Question for anti-semites

trump is now sanctioning countries who buy oil from Iran, in a decision intended to bring Iran's oil exports to zero, denying the government its main source of revenue.

the whole reason obama orchestrated the iran nuclear deal was so the U.S. could stop relying so heavily on saudi arabia as an ally in the middle east. trump's policy has been to cancel all that and lean more heavily into our alliance with saudi arabia, which is why you you had the Trump admin denying MBS' involvement in the murder of jamal khashoggi. israel sees iran as its biggest existential threat, which is why it was so opposed to the iran nuclear deal, while saudia arabia has much friendlier relations with israel.

my question is why did you elect someone who is so clearly a jewish puppet?

other than repealing the iran nuclear deal, trump's moved the embassy to jerusalem and given the golan heights, internationally recognized as syrian territory, to israel

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I think this applies to you OP.

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all i'd like is an answer to my question

Who you voted for?
Gilf Stein? Alepo Garryson?

I was just gonna sage the thread and refer you to >>>/r/thedonald/ but then I saw this fucking gem of wisdom:
my fucking sides

We want to elect Hitler in Cyborg Terminator form – you think anti-semites don't already understand the west has been poisoned? A better question would be

do you guys regret electing trump? he's literally the single BIGGEST presidential israeli benefactor in perhaps the history of the west, much less the history of the united states. no one has done this much for jews

The Iran deal had been sitting on a desk in the State Department for years. It was literally a last minute, let's make the reactionaries nervous and set up the next admin for possible war collusion.

trump is literally willing to destroy a sovereign nation to suck israel's dick

NO ONE, much less THE PRESIDENT OF THE FREE WORLD, has done this much for jews

Who cares? As long as the country improves, it doesn't matter. You cucks would support a socialist who wants to destroy the country if they said your epic k*ke word.

Quit it dumbass, Iran's sanctions aren't anything new.

Hitler. Churchill, the Royal Family, the Italian Mob, the African gangs.

These are all examples of people that have done more for Israel.

If you mean the yearly aid that is given to Israel, Trump has actually lowered the total of direct given aid by around a billion dollars. He's made them actually meet specific criteria to obtain the rest of the total aid.

I don't agree with the laws he's trying to pass, but I know if they ever saw the inside of a court room in a meaningful fashion , they would be found unconstitutional.

Certainly not compared to FDR, Truman, Bush, all the nations that voted for Resolution 181, etc., but your hyperbole is noted and yes Trump is a huge zionist thanks for stating the obvious, your contributions are valuable. Now fuck off.

I love watching shills argue with shills

who cares if we elect a jewish puppet to make israel great again as long as we get scraps? yall aint even got the wall 😂

By the very definition of a Shill, every living breathing person that doesn't cover their face in jaguar shit and hunt antelope with a pointy stick is a shill.

Nobody goes against their income.

Even if you're a Dem Negro from the hood, you're being impoverished just as much as everybody else by that simple fact. In fact, if you're at or near the poverty line, you're going to experience even greater hardships thanks to that fact.

We didn't. Kill yourself.

You have no question. You're paid to post here.

We have no regrets because we didn't do it.

Wilson, FDR, LBJ, both Bushes, King Nigger, and many others have done more.

This and hail. OP is a faggot

No one elected Trump not even his most fervent ass kissers like Apedre Angloon.

Voting is totally Jew rigged in ZOG USA.

The top Rabbis pre-select the puppet president from a small selection of candidates already under their control.

The pre-selection is carried out via Jews getting a sense of where the most political anger is coming from at the time and then give the puppet presidency to the person representing the political persuasion that is showing the most anger as a kind of political steam release valve for them to prevent a real revolution from occurring.

Lazy tards then think “their guy” is in power now and all will be well for them but then he simply proceeds to carry out the business as usual Jewish agenda and the con is continued for another four to eight years.

Nothing ever really changes except the face and name of the puppet.

Where you from OP?
Only a Muzzy would post this crap.
The US is now the largest producer of oil

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Trump said this though:
I spoke with Bibi, I told Bibi.
And, you know, we give Israel $4.5 billion a year.
And they’re doing very well defending themselves, if you take a look.
So that's the way it is.
The United States cannot continue to be the policeman of the world,

What's he done that's worse than what Obama did? He's been slow to stop helping them, but he has at least verbally advocated for withdrawing troops, meaning the US can eventually stop being golems and save 50 billion.

oh my god you cowardly wusses. own up to your actions. what did Zig Forums look like the night trump won? im being facetious when i say you elected him you autists; i know there aren't tens of millions of people on this site. this is literally my first time on this website and i know that the MAGA corner of the internet in 2016 was always Zig Forums. you didn't LITERALLY elect him but you shilled for him as you've never shilled for any other candidate before, up till his victory

kill yourself

Please tell everyone where you are from.
Since clearly you are not American.

what does it matter where i'm from? this is a COMPLETELY valid question to have and no idiot on this thread has answered it yet

how can you guys can be such huge anti-semitic conspiracists yet also such huge shills for the most pro-israel president in american history/head of state in the world?

The Kali yuga, make em go insane
guillotines 4 treasonous elites

What a shit thread. OP you faggot.

You're just wrong, that's what we are saying.

How is the weather in Iran Today?

this thread is cursed and full of boomer faggotry

“I’m fucking trembling out of excitement brahs,” one 4channer wrote Tuesday night, adding a very excited Pepe the Frog drawing. “We actually elected a meme as president.”

the evidence is there, guys. you're not fooling anyone.

Oh no, destroy the country? How horrible.

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Most of this board is made up of retarded boomer mindset repulicucks.

This is full chan cuck fuck

Secret secrets are no fun. Secret secrets hurt someone.

Look no one tried to elect him, they made a few memes and he wound up president. Accidents happen.

Everything you think you know is lies told by the media. The Iran oil sanctions against OPEC is a policy that was from the Obama era and it's partly what caused the Venezuelan economy to collapse. Why blame Trump for that?

Even 2 years later and there are leftist cucks who still don't get it. Trump won because compared to Hillary he's still a better choice. That and he's meme material.

I will never vote for a whore.

I’m not a Trump Supporter and would vote for a democrat 9 times out of 10 (the 1 being Hillary’s corrupt ass). But this is awesome, I hope he turns Iran into a radioactive wasteland.

I would never vote for anybody that plays the fag game.

And although I align with the dems most of the time, they need to stop cry about losing. Trump did the right thing if he colluded with Russia. Hillary would have been the worst world leader since Stalin, she has deep state Illuminati written all over her.


Stalin was pretty good, he named the Jew. He was unfortunately in charge when the first generation of Super Kikes were still around, thanks to raping and stealing from everybody else to create them.

Luckily there aren't many of them left.

But you voted for Obama, A sandnigger?
Hang your head low cuck.

Proof? Lest ye be a shill.

When a literal descendant of Asia tries to say I am Asian. I typically laugh.

What could he possibly meme by this

Obama was born in Hawaii, but I understand that he’s a half nigger which is bad, but Mccain ran with DumbCunt Palin. Females are far worse than half niggers. And in 2012 he went against Romney, who’s Mormon, the second cancerous religion in the world behind Islam. I stand with my decisions and stand by voting Trump in 2016.


We definitely need Hitler rn, In terminator cyborg form, along with his kike killer v.3 shoulder mounted cannons of course.


Don't worry, everyone knows he escaped Berlin and he's living underground in Argentina

The electoral college voted for Trump. What we plebs vote for in that election is meaningless. Personally I like Ron Paul. Trump is very, very far below him from my POV. But he's still better than Hillary.

I recall seeing a declaration in the news some months ago that the United States was the number one producer of oil in the world now. At any rate the percentage of oil we need from the middle east is insignificant. So the idea that the U.S. is involved in the middle east at all because of oil is bullshit.

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Whats up kike arguing with another kike shill?
You people are so obvious.
Your not fooling anyone with that shitty shilling.

Nope his dead.
You think anyone is falling for this schlomo?

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Who the hell do you think you are fooling with this imaginary argumentation with other shills? You think you can fool us with this shit? It may have worked with cuckchan due to how gullible they are but not here.

The worst thing about the chump presidency is that he put his kike daughter and her kike husband as senior advisor. This ruined any chance that his campaign agenda would go through.

We didn't elect Trump. He's still better than Hillary 'no-fly zone over Syria' Clinton, though.

Propaganda and bemusement tbh.

Its actually good though, because he has failed so completely AND sucked israeli dick so hard that lots of people have started to see the writing on the wall.
Trump has very-likely doomed israel by sucking them off so hard while failing his base so aggressively that israel became an issue of conversation.

Eh, not really tbh.

He's just as kosher as she would have been, so that suggests to me that her rhetoric was mostly bullshit. I don't know if she'd have had the ability to back israel the way Trump has, and that would have been funny and insightful.


Hillary would have destroyed Syria, the same Obama was going to.
Nigger what? She would be POTUS, same as Trump.

I didn't give a shit about him appeasing the Jews on foreign policy if he was willing to piss them off on domestic policy. Unfortunately, he's become a Jewish puppet on both issues.

I dont worship trump.
He stopped war in syria which is a big blow to the jews.

If Hillary had won illegal invaders wouldn't be the issue it is now. We would still be receiving innumerable invaders every year, it's just that no one would be talking about it.

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Hello cucks, are you searching for an true ACTIVE discord server to hang out and make friends?
Where the mods aren't power hungry?
Look no more!

We have MEMES, tons of LEWDS, a selfie channel, comfy channel, lots of E-Girls (Traps/Femboys too!).

Saw that on the news?
Seems legit.

Yeah guys, why did you vote for someone who campaigned on a ton of issues that appealed to you? hahaha. AT NO TIME did he even hint he sucked your uncle's cock, OP. But that's what liberal democracy is, doing the opposite of what the people want. So he promised a wall and people vote for him because of that and once in office, they didn't get a wall and instead, rich jews got a tax break.

You imagine the world revolves around you but in reality, you skitzo fuck. no one cares about your patch of dirt and the yahoos your surrounded by. We just want you all to die :)

It's over for Trumpcels.

Agreed, one day soon he’ll return aboard a nazi flying saucers reader to kill all the non aryans.

THERE ARE DIFFERENT JEWS. The bad ones, the internationalists who have all of the money and the organizations, have been supporting Iran and Muslim immigration and etc and using the Muslims as mercenaries to knock out their business competitors and subvert the West. The other Jews, the Zionists, have been warning us about them but generally failing to name or stop the bad Jews. Mainly because they work for British intelligence and the Israeli Labour party.

The bad guys are the familiar names: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, Bronfman, Geffen, the Sandlers, etc, the Jews that supported Obama knowing he was a Muslim agent.

Trump started his presidency on the right path but seems to have let javanka get too close to the baddies and influence him. He is not moving as quickly or decisively as he should.

Wait a minute-

We don't give a shit about your feelings her sweet cheeks. We deal in facts. Go back to wherever you came from and play your trap bullshit there.

Do you know where you are? Are you lost?

No there are not rabbi.
There is no such thing as a bad jew. If there were bad jews, that would mean there is a jew that isn't bad. All jews are biologically and spiritually, enemies of the white race.

Trump's platform was The Wall and no WW3, fixing unemployment and ending the PC reign of terror. The rest are details. Nobody cares about your shitty sand holes.

Trump is on fast track to war with Iran.

cant get a hitler if we dont shift that overton window. trump shifted the overton window. he had it shifting before he was even elected and it hasnt stopped.
mission accomplished.

cant wait to see what happens next.

Trump put a Rothschild into a cabinet position. You are dumb.

I can't wait until that fat cuck loses

More legal immigration than EVER!

He is not wrong. Trump was shilled here like anything.

The posters here are from state department. That's your answer.

spot on

t. MIGAnigger

How has america improved since trump?
tax cuts dont count.


Word on the grapevine is…

Israel owns Saudi Arabia – Israel has so much dirt on the Saudi royal family, in regards to their secretive ownership of slaves, sex slaves, pedophilia, corruption, former ties to terrorists groups, etc, that the Saudi royals essentially have to do Israel's bidding.

Up your statin levels

I suppose that's for the best.

WW3 means war against Russia. War against Iran would be bad news, but business as usual.

no rothschild bank really tears at them

what about Russia? why not 2 big cliques of dickwads?

Russia already backing Iran, China and Russia allied as far as positions against US hegemony

i think you guys are scared to admit you’re wrong

wrong about the most shilled candidate in Zig Forums history

wrong about the jews

it’s clear to me by how strangely obsessed you guys are with jews that you use them/NEED them to explain everything you don’t like about yourselves and don’t understand about the world. you’re an incel because of the jews. women are gaining rights because of the jews. gay marriage is legal because of the jews. when in fact the reason all these things are happening is because the world is changing out of your favor, and you don’t want to face that fact.

I didn't
Retards did because they do not research and they got easily manipulated