Marxist/Leftist Intentions are Good on Certain Levels; Yet Most of the Time It's Not

Here's a revelation for Zig Forums to listen to; the geopolitical views of leftists and the far left in general are wholeheartedly good well enough in on itself. I'm talking about their support for Syria, Iran, Palestine, and Venezuela which are all against capitalism and imperialism. They're anti-Zionist but not anti-kike in the slightest. I'm not expecting them to change that, but what I really hate about the far left are their social views. It's blatantly toxic and cancerous for anyone sane to tolerate, not even liberal-esque normalfags like them.

Whether it would be the support for "liberating" women via feminism, turning everyone into a sodomite, claiming crossdressers on genital surgeries and hormone pills are "men/women" respectively, or their support for straight up infanticide (abortion). Their worst aspect yet though, is their anti-White hatred. Which is stupid because they think all Whites, mainly in the US, are exactly the same. They're even claiming Polish, Irish, Russian, Slavic, and Danish Americans are also "guilty of genocide and slavery".

Not even mixed race "Whites" who are called "Hispanic Whites" are safe from their hatred. If they really are this retarded to think this is true when it comes to Europeans. Then I guess Europe and Europeans don't exist, at all. I wish more people in the world would reject the social views of Western leftists. I don't care if they want to keep on supporting communism and cry "racism", I just want them to realize that Western leftist identity politics is both dangerous and unproductive. In fact, non-Western Marxists are completely different to Western Marxists. Take a look at North Koreans, for example, or even Russian Marxists. They don't go around saying they want to kill White people simply for being born White. Not even Venezuelans say this. Nor did Ali Khamenei, which surprisingly has the same rhetoric as leftists do (not socially though). It seems to me Western Marxists only support their countries geopolitically, not socially. Go figure.

One last note, so far not a lot of people on the political scene are a mix between "leftist" geopolitical views and "rightwing" social views (I'm putting quotation marks in both of these words because they don't matter all that much). I guess Syrian Girl fits this position. You also got that anti-White nationalism Muslim scholar known as Daniel Haqiqatjou, the founder of the Alasna Institute and The Muslim Skeptic website which had an article of his posted on 8/pol/, once. The guy's social views are more or less traditionalist Christian-tier. Nothing special.

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I forgot to point out something about the far left. They now think "destroying the patriarchy" and "abolishing gender roles" is a revolutionary thing to do. That and they think "toxic masculinity" has something to do with capitalism (I don't even know how they came with this one). And I guess protesting how you don't want men to tell you what to wear via literally being naked in the public is also "revolutionary", to them. Clown world indeed.

Kek. Remember all those shills who keep insisting that Andres Breivik is evil for assassinating a bunch of anti-White communist cunts? And their rational is that they were not just anti-White but were also "anti-Zionists" because they believed that jews were White and that Palestinians were the real victims because they were brown.

Yeah I remember that.

Nothing new here, kid. Then again, you're right about their identity politics and gatekeeping standards. These are all just pointless terms in the end, anyways.

I'm sympathetic to the ideas behind leftism but utterly repulsed by modern leftists. In the end it was the virulent anti-White racism, which is so common throughout the modern left, that drove me away entirely.

Now I'm NatSoc.

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Bump for the LIBERALS

Nigger stop thinking in terms of “left” and “right”. Capitalism and Communism and the idiologies spawned from them are both Jew controlled. Remember that you are a member of a nation, which is just a hyper-inflated version of a tribe. Whatever is good for your Nation is good to do, whether it seems “left” or “right”

Amen to that brother. I must warn you though, you're not just hated by leftists. You have to remember that. And OP's right, too. There are several people out there who are sympathetic to certain leftist talking points but they're ultimately against leftism and SJWism. They will also hate you, too. He's also right that western leftism only speaks for western leftism and nothing else, in one way or another. However, it's not just present in the West. It's also present on other places like Brazil and South Africa. Ultimately, even leftism in these places serve for their own interests. Surprisingly, it's mostly free from anti-White racism.

I know that, but I'd be hard pressed to think there are still some commies out there who hate (((capitalism))) but see "Judeo-Masonry" as a really big enemy. Russian communists are very prominent on these statements. Every other communist in the West is incredibly different. It always stems from post-modernist ideas of whatever they view as "oppression". Abortion really shouldn't be what they should support (thousands of niglets are killed every week by it), for example. But they do because, I don't even fucking know anymore.


If they’re a serious leftist they’re often good on issues like non-intervention, health care and education, but leftists completely diverge with me when it comes to supporting democracy, immigration, anti-racism and all sorts of degenerate acts. With their globalist anti-white, pro-Jewish control ideology they will forever be our enemies, even if we may share a few views here and there, but for different reasons

Nah, they're evil and brainwashed.

This has been going on for 10+ years and i disagree that their geopolitical views are anything other than retarded. They dont support anyone unless its a percieved minority or oppressed group.

So basically, they're totally retarded.

marxists in particular are wrong because they begin with the incorrect assumption of fundamental equality.
But there is no equality.
Equality cannot exist.
The more at odds with observable reality a worldview is the more cognitive dissonance exists, the more rationalisation is required to explain the discrepancy and the more force is required to try and make it real.
So they begin with the assumption of equality, rationalise away self evident inequality by resorting to the blank slate which then compels them to blame society in the form of 'systems of oppression'.
Thus they are compelled to force society into their desired mould in order to create equality in the firm belief that they are doing good.
But no matter how they try equality always escapes them because equality cannot exist.
So they must find and eventually create more and more tenuous and abstract oppressive social systems to explain the failure of their worldview. A failure they cannot blame on others as much as they try because they have had more than enough social influence for more than long enough to give some progress and yet niggers are still niggers and women still cant into stem.
Classic marxism mostly blamed economics and class for inequality but now the cultural marxists blame everything they can to prop up their utterly failed worldview based on incorrect assumptions. The dipshits are so enamoured with equality that they just cant help themselves so we get:
White oppresses brown with racism.
Men oppress women with patriarchy.
Heterosexuals oppress perverts with hetero-normative values.
The able bodied oppress cripples with abelism.
Healthy oppress hamplanets with fat shaming and on and on, as many as they can think of rather than face up to fundamental inequality.
A straight, white male with all his limbs and organs and who is physically fit is at this point the literal embodiment of evil to these fuckwhits.
While a morbidly obese sheboon with one leg who sexually identifies as a pokemon is the most oppressed and requires preferential treatment and if they have to indoctrinate children from the moment they are born or literally hold a gun to peoples head to make them equal then they will because they think they are doing good.

The definition of failure:
Having all the power, resources, manpower and time on multiple occasions to build your dream state and not only failing to do so through nothing more than the inadequacy of your worldview but remaining unable to recognise that failure and then repeating it in even more retarded forms.
That's marxism and all its derivatives. The definition of abject failure.

As for liberals in general: Liberalism is moral syphilis and this is obvious because they have taken such great pains to show us.
Any good intentions these pissants have is meaningless because they are all fucked up, they talk like fags and their shits all retarded.
Oh and they want us dead.

What they actually mean by this is destroying the White patriachy, and from what I've seen they plan to do this by replacing it with a non-White patriachy.

Anti-Whiteness is at the heart of modern leftism, and it takes precedence over all of their professed ideals.

OP is an idiot.

Look at how the jew Maduro talks.

It's the exact same as western marxist, muh freedom, muh democracy, muh human rights, muh Trump is a white supremacist.

When leftists talk about "rape" for example, what they actually mean is "white perpetrated rape". If it's rape committed by non-Whites they suddenly don't want to talk about it anymore.

It's all so fucking tiresome.

Marxism is cancer and anybody who views all matter and human experience through the lens of quantifying life and the natural world while only considering economic implication deserves the rope

Basically almost everyone on this board.

Yet I never actually heard him say he wants some "holy crusade" against White people because they are born White, particularly the ones in America in general. On the other hand, him going on a "holy crusade" against any kind of imperialist (I call it global Jewry) attack ON his country, is very much likely to happen, but it has absolutely nothing to do with race.

I've recently listened and read some of Osama bin Laden's videos and "fūtwas". It may seem genuine at first, but in reality it generally sounds and reads like some form of Mossad fetish. It gets kind of strange once you research about it more. A Saudi born from a rich family suddenly creates an organization apparently hellbent on destroying US foreign policy and the elimination of Israel but thinks that doing random terrorist attacks on random European countries is somehow also important to him.

What can al-Qaeda truly get from attacking random civilians around the world? With illegal interventions in the Middle East, we can truly see its purpose, but with the "correct evidence" that we know about the motives of 9/11, it doesn't add up and it's severely lacking in actual context given al-Qaeda's actions in the Middle East and abroad.

A Zionist Jewish Mossad plot should be more accountable for the attacks, and al-Qaeda can definitely be considered a Mossad-backed terrorist organization.


This. OP is not the first to realize that we share ideas with commies/leftists/alt left types. The key difference, as with marxist socialism and National Socialism, is the naive egalitarianism of the marxists. Marxists think those who don't contribute are just as good as those who do, while NatSocs seek to remove the parasites and establish unity through racial and cultural means.

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I think it can be simplified even more that natsocs believe in the cultural and spiritual life before the economic and they understand economy comes second to the human experience rooted in an affinity with our racial, ethnic and cultural identity. Marxists cry over and over that they have the perfect economic system and that they are against exploitation but this is a purposeful lie only because this system hyper escalated the exploitation of capitalism through internationalism by dissolving cultural, racial and national barriers and solely defining the human being as a symbol numerical unit which requires no other forms of substinence then that which can be bought
Hail Hitler

Its been going on longer than that!
The eternal merchants have been trying to breed into the European people since they witnessed Alexander curb stomp the "civilized" world! They used a psuedo-roman historian (read Josephus) to lie about ties with Alexander who the Romans idolized in order to gain a footing in their economy and then their govt and then subverted Rome into becoming a Christian nation. Then took over Rome after many attempts (66 AD) and moved the Holy Roman Empire east splitting European power in two just to be closer to Jerusalem! The eternal merchant is literally the cause of millions of white European deaths in wars and crusades over the last 2000y! AND, the eternal merchant does all of this so they can manifest their sick end of days prophecy when east becomes west and west becomes east!

Can someone please explain to me how it is that 95% of discussion forums on the internet have a strong leftist leaning? Everywhere you go, PC culture is upheld as the standard and deviation from it gets you labelled as an asshole and most likely banned.

I just got banned from the fucking Doomworld forums for pointing out making Doomguy a woman in the new movie is an obvious political move, with my post of course being followed by 5 cocksuckers quoting and saying passive aggressive shit like "dude, do you really wanna be stupid like this right here and right now?"

Why is it so universal?

Interesting how there is so many paths but eventually people come to places like these and eventually become national socialist there has to be something about it spiritually or something I do not know to my finger on.


absolutely. it was a spiritual awakening in 1933 and it is one now as well
The truth accepts all which is why many people of different backgrounds end up being natsoc

death to jews

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I know all about them, OP. One thing's for certain though, the only kind of "unity" we will ever find on many sides of the political compass is their support for Julian Assange. Only CNN-tier liberals and neocons don't like him. As for the ones who like him, it would be Green Party members, libertarians, commies, revisionists, "progressives", Alex Jones-tier "truthers", JewTube "skeptics", National Socialists, you name it. Why can't we just have some kind of political ideology that borrows both "left and rightwing" ideas that doesn't make people and the (((media))) scream "OMG it's White supremacy and Nazism!"?

Great job, mein Bruder. Keep up the good work.


This doesn't really have anything to do with OP's post, but I just wanted to point this out a little bit since I'm a former Marxist myself.

Personally, I don't think the Brazilian political cartoonist known as Carlos Latuff is a true Marxist, in my opinion. If anything, he might as well be just a revisionist. I've always used his cartoons before, they make great political insight, but I've come to realize that their views are crap when it comes to other things, whether they were communists or revisionists.

As I was saying, Carlos Latuff is very opportunistic, as he once considered Assad as an le ebil dictator and cruel mass murderer, but suddenly his views on the Syria situation changed completely. He used to support WikiLeaks and Assange, but now he's completely forgotten about his existence.

One of the main talking points back when I used to frequent Marxist subreddits was that "gun control" will only lead to the working class being disarmed and only the police would have guns. They used the Black Panthers incident as a good example to oppose gun control. Little did I know they only literally do so because they were black communists, therefore it fits their other agendas.

For reasons I've mentioned before, since Carlos Latuff is about as Marxist as the average Bernie-voting reformist, his support for gun control falls flat on his other arguments considering how critical he was to US police the US government in general. He's fine with revolutions on other countries but he somehow believes in the same shit that DNC and The Huffington Post loves to spew out about.

As the weeks went by, I eventually realized my mistakes of supporting the Marxist community. It didn't even matter if they were not even Marxist or revisionist, the left really is just a cesspool of an ideology. It's a great thing I only had a lefty phase for about 6 months.

t. former Zig Forums lurker

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Relevant blog:

Or even more simply:
National Socialism and other world views = Logos.
Marxism and the left = Anti Logos.


bumpin' again.



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Kill yourself Zig Forums kike.

t. kike

All of those are horrible ideas though. None of those countries have real liberty or democracy. They don't value freedom of speech they are poor places to live. Why would you want to support countries like that? Sorry but their intentions are wrong also.

They exploited the good will of the first socialists to create a degenerate force that entices people with lip service to solid thoughts about the exploitation of the working class.

This society is so badly kiked, user. The universe balances itself out. We need another Hitler now.

That's no reason to be a gun grabber. I'm philosophically opposed to firearms because unlike other weapons, you don't have to get dirty to kill someone. If you have to take a life, it SHOULD be damn messy and memorable.


Logos is truth as a concept, the ideas of truth itself.
It is also the truth of a thing or its essence.
Logos is what something inherently IS.
Logos is the structure of reality.
There are world views that recognise that inherent characteristics and truth exist, they recognise Logos.
National Socialism for instance.
The scientific method is based on Logos also.

Then there are world views that reject Logos.
The concept of fundamental truth is alien to them.
Marxists, especially cultural marxists, reject Logos because it shows inequality and without fundamental equality their world view fails.
Examples include deconstructing things they don’t like to make those things go away, tranny faggots, race deniers, liberalism in its more permissive forms etc…
Any world view that rejects the structure of reality - Logos - is anti logos, anti life, anti truth and wrong.

All world views can be grouped together either in Logos or Anti Logos categories even when they may have little else in common.

This is important to understand about jews and marxists in particular: They don’t have any sense of fundamental truth, its all just relative to them. This is why they lie so easily and why those of us that operate from a position of Logos can be so easily susceptible to their pilpul. Because in many cases we assume they are being honest and we just missed something when in fact they have no truth from which they are operating in the first place.

tl:dr Jew, marxist and their golems have no concept of truth and their lies are so normal to them they aren’t even noticed as such.

Real liberty is duty.
Democracy is disgenic.

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“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.

The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
- C.S. Lewis

One consequence: virtue-signaling trannies and entitled Muh'Besitys have gone so far up their own ass with their insufferable clown world shit, that "then one day, for no reason at all, they elected Hitler" becomes a meme

You people have been raided into oblivion by the commies. Utterly pathetic. Only pathethic, effeminate losers that can't handle competition oppose capitalism. It's a shame that there are so many of you here.

Leftists are evil, soulless cretins that are wrong about everything. There's nothing redeeming or morally just about them.

Go back to commiepol, and you don't speak for anyone but yourself.

This is just a leftypol shill thread, dude.

Spoken like an effeminate leftist. Real men want to choose their own path in life instead of taking orders from some commissar, and real men don't like censorship and to be forced to speak lies, which is an essential element to leftism. Real men speak the truth, even if it's unpopular and ugly. You leftists aren't really men, at all.

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The reason that we unable to oppose them is because they have totalitarian power.

No nation on earth has freedom of speach or the right to bear arms…

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Our only real goal is to kill you all.
Heh. Good.

I no longer live in a jurisdiction where the left is taken seriously. In fact, our leftist party is a rump east of Quebec and is headed Sikh lawyer whose claim to fame so far was being jerked off by his karate instructor.

The left is dying. It only ever survived on lies.

You wont do anything you nigger.

Remember: kikes are white unless they aren't because pilpul.

>Marxists think those who don't contribute are just as good as those who do, while NatSocs seek to remove the (((parasites)))

FTFY. 99.9% of my arguments with socialists right here. Stop turning my business into a charity.

tl;dr censorship is why.

Also: most of the commenters (and I know this from marketing studies) who browse Jizzabel or Huffing Glue Post do so on breaks from work (hardly any phonefag, BTW) and are 20-40ish cat ladies with extra pounds, extra ugly glasses and extra cats.

The reason they were targetted was up until a few years ago they had the most disposable income. Them and fag couples without kids. Now, due to layoffs, the fags are back on top.

Follow the (((money))) user.

Its duty to Truth and our Blood you fucking faggot.

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Yeah, at the level of when the body pit is filled to the top

Wrong. Marxists think (except for teh case of pathological laziness and criminals) that people contrubte less because of exploitation they have little capital so they can't produce. if capital would be equally distributed all would contribute the same.

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Socialism. A message from the dead.

Capitalism is good.
Jews are the problem.
Along with their paid pigs, the leftists/marxists.
Always kill leftists. Always kill jews.
They are both plagues in our world.

Kek, no.

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Spotted the duguinist. How things going in the Kremlin, Moishe?

No, because it was almost completely founded by Jews and is still predominantly controlled by Jews.
Communism has been designed to poison the people from the ground up and nothing that comes out of it can be good.
Never forget that all the crimes of communism were made in the name of Equality.

Capitalism is the power of capitol over labour. This is bad.
The trick that capitalists and marxists both play is to tell us that these are the only two options.
This is not the case.
Read this:

Marxism is not defined by helping the poor so you're wrong. Plenty of wildly different systems including unregulated markets and capitalism not only help the poor over the short and lord term but also help whole generations raise up out of the filth of destitution.Here is the kicker they all every single one of them do it much better than Marxism ever has even come close to providing. Even the insane no regulations and state corruption that goes on in Africa does a better job then Marxism.

That's not how basic economy works, basically what you are saying is the economical equivalent to the human centipede and that's why something like universal basic income wouldn't work. UBI wouldn't work because how do you give money from the state to everyone without causing massive inflation due to high taxes to give that money to those people and then you pretend they could contribute back to the economy, that's not and will never be how really basic economy works

Bump to btfo Marxists.


Excellent analysis

Marxism is internationalism.

There is nothing "good" about it.

if someone thinks that a white man is an enemy, it does not mean that what he is saying is "new marxism".