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Just reclaiming its rigtful land.

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Fuck off moshe.

What is it that would cause Russia to collapse? Didn't know the threat of collapse loomed over them, but I guess (((some))) people are predicting a global recession around 2020.

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I'm sure putin is laughing


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Gas yourself, kike

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The eternal wet dream of Berzinskis of the western world, cold war relicts and atlanticists that are all too common in US establishment these days.

They are always peddling "Russia collapse anyday nao" meme.

When the global elite decide to move forward with that part of their plan.
There is no conflict between powers at the top level, we already have a global government. This fact is concealed from the masses because the time where the dissolution of national borders and an overt global government can be controlled without significant resistance has not yet arrived.
All bullshit. All staged.
Now this is not to say that there will not be a WW3, there almost certainly will. But like the previous two versions, the objective is not territorial, but the mass elimination of the best of the males from each side, and a significant number of the civilians too.
Nothing that happens in geopolitics is organic. The "news" that is presented to the public is 100% reality TV script.
Often the fate of certain predetermined events will be portrayed as being in the hands of one individual (e.g Brexit.)
Naturally, these events are decided on a global scale, the politician seen to be dealing with them is nothing but a highly paid actor.
This is was easy to know that Brexit would be stalled, delayed, drawn out intractably and finally dispensed with for (reasons.)
The public, as always, will be coached into believing that it was their idea, or "the best" in order to address certain problems such as instability, terrorism, crime.
tl;dr the sole purpose of public-facing "politics" is to manoeuvre the public into acceptance overt 1-world government as "the only sensible way."

The future is looking bright

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The NK aspect is staged. If China wanted the NK they won't be around by the time the stock market opens the following day.

China has the power to make the generals throw a Coup. All they got to do is promise to spirit them away to Rural china & give them a pension. China would let the US go into NK and at the last second there would be a helicopter waiting to send them to china. The US would never really get to capture NK, but those old guard generals would be gone and Chinese puppets will take their place.

Their population degrowth and their economic stagnation. Russia's population is collapsing due to high abortions, unemployment and the ripple effects of their "Lost Generation" of the WW2 era. Nowhere near to the point that Ukraine could go at it and retake Crimea, but it's worrysome enough that it will cause social instability. Frankly the world should be more concerned with China's similar problem.

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Talk about crackheads.
Russia is the most stable country in that region. Shit, it's more stable than China.

What region?
It's less stable than every country west of it

Elmo does not want the redpill but he cannot go back now

Azov Jewish shills are shitting themselves now that Zelensky has won, their money will be drying up maybe they will be rounded up even.


There was never a thing called independent ukraine before the collapse of communism. It's always been a province of Poland (west) and Russia (east). A fucking Cossack state would be more legitimate because they're actually a separate ethnicity.

Ukrainians are some of the stupidest people alive this side of the Israel occupied US federal government.

Zogald Blormf will support this.

Interesting that it seems to be the female populations everywhere that are collapsing.

Woah woah woah… hold on.

Are you the same guy who kept repeating this about Poland? Because this is literally the same argument against Poland with Ukrainians used in place of Poles.

Nations are not just borders. Their foundation is people and the Ukrainian people stole no land. They live there and have every right in the world to rule themselves.

Endgame scenario

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They aren't 'ruling themselves' now. They are ruled by jewish NEOCohens. The overthrew the democratically elected government and performed a CIA 'color revolution' (like the one in all the arab shitholes and the one in progress in France)…

Yeah, I see it. I would feel bad about it but instead I am happy that women will finally be free in death.

the survived not only commies but the russian winter, i doubt they'll be loosing territories soon
Ukranians are a completly different race from slavs and other yuropeans
if they really want to take over lost territorie they will have to moove large numbers of people into the artic thundra that is Russia or start reproducing like rabbits
there's no way they'll succed with this shit

They can't really 'reproduce like rabbits' because they are too busy selling their children into sex slavery just so that they can eat. This happened when the (((NEOCohen 'national socialists'))) took over and made it an 'open borders nation where the largest commerce they have is sex trade, slavery and STD's…their only goal is to ruin the last of the Goth (Germanic) people in the Ukraine and utter destroy them…no one is 'taking over' anything (despite the numerous attempts at coupes in the military trying to throw off the NEOCohens slave monsters) the real goal is the complete extermination of the people. It would not surprise me at all if their coupe d'etat for Ukraine was to send them to war and then starve them all to death afterwards. Expansion is not even an issue. IF THERE WAS TO BE AN EXPANSION…it would be semites and niggers invading Russia NOT UKRAINIANS.

let's not forget about all the other stolen land in the north. i kinda feel for those people, imagine living in your country on your land and then you get flooded with low tech infrastructure with zero urban planning, then you have to learn that useless gibberish language that even comes with it's own back to front alphabet.
And to top it all off they flood you with gopniks and china tier corruption.

Nope. Poland is a great nation with more than 1000 year old history. Ukraine as an independent entity and nationality DIDN'T EXIST TILL 30 YEARS AGO. 30 YEARS. Lvov was a Polish city just like New York is an American city, or Cologne a German city. Entirely Polish. Polish children gave their lives defending it from commies, but now fucking ukrainians deny it and forbid Polish people still living there from using their own language and teaching it in schools. This is literally a stolen land.

Cyrillic was 'invented' by a nigger jew.

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Stealing is a bit of a short cut, Soviet Union stole the land from aformentioned countries, but as it died, Ukraine looted it.

Orlęta Lwowskie, the Leopolis Eaglets
Oy vey, there were, and aren't any lions on this nameless irrelevant cemetary (^:

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yid please

Ukraine is more likely to collapse than Russia. Everyone is fleeing the country.

I'll remember this.

I'm not shitting on Ukrainians, I'm shitting on Ukraine and its kiked government. Common people don't have much choice if they're indoctrinated and taught shit since the beginning.

I hope these are joke shitposts.

Aww, is the little semi-slav upset about being exposed?

Literally every single White nation is ruled by either a neocon or a communist. If that were no so, we wouldn't be in this ridiculous situation.

Maybe so but today it is very much majority Ukrainian and it would be unjust to depopulate a region just to steal it back. Poles have enough land in Poland without stealing it from Ukraine.

To be honest that the women are the ones lagging behind is perfectly normal, as periods of overpopulation and prosperity don't require many more baby-makers, whereas periods of crises and stagnation do. Biologically, women are wired to statistically have more sons or daughters according to mechanisms that modern science still can't fully understand, and even though skeptics may say that it's just a ~0.1% difference, it's still a relevant one when it factors into the hundreds of thousand people.
The problems rise when such an event, that is, helping exclusively one sex to be more relevant than the other, is enforced by people/a government, like with China, which, despite numbers and laxer laws regarding child birth, has such a deficit of women that the government will likely start flat out importing nogs or cloning women or creating vat babies to prevent a social collapse. The problem with these population theories is that they're hard to predict for a period of time longer than a couple of years and by the time their effects can be estimated it's already too late. For instance, most western countries being below the fertility rates is not a problem at all per se, heck they're even overpopulated by the standards of last century (and I think we should really go back to those numbers), however the REAL issue (and what (((spin doctors))) are purposefully hiding from places like Japan) is that the geriatric population of the world is staggering for most developed nations and importing working-age males from different ethnicities is a racial genocide. The funniest part about this is that rapefugees actually do end up following the same population growth/degrowth rates of their new host nations, but the small lull of time where they're imported and breed even more of their own is dangerous enough to turn entire communities to their side.

What a beautiful, meaningful game made by one gigantic faggot. I'll never get over it.

Most Eastern European countries are huge LARPers though. Russia is no different.

I wonder what would be the ruskies say to counter the claim that Ukraine is literally whiter than Russia.


All part of Greater Israel.

Ruskies aren't different for letting a jew (Lenin) to rule over them.

What do you think those millions of deaths were about?

And who do you think actually kill those millions?

Good luck steppe bros. Make us proud.

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yes goy, all languages come from hebrew


Hmm…looks a little familiar

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Oh right, now I understand why Ukraine is one of the main CP production hubs in the world

Cossacks have NEVER been a different ethnicity they're Russian ("Russian" or being the name of the east slavs, the great, the little, the white, etc… Just like "Deutsch" is not one people, it's an umbrella term) that took upon the mongols/tatars tradition.
Cossack means "adventurer", it was a first and foremost a SOCIAL CLASS in the very rigid (almost caste-like) Russian medieval system, it is NOT a separate group. It's like saying, I don't know, that french nobility and french peasantry were two different people for example.
Also Cossacks have never been independent either, they were enjoying a large autonomy but ALWAYS had the Russian Emperor as their liege once they rebelled against Poland.


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Neck yourself, fucking mongol.

Since the collapse of the soviet union, Ukraine has lost about a 3rd or a quarter of it's population. If any country in europe is on the brink of collapse it's them.

Севастополь прекрасний
Дякую )))


we just need to remove the other 2/3…


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Ukraine is run by Jews
Fuck off mossad shills.

Ukraine is literally Russia

based Jews

I'm willing to bet that the election of that jewish comedian fella has something to do with this.

There wont be a violent, explosive collapse like what is possible in the united states, but demographic collapse is very real.
Russia west of the urals is a patchwork of racial groups, and central Asians are moving en masse into European Russia.

Persecution can lead to ethnogenesis, even if two groups are racially and ethnically similar.
Holodomor has ensured that Ukranians will never see themselves as Russians.
Also see- the Irish, the White Americans, the Afrikaners, and the Quebecois for other examples of this.

I don't know about that one.

If you guys weren't so eager to have east Prussia as part of Poland, you would probably still have Lvov.

Honestly, even if Europe solves the issues that issue its racial integrity, I foresee a massive war in the near future over land and territorial borders.
Too much bad blood between the nations to ever solve these issues peacefully.

*issues that threaten

*Russia east of the urals
don't drink and post, guys

Odessa used to be one of the most important Jewish cities in the world, far surpassing what modern day New York is for them.

Hohol delusions know no bounds

Not to mention the sex trafficking, slavery, drugs and STD's and 'open borders'…they got their 'jewish National Socialist' revolution that the CIA arranged for them and now they and their children are DYING of it.

Nope, Russia is literally Ukraine.

Funny, because the same for Russia.

Can I get a source on this? I am all over the Ukraine because I don't like the CIA/NEOCohen color revolution that happened their and destroyed their nation and people. As most khazarians will tell you, Europeans/Whites have 'already lost' I would like to monitor the Ukraine to understand their plan for the slaughter of all Europeans (since they won't get off their fucking asses and DO ANYTHING of fight back).

That is because the Russians who matter are as related to us as though they were our own flesh and blood. The global extermination of Europeans continues.

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Nigger what?

"man from Odessa" basically means Jew in Russia

Sadly I concur.
This is why I strongly advocate against border alterations based on ancient claims. Demographics has changed so much in the past century that any past claims are irrelevant and not based on nationalism but jingoism.
Nation-states are founded upon the principle of One state for one people
Thus, borders should reflect the people who live in an area, not the other way around. If we ever manage to throw the jew off our back, we must not succumb to yet another goddamn brother-war and slaughter each other. That would forever prove that Europeans cannot govern ourselves and the jew would come back in one form or another.
The only even remotely justified border alterations are those based on PEOPLE and self determination such as areas where a clear ethnic majority wishes to rejoin with a fatherland.

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The jew is the only problem in our nations. If they are exterminated there would be no reason to have any sort of war at all. They have been the problem since their inception and interference in our nations. I think most people have NO IDEA the depth of their collusion and betrayal of our people or their engineering of our wars.

Ukrainians are jews.

They can't free their country from kikes, what makes them think that can fight someone outside?

yidchenko no!

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gothic hasn't been spoken in ukraine since the 1500ds though user, same withe balkans, they have long since been assimilated and slavonized, stop living a fantasy world

closest you come there is a ultra tiny minority of swedes in a couple of villages there, which some of still hold on to their mother tongue. they were sent there after the battle of narva as the tsar didn't want them near the place

This doesn't make any sense. If they cared about profit, they'd want it to be a long term thing. No, they care about other people not profiting, even more than profiting themselves.

Jim Watkins the owner of Zig Forums is going to face military tribunal where he'll be tried for treason and executed per US code

§2381. Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

What about getting rid of the jews that occupy your nations first?

Your prattle is one of desperation.

Can someone explain why the president crucified owls?

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I hope that you're right. However even some so-called nationalists have an obsession with taking other peoples' land. You see that sort of shit here all the time and while some of it may be egged on by jews or other assorted anti-White traitors, many have seemingly complex and "well"-thought out reasons for demanding land be stolen and ethnically cleansed of Poles or Ukrainians or Russians or French.

Land-theft based on ancient claims is not nationalism. It's just imperialism.
This is why zionism is not "merely" jewish nationalism. It's the demand that jews steal other peoples' land because many centuries ago, jews may have been a majority there (ignoring the fact that even their own history demonstrates that they stole it from the Canaanites)

Support from the u.s

This is why the solution is to take over the EU rather than destroy it. A National-Socialist EU is necessary nya~

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This. There's a lot of hard lessons that need cementing once we reclaim self determination for European nations. I doubt we could wholly abide by these new guidance without first going through harsher eugenic pressures, resulting in more intelligent nations. It seems obvious that blood is the nation, the people are the nation, but ignorance here has culled countless millions of our best. The state is supposed to enhance the nations well being, not replace the nation, or send its youth in to a storm of steel.

Zig Forums:
We love to support a jew controlled country that larps the EU and constantly seeks intervention from the USA.

symbolically crucifying the rothschilds, as that's their symbol. that's why you see owls everywhere in all media today.

get in the oven kike

That is pretty based but I hope those aren't real owls or if they are I hope they died of natural causes and are simply taxidermy.