Trudeau government actively recruiting Wizards in hope of winning over Harry Potter generation

Trudeau government actively recruiting Wizards in hope of winning over Harry Potter generation

This is not a joke

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Has the Canadian govt thought about /r9k/.

The entire Canadian Government is a joke, and Trudeau is a cock loving fag.

Oh yes it is!

checks out

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i laughed so hard the first time i saw this movie
i wonder if i would have laughed as hard had i know it was a profecy of things to come

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You're right, I mean some people can't even spell prophecy.

I should be angry. I should be crying. I should be in despair. All logic says I should be horrified by this development.

I can not stop fucking laughing, this is hilarious.


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Makes perfect sense. The Potter books are blatantly anti-White; being about multimuds genociding the pure.

Canada, as it turns out, was gay all along

I'll be honest boys
I kind of want to apply just so I can put "Wizard" on my resume and be completely legitimate about it.

Someone get Zach!

I am not a clown.

Yes, it is. And the fact that people were actually paid to come up with this nonsense is even better.

I'd gladly be a wizard for 60k, the problem is, if we know anything about the liberals and about politicians in general, this role probably includes a lot of after hours (((parties))) after which the wizard won't be able to sit down or use a toilet for a week.

the best part is every liberal ever thinks the cause of the dumb down would be middle american christians having kids when in reality its feminism and female sexual selection

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Maybe I should apply for arch mage of Canada

Will you still be a wizard if you have to suck circumcisioned cocks after take them up the ass?

I'm pretty sure that's what they think modern wizards are.

I greatly expect someone on FB to tell me to fuck off for posting about this.

how is this actually real

fuck this timeline

didn't that faggot who got heart attacked unsuccessfully call his army of nerd vergins that?

Canada is not a joke, and we're excited soon have an LGBT commemorative dollar coin enter circulation soon.

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of course

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At first I thought this was an April Fool's joke but it seems like this went up on Earth Day (the 22nd)

Coincidentally, yesterday is also when I celebrated my 33rd birthday and I am still a virgin.

Hire a prostitute mate. It's going to be weird for you when you finally go with a woman and you can't perform well, at 33+ years of age.

That's immoral and a sin.

The only thing they're working on is faster, more efficient zambonis,

honk fucking honk

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Gross, that's just going to give user diseases (both bodily and spiritual). At any rate, many of us have decided this is not the time for starting families, this is the time for killing our enemies. That basic happiness is for those who come after us, our role is to bring about that future. If anything, getting married would impair our ability to destroy our foes. Saint Brenton would not have carried out his attack had he had children, he was able to single-mindedly go through with it because he had no duty to anything other than his race. It is the unmarried man that forms RWDS, not the father with children to think about.

gimme your trudeau pics

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That recently fired Jane Phillpot, who was dyking out with Jody Wilson-Raybold, used to run that.

A lot more goes on at TB than people think.

I ended up looking into this job, turns out it's in Ottawa, I'm not sure I'm prepared to live there. Apparently you need HS diploma too, I'm still working on that. Fucking volunteer hours…

I don't see how fucking a prostitute would necessarily make you perform well. They fake orgasms and shit. Also I think doing that would damage my self-esteem and impede my ability to have boners.

I don't really care about the morality aspect. I don't consider it immoral to pay for sex, it's just not something that lines up with my romantic ideals. Nor am I religious and limiting myself to sex within wedlock. My concern is the amount it costs, risks of disease, risk of theft/murder, risk of jail, etc.

I can't see myself going full Tarrant, so as unprepared as I am to start a family that might be the best thing I could do for the white race. If I can't pay for them, the government can, and I can compete with immigrants for gibs. I can buy a gun to protect my family against bears and if I happen to get attacked by other sorts of subhumans, I might receive more sympathy in court being a man protecting his wife and children than a man living alone protecting his property.

Hell, if I can't find a tolerable white wife, perhaps I could marry a barren asian and adopt white kids so that they aren't raised by Jews/Muslims.

Thinking about my kids might give me the motivation to actually utilize force. If I have kids I would have the confidence to apply force to protect them, whereas if I live alone I might be 2nd-guessing myself "should I shoot in the shoulder to wound instead of center of mass so I will get less jail time when I defend myself?" and end up getting killed by a nigger home-invader.

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This sounds like a bad joke i'd make in class made real. Can I not dick around without it becoming real?

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Can confirm. Canada is fully cucked. Lower the flag, the country is lost.
America, as always, is humanity's last best hope.

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This is a call for help, they re out of ideas.

I could live with that. "Hey, I found some faggots while vacuuming out the car, want Dairy Queen honey?"

Honk nope honk definitely honk not honk

>this role probably includes a lot of after hours (((parties))) after which the wizard won't be able to sit down or use a toilet for a week

No user, that's the Senate page program.

Well, someone's going to have to save the folk.

A true canadian with a pocket full of faggots would go to A&W for a 100% canadian beef patty made with real sesame seed buns and thick cut french fries.

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Mike Judge probably talked to an actuary. This stuff is all known well in advance. I think Trump arrived a little early, though.

Not if you're a freemason.

That's the reserves, user.

A&W is when you want to eat some good tasting healthy-sized portions, or are in the mood for a chickenburger/chickenstrips. Otherwise, you go across the street to Wendy's and fucking drown yourself in a double baconator.

If you cant "get it up" just eat some raw liver/steak. Wake up with an erection every morning. Just became a wizard this week

At this point they should just put NO WHITE MALES, it's quicker and to the point. This useless government job is 100% going to an ethnik.

Honestly, this.

t. Christcuck

Define "spiritual diseases". Protip: you can't, because thats meaningless eso-larp. Fucking a prostitute should not be a standard procedure for white men, but if you are 33+ and still a virgin it might help to break some mental blockades. A friend of mine lost his virginity to a hooker when he was 19 and got with lots of girls afterwards. Sex isn't that mysterious and special thing that some men make it out to be.

Also, i don't think unmarried men will be more likely to form fascist militias, in fact when shit hits the fan the men who have more too lose and a family to protect will fight the hardest. Look at the Wehrmacht and the SS for example, many married or engaged men among the most decorated war heroes.
You are right about lone wolf terrorists though. If you plan on following in Saint Tarrants footsteps, having a family would be emotionally cruel and something that would maybe even hold you back.

I think watching porn on the regular is far more damaging to your self-esteem than fucking a hooker, even if you do it every few weeks. And yes, the way you get better at sex is by having sex, that is pretty easy to understand if you're not a retard. 33 years and still a virgin is pretty pathetic man. You need to change something.

Trudeau is female.
I hope most of you realize that.

Here's some aids for the eyes.

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Pretty soon Harry Potter trivia will be a standard part of all job applications, as a shit test to see whether you're a consumer of popular media or not. Don't understand what that spell does? Sorry, we've decided to move on with another candidate and will not be moving forward with you in the process.


I watched the "Cracking the Code" video they link.

foreign voice

A Canadian bestseller back in the day. Dr Who Prime Minister.

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Jewyorkshittyfag here, we're basically Toronto south at this point.

Canada gas one govt employee per 83 people.
90% of those jobs are utterly useless.

Oh they think magic is their ally, I was born in the magic, molded by it, I never saw mediocrity until was already a man, and by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING.
The magic betrays you, because it belongs to me!


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dude gtfo of turd world jew york what the hell, its a fucking shithole


Cancucks can't even get the lore right. Hufflepuff's are partying lay-about good-for-nothings. It's a miscellaneous dumping ground of mediocrity and failure.

Weimartastic artwork on that faggy canuck coin

The other paragraph in Work Environment is also Harry Pottered up.

Mmm hmm. "Sorting hat" = Equity list, meaning no health White hetero males.
The average public sector employee is a 300-pound female with a tenuous grasp on beginner's English.

Added and more below.

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It's getting honkier

What do you mean by "on the regular" exactly?

The way you get better is by refining technique using honest feedback, which you can't necessarily expect from someone who may resist giving honest feedback because they rely on your good mood for material resources.

I don't need to do anything. I may choose to pursue a relationship, but that will be for its own sake with women who do not repulse me. Not simply because you find it pathetic. There are plenty of men who settle for low-class women to become non-virgins and I find that more pathetic than not landing prime catch.

When I visited Toronto in '83 everybody there was saying Toronto was the next New York, that is was the equivalent of New York in the 50's.

The shitty hat wand waving catladies and soyboys fear the Frog God's Void Energy.