New Census Numbers Reveal Americans Migrating West And South, And Away From High-Tax Blue-States

From July 1, 2017 to July 1, 2018 seven of the ten counties that had the largest percentage increase in population were either in Texas or Florida…

McKenzie County, ND: 7.1 percent

Williams County, ND: 5.9 percent

Comal County, TX: 5.4 percent

Kaufman County, TX: 4.7 percent

Brunswick County, NC: 4.6 percent

Walton County, FL: 4.5 percent

Midland County, TX: 4.3 percent

Osceola County, FL: 4.3 percent

St. Johns County, FL: 4.2 percent

Hood County, TX: 4.1 percent

Texas and Florida do not have a state income tax, and so that could help to explain these numbers.

The top two counties on the list are both in North Dakota, and a lot of people are being drawn up there for energy industry jobs. McKenzie County produces more oil than any other county in the state, and even though it can get bitterly cold, many workers find the very high wages paid by the industry very alluring.

Meanwhile, some of the biggest cities in the entire nation are shrinking.

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New York City is losing people for the first time in a decade, and the population of Chicago has now fallen for four years in a row…

The Chicago area’s population declined for the fourth year in a row in 2018, according to the latest Census Bureau estimates.

There were 22,000 fewer residents in the 14-county metro area than in 2017, a drop of 0.2 percent, and the first time since 2010 that the area’s population has slipped below 9.5 million people. Cook County, which accounts for 55 percent of the population in the metro area, lost 24,000 residents.

Considering all of the gang violence, the absolutely insane politicians and the oppressive levels of taxation, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why people would want to leave the Windy City.

I guess the real mystery is why so many people would want to stay.

According to a report put out by North American Moving Services, Illinois is actually the top state for outbound moves, and Idaho is actually the top state for inbound moves…

Every year, roughly 14% of the US population moves from one state to another, according to Census Bureau data. But after a careful analysis of the data from 2018, North American Moving Services published its latest report on American migration patterns…and it contained some surprising conclusions.

For example, while Illinois was once again the top state for outbound moves (thanks, we imagine, to its dysfunctional state government, high taxes and massively underfunded pensions), the top state for inbound moves was…Idaho?

A quick glance at the data reveals a familiar pattern: Americans are leaving high-tax blue states in favor of red states with low taxes and low cost of living.

Hopefully the secret about how great Idaho is won’t get around too widely, because all the people from California that are moving up here have already driven home prices through the roof.

Another city that is seeing people leave in droves is Baltimore…

“Thousands of people are fleeing the city each year as total population plummets to 100-year lows. There are about 46,000 vacant rowhomes scattered throughout the area, or roughly 15% of the housing stock is dormant. On a per capita basis, the city has the highest rate of homicides per 100,000 in the country. Opioids from Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland Medical Center continue to flood the poorest of neighborhoods, leaving the African American communities in a perpetual state of addiction, along with the need for constant government assistance programs. With the local economy basically a black market, gangs roam the streets like a third world country.”

I remember going to Orioles games as a kid, and at that time Baltimore was still somewhat of a vibrant city.

But now it is a rotting, decaying, drug-infested nightmare that is slowly dying right in front of our eyes.

And of course we continue to see an exodus from the California coastline, and one of the big reasons for that is because housing has gotten way too expensive…

A full 43 percent of Californian voters, and an astounding 61 percent of those aged 18 to 34, feel they can’t afford to live in the state, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll. And over three-quarters of voters agree that there’s a “housing crisis.”

The median value for a house in the Golden state is about $550,000, according to real-estate website Zillow. That’s more than twice the national median.

Of course there are many other reasons to leave California as well. For much more on that, please see my previous article entitled “Nobody Does It Better: The Amount Of Human Feces On San Francisco Streets Is Going Up Every Single Year”.

Before I wrap up this article, I want to also say a bit about retirement migration.

As the Baby Boomers retire, millions of them are moving from cold weather states to warm weather states.

For ages, the state of Florida has been the number one destination for retirees, but now that has apparently changed. According to Fox Business, this is the very first year that New Mexico is on top of the list…

This was the first year New Mexico topped the list. Forty-three percent of moves to New Mexico were related to retirement, while 60 percent of people moving there were between the ages of 55 and 74. The cost of living in the state is 3 percent less than the national average, while income taxes are low.

I never would have guessed that.

Perhaps the cost of housing is low and that is why a lot of retirees from California see it as a good option.

And yes, lots of Baby Boomers are still retiring in Florida, and the state is still number two on the list…

While it did not make the top spot this year, Florida ranked second with 39 percent of moves into the state being retirement related. Aside from the warm weather and beach communities, Floridians are not subject to state income taxes.

In addition to everything that I have just shared, many Americans are migrating across the country for more ominous reasons. They can see the direction this nation is headed, and they want to be positioned for what America is going to be like in the coming years.

The fabric of our society is unraveling right in front of our eyes, and a lot of people just want somewhere safe, secure and sane to raise their families.

Unfortunately that is not so easy to find anymore, and the social decay that is eating away at our country like cancer is spreading a little bit more with each passing day.

This is actually part of the policy. It spreads prosperity and helps turn the world silver. Bring on the ecumenopolis! I think I used that word correctly. The thing is, people with resources to move freely bring new ideas and new energy to backwards areas, outcompeting awful economic systems based on resource extraction and dirty processing.

Rot rot rot rot! If the cities rot new cities arise! Progress continues; meaning accretes; lives get better by the year! Let us dance and revel in the power of shared cognition! Rot rot rot rot!

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If you're gonna fuck off from your shithole, y'all'd better damn well not turn our red states, blue. It astounds me that you would vote democrat thus turning your state into tax hell, only to move to a red state only to vote the same way that ruined your home state.

Modern Florida is hell. Those who move there expecting paradise, outside of the Keys, are in for a rude surprise. I haven't been to Texas in a few decades but it was already a shithole of people who didn't respect American culture so I bet it's basically a Mexican Somalia now.

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One day whites will not be able to flee anywhere.

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Texas and Florida are drowning in immigrants though.

yet California keeps growing because the property taxes are so incredibly low there, and (((((((democrats)))))))) attempt to add inheritablity to Prop 13 benefits is so ridiculously, incredible, ungodly jewish that every single spic, mick and shit on the planet will be moving there and buying single family detached homes

People who buy homes in California do not have their taxes raised more than 1% per year, and the baseline is used for when the house was purchased/transferred (not adjusted yearly like every other state and place on earth does). And in a year, it's highly likely that that latter condition (home value being recalculated upon transfer) will be removed. This will create a situation where people will be paying $3-5k taxes on $2-3 million dollar homes they inherit from their parents.

It is 100% taxes, it's the jet fuel that keeps California growing. If California were to have a normal property tax system (say 5-6% adjusted yearly) the state economy would collapse.

Just make sure you keep the Jews out of local political office. They will fuck you six ways to Sunday and then move to the next host. I’d be interested is seeing how much of this migration is economic and how much is White flight

I will never move south. I was born and raised there, I do not like that its become a parody. There are plenty of places to live cheap in the north, further away from jews, beaners, and niggers as you'll ever get in the south or west coast. I imagine the people leaving are really the people who ought to go anyway.

In my state all taxes are subject to an annual raise limit of 1% or scaled with the cost of living, whichever is less. So it seems the same as CA, or even better.

As long as those blue state fuckers learn their lesson and fucking stop voting democrat. The party that ruined their taxed-to-hell blue state. Imagine the stupidity to go from New York state to say; Texas, and voting the same way that caused the problem.

They never learn their lesson user

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they're not migrating from high taxes, they running from niggers, it's just normal white flight

Where have you been? Every state is a fucking blue state now, Cleetus. You think 2020 or 2022 will go our way? Forget it. These cucks should have just quit paying their taxes.


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I met many white families in Texas… contrary to what many shills here say.

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Texas here. It really depends where you are. Houston is a brown shithole with Dallas not far behind. San Antonio is Mexico - more specifically the capital of Tejas. Austin is mostly White, but even worse transplant, liberal fag Whites. The only big city that is blood red and very White is the Forth Worth area.
White Texas is centered around Waco, Temple, Georgetown (Central/hill country Texas). I live about 50 miles north of Houston and it is all White out here.

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Boomer newfag (under two years) here.
It was a learned migration pattern since the the 1960's from the birth of the hippies san fran.
CA; protested, followed failed gurus (grifters), lived in failed communes (lazy ppl caused fail), did lots of various drugs and alcohol (bought from black minorities) love blacks and minorities, party all the time, free love (boomers have boomers), create "single moms" and interracial spawn, go on welfare food stamps, women's lib, burn bras, etc. see the pattern?
Then they Voted Dem ticket in CA (meanie Reagan has GUN in his name he is a Cowboy, a campaign to connect Reagan to their parents who watched TV westerns endlessly) TV shifts to color and TV shows jump on the hippie bandwagon, bewitched, star trek, etc. then hippies could not afford to PARTY in CA.
Moved to OR, repeat,, moved to CO, repeat, moved to WA.
This is nothing "new" just a proven way to spread a virus.

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That's a nu/pol/ meme fyi

The blue counties in FL are pieces of shit, infested with (((merchants))), niggers, commies and Cubans. But there are other majority white areas that are nice. It's a big state. Avoid the trip county south east FL area

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There are probably no liberals on Zig Forums but that is exactly what they do. They bring their trash communist kike ideology and ruin where they move like locusts. It leads me to believe that is the reason why high population areas are subject to the most jewery, so they people flee to other areas like a disease and start to kill those states and cities too.

The kikes have been hard at work to ruin the electoral system and this country for decades, maybe even over a century. If the time comes for the white uprising, do not forget what they have taken from you and your people. Do not show then mercy.

American white families are even emigrating/fleeing to Russia, due to persecution.

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Yeah, I am. If you're here, you've abandoned ship.

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We watched you succumb to the most extremely sophisticated campaign in human history since organized religion.
You think you win with this strategy of killing your own Parents and Grandparents?

Too late. Boise has been exploding and attracting many people from California

Migrating from where? Mexico?

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there's more blacks in Florida then in the north

You sound like one of those Boomer traitors yourself.

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That is 100% what will happen.
Happening in my hometown in England too. Liberals move here and complain its too white and rural.
They fail to see that they wanted TO move here FROM their inner city shitholes.

I mean, i only post it because boomers care
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This is the pattern:
>heavily (((diiverse))) cities leads to white flight

It's like a visible, physical version of mk ultra.

the thing with Florida is that yes property taxes is lower but home prices around the Atlantic side were everyone is moving the prices are constantly going up from Miami to Jacksonville and everything in between plus rising flood/hurricane insurance. Yes you do get a deductible from getting hurricane proof windows but it's too little and cost an arm and a leg to buy. I am waiting for the housing bobble to return


Thanks for watching and not stopping the flood of subhuman filth and degenerate ideas pushed by parasites.
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Yes the boomer shit is Jew psyop deluxe. Shame the stormtards take the bait every time.

Russia is in major decline of population especially with the ethinc russians, It will be a muslim country if population growth doesn't grow

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Good assessment.

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they literally wont stop building apartments in metro atlanta. burn it all.

Migration to the sun belt isn't anything new. NC and SC were the hotness a few years ago (after FL sort of imploded), and now they're starting to suffer from the same (((problems))).
I'm seeing headlines from Texas with similar trends.

There is nothing wrong with that. Russian Muslims are based and redpilled and are part of Russia unlike western imported """Muslims""

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Wait, so you’re telling me that raising taxes on everything to pay for all the government handouts given to third world shitskins and niggers expedites the dissolution of the middle class?
Can’t wait to see what happens when everyone leaves and the money for gibs runs out.

Obviously they gonna chase people with money wherever they go. Fellow white people can't escape.

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Mexicnas and Puerto Ricans

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I hate fucking carpetbaggers. They get the bullet too. Git your Yankee ass off my land.

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Texas is rapidly growing bad, but it is not teetering on baltimore-tier crime yet. Cities like Laredo are almost there, and there is an undeniably huge spic infestation. But Texas' true problem isn't exactly that.

Texas has a unique issue with Based Shitskin Syndrome. Based Shitskin Syndrome is where a white believes that because they can co- exist to some degree with shitskins, they tolerate and even celebrate them. In addition, this is where a white glorifies the mundane actions of a shitskin, like how a pet owner praises a pet or a young parent is obsessed with their toddler's antics. Texas is filled with cucks like that, and they overlap with Republicucks and Democraps.

This problem is even worse when the underlying issue is not that cucks with BSS ignore all of the shitskins chimping out, it's that there are many shitskins not chimping out enough. Spics represent an extremely varied degree of shitskin behaviors. Anyone on Zig Forums who has lived in areas with shitskins knows that the worst of them are not the shitskins shitskinning everywhere, it's the shitskins breeding more shitskins with a relatively docile nature. For every few "based shitskins" that underperform, drag everyone into mundanity and represent schlomo's idealized mutt, there are a few more that cause all of the problems attributed to shitskins.

This is where Texas finds itself: stagnation and slow but gradual browning. The cucks there love that they know so many Based Spics that "work hard" to acheive so much (mediocrity). These cucks have the worst of double standards, that as long as spics are barely getting by and underachieving, they acknowledge them as peers. This is a greater problem than the actual shitholes. Take a look at areas like the Rio Grande Valley, shitskin central but because it is filled with so many Based Shitskins, the 10 or 12 whites that live there believe they're in good company that totally wouldn't betray them in the event of a race war. If you thought rampant goblino crimes were bad, see the hideous goblins that are NPC-tier. Those are your Based Shitskins, Based Spics.

keep your brown and blue asses out of the South!

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Well said. And bad prophesy for whites.

No it's not just them. I'm getting Yankees and California cucks coming into my(now formerly) little white mountain town and taking over local politics and bringing niggers and spics in.

not 1 person in that picture will shoot at zogbots and half of them are informants waiting for a dumbfuck to say something bad so they can rat for those zog sheks