Here we what?

Sri Lankan's defense minister on Tuesday said a 'preliminary investigation' indicated that the Easter Sunday church bombings by a radical Islamist group were retaliation for the New Zealand mosque attacks last month.

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You can just say Islamist.

You can just say Jewish Proxy Warrior Muslims.

Good, let the fire burn.
That being said, terrible OP.
I archived it for you too. Sage for low effort.

Agreed, rather redundant.

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nu/pol/ is boomer central now boomer

Tucker was whining about it on his show last night. It was pathetic.

Brother we must wage war, but what great leader will lead us into battle against the Muslim Scum. This user must be someone of great potential, someone that Brenton Tarrant is would approve of.

Iranian revolutionary guard is funding these attacks, expect more such attacks in the future.

What if we started calling muslims jew puppets? That should piss both muslims and jews off simultaneously.



He must have no true identity, both for his protection and to forge himself as a symbol beyond a man.
He must be Anonymous.

Israel funds Anti-Iran memes
Your lies wont work here chaim we know youve been lying about Iran since 1979 and youre trying to garner support for your war on Iran in the coming years
We wont fall for it and I pray Ayatollah Khomeini and Hassan Nasrallah wipe out your pathetic occupationist government and wipe your race of the planet just like you so badly wanted Hitler to do

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It seems (((STATE FUNDING))) was needed to carry out these 7-8 (((SIMULTANEOUS))) attacks.

And fuck this kike ((( ))), I can't if it's trolling or serious. The reason I doubt the former is because this place's collective IQ went down by a lot in the last few years.

speaking of govt funded memes, have you seen the Qtard board?

Iranian Jew puppet revolutionary guard is funding these attacks, expect more such attacks in the future.

Nope, I knew trump was a jewtard the day I found out he was running for office. Never bothered to contribute any of my efforts to meme or read anything relating to him, Its a waste of my time and energy which ive only got so much of.
The Q shit only confirmed my suspiscion that its a psyop to divide and conquer the "alt right" by having them spend their time "looking into the evidence" or whatever the fuck they are doing

it's funny they don't know how obvious they are. i hope i'm not spoiling it by pointing it out


Are you talking about jewslims?

I guess that's a yes

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There's some potential here I think. And the sad part is it's true.

lul Breton Tarrant had an Odal rune on his rifle, muds ended up just killing fellow mud people because they think its a religious thing, the jews really figured out how to get the goy to kill himself, no different with the Sri Lankans who aren't thinking in racial terms, those true anti-racists! "Yes, Sri Lankan of a particular Semitic belief that is called "Muslim" go bomb your fellow ethnics who subscribe to another particular Semitic belief that is called "Christian" because a White man killed a bunch of ethic Arabs who are Muslim in a place called Christchurch."

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Their women are almost all millenials.

Great idea!
Get this meme going!

We need another Hulagu NOW! The question is who will be able to do that?


Post this

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Hello faggot. Got a source?



Think they are celebrating the attack(which they probably are) will generate tons of anger.

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here's the source

It would be interesting if it made any sense whatsoever…as far as I know Sri Lanka has little to nothing to do with Saint Tarrant. I hope that the Sri Lankan's exterminate the muslim population in their nation. There is nothing better to me in the whole world than watching semites taken out and murdered systematically, man, woman, and child. They are the enemies of all Life.

too soon, check the playbook

Idk where to put these

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We endure this and move on.

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JIGGERS (I guess this one really belongs with black israelites)

Still no Hulagu, when can there be one again?

Jiggers are larval Mosquitoes that are still in the water.

Yes, that's their actual name from the 1800's.

I’m starting to like Islam the more I try to hate it. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before it’s so powerful and beautiful. So strong and intricate.
I cry when I look at the state of Christianity today. But I’d be betraying my ancestors so I don’t convert. But deep down I think the Muslims started their jihad at the right time. Right at the turn of the millenium. They colluded with the Jews of that I have no doubt. Jews and Arabs have more in commons than people like to admit. I’m worried for western civilisation.

Then go move to the Middle East. If your white they’ll be very accepting [spoiler] by dragging your body through the streets and cutting your head off like savages


Kill yourself mudshit

spoiler your a nigger

Your a nigger

Thats right, some newfag just learned how to text format but I’ve alway known how to call motherfuckers kikes and niggers

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PARASITES…I knew it!

Fuck off

You mean low intelligence violent person that has no potential whatsoever?

Sounds like you.

mfw detecting utter retard devoid of all conscious

You need to be dragged out and murdered too user…and all your offspring with you.

very good. the wheel of death accelerated by b.tarrant gaining revolutions.

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transparent logo

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Also…I killed a ton of jiggers yesterday…it felt good.

Sorry man I’m new but go back to reddit if your looking for a safe zone, we’re talking about killing SandNiggers here snowflake

This is fire, respect for putting a fuse on the shitskins hat


Fuck off.

Go glownig on /traps/ queer.

You aren't going to do shit larper

Sometimes your level of homosexuality embarrasses me.

Hes not wrong to tell you to lurk more user we can tell you just came over from halfchan and the first thing you do is to tell other anons to fuck off and call them niggers for no reason
Youre the nigger here, lurk more and quit pretending to be retarded

juden lugenpress


As a woman, I can only take that as a compliment. I am a HUGE faggot and I adore cock. :)

The jews and the muslims are the same exact people, genetically they are all semites (or led by semites; which is the same thing). Anyone who buys into the semitic death worship cults needs to die.

I don't know what to say.

forgot photo; these are not our people and have no genetic ties to us.

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the redpill that few have taken.
here's another one, bolchevism and zionism, communism and capitalism are two sides of the same coin.
ww2 was a proxy war between the two main juden sects.

Correlates with amount of neanderthal dna, jews/arabs have almost none, and are right next to north africans.


United States Of Israel

I can spot a Jew a thousand miles away. Fk off and kys.

We’ve done worse than them they’re just starting to understand the game and that’s the beauty of it. They’re catching up and we can’t do anything. Bin laden is the father of acceleration no one can match him. Can you not see how deep this shit goes. We have got to stop you dirty Jews at all costs. Historically Jews are powerful and traitors. They will sell western civilisation to the Middle East. They already got caught sharing patents with China.

Ive been here long enough to see through bullshit so yes I know my shit
Are you the OP? He only posted 2 lines and an unarchived link which is a known tactic for making shill threads followed by IP hopping and repeatedly bumping the thread devoid of content
Then you come along to contribute 13 replies or almost 20% of absolutely nothing making you the most frequent poster on this thread doing a whole lot of talking but not actually saying anything

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Kill them all.

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Wtf I love jewslims now


He'll get aids and die sooner or later


Yeah, the monkeys let slip what the plan was last night. You're going to lose your minds before I lose mine, and you'll all still be raging homosexual rapists afterwards as well.

Nope, then I will start raping your women. Jew

Yep, exactly they have tons of nigger genetics as well which is where their culture and 'religion' (vudu/voodoo) comes from. They have the same exact 'values' as gibs me dat niggers…that is why they have made themselves the largest wellfare state on the planet to leech off all the other people of the world.



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Nobody gives a shit about Madeline, or any members of her family. If her brother wants to do something he can get his punk ass on a plane up here and be a man about it.

Explains the behavior and jealous raging.

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Is there an echo in here…nope just a faggot semite thinking that we are going to buy into their 'war' instead of letting them kill themselves.


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Wouldn't doubt it You stupid fucking kike

Source? Middle East shouldn't be on the graph, they belong on a separate one with Chimpanzees and other primitive homo sapiens. They'll be gone for sure once I kill them all

6(six) is a number of jews, traditional(kabbalistic).
666 is a triple(for magical effect) power of jews, literal eternal JewWorldOrder and mashiah(rebe shneerson) number.

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lel. user proves he not only thinks he knows shit, but does. Heil'd

Another forced meme.

Eco Naturism. One hundred million total population worldwide. Only whites.


what is that bullshit graph with no legend whatsoever you fucking russian bot?
You know how I know this?
Seeing Romanian and Moldavian beeing "different"

The jew goal is certainly not escalating a global race war, the jew goal is to cut off the dicks of white people and breed them out of existence without a fight.

Baghdad 1258

You keep shilling this and it keeps not working, but, by all means, keep spilling your spaghetti all over the board.

secret user king of 8pol.
we recognize him by the way he types.
i like the idea user. How do we establish him.
What the hell would one of us even look like behind the screen I don't even want to know about any of the specific tortures they used on any of us

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causing a race war. Learn what words mean before you use them,r etard.

I don't get it, so Zig Forums must care about dying palestinian children, but can't care about dying sri lankan?

I don't understand the muslim logic, Zig Forums.

t. retard