gets his way we might be able to send 200 people to the moon for substantially less money than 7 people to the ISS on the space shuttle.

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I'm talking about broader things

You will get your cat, dont worry.

Some jewish cunt complains shes worthless and you quit, pls.

If Bill had invested his money into cyberwaifusinstead of marrying her, I'd be getting a proper roblowjob as I type this.

I heard them that its about survivality of children, if people know children (workforce) wont die soon they wont make new ones. Who knows how much of it is true. Less poor african people, good either way.


What is really stupid here is that they weren't using a driver? I find this hard to believe.

The frugality of some billionaires irks me in a way I find hard to describe.

just kill all women ever and invent those artificial wombs

Anons here still don't seems to realise that the news is just a genre of reality TV.

I fucking spend 3 hours in the car a day and I only make 60k a year

LIke they don't have an army of servants and bodyguards around them all the time. What a stupid article about a stupid ugly cunt.

He should have just kept getting tickets for speeding around in his collection of Porsches. This rancid cunt isn't worth shit on looks alone. Image the fine upperclass young poon he could be getting in a Porsche Spyder

Heres my question, aside from being a trophy kikess and "charity" if sitting there and spending other peoples money counts as charity what does she actually do. At this point I think she is the most spoiled person in yhe world and least involved mother in the world.

what are you doing about it besides complaining? what do you suggest besides making twenty threads a day that say "did i mention it's the jews because it's the jews"? lead by example, newfaggot (yes I've been here longer than you). make a thread about what you're going to do irl and then do it.

This is the same type of thinking that imports nonwhites. You should be taking care of your own children and not shirking it off on honduran nannies. You being a lazy faggot brings more nonwhites here.

Nothing stopping anyone from hiring white people. Do you think bill gates has a nigger chef?

My god! Satan spawned? How terrible.

I employ all niggers

Black people are wonderful chefs.

Your life must be full of shit then.

Yeah if you want to weight 900 pounds and eat lard on top of some more lard.

what the fuck is this bitch complaining about?

likelly a MGTOW poster
no need to let it degenerate into a dubs tread though, we could just post common core, micorsoft, or random Bill Gates red pills whiloe laughing at the entiteled bitch he married to
jesus fucking christ she's wealthy enough to hire a helicopter pilot to take the kids to school if she doesn't like the traffic

I’m not MGTOW but I see how this would appeal to them. This is more about how feminism has infected a woman who had it all and made her the most entitled woman in the world.

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i don't think this has anything to do with feminims m80
women have always been like this
feminism isn't the disease, it's the simpthom, the root of the diseas has always been and will always be women themselves

Oh Moishe…

Such as? If there is somewhere else similar to the board that has sadly perished, here, then please let me know. Far as I can tell they all pretty much suck, for different reasons easy

Bill Gates (though I think he is a scummy businessman) built Microsoft.

Melinda Gates built… Microsoft Bob. Such a shite product it is only worth a footnote in Microsoft's history - basically a trivia question for nerds.

Imagine being as wealthy as Bill Gates and you not only are fucking this woman, but you are married to her, making her capable of divorcing you and taking all of your wealth.

Girls, let her be a warning to you. Being a feminist turns you ugly real quick. Only 3 years ago she was a passable, if somewhat plain looking milf. Pic related.

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Women struggle so so much. It's also the man's fault when he can't afford to spend the money she gets turned on spending and it's a "passive aggressive" game that they will play if you don't buy them shit if you don't get turned on spending it all on the trollop.