China won’t find lost F-35 stealth fighter first, says Pentagon

China won’t find lost F-35 stealth fighter first, says Pentagon
9 hours ago
The U.S. and Japanese militaries are dismissing the possibility that China will find Japan’s missing F-35A Lightning II aircraft before their own search parties.

“The Japanese have the lead there, and we’re working very collaboratively with them," acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said Friday. "And we’ve got a capability if what they have doesn’t prove to be sufficient.”

When asked whether he was concerned China could get to the crash site first, Shanahan said: “No, I’m not.”

The F-35, which belonged to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, crashed in the Pacific Ocean off northern Japan on April 9. The pilot was flying with three other F-35s when he lost contact and disappeared from radar roughly 85 miles east of Misawa Air Base.

Not long after the F-35 went missing, there was speculation about whether Chinese or Russian assets were searching for the secretive aircraft and whether they could beat the U.S. and Japan to the crash site.

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this was 2 weeks ago, is it really that hard to find a crashed plane?

lol just like they "found" that lost prone then weeks later iran has their hands on it? chinks already have it but t doesn't matter since they steal our military data anyways.

I'll take lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 for $500, Alex …

They already have it.

more than likely the Japanese pilot flew it to China for $50 million, China pays big bucks for stuff like that.

Its gone. It was stolen sold to the Norks for the stealth tech.

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This. Never trust bug race.

So how much did the F-35 / Joint Strike Fighter programs wind up costing again? Hah, like it matters. "Money." (((Money.)))

its not like it would be a useful aircraft even if they did find it
they can fucking have it who gives a shit
its not like tr-3bs aren't used for serious operations

Give me one A-10 and a bottle of Modafinil and I will personally destroy Israel.

Oh, that will cost you $500, contestant. Flight 370 was not really "lost" in the sense of "nobody knows what happened to it".

The opposite of whatever the U.S. military says is truth.

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why would they want it though?
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Why should the US be worried? Israel will just sell them the full F35 blueprints no questions asked since they OWN America.

Why would China or Russia even want a piece of garbage like the F-35?

I don't know the Chinks already have the J31 and Russia already has the Su27, as far as I'm aware both those planes are already superior to the F35.

parts of it are classified, so getting a plane reduces its effectiveness even more and then force the US to either drudge around a shit plane or to waste its money on another shitplane

Can you imagine how many billions did they spend developing the F-35 platform? Then it falls into the hands of another nation who reap all the benefits from studying it.

You can always use another set of reference.

I'm willing to bet the J-31 is an early draft of the X-35. It looks EXACTLY like what would happen if you were to do a stealthy F-18 using the F-22 as reference and NOTHING like any of the chinks (or Russian) designs.

why dont they just upgrade the based 10 to fly at stratospheric altitudes and slap on an extra coilgun or two
that would be the high iq option

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More like trillions. It's just hilarious how much the "development" of new military gear costs, compared to the CW era.

You can't find something you already have.

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so chinks already got it, noice

its not the airframe, its the electronics, russia badly needs the electronics suite in the f35, because their stealth plane flies well but cant do shit when it comes to data.

The military rivalry between US and China is fake news anyway, both countries are owned by the same (((people))). It's the same as the fake Cold War we had after USA and USSR were bff as soon as a threat popped up to worldwide jewish domination.

It is when it's not there anymore because chinks already scooped it up from tracking the f35s from the get go so saw where it went and grabbed it right away. Two weeks later japs and jew foreign legion still looking for what isn't there anymore.

The bugs know where it's parked in their hangar.

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lol Japan probably sold that hunk of junk to the Chinese or Russians because the US ripped them off so much for them.

Its a fucking stealth plane you idiot

Makes sense to me, maybe the japs finally got sick of all the rape and are turning on the US

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That is exactly what the US did…

I think the main reason is it's obvious the US is on the brink of collapse/civil war. It makes sense Japan would be looking for new allies

Just watch, that plane will re-emerge soon as an El Al airline in a fake plot where some "white supremacist" funded by Iran hijacks and crashes it into Mecca.

No gook, it isn't.

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It will end up completely compromised and used as reasoning to roll out the new drone program.

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Why bother? They have complete knowledge of it thanks to the Israelis and it's a hunk of crap anyways.

No, they're just building sandbars and staking claim in Japan's waters.

missing fighterjet
misawa airbase
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