Using woke tumblrtoons against tumblr

Got this idea after finding the pic posted. Leftist cartoons used against them. See if we can make this sad fucks disown their own cartoons.

List of cartoons loved by Leftist

Steven Universe
Star vs the Forces of Evil
She-ra and the Princesses of Power
2016 Powerpuff Girls (specifically the nigger Bliss)

On that note, any drawfags out there will to draw Netflix She-ra curb stomping a tranny for "gay rights"?

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checked for lefty amygdalas being too weak to withstand their beloved toons being turned to h8



OP, check this video i posted.

best video that does this

My favorite thunk about Steven Universe is that the gems hollow out planets with maximum resource extraction protocols, thus also maximizing available surface area. It’s quite a fantasy. If we do that to Earth…

this one is actually even better, there's like 10+ real redpills in here, it even ends with hitler giving a speech

It has been honkened

Just make them white/fit/anti-LGBTQBRAP+ and repost them around
Never underestimate the salt this still generates, though you may wanna go for more modern shit than Steven Universe, a good start would be the Avengers

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It'd help to have more drawfags on this board to make this a viable tactic.

To be fair they already do, the insectoid things are universal scammers trying to steal Ricks inventions, and when he gets drunk he blames Israel for geopolitical problems. There is a massive Rick and Morty painted on the wall in Israel, or was.

(Checked and heiled)
I like this idea. What are we talking about here, just make them all nazis or what specifically? I have some time and Gimp, just need ideas.

Star vs the Forces of Evil is big into cuckqueaning, and cuckqueans are big into it. Being the idea that a man needs deserves more than one woman to keep him happy and fulfilled, and its use of biology reminding women that their purpose is to get pregnant for their man, it's amazing that the left hasn't called for mass executions of everyone making this show.

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Wow I didn't know about this. I'm surprised they're allowing it. Natural male mating strategy not being met with hate from the left? Although maybe they see it as another attack vector on traditional marriage? Hard to say with these people.

The proper term is:
LGBTFOPQ2SWTFBBQAYYLMAOQWERTYNTRBRAPEX+alpha & Knuckles, Featuring Dante From The Devil May Cry™, and introducing AKB0048



Basically I'm playing on how some Lesbians hate Trans for trying to "erase" them as really being trans. It's a common type of infighting with the Left which gave rise to "TERF" aka Trans excluditionary Feminist.

Likewise, the marking for season 2 of She-ra, every fucking review says, "Queerer than ever" or some variant of that. Video here explains it.

They want to virtue signal about being gay, so let's use that against them by saying they all hate trans (which the show has none).

The Male MC is a beaner, if they attack SvFE they're implicitly attacking Pedros and Joses who are hooking up with Stacies, no him being brown is not a tan, the guy has a Mexican as fuck name.

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For the longest time they were obsessed with this fantasy of being worthless elf slaves to superior white humans. Everyone there seems exclusively into white dudes. The nonwhite girls fantasize about getting cuckqueaned by whites and the white girls are into their ideal bfs fucking asians and niggers. All in all, it's a big, miserable clusterfuck of self-loathing 3DPD and regular anons egging them on.

Holy fucking shit, my sides. Does anyone else remember that one thread we had a few years back, when that one faggot tried making "redpill Rick and Morty" videos?

Did anyone save that video? Please for the love of fuck tell me someone saved that.
I didn't.

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Of course not. When trolling leftists still had some semblance of worth, nothing was kept and saved. Now that nothing short of global revolution will accomplish anything, the de-radicalization imperative is pushing what's left of Zig Forums to do this useless shit and leave baskets of paper at a tranny's house instead.

Thank you for your valuable contribution,
Asses and Elbows
How many times have you said you're going to kill yourself without delivering, you nihilistic fucking funpolice faggot?

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I've found the only ones who really get bent out of shape over it are children of single mothers. I think you can piece together why that would be.

Oh my god I miss old/pol/

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Bump for good potential. I'd dump these across the interwebs


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nothing wrong with last one btw.

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Nothing wrong with any of them.

Shut up, you (((jude))). You are going to be gassed.
(((they))) are Dead.
We are Free.

Don't for et to kill yourself on livestream, faggot.

Fucking awesome

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Not a cartoon but tumblr loves this show who

deviantart already they always make cartoons more buff

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if you were to do this you have to make the spics "corrupted gems" so the gays can identify with them as not evil but still dangerous to humanity because of their nature.

good allegory though.

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We are accused of cultural appropriation.

They are absolutely right.

SVTFOE is fairly redpilled. Granted, it still has calarts and a sissified protag (he becomes a trap once or twice), but cuckqueening? That's the spirit. Now they just need rich villains with long noses.

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This thread -> State of /pol

Just why?

The absolute STATE of nu/pol/


Why not both?




problem is that these are usually done for fetishistic purposes, just make the actually fat ones charismatic and fit in a standard sense of fashion


That's not true to real life.

noticed this 20 seconds in
(((honk honk)))

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Even if you for some reason discount Ludo Avarius long beak and Toffee's snout, how on earth do Heinous Globglor not qualify? In fact, find me a single antagonist on the show who doesn't have a Jew-beak.

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I'm already working on making a fully animated High School musical episode of Murdoch Murdoch. It's a hard task indeed, but it will revolutionize a dying Disney channel show.

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If you're actually able to do Murdoch Murdoch shit, then you really need to start working on anime.
There are so many instances in anime that have not been effectively memed.


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