Why are people so anal when they are filmed by a person, but don't care when it's fixed on a wall?

Why are people so anal when they are filmed by a person, but don't care when it's fixed on a wall?

CCTV guy is back at it with pt 2 the honkening

You mad I called you a clown?

don't know you friendly, came in on a node over a VPN. my mom called me a clown when I was in 10th grade, doubtful you are her cause she's dead now.
Paranoia, it does a body good

nobody wants to overtly be some spastics fap material

He's doing that in Yurup. He should try that shit in the good ole yew ess ay. he'll catch a bullet or two

is this shitposting

the beauty of it is that your own thoughts, the projection of your insecurities make you YOU. Your perception isn't the reality thought.

and you think people should be shot, it violates you on such a visceral level gunplay is required, but what have you actually done about the 5 year old white kid being thrown off the mall? nothing, because you don't actually shoot anyone.

Because everyone is perfectly fine with companies and the government tracking you 24/7 but can't even spend 10 minutes acting like humans when some random guy films them with a camera



I film a lot of my patients in my proctology clinic and they all seem to get upset as well until the medication knocks them out. I am not sure why, like OP…

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What struck me was, as a photographers who has shot nearly 3 million photographs of people, is most of these people would like being captured, however I did all of my photography work during celebrations when people are at their most happiest comment. This reflects the insecurities of people. Like the tough guy who wanted to fight like a bad ass….. just an insecure nobody ranting at the world. As most of us here are, where not news makers, we'll never be Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan, all of us, we are go alongs, to get along.

anal fetish guy

Is this the new Survelanec Camera Man?

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maybe you dont

Jeez, these people are pussies. This is why you always carry a clown horn. If you just gave him a friendly honk he'd probably just leave! And even if he didn't you would be the veritable hero of his compilation. A shining rainbow beacon of fun in the darkness.

my ego would like it tbh

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I would be pissed if this autist came up and started filming me too
No, that pisses me off too. I'm pissed off. Fuck all of you faggots.

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This guy talks too much and ruins it. Also memes irl = cringe.

Filming is how I get my sniff money.

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No, glow nigger. I meant to honk at him with an actual clown horn, not to shoot him.

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Real men would shoot cum shots.

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How do you honk at someone with a gun?


Normies live in fear, they know the politically correct system would crucify them socially if somehow what they do while they are filmed is perceived as against the norms.

was in your first thread on halfchan the other day, one thing you could is perhaps use a wind cover for your microphone, or an external microphone with a cover.
balls of steel.

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I too have similar questions:


NPCs react badly when there is a face behind the camera, but they "have nothing to hide!!" when it is a camera mounted on every wall in the city.

How do you know if your goldfish is a communist spy?

I am currently Mas-tic-cat-ting. Vigorously. To really cleanse, you’re gonna have to do some yoga. The cleansing properties of doing yoga with a garden hose up your ass cannot be exaggerated.

honk honk, nigger

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That's what I do.

He eats soy.

So they trust the system?

I have a horn like that in my truck. I see a lot of unexplained phenomena in my day-to-day business, especially in rest rooms. I agree with you about the moon. We never landed on the moon. It’s such a good fake.

I knew it!

shit really, that's amazing! I loved his original stuff!

God, not you too.

Is that the gas Nazis used to kill Jewish people in The Holocaust?

Quit your schizoposting, fag boy.

I 110% agree with you, the masses would smash all those cctv cameras down if they could, and the rub is you can't because you know the ZOGbots will find, you, collect you, jail you, and then, and this is the best part of the criminal jewtice system, (((niggers will fuck you))) that alone even give white ZOGbots a hard-on.

Yes it's an experiment, but do you see where it has taken all of us, an autist you can punch in the face, but will you do that to a cop who secretly harbors creams of you being ass raped by niggers?

Who is the greater criminal???

out of sight, out of mind

I'm homeless!

I was hoping you could explain these noises.

Monk Ya Boong ay

Look, It’s good for the economy to live in constant fear. How do you feel about that?

They don't even question it to have trust/distrust in their mind. Someone pointed out quite well that the npcs will accept anything that is done to them or told to them by those who provide what they want, wages, food, infrastructure; but that they will not accept the same being done to them, or even listen to someone who is not providing those things.
That's why they don't care about cctv, but react so much to this guy.

Hahha classic.
Was a good one, you are improving on your timing with people too, leaving at better moments.

People accept fixed cameras as just part of the scenery, many assume they aren't being watched, aren't even real or would never be used for a nefarious purpose because the government or corporation behind the camera wouldn't have a reason or be able to make a profit off of it. When they can see the camera man's face it finally clicks for them that someone is watching them and permanently recording what they are doing and then they see it as if the recorder had personally picked them out. I like watching first amendment audit videos, people will to great lengths to vilify and intimidate a cameraman just to protect a post office.

Hey man, ]but when are you] going to start seeing the bigger picture? We’re being lied to man and guys like you don’t help much, you know, you’re virtually one of them.

Ahaha cucked

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I'm just posting.

had he accepted her filming him and started a conversation after that, he could have cut it out in editing and spent a day with her instead.
saying "I'm not autistic" won't win the hearts of the ladies. Air handshake was class though haha

Euhh, I’ll tell you what makes me feel icky, the fact I haven’t washed in 2 months. Whatever you do, trust nobody.

Can someone link the old cctv guy videos


Inside, I feel like it’s time to close the pod bay door and take a rest. Until next time, reset your memory chip and don’t believe what they tell you!

I like the one where he barges into some room and an asian guy was fingerbanging his girlfriend.

yuropoors dress really horribly. My city in Canada is known for dressing badly and they look just like us.

Will watch it shortly.

you sound like a complete and utter faggot. no one gives a shit about fashion besides women and trannies

t. dresses lke

dressing nicely makes people respect you and improves the odds of passing on your genes. I like sexing women and it's much harder if I don't dress nice.

That's respectable. Everybody needs a little sniff every now and then.

There is a legitimate use for CCTV cameras for security. Problem is that they are abused by corporations and governments for nefarious purposes. When used simply to track nigger shoplifters they are not a violation of privacy.

I don't believe you. I need proof.

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If you're comfortable.with the disgusting government and the retards they staff but not random spergs and neighbors you can talk to first hand you're a flaming fucking retard.

What is 'nicely', the latest fashion that you've been told to buy so that you can fit in?
I don't think you can define it. If "everyone dresses badly in Europe", then that surely means they have a different norms, and dressing well means something entirely different.
That the canadian is so obsessed with fashion, calls his entire country badly dressed, and then "Europe" as a whole, shows that he's been brainwashed by american tv into only wanting to mimic a certain fag fashion that he saw on Sex and the City.

It was in the same one that had the homeless guy.

Wal-mart and Target both use facial recognition in all the cameras in each and every store in Burgerstaniand feed it directly to glow niggers.

There's several churches in the 'States now using facial recognition to track attendance.

There's a low iq scumbag on a power trip behind every cctv camera, zooming in on a pair of tits or a woman bending over in the supermarket, or a drunk girl on the street, recording it and fapping. Have you never been to youtube?
Cctv isn't normal, it happened suddenly in the mid to late 90s, and has risen dramatically after that. Before then, privacy was a human right, and like the people in this video think, permission was required to film another person, as respect.
Suddenly, without any laws changing, people were being filmed without their permission by dozens of cameras a day.



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Pill me on this.

Those 2 smug self righteous pieces of shit defending the poor minority in their country.

Idk why I linked you 2, disregard

Also image name related

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you'd think with all this cctv they'd catch child traffickers and other sorts

It's a shame they don't catch you have a fap, I would review that footage.

is it me or does this guy look like a filthy jew fucking some hagged out Botswana servant nigger for the minimal shekels possible?

Fixed cameras capture a scene, with most of the footage never even being seen. There is no active intent behind it.

However actively targeting someone is instinctively recognized as hostility, and as such is likely to be met with hostility.

This basic and predictable human behavior isn't a hard concept if you're not a fucking autist.

lol ok

Whatcha sliding rabbi? This was posted nearly a YEAR ago.


lets say, this technology exsisted 6 generations ago, how would you feel if 3 generations ago, you're great grandfather was drunk, involved in antics, and you were to be held accountable, you don't see how that would compromises you today, and your kids tomorrow?

everyone is being actively tagged by their mobile when they cross paths with cctv.

and what you don't even understand is all of theis USA, Canada, EU, UK data is being captured by the Chinese.

Is that Jim and Hotwheels?

So he's automatically an ugly jsut because he time travels?

This guy sucks. The original was better.

What do you want to know. Every one that thinks cctv and cops with cameras on their chests, and traffic wardens taking photos of the outside and inside of people's cars, and the government having a database of every face linked to your entire online and offline profile, with lists of your known associates, every house you've lived in, every flight you've taken, everything you've read from the library, everything you've bought from a supermarket, your medical history, where you've driven to, is completely normal and acceptable.
This level of surveillance used to be for international spies that were on route to assassinate someone in the government. Even drug barons had more rights and privacy than this, not to mention a warrant was required to obtain and collect this information.
cctv cameras as a technology were around for quite a while before they suddenly became everywhere, without reason.
In 1998, there were already 1.5 million cctv cameras in London, while the year same saw only 10,000 in new york. Now there are an estimated 10-15 million cameras in London. Why? No one can ever go through all of that. It is to generate fear, control, and make the state/authority the replacement for an omniscient god figure.

looks like you misspelt Jewass, aye?

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In Germany all places monitored by a camera need to have signs at the entrance, so you can decide for yourself if you want to be filmed or not.
Additionally on these signs there has to be the name and address of who is recording the video material, so you have a contact if you want to request your material to be deleted or sue the place if they leaked your image without your consent to the public.
Additionally the random person on the street has no right to make videos and pictures of you without your consent and if he does so he is breaking a law(§201a StGB), in which case you can call the Police and even make a provisional citizen's arrest(after §127 StPO), if the person tries to escape before the police is there.

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Fucking sick of what Bourgeoisie do UNNA

I'm a proctologist who currently is doing a bit of time in some remote indigenous communities and the fucking stories these beautiful fellas tell me are astonishing

One told me about this time when a high ranking politican came to the community and had him give an enema to this politician while said politcian was eating a raw onion, it was his thing

He then goes to the ABC to drop this story and even those fucking cunts who at least pretend to not be complete Bourgeoisie dipshits like Murdochs cunts wouldn't hear a blackfella out

Farken Racist aye

Pic related its him

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This is the same law that prevented Google streetview from datamining the country ?

NK You Boong