Do not name the JEW

I have noticed something quite recently and Zig Forums seems not to understand it.
You should ==NEVER== directly name your enemy.

Here are few example:

homophobe/cis:normal man
toxic masculinity:Strong man
islamophobe:christian man
african american:nigger
antisemite:not a brain dead goyim

by creating words they can have a huge inluence on the people although these words mean nothing and can be used without a reason. "Don't like X, you must be a nazi fascist homopho…"

So here is my suggestion Zig Forums,why use """"offensive""""" words like kikes and jews when you can use words to name them in public without risking anything?

when I say (((big nosed bank elites))) you know what i mean.:^)
when I say dongoloid you know what i mean.nigger
when I say fat whales you know what i mean.

the goal is not to lose our objective and i understand that the few examples i mentionned may not be the best i can use but you got the idea.

TL;DR: Let's create new words to call niggers,jews and faggots that we can use to name them and point we are the real victims

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Shut your melanin deficient albino nigger ass honkey boy.

Go back to cuckchan faggot. Sage.

Lurk for 2+ years.

no thanks. this is how colored people becomes black > african american > people of color. i'll stick to nigger.


Very good are a good male.
You have wisdom and good brains.
The jews or traitors do it and you totally know how it is.propaganda nonsense.
I don't care about gay rights,but they say that 'women's are humans' or 'human rights are women rights' it is not true.
You see like how it is.if give THEN the choice if she want to fuck and not want children for the law, it is a problem.

Remember when cuckchan tried to do this by calling kikes and niggers "googles" and "skypes"? Boy how fucking long that one lasted.

antiemitic drugs are now antisemitic drugs

not until your post reminded me of it tbh

It was only stopped due to the fact that it wasn't needed yet. It's still there if needed.

Remember google was implementing an AI censorship service for comments - so using the words would train the AI censor to delete any google content.

if (word != "google")

If you are implying that it cannot work, then you are mistaken.
Many years back, Liveleak started handing out account infractions for the word "nigger."
The community responded by using the word "infraction" to mean nigger.
The substitute is still in use today.
Now, the actual problem with ops suggestion, and why it doesn't work outside of small contained communities(eg infraction meaning nigger has not spread outside of LL) is that the recipient needs to know what the word means, for effective communication to occur.
The left's slang works because the controlled media, education, press etc popularise the words on their behalf. We have no controlled global media so what happens when you try the same thing :

If she doesn't want to fuck and make kids, it's rape. Rape is so normal.

Only when she doesn't want it is already rape in some states.

Can you understand how easy it is to rape a woman, how common it is, and how normal it is.

Only in some countries she has to resist first, those women. so yes, it's only rape when she actively resists, but that's happened a lot in history, men did that a lot, just a woman who resists and fuck her and bite and slap her.

Men who say: 'hang the rapists',do they understand what they say? We don't have to say right away that these anti-rape men have changed, but they should be able to keep talking about it normally and not start inciting or sowing hatred at rapists.

Did you know that 1/5 of the women are regular or have been raped and 1/5 of the men are rapists? So be careful what you say and have respect for men.

You see that fewer and fewer white women respect men and portray them as rapists, as if that's weird. as if rape is a weird weird thing.

So it's only by raping women that it's possible to form a good race population.

Women do not have the right to decide for themselves.

The highest spirit is God the Lord.

They do pretend nowadays that rape would be the same as murder, but that is not the case.

A woman can be killed when you want. Men can be told to kill each other in a fight.

God will take care of the truth.

Hitler did the it best, in one of his early speeches, he went down the road of International actors but had someone in the crowd yell out:
And then continued on from there. There is something to be said by having someone else yell out "JEWS!", it mess with the programming because the people were/have been programmed to deny from a single speaker but when two speakers work together like that it might overcome the blockage.

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Leftists are nothing but emotional manipulators.
Sadly, people are too stupid to face the facts.

Came here to post this. Gas the skypes!

JFK releases last year showed echoes come from "(((assassination)))"

OP is retarded. The best propaganda is the truth amongst the wretched sea of lies we are flooded with.

Keep lurking faggot.

Fuck off, he names them in Mein Kampf. Hitler had no issue naming them, you know who did? Mosley. And because he only dared speak of international money power, it became too cryptic for a lot of people too quick.
OP is a moron, words like faggot and nigger work perfectly. They cut this slime of the earth deep, they hurt. And maybe hurt enough to wake them up.

Lol this is the end result of your pathetic low-IQ brain working in overdrive? Code names/ cover words for the people/groups you don't like?

Boy, we are facing a very formidable force here.

You forget the Pinocchio effect…the more you lie the more it will bite you in the ass, and the jews are stockpiling lies for millennia now. You have to name them, blame them, call out their crimes, and attack the most fundamental lies of them all…religion and the laws of men. It all needs to crumble down, the entire human identity, which is based on nothing but lies to give the few the control over the many.

Wrong, naming the Jews and other degenerates is our strongest move.
They can only work and do their bullshit, because the normies are unaware and ignorant of their actions.
You don't have to be overly direct or hateful about it, but just exposing the jews and degenerates by pointing them out can slowly red pill your entire family.
If you are forced to watch Hollyjew movies or the Talmud vision with your family, simply point out some of the jewish actors and names in the credits in an indirect manner. Especially if the movie and show as terrible storytelling.
Do this for a couple of month or years, depending how blue pilled your family members are.
Then stop it and talk about them about religion/and or population statistics with your family members, do it about a topic not directly related to jews, and point out how little of the population the jews and other degenerates make up.
It will make click in their brain even if they didn't notice it themselves. They will see the name and people in the public and start to wonder.

It's not about creating a "fad" - you faggots can't even hold one for ten minutes.
It's not about creating random euphemisms either.
It's not even about creating code-words.
It's about coming up with terms that, to use in our line of thought makes us seem moral, good, "helpful" and intelligent. The normalfag likes to sound and come off as those things, though for the most part he is not.
If anything atleast always refer with positive words, to the actions of those you support and are aligned with. For example say the conversation of Tarrant comes up, use the word vigilantism, proactive action, freedom fighter or whatever, never cuck or humour the terms that label you and your beliefs the villain. For the edgy neckbeard being the villain might seem cool, but there are many reasons no one thinks the neckbeard is cool and retarded things like this is among them.

I disagree entirely. There is a rather large difference in ideologies and perspectives between those like ourselves, and our enemies. What you need to understand is that despite the implications of the whirlwind of slander that is constantly crashing down upon us; we are not creatures possessed by an all-consuming hatred. We do not hate the entire world, we do not wish for a total-breakdown of Creation, for the extermination of all life, for a revolution of the 'flesh' that changes what we are as Mankind.

Our enemy does not like to use the true names of the things they hate because they want to be able to use the same lines of slander against all the other things that they hate in the future. They hate life, they hate Creation, they hate reality itself; in religious terms, they hate God; in secular terms, they hate Nature. They want to defile everything and bring about a new existence where those rules governing the current one do not exist. To do this they must destroy EVERYTHING. If they pinned all of their blame on Christianity so as to promote Atheism, and specifically named it; then the hate would dissipate as soon as Christianity began to decline. Instead they were vague and abstract; they created new, all encompassing and vague terms that can on the whim be applied to anyone and everyone. Those aspects of Society that are uniquely Christian can then be stretched to be aspects of Masculinity, the Patriarchy, Western Civilisation, Capitalism, Racism, Sexism, and all manner of other largely nebulous terms. They thrive off of ignorance; whenever we delve deeply into one of these subjects we can tear their arguments apart; so they rely on surface level statements; "Western Civilisation/Patriarchy/Christianity is evil because it does not like criminals(free spirits)/traitors(foreigners and allies of foreigners)/perverts(the sexually liberated)".

They are like a disease, an infection, a cancer; they corrupt and defile one-thing only so that their plague can spread and grow in the future. It is not enough for them to remove fat-cat bankers or those who consider sodomites to be a danger; they want to destroy everything. Each one of these causes of theirs, be it them championing or opposing something; needs to be understood as a limb or organ that is being infected. They will not rest until the entire body is cancerous and it dies. Achieving the vote for women or the right for a foreigner to hold office or property was never the end point; it was a small blip on an endless road that ends with the absolute destruction of the world. They will never be satisfied no matter what they achieve; no amount of rights will be enough, no amount of destroyed enemies will be enough. They are the enemy of God Himself; the enemy of Nature, the enemy of Creation, the enemy of reality as we know it.

We on the other hand only hate that which subverts society. We name the cancer because we want to excise it. We do not want to destroy everything, we want to pin-point the problems in the world and remove them. Why amputate the entire arm when you could just remove the infected finger? We are specific because we only want to remove what is evil. We talk about Jews and Muslims because they are specific threats; we do not want to talk in more loose terms because they allow for subversion, they allow others to misunderstand and re-direct their hatred to targets that are unworthy of such hatred, and that allow our enemies to equate what is good with their own evil.

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Take for an example how they constantly compare Nationalism to Genocide by distorting history and pointing to specific groups, when in reality Nationalism in the sense that we mean it has always existed and is perfectly natural; so now they make it a broad and vague term, link it to hatred and violence, and then only push that single facet of Nationalism and thus make the masses believe that Nationalism is synonymous with the desire to exterminate everyone who is different to you. Look at how they equate Christianity with Judaism and Islam because they are all 'religions'. They do not bother to look into the specifics, they do not care about the real world effects; they want loose and abstract terms like 'religion' (as opposed to Jew/Muslim) and 'terrorist' (as opposed to Jihadist, Zionist). It allows them to equate everyone else with them. It allows them to portray a nation's struggle for freedom with the desire to slaughter innocents by calling them all 'terrorists'.

As such we name our enemies and try to be as specific as possible. We spend countless hours debating and arguing about what is truly subversive and what is the true enemy, we try to understand the doctrines of our foes and pin-point what particularly is threatening and whether any of it is salvageable. We want to find the heart of the corruption, the very root of the cancer; and purge it entirely. But we do not wish to destroy anything and everything, only that which corrupts and defiles what is Right.

We hate them for distorting and destroying the beauty of this world. We love Nature, we love God, we love what is Right. Where they seek endless Chaos and Destruction; we seek Order and Creation, but for us to have such a world we must be willing to destroy corruption where-ever we find it. We are the stewards of reality; the Shepherd that fights off the wolves, the Gardener that exterminates the locust, the Doctor that amputates the infection, the Warrior that defends the gate. We only destroy to facilitate Order and Creation; they only destroy, period.

Yes. They are an antibody to us. That is our ecosystem fighting us, because we committed the original sin and exploited and destroyed our ecosystem for short term benefits, while ignoring long term consequences. And by going against that which sustains all our lives, we became parasites to our own host, to which nature reacts by fighting against it. Down the line we're now facing an enemy that acts parasitical inside our own group, by using our traits against us. That is how the host is fighting the parasite off.

He who stands for nothing, stands for something. You are an agent of chaos and destruction just as they are; you might justify it with nihilism and some misguided belief that everything is a lie, but at the end of the day if you are not for us, you are against us. You are just a different strain of the infection; one whose ideas were molded by that same Great Enemy. The truth of Nature, of God; is made clear to us through all that is about us.

To deny the obvious truths of natural hierarchy and order you must first believe a religious screed of an absurdity that perhaps surpasses even that of the talmudists and mohamadans; to believe that everything before you very eyes is false, to deny everything that your brain tells you is logical; is to be brainwashed to a degree that our ancestors would have found unfathomable. There has of course been subversion and corruption along the way; and it is that which we wish to purge. But if you wish to call the Truth a Lie and what is Natural as Corrupt; then you must be purged too.

Surely the Chinese, Africans, and Indians would be the ones being eradicated if it was about being punished for destroying ecosystems?

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Heres my suggestion, faggot.
Read this then man up or fuck off.

That is the lie. That is why you are failing again and again. Religion is a lie. It is the last step of mechanisms that were created to give control of the many to the few. It goes 1. ownership 2. leadership 3. law 4. law enforcement 5. religion. With each step the resistance to be a slave was reduced up to the last point where the slaves were made to believe the crime.

It's hedonism speaking. Humans are generally not capable anymore to comprehend long term consequences, because they only want short term benefits. Natural law dictates that every action has a consequence. No exceptions. Humans fell for hedonism when they put themselves over nature, exploiting it for their own short term benefits, while not realizing that everything in that ecosystem has a part to play to make the whole system work. We are not superior to animals, trees, or stones…we are all just different. Every other life form knows it's place, knows what to do by instinct, except us, because we fell for hedonism when we started to make up excuses for our terrible actions. We brainwashed ourselves, and we are all being punished for it.

Your consciousness is not what defines you, it's your blood. Humanity does not matter in the flow of time if they don't get their shit together, because if we don't follow natural law, thereby don't survive, then the whole human species will just be another blip in time. The natural laws are an unquestionable necessity to follow, because they don't fuck around and will end us all in the blink of an eye. Humanity is wrong about everything.

if the west boycotted chinese imports togherher they would probally collapse

Scarlett Johannson.

If you had read what I had written before, you might somewhat understand. Religion is an abstract term that can be used to conflate any and every system of understanding reality. By looking to extreme and draconian methods of control such as those exerted through the debates of the rabbis, the persecutions by the caliphs or the indulgences of papists; you can thus colour all methods of understanding reality, AKA religion, as an instrument of control.

Your belief, your religion, posits that all understanding of reality must be lies used to exert control because of the fact that some religions of history have been used to exert control. This is exactly the kind of distortion and conflation which our enemies love so much. This is why we must be as specific as possible and always name our enemies truthfully.

Your understanding of religion is not what we here believe in, we pursue the Truth, we define the Truth as the 'real' existence without distortion or corruption. God, as understood by me and many others here at least, is the author of reality as it should be. His Creation, also known as the reality we inhabit, is the Truth and before its perversion/corruption/defilement it is 'good'; it is Nature. Nature is good. It's not about control or oppression; its about understanding reality. Our understanding of reality thus encompasses a great many things, far too many to list here; but amongst them are such things as a love of family, a desire to survive and prosper, a natural hierarchy to all things and an idea 'order'; that reality 'works' and does not change randomly, thus we describe it as having 'order'.

We see our enemies as those who seek to corrupt and distort this 'true reality', who wish to tell us that the obvious and beautiful love for our families is wrong; that hierarchy is evil. They distort reality and twist our views into those which deny the obvious truths which are all about us.

You believing that such truths are all lies, that everything is a lie; shows that you no longer believe in the truth. You no longer care about Nature, because you think its existence is corrupt. Religion is how we understand reality; it is OUR pursuit of the truth. Of course there are 'bad religions', but your absolute dismissal of 'religion' has led to an absolute dismissal of finding the 'truth of reality'.

The irony is that to deny such blatant and obvious truths that are undeniably present in all of nature, in all of Creation, in all of reality; shows that you must be following a 'bad religion' that re-defines how you view everything, it controls you and forces you to see the world in a way that is obviously false. Thus you are an enemy to us.

Yeah, that sounds right. The shortest and simplest way to frame it is that doing things that will eventually destroy you, ends up destroying you. Not a big surprise. Nature rewards those species who can stay alive, and those who fail are eradicated out of Nature.

Nonsense. The natural laws represent truth itself, because they cannot be changed at all, and on top of that they represent simplicity, because the foundation of all life are two opposites. Birth and death, 1 and 0, truth and lies, to be or not to be etc. That is truth, believe is accepting a given narrative, that is not truth. Everything religion stands for hides the natural laws from us, everything the jews do hides the natural laws, all of the laws of men are hiding natural law from us. All of them. It is your believe against fundamental truth, and you use hedonism to safeguard yourself from the consequences of your own actions. It's a lie in your head and it's there because humans misinterpreted their own consciousness as what defines their identity, when in reality it's a tool to give us the power to comprehend our surroundings, just like common sense is a compass to navigate right from wrong. There is a set of rules to existence, and we fail to understand them.

You’re right about this, but never go against what is saying. Never give up your principles or your end goal for the sake of being PC or “appealing”. Being a Nazi (people who screech at the term don’t realize they’re playing into the Jewish game) shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. You need to recontexualize and subvert the expectation that 80 years of propaganda has set up. If someone accuses you of being racist for your beliefs, say “Yeah, and so should you”. Don’t be a violent, hate filled (meaning always keep a calm demeanor when discussing racial topics with others) caracature. Make being a National Socialist mean being an upstanding individual just trying to do the best for his people.

That is correct, but we as humans were chosen to be stewards of our ecosystem and we became parasites to the entire natural order, so the survival of the best will still end with our ecosystem collapsing. There are no winners in this race to the bottom, to death.

Meaning, we started failing at what we evolved to do, and began destroying ourselves and what is needed to continue surviving. It still fits. Survival of the fittest doesn't apply if even the fittest does not survive in the end.

OP, you're new yet you want to help.
I get it.
However, you fail to recognize our strength: truth.

We don't need buzzwords or to create conditioning: we're trying to break the conditioning.
Once we mark the jew for what he is there will be no turning back, it will be the tipping point that will make their empire crumble, it is only a matter of time before it happens.
Never back down, never apologize, never pander.

You're very jewed. Science is an understudy of Theology. The understanding of the natural world came about in our pursuit of understanding the Divine, because the one flows from the other. This is how study of the 'sciences' developed.

Stop accepting false meanings and conflations. Stop ignoring all the clear moral imperatives that are obvious from simply observing nature. There is meaning behind all things; to understand reality is to understand the meaning. On some level you know and acknowledge this, because the first question anyone asks is 'why'. Why does the bee make honey? Why does the hedgehog have spines? There is meaning to all things; you are not merely a passive observer. Understanding the meaning is understanding God; seeking to fulfill our meaning (or purpose) is to serve God. That is what religion is. That is the pursuit of Truth, the adherence to Nature; and for it to be continued we must safeguard against the forces of corruption. A religion that is against Truth, Nature and God is a bad religion; and such examples are used to demonise the very concept of 'religion', or worded differently; to discourage understanding the reality around us; and thus people like you, who deny any meaning to existence and sate themselves on being a passive observer, come into existence.

Our enemy has done a very good and thorough job of confusing everything, but if you really seek the Truth you will find God.

I already use the word Kike instead of Communist

only here can we call out jews, niggers and faggots by their real name, anyone retarded enough to try doing so irl will feel the wrath of the ADL
if someone is dumb enough to not hide his power level when dispencing redpill then let him become a martyr
no true Zig Forumsac would be that stupid to risk loosing everything by calling them out with out the protection of anonimity
the only ones who do so are edgy normies who somehow find their way here, learn what is going on, but are to stupid to be wary of our enemy
in a way, them calling out the demons by their names helps our cause by normalizing our hatred for them in the mainstream, it simply means we are doing a good job redpilling normies, but if someone is so stupid to allow himself to be caught over for something so retarded as to not hide his ower level, then let Darwin do his things, we don't need more dumbfuck diluting Zig Forums's IQ with their edgy retardation

>don't mind me rehashing (((TRS)))'s "googles and skypes" idea goy
Kill yourself.

It doesn't exist in nature, it's only in your head, you make up the interpretations on the go while ignoring truth and logic. You know how hard it is to "redpill" people about the JQ, but here you are holding onto "believe" against truth.

How can natural laws be false meanings? How can believe ever be an answer to a question?

Morality in nature equals the law of the land, that means ever changing rules of behavior to play the odds for survival. Human morality stands for a fixed set of rules, which prevent humans from surviving. That is the opposite, that is against natural law, that is what jews are doing to everything.

Your god is based on nature itself, the humans who made the concept of god up, were mimicking nature, because all life mimics what nature shows. The human deity (a superstition) is again the opposite of what a natural superstition is (superstition > curiosity > knowledge). It's the end of all knowledge and the beginning slavery to a doctrine. The real meaning of life is to create in accordance with the natural laws, which means for the benefit of all, which is the opposite of what humans do now.

Natural order, the instinct to create in accordance to natural law. You understand this priciple, but your foundation is a lie. God is not a believe, "god" is natural law, a set of rules that govern existence itself. this last step of realization that separates God from nature is what gave the few who wanted to control the many the opportunity to create the laws of men. A lie to control, a corruption of nature.

Everything about religion delves into complex explanations with no real answer, always the same old "you have to believe". that is not what truth is, it's how lies operate. Truth is simplicity (again the opposite), truth is instinct, truth is nature.

Humans destroy nature. That is the opposite of what you are saying. What is your excuse for that? Real religions was never tried? Listen to yourself.

I know the meaning of existence, it's to be or not to be. That's it. You were given a job, rules to obey, tools to use, traits to navigate…why can a mule understand and follow this natural order, but you can't? Why do you instead play make believe in your own head? How does that help anyone?

Reminder that paid shills are allowed to post here now.

Thank you for reminding us that you are allowed to post here now.

Fuck that. I've noticed a very real thing about myself. When I use the politically incorrect speech they want to forbid us from using, my mind is clearer and the pc brainwashing they've done to me over my lifetime is reduced.
It's like using these real and powerful words free you from the conditioning they have placed on our minds.
When you revolt against the programming and freely speak the words they forbid you from using, you're also revolting against every other condition they've tried to shackle your mind with.
There is a real reason pc speech is also called newspeak (from 1984). Our language affects the way we think. When you call a nigger, an "African American" you are humanizing a sub species that is violent and idiotic. They're NIGGERS.
Wheh you call a kike a jew, you are humanizing their belief system and their racial clan, as if it's as honorable or respectable as white Christians. They're KIKES.

Politically correct speech is designed to soften the mind, to weaken words and induce a kind of mental fog around what you mean and what you see/percieve in the world around you.
A retard isn't "special", they're RETARDED.
A tranny isn't "trans", they're a DEGENERATE TRANNY.
Handicapped people are alternatively able, they're HANDICAPPED.
Evil isn't un-good, it's EVIL.

this time don't come out

Mods are guilty of treason

Enough with the word and image hijacking/redefining/alluding initiatives. The truth is the best weapon against our enemy. Not to say we should be running around sounding like a Hollywood Nazi either.

Nature is the manifestation of the Divine, that is the entire point. What we consider the Divine is whatever forged Nature, but there is also corruption in Nature; according to your world-view corruption must be a part of Nature, yet do you not find that idea jarring? Do you not find the idea of our bodies being riddled with sickness and plague as something 'wrong'? Something that we instinctively detest and avoid. How does one reconcile this? Do you embrace corruption, extinction, weakness, perversion as a natural end point that all things should slowly succumb to? It is not just humans who are opposed to these things; animals naturally shun the weak, they avoid the diseased and an alpha will kill a threat to its leadership; a herd will avoid or kill a threat to their safety. Should we then not act thus, and attempt to preserve our health and safety by exiling or exterminating that which threatens to destroy us? Should we not root out corruption and excise the cancer?

Above is the perfect example. There is corruption in nature and all of nature detests it; sickness, disease and insanity. Perhaps we are limited here by language, but it seems clear as day to me that there is a 'healthy' Nature and there is the 'unhealthy', the 'corrupt'. I would align myself with the healthy.

We find allegories in many religions, but in Christianity it is quite simple; God created everything and saw that it was good. No sickness, death, perversion, etc. The devil, or corruption, changed this; suddenly Nature knew of death, sickness and disease, which crippled it and part of what was once right and normal became perverted into something vile. The Natural Law/ Law of God was for all things to be good/healthy; but this was subverted and corrupted. Your 'false meanings/understanding' of the natural law is to say that we should accept corruption/perversion because it is in 'nature'.

No. Moral imperatives from nature are things like tribalism, loving and protecting one's own offspring and encouraging them to be strong, knowing the natural hierarchy/where you belong, fighting or avoiding against threats/corruption. There is a lot more to it than that, and there is some stuff that is unique to Man which shouldn't be surprising, but the basics are very easy to understand.

You seem to be pretty close to the Truth honestly, you just have a lot of things a bit backwards. Your final assertion is probably the best bit.
Who gave us a job? Why were we given that job? You even say we have 'rules to obey'. You are talking about God. Nature is not some random and out of place thing; Nature is the creation of the Divine, and our purpose was given to us by God. Stop thinking of God as some old dude with a beard or some semitic idol; think of God as the Creator of Nature from which all that is Right and Natural flows.

In Christianity Satan is the Adversary. If you want to de-mythologise it; God is Nature, Satan is corruption. God is life; Satan is disease. Satan is infinitely weaker than God, because there can be no disease without life.

The desire to know and follow this God is perfectly natural. His existence is obvious to us for all the reasons that you have stated above. Why should we venerate/worship/need God? Because we cannot defeat corruption, disease, death, Satan on our own. We have tried over and over, for Millennia, and failed every time. We should still strive to defeat it, we must fight for all we are worth; but we cannot conquer death. Only that force of Nature, that is God, can defeat death once and for all; and restore the Good World that once existed before it was corrupted (and we know there is a good world before corruption, because we know of healthy bodies before they are diseased). And how do we join that which is healthy/good with corrupted man? By God becoming Man, and us being reborn; which is the whole Jesus and baptism thing.

Kill yourself you jew piece of shit.

You saying this is a paradox. You learned about god from religion, which was passed to you by other humans, which where created by nature. You cannot name something that created what created you. Especially not if your only evidence is your "believe".

Nature forged nature, we can see this all around us. How much more evidence do you need? You attributed the "divine" to this by sheer insanity, out of something that you made up in your head. You try to steal nature achievements for your deity.

What is there so hard to understand about the fundamentals of existence. Two states. Positive and negative. Both must coexist by natural law. Positive means struggle for life, negative means death. A corruption is a temptation towards death. It's that simple. Why would that be jarring? Do you consider death to be jarring, despite the fact that it will get us all?

No, I try to avoid it, because that's what survival is all about. It's you who creates scenarios in your head to avoid facing reality. You hide behind emotions. That is a mental barrier, a temptation that lures you into the false believe that it will help you.

Absolutely, but how will you ever face your enemies when you are enslaved to lies in your head?

Yes, that is survival, but we are the main parasites. We have to change first, by understanding the natural laws. We cannot attack our ecosystem without giving back. The balance, the natural order must be kept as level as possible. Going against it is straight suicide and destruction of all life.

Corruption is the consequence of a negative action, because by natural law "all actions have consequences"

No. All life tries to adapt to it (survival) and the natural laws will push it towards death, because it's a negative.

Natural law "opposites must coexist". Healthiness and sickness cannot exist without each other, because being healthy means not being sick and vice versa.

there is no room for "would" in there. You want to survive then you have to struggle to make it. In this case, staying healthy.

That is dumb, like really dumb. That would imply an existence with only one side. That would be death in itself, because it's against the fundamentals of existence. It speaks of eternal life given by the creator, that was then taken away to introduce death by anti-creator. This makes no sense whatsoever.

You have to understand natural laws, because natural laws don't care if you accept them. they are fundamental. Death is always coming no matter how you feel about it. Corruption is just a consequence you have to understand, and try to prevent, which is survival. You use the corrupted sense of morality in your head to judge situations beforehand, that makes you vulnerable, that is temptation, that is against your survival instinct. You cannot apply morality to a fundamental law, the law doesn't care, because unlike human nonsense laws, there is no room for interpretations to fundamental barriers of existence. Btw this "room for interpretations" is exactly what the controllers exploit to stand above the human laws.

Survival in groups

Emotional misrepresentation with no evidence in nature. Love is just a mantle term for every circumstance that keeps partners together, but not a "power" on itself that combines. Love doesn't exist.

Survival by maternal instinct

Upping the odds of survival

Survival by adaptation

Basic survival

See. All survival, no morality. Morality in nature is adaptation to situations. Humans added an emotional state, which is once again a lie.

The sum of all things. We were not the first, our ecosystem was already fully established, we were given a fundamental set of rules, and the ability to comprehend the situation.

To fulfill it. Every life form knows this by instinct and acts upon it. Only humans do not, because they are wrestling with their consciousness, were they endlessly make up lies to shirk their responsibility. Why? Because they made an error in the beginning and are know hiding it like a fucking child.

God is a paradox. Humans took something that is already explained and gave it a new meaning, and they did it to hide the old meaning and create new rules. Corrupted rules. The laws of men.

It's a law. The law of existence. It's a set of rules which came to existence by the things it created, because the sum of all those things created an explanation. That is creation in itself, the sum of all things working together to create something new.

The concept of Divinity would not exist without humans, nature came before, and there is not prove of divinity in nature. But infinite amount of evidence for creation. Nature literally owns you and all your creations. You cannot use your consciousness to make up a believe that explains what created you, when there is already evidence that it doesn't. Believe is not evidence, it's an assumption. It's a straw man argument. It's a deflection of truth. It's a jewish trick.

The purpose of existence comes again from the sum of all things in it. The traits, the tools,and the laws, the materials combined create the purpose. No superstition involved. Bacteria understands this, why not you?

Stop mixing up natural law and our ecosystem. One is a set of rules, the other a playing field following these rules. Nobody had the create these rules because they are fundamental, instinctive. Just like soccer…give a bunch of kids a ball and they will start playing with it by instinct. That's the law of nature. The law of men is when somebody makes up a new set of rules and before you know it the sport is so expensive that kids can't afford a ball anymore.

That makes it two gods. One you accept, the other you reject. How does that fit into logic? You just accepted the word of god over the other without ever listening to satan. This creates a possibility that god is lying. A what if scenario. That's a 50/50 chance of being right, based of the words of only one side. Meanwhile no evidence for either one of them exist, when nature delivers all the explanations of "good" and "bad" for everyone to see. So god is the ultimate, and he said that satan sucks, because that's what the jew said coming from the mountain? Totally reliable way of preserving the truth, don't you think?

It's survival instinct to seek help from someone stronger. Leadership was created out of this. Humans corrupted that into idolatry, which made the followers a target for exploitation. Sri Lanka says hello.

Death is always approaching, that's why life is always struggle. That's natural law, not divine in any way. It counts for all existence, no religion involved.

They only failed to understand what they are doing. It's about keeping the balance, not chasing the impossibility to destroy one side, and thereby destroying everything.

You seem to not understand the circle of life. Death is needed to create new life. It's a circle. Watch maggots eat a corpse to see it in all it's glory.

No evidence whatsoever. Why would animals react in accordance to nature now, when they know about what happened to the "good world that came before? Since animals came before us and then comes the question "why don't you do what they do?" I mean they must know, they've witness, you only heard stories.

You mean humans getting sick of men made diseases? Like sticking your dick into a monkey when nobody looks? That's your prove of a "good world"?

Stop the corruption by killing it or sacrifice the non corrupt to dilute the corruption, thereby adapting to a harsher environment.

Arent kikes parasites and hate nature and natural law with a passion?


We use words like faggot, kike, and nigger because it imbues our posts with a hateful, burning conviction that is all our own. It can not be emulated by the subhuman filth raiding these boards because they post with the bitter conceit and envy while we post with nothing but the struggle in our minds.

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the life of OP

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Three times yes, but this is a fight of survival for our ecosystem, so anything goes if it stops us from destroying it, because if we succeed in destroying our host…everything dies. The ecosystem must survive so that's why an even more dangerous anti-body was created. It's a race now and if humans survive the jews, then their lies fall apart, which brings the natural laws back on the table, and hopefully stops humanity from destroying what sustains their lives. Meanwhile the ecosystem itself is also failing, thanks to the destruction of the animal kingdom, and the pollution of water, soil and air. Everything is cascading now and we will see more and more negative side-effects of our actions. It's quite spectacular if it weren't so intense of a topic.


Read the words of a poet from a hundred years ago. You have never met them, you only know about them through other humans, yet from seeing their art you know something of their state of mind, their beliefs, their values. The created shows aspects of the Creator.
Something cannot come from nothing.
You didn't understand what I was getting at. What makes something positive or negative? Why should people not see positive things as virtue? If positive things are virtuous and come from nature, and nature comes from God; then we can see what God created as virtue and base 'laws/rules/virtues' on it. It's not some big bogeyman laws to oppress people in a 'religion of control'; its a logical extension of our understanding.
Whatever, I'll take it.
You are essentially making the exact same argument as me here, so nice. I wouldn't call us parasites, but I do agree we need to embrace the Natural Law / AKA God's law to survive and prosper.
If we use sin instead of corruption, you would be sounding like a priest
If we lived in a vacuum then it is possible for there to be no disease or sickness. With no disease or sickness, there is only 'health'. Without disease or sickness we probably wouldn't bother to call ourselves 'healthy', and without them we probably wouldn't have words for disease or sickness; but that does not mean that such a state of perfect health is impossible.
Use the previous example. Everyone was healthy, and then a disease came and killed a load of people. It was the first disease ever encountered. Before it there was no disease. The disease came about because someone did something that they shouldn't have (maybe put their junk inside of a monkey). That is what I'm talking about here. It's the Adam and Eve story; everything was good and everyone was healthy, then the devil convinces them to disobey God introducing sin/disobedience/evil/corruption/whatever into the world, and now we all die (for the wages of sin are death). Its a very easy to understand concept with many analogies.

Followed by
Nice human explanation you made up there. What you call nature is what many people have called God for a long time.
That seems to go against your natural laws by the way.
Not at all. God creates everything including Satan, but God gave Satan (and Man) free will. Satan chose to go against God's plan and used things in ways they were not supposed to be used (eg. Junk in monkey). That is disobedience. That is sin. That is corruption. Whatever you want to call it.
And yet we desire to stop it and we work to stop it and we seek to immortalise ourselves in one way or another, and as far as we know from history; we always have. I cannot prove to you that there is an afterlife, but from studying nature and instinct we have learned a lot about how things work in the world, and it is not an insane hypothesis to think that our other desires, even though they seem to be and always have been fruitless, are there for a reason. The underlying hand of the Creator is obvious to all who look. Something cannot come from nothing, and all that is Created indicates a specific Creator.

You actually are a religious man whether you know it or not. What you call Nature or the Natural Laws are pretty much exactly what people consider to be God's laws and are based upon more or less the exact same reasoning. You have your own myths to explain away the parts that you have no good answer for (nature has always been, opposites must coexist, etc) and you align yourself with trying to live in a virtuous/moral (healthy/prosperous) way.

You don’t understand the paradigm.
We are truth. National Socialism is truth.
They are anti-truth. They use fake words and lies.
We tell the truth.
We will win.

Truth will out

The product of a somewhat healthy blood and race line, out of which came exceptional traits, which he used to create in accordance with the laws of nature for the benefit of his collective. That's all natural progression, like a gorilla who's extra strong and can protect his group even better.

Because nothing does not exist. The baby of the future is the seed and the eggs of the present. Everything exists, it represents the sum of all things, and out of it we create. We don't create out of nothing. If you don't believe me then tell me something that is nothing. You can't, because nothing is a lie.

Natural law of opposites. Positive and negative, hot and cold, life and death. If something exists then it has an opposite.

Because your feelings have no sway in truth. It's just your interpretations. It's like saying death sucks, doesn't change anything, doesn't it?

Strike the word "oppression", because that's again just your feeling about something, and the rest is absolutely true. It's the foundation of existence, fundamental laws that cannot be broken, and are detrimental for everything that exists. Your interpretations, the virtue you see in them, have no influence whatsoever. A stone has no consciousness, no emotions, an no connections to any religions explanations, yet it follows natural law by being created, by existing and by having and end.

Humans are pathological liar, they can't even comprehend the lie about individuality. hell, they can't even comprehend the big jewish elephant on the global stage that is trying to murder them. And here you talk about logical understanding. And btw the people back in the Moses days were doubtfully standing on the smartest side of human history either. None of your arguments make any logical sense.

I wouldn't even have a problem with you putting a deity over nature, but if you can't understand the lie behind it, then you're following the laws of men and these are destructive to nature, so you're not helping nature at all by being ignorant. If any religion was in accordance with the laws of nature, I would accept the lie as a means to control, as long as it keep the natural order. But as it is humanity acts parasitical while being exploited from within by another parasite, and religion makes you blind to both sides. That is not survival, and thereby against the laws of nature.

Not all scripture is wrong. Using them to teach morality is a good thing, if it's the right morality (nature). I have nothing against the idea of religious worshiping at all.

We would have absolutely no immune system and could be killed by dust, and since natural law has this hilarious little principle called "chance" there is always a chance for things to fuck up, no matter how much you control it. Also look at the human history of anything to see that it never quite worked out, so you talking about perfection is akin to dreaming. It's totally unrealistic.

The apple was always there, the snake was there. They both already existed but weren't used for "evil" yet. Even if you ignore the snake nonsense, the apple would've been eaten eventually, because temptation exists and it always lures. It was only a question of time for someone to bite into it. It's all natural laws. Evil has always existed, good just didn't fell for it yet. They cannot exist by themselves.

Imagine a bunch of antelopes, a little lake, and some alligators. That's the sum of all things. Each of the three has it's own way of life, it's own traits, it's own struggle to survive. Putting them together creates rules, laws, behavior patterns. They learn from each other, they live from each other, they give to each other. After a while a law of the land is created out of the sum of all things. Just like that. You can literally see it happen (if you have enough time on your hands). No imaginary creator necessary.

And everything humans know comes from nature. We were born into this ecosystem, and our understanding and comprehension comes from learning from the nature around us. Then at a certain point we claimed that that now doesn't count anymore, because we have gods now. That's horse shit. Nature is still around while many of these gods are long forgotten, and yet it's 2019 and you say "but this god is totally the real deal because everyone knows about him for so long" Meanwhile nature exists for like millions of years, in a timeline where humanity doesn't even make a dent. Where is the logic in your line of thinking?

Nope. It's again about the sum of all things creating together. It doesn't require a creator to be a participant in creation. For example: when you make a child then you're not the only creator. The food in your bellies, the air that you breath, the guys who created the bed that you lie in etc. All these things are part of the creation happening. That's what an ecosystem is about.

I answer the rest tomorrow, reality demands me.

Shut up, kike faggot.

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Just looked at the IDs, and it appears you may be someone other than the initial person that I was arguing with. That doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but its worth noting nonetheless.

It would appear that we are largely in agreement, only that what you call Nature I would call God, and that a lot of the laws of Nature you believe in, I would call the laws of God. Throughout my studies, and our conversation; there have been many examples of a story in Scriptures (Christian, Pagan or pure fantasy) being an analogy for something that happens in nature and is advantageous to our survival/prosperity. I am not really in much disagreement with you on any point other than where your arguments are hypocritical (such as ridiculing the myths some religions use to answer difficult/unknowable questions when you yourself have made up myths to explain the difficult/unknowable questions in your world-view).

The main difference is that in my view Nature is as it is because it was created by God, and is thus a reflection of Him and His virtues, which is why such virtues as 'Nationalism' are things worth dying for (whereas in your pure 'natural laws' view one must conclude that survival is the be-all-and-end-all). Your idea of Nature simply 'being' and having 'always been' is against everything else we have witnessed in reality, and really seems like Deification. Considering the similiarities of our world-view, and the fact that you have essentially Deified Nature; I find it strange that you would be so hostile to 'religion' unless, as I posited at the very beginning (perhaps to another person), you simply have a twisted version of the incredibly abstract word 'religion' in your mind that you find detestable.

Anyway, I have very much enjoyed the conversation. I shall also embed a video that I feel is quite relevant to what we are discussing.