War on christians

War on christians. "easter worshippers" appeared only 4 times on twitter before this weekend, now its all over lefties' twitters. they want to replace christians with muslims confirmed

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They want to replace white people with browns.
Your religion isn't popular with the brown horde and undermining it isn't the primary target. Its a means to an end.

the browns are becoming a cancer. deus vult

Christcuckianity's future is shitskins.

War on Whites, christcucks are hand in hand with jews carrying it out. voat.co/v/news/2869564/15191838/

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Yep. skip to 27m40s.

Not your fucking blog. Don’t post things we’ve known for decades.

Paid jewish shill confirmed.

I think Muslims just hate Christians and will find any excuse to attack them.


You have to hand it to the kikes on this board. They have the immense task of whitewashing 2000 years of history to falsely align kikes (a word whose very etymology speaks to anti-Christianity) with Christians.

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It's been their biggest shilling campaign, they don't even go after Hitler this pathologically, since being a Christian includes Hitler anyway.

Whilst you are right to point out the jewish shills, its also right for the OP to point out that there is a clear anti-Christian movement throughout the planet (although his OP was pretty lazy and terrible). For the record, I fully acknowledge that many of us have known about it for decades, and whether you want to frame it as jews and muslims hating the 'white man's religion' or the 'devil hating God's followers and thus sending his minions to attack them'; it stands as an undeniable truth that the world at large hates Christianity and Christians (just like whites) in a way that it does not hate others.

For a long time now religion has been a fracture point, and one of the most common arguments is that Christians are an enemy and are no different to the other semitic enemies. Events like this seriously damage that narrative, and it is a narrative pushed on Zig Forums a lot. Regardless of my personal feelings, or yours; the fact that Christianity is hated by the world at large in a similar way to how whites are hated, is VERY relevant to Zig Forums and its world view. It does need to be argued about and investigated. Is it possible that white people are only hated because of their ancestral ties to the Christian religion? Is it possible that Christians are hated because of the European foundations? Is it possible that all this anti-Christian sentiment is designed to make White Nationalists trust Christianity so that they can then be subverted through corrupt Churches?

I'm sure each of those views and a good many more are held by different people, but as anti-Christian attacks on non-white people ramp up, this is something that needs to be explored and discussed.

SOURCE FOR THIS? I've been asking around for evidence that the phrase is a neologism, a usage frequency chart or something.

It seriously doesn't.

Not even christian and that's fucking disgusting.

Saint Jerome was friends with "Converted Jews" and learned Hebrew from them.
Saint Augustine believed the Jews to have BEEN the chosen people and believe Rome's scattering of the Jews to be a fulfillment of prophecy. Among other things like disparaging violence against them.
Saint Barnabas was a literal Jewish convert and Semite.
Saint Vincent Ferrer converted numerous Jews to Christianity.

Furthermore, ignoring the fact that you have listed a literal Jew in the ranks of these "anti-Jews", why would the ancient past teachings which are no longer held up by the Church, or any Church, matter?
The modern Church is not the ancient Church. The priests preach equality, love, tolerance, etc. The Catholics of your photo are nowadays represented by a Pope who preaches open borders for whites and rattles against Populism and racism.
The Church as a modern entity, whether it be Orthodox, Catholic, or some random Protestant sect, is being used as a tool against whites.
That is all that matters. Blood is all that matters.

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Why should I care about non-White people or the beliefs of non-White people? They have their own kind and their own culture. The initial problem Whites have had is getting stuck in another peoples' business instead of just focusing on our own lands and people.

Had we left the jew out of Europe we'd not be in this situation right now and thus having to deal with every other ethnic group on a daily basis.

idk where op got 4 from, its actually 1 result

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trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&geo=US&q=easter worshippers

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That's incorrect the term "juden" meaning "jews" was used in Germany since at least the time of the Fifth Crusade (1200s) in the Crusader song Palästinalied about the Holy Land.

"Mê dann hundert tûsent wunder
hie in disem lande sint,
dâ von ich niht mê besunder
kan gesagen als ein kint,
wan ein teil von unser ê.
swem des niht genuoge, der gê
zúo den juden, die sagent im mê."

"More than a hundred thousand miracles
are here in this land,
about which I cannot
say more than a child could,
only part of our faith.
For whom this is not enough, let him go
to the Jews, they will tell him more."

I think some of the rise of pagan shitposting has to do with more than just jews.

"Grindr Greg" Johnson has been more explicit about his pagan leanings for a while now. Same guy who was grooming young men for homosexual relations. Considering the posting styles and outright refusal to actually discuss that is inherent to the shitposting threads, it's possible that he's somehow involved. The threads are not as tone deaf in the beginnings and far too text heavy for your average shill.

They obviously aren't from here originally but the first few posts of those threads tend to mirror a lot of Zig Forums material. Reminds me of the TRSodomites when their hornet's nest got kicked. The fact so much of it is slightly off really got the noggin joggin. Might be something there.

We know for a fact that section of the right is dominated by fags and their toadies. The style of attack is not as coordinated as usual but apes a lot of substance that, on the surface level, sounds like it'd be from someone in the white nationalist sphere. The long starting posts are followed by a few longer responses while the rest are just echoing talking points in other threads.

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His entire first image is careful to not tread into the topic of racial semites. Christian "infographs" and hot take photos are typically disingenuous and try to only focus on the "religious" aspect.

pagan is a derogatory term for anything not christcuck.

Not all "pagans" and anti-Christians are sodomites. You're calling your racial brothers faggots because they don't want to follow a religion being upheld by anti-white churches.
Whats wrong with you?

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Just like every other institution in the West because of kike subversion? The same goes for Academia, Government, Entertainment, Industry, and the list goes on. They need to burn down, that's for sure, but a white nation cannot survive without them, so they must be rebuilt in the interests of whites when the time comes.

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That's the point of it though. I can't defend or speak to Benjamin Freedman, but by calling themselves "jews" they're attempting to lay claim to something. They often called themselves "hebrews" and other things as well.

Grindr Greg literally is a faggot. None of what either of you said has anything to do with my post.

Are you really trying to play the "not all" game?

Reread my post:

A white faith, Church, etc. can be rebuilt but your post is quite irrelevant to the current issue.
Anything "Christian" today is anti-white. If you go to Church, it is an anti-white Church or at the very least attached to an anti-white body.
If you go to a college, it is an anti-white college.
So, why would I stand for either of these things? Why would I stand for a faith rooted in myths from the Torah, originally brought into white lands as an immigrant religion, and is today keeping hostage millions of whites?
I have no reason to be a Christian. No white man has a reason to be a Christian. Whatever the Church once was had not been strong enough to stand the test of subversion. The Reich could not have been subverted considering it was rooted in a holistic racial worldview. Christianity was not.
The Reich was firebombed, its women raped, its leaders vilified, and it is now illegal to speak highly of it in many WHITE countries.
The Church lives on tax-free.
Clearly I have my faith, the faith which would stand against rubble, and its the faith in Hitler and the Reich, and my blood, and my people.
And I have to ask, what other faith do I need?

Greg is a faggot. And?
That's not reflective of the pagan right wholesale. I am not Christian, would be called a "pagan" by Christians, and believe Greg should be killed for faggotry.
I don't care if he calls himself a Pagan and leans heavily into it, trying to convince others of it. Its not good for the race and that's all that matters.
Your TRSodomite conspiracy might be true depending on the person, but I can honestly say I've never touched TRS and its shit and stayed away from its drama for years. I'm IM bred and never had a reason to address the faggots, only laugh it off and try to agitate those faggots you hate so much.

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Other than your very first sentence. "pagan shitposting" 0/10

On the bright side, it means that you won't be caught by feds like the LARPagans in Atomwaffle.

pagans havent met our lord jesus christ yet

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yes they did, and they put him on the cross.


It wasn't jews who put Jewsus on the cross.

killary is an antichrist jew


But you gotta care about them poor palestinian though?

Muslim good.
Christian bad.

I was responding to a post. A post referring to the current uptick in threads attacking Christianity. That was the context, you can see it on my first post.

This is just a sad attempt to reframe the thread.

See anyone doing that? No, because nobody is, nor does calling out christcuckery mean mud support, or jew shilling. What's bad about christcuckery is christcuckery, what christucks are doing.

I see plenty of people crying crococile tears when dem poor palestinian got shot tho.

I also see you using the term pagan.


I appreciate that you acknowledge the current troubles are not endemic to the faith itself.

If you have an infection, do you remove the affected limb? There's a reason that secularization coincided with the worsening of our misfortune. Man isn't merely flesh, the ultimate goal is to restore our people's health.

I totally agree with your frustration, the modern world is disgusting. However, it's our imperative to bring ourselves back from the brink, to see through this malaise to a brighter future rather than stew in the bitterness of our present darkness. The goal of removing a corrupted governance isn't to remove governance, it is to recreate righteousness. The faith promotes our best impulses and edifies us to face the world.

Don't we want good instead of evil? This isn't purely a race issue, racial corruption is a consequence of moral corruption. Happy, healthy people fight back against degradation.

Nobody here has done that, you brought it up. What I have brought up is christucks shipping in muds into White countries, and they deliberately dump them in the Whitest communities. As well, christuck leadership views non Whites as the future of cuckstianity, Whites can be genocided, White guilty sinners anyway, and doing what they can to make it happen for some shekels.

One can agree that christian is bad, but by doing so, one must also agree that islam and jew are bad also.

>>Zig Forums



This. I'd be willing to take racialist Christians more seriously if they made the effort to retake their churches and proselytize to their Christian brethren instead of racialists already critical of Christianity.

What a fucking revelation. voat.co/v/news/2869564/15191838/

I guess you were expecting an argument as if people here are like christcucks from your church?

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it's all so tiresome

This is meant for


No, but I expect muslims here.

One should remember this the next time when somebody says remember the palestinian shit.



i grew up going to various christian churches as my old man was a contractor so i moved around the country and sometimes around the world growing up.
a lot of the churches are just a bunch of people reading the bible, it's not like there is some harmonious narrative that they all share, maybe different domination do, but all of the churches i was going to seemed to contradict each other quite a bit, some of the congregations were super pro-gun and others wanted you to be murdered and not fight back if you were being attacked….
i think what has happened is as our society has become cucked so has the church, i mean don't fucking forget that all of the people who were hanging niggers in America back in the 20's and 30's were god fearing christian men, lol, the churches used to be a lot different and maybe when i was going it was during the times when they were changing, i haven't been in years as me and god have our own understanding, but all i am saying here it hasn't always been like this and not every church is cucked out……be careful throwing the baby out with the bath water. i'm not religious so think what you want.

But of course Kikebart doesn't ever talk about the jewish hand behind multiculturalism, right?

While I agree with you on principle this is nevertheless something we can use to further accelerate. The bombing in Sri Lanka apparently was revenge by muzzies for the brave act of St. Brenton.
So no matter how non-white the victims were, we can still push the "attack on christianity" angle to get people even more scared and distrustful of the goatfuckers.

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how about neither christfaggot


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rule britannia and deus vult

And all over /pol from the stormfags

youd rather have it all over your manboobs faggot

oy vey

kill yourself

>Pretending (((catholicism))) isn't 100% idol-worshiping pedofaggots/kikes that follow the talmud perfectly and have nothing to do with Christianity
How's your day going, rabbi jdif?

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Not even my cynicism can match against this blatant display of meme magic.

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memes are the future

If pagans had a religious instituion of any note, it'd be just as subverted. And even within the decentralized communities, the pozz is terminal. Feminist matriarchal earth mother worshipers, soyboy dudeweelmao faggots, degenerates of all stripes.
There is nothing that is sacred or safe from kike taint. Christian or pagan. Society itself is pozzed.

They call you Easter worshippers because they would rather you worship some false pagan corruption goddess and not G*d. (((They))) are the ones who really worship G*d not the filthy Christian goys.

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I'll take Catholics seriously when they start stringing up the demons who rape their sons yet claim to be acting according to the teachings of Christ.

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a church that supports LGBT has a clear connection to these actions
a church that supports LGBT is no church

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Kill yourself Jamal.


Needs muslim niggers and big noses on every degenerate scumbag

Nice try Schlomo!
The eternal merchants have been trying to breed into the European people since they witnessed Alexander curb stomp the "civilized" world! They used a psuedo-roman historian (read Josephus) to lie about ties with Alexander who the Romans idolized in order to gain a footing in their economy and then their govt and then subverted Rome into becoming a Christian nation. Then took over Rome after many attempts (66 AD) and moved the Holy Roman Empire east splitting European power in two just to be closer to Jerusalem! The eternal merchant is literally the cause of millions of white European deaths in wars and crusades over the last 2000y! AND, the eternal merchant does all of this so they can manifest their sick end of days prophecy when east becomes west and west becomes east!

Philosophy was considered dangerous to Christianity. Philosophers were persecuted and their books burned. Such was the persecution that men of learning were driven to destroy their own libraries rather than risk a volume being seen by a Christian informer. The few intellectual Christians that there were had to be careful of offending the sensibilities of the less intellectual majority. The philosopher Boethius for example was killed by the pious Christian Ostrogoth Theodoric in the sixth century. He is reputed to have met his end by having a bowstring tightened around his temples until his eyes protruded from his head. His death marked the end of the classical tradition of learning.

Any pagan work that referred to Jesus, and any works by Christians who could not accept the theology agreed atthe latest Church Council, were suppressed. The only acceptable literature was literature that conformed to the official Christian line of the moment. Gospels that did not fit requirements were discarded, and their existence denied. Other writings were creatively edited. Works by educated pagan authors were destroyed along with those of Christians whose views were not currently regarded as orthodox. Histories were either "lost" or doctored to make them acceptable.

Numerous works by pagan authors were known during the early centuries of the Church, and many of them were subsequently destroyed or otherwise "lost". We know for example that several biographies of Pythagoras were written. All have been "lost". One of the most famous Roman writers, Aulus Cornelius Celsus, wrote De Artibus — a work that is known to have covered agriculture, military theory, philosophy, law and medicine. He was a highly regarded thinker who had a poor opinion of the Christians, and unsurprisingly his work has disappeared. Parts of his medical writings were rediscovered in the Middle Ages, and from these it is possible to gauge the scale of our loss.

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Often we know that works were still current in the early years of Christianity: for example St Augustine is known to have read Cicero's Hortensius, then part of the school curriculum but since "lost". Some pagan tracts were given Christian prefaces and conclusions, and presented as original documents. Thus the letter of Eugnostos the Blessed was converted into an account of the wisdom revealed by Jesus to the disciples after his death. Anything that could not be cannibalised in this way was discarded. Thus, no Greek secular works were preserved in the original. Secular learning and secular art, along with secular education, almost disappeared. Some works were recovered during the Renaissance. Petrarch, for example, recovered other works by Cicero. Poems by Catullus were reputedly found serving as a bung in a Mantuan wine barrel. In the nineteenth century Robert Curzon found "lost" works of Euclid and Plato serving as stoppers in olive oil jars in a Coptic Monastery (at Deir el-Suriani in the Wadi Natrum).

Parchment was expensive so Medieval Churchmen would sometimes take a used one, scrape off the existing text, and reuse it - as a so-called palimpsest. Regarding the works of pagans of the ancient world as worthless, they destroyed, or at least thought that they had destroyed, the works of the some of the greatest minds in human history, to make prayer books. Modern science has been able to recover a few important works from these Christian prayer books. For example, in 1229 AD parchment copies of seven treatises of Archimedes were erased and overwritten by prayers, then bound in a Byzantine prayerbook (a euchologion) by a priest called Johannes Myronas. Myronas understood Greek, so must have known what he was doing. Of the seven treatises by Archimedes, two are otherwise unknown (The The Method of Mechanical Theorems and the Stomachion) and one (On Floating Bodies) is unknown in the original Greek, the language in which Archimedes wrote. Working in Jerusalem, the priest had vandalised not only treatises by Archimedes to make his prayerbook, but also other works, including 10 folios of the Attic orator Hyperides dating from the fourth century BC, one of which contained an extremely important speech that has not otherwise been preserved.5. This copy of Archimedes Method was found in 1906. There is no way of telling how many other such palimpsests there were on which Christians did a more thorough job, and so will never be discovered.

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The loss through Christian vandalism - both deliberate and casual - is incalculable, but the scale of it can be estimated from the shreds that survive. Tacitus's surviving Histories and Annals are both incomplete. One manuscript of Lucretius's De Rerum Natura, "On the Nature of the Universe", survived the Dark Ages. Livy's lost works include his 142 volume History of Rome of which only a small part has survived. Pliny the Elder wrote numerous works of which only his Historia Naturalis survives. There is of course no way of knowing how many hundreds or thousands of important works have vanished completely — without even a passing reference in any surviving work. It was not only classical works that were destroyed. When they had the opportunity to do so Christians burned Jewish and Muslim books as well. After the Muslim city of Tripoli surrendered to the crusaders in 1109, the great library of Banu Ammar , the finest in the Muslim world, was burnt to the ground with all of its contents.

Some works were preserved because they were taken out of the reach of orthodoxy. When persecuted Nestorians fled eastward, they took ancient works with them. They enjoyed much greater freedom under Zoroastrian and Muslim rulers, and established prominent communities in what are now Iraq and Iran. Along with other refugees they translated the writings of Greek philosophers. For 1,000 years these writings were lost to the West. When they were eventually retranslated from Arabic into Latin they fired the revival of learning that we know as the Renaissance. It was through this route that the works of Aristotle were preserved. Other works survived in other ways. In 1895 the ancient rubbish dumps of Oxyrhynchus in Egypt yielded, amongst other things, a forgotten song by Sappho and fragments of "lost" plays by Aeschylus and Sophocles.

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A common claim made by Christians is that Christianity single-handedly kept alight the guttering flame of learning during the Dark Ages, in the face of marauding wild barbarians. The truth is almost the exact opposite. The Church was largely responsible for plunging western Europe into ignorance and darkness. Towards the end of the fourth century for example Goths destroyed much of the Western Empire, including great cities like Delphi and Athens. But these Goths were not the pagan barbarians of traditional history books, they were Christians. These barbarians marched with bibles at the head of their armies. When they besieged Rome it was not, as is often supposed, pagans besieging civilised Christians but for the most part Christians besieging civilised pagans. To be sure there were some Christians in the city, but there is no reason to suppose that their faith was stronger than that of their bishop. Their bishop (now regarded as a Pope) consented to pagan sacrifices on the altar of St Peter's in order to save the city from the Christian hordes at its gates.

The Visigoths in Spain and southern Gaul, and the Ostrogoths in Italy were also Arian Christians. So too, the Vandals who plundered Gaul, Spain and North Africa were bible-toting Christian believers. Popular stories about pagan barbarians sacking Rome are pure fantasy. Rome was still in good shape until the middle of the sixth century when the Christian Emperor Justinian tried to reconnect Italy to the Empire. The city was repeatedly besieged and plundered by Christian forces. The Christian Emperor Constans II completed the destruction in 664 when he removed the last items of value, including any metal he could lay hands on, not only statues but also bronze fittings and lead roofs — even metal clamps and ties that kept the stone walls together. Rain and weather did further damage, but there was still enough left for later Christians to exceed the efforts of all their predecessors.

Thanks for the jewish perspective, rabbi. We are well aware of what damage your (((catholics))) did

good goy

Are you also aware of what (((Protestants))) are doing for Israel? What special brand of Christianity are you from?

Ah yes, the greed, the greed. Those nuns and priests are just lazy useless fuckers. And that money will never go to a widow or orphan, trust me. When my father died in a work accident my mother was left with 3 children (technically orphans) to support. The priests and nuns from our church where we regularly attended every weekend and donated to, stayed far far away. We didn't hear from them for 6 months then they sent my mother a box with 52 baby blue self addressed envelopes. I asked my mother (I was 7) what they were for. She replied; they want a cheque every week of the year from me.

Cock suckers. Too bad there's no hell for them to burn in.

Christmutts have their own board, yet they continue to spew their stupidity wherever they please. Reminder the mods allow this. Reminder they literally think Jewsus was hWhite and Aryan. Reminder they think they are the actual jews. Reminder how they decry race mixing as they construct enormous 'refugees welcome' signs in front of their churches.

>>>Zig Forums

Take your spiked zombie kike worshipping pedo death cult there with you.

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Reminder that this is literally their ONLY argument that they will repeat until their vocal chords no longer work.

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There is zero historical record of the existence of Jesus. He was a comic book superhero sold to the rabble of Rome by Paul and other Jewish revolutionaries for the purpose of creating a Marxist rebellion that would destroy Rome. The promise of impossible equality, the praise of poverty, the hatred of White men and the celebration of miscegenation: all of these sentiments that are espoused by Christians are quintessentially Marxist.

Men don't rise from the dead, the Earth is not 6000 years old, serpents don't talk, and all that other shit that every single Christian takes literally is more comic book nonsense. Atheist racism is the only belief for rational men. All other belief in magic, demons, and other capricious violators of physical law is childish. If you believe that there was a Jesus who did all that stuff, you are an idiot.

Yeah, this is the way they act, sure, but if we take them as a historical factor, we could also argue that they probably also manipulated Jesus teachings.
Christianity, as it is, is judaism for slaves.

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You do realize that by the time the Goths destroyed the last vestiges of the Roman Empire most of its wealth and knowledge had been transferred east to Istanbul and west to Ireland? That is why they dont call it the dark ages anymore because they know Ireland monasteries housed most of the knowledge of the Romans and a lot of the wealth. It simply took time to propagate out from "such a small island on the edge of the world"!

Nice try Schlomo!
The eternal merchants have been trying to breed into the European people since they witnessed Alexander curb stomp the "civilized" world! They used a psuedo-roman historian (read Josephus) to lie about ties with Alexander who the Romans idolized in order to gain a footing in their economy and then their govt and then subverted Rome into becoming a Christian nation. Then took over Rome after many attempts (66 AD) and moved the Holy Roman Empire east splitting European power in two just to be closer to Jerusalem! The eternal merchant is literally the cause of millions of white European deaths in wars and crusades over the last 2000y! AND, the eternal merchant does all of this so they can manifest their sick end of days prophecy when east becomes west and west becomes east!


Faggots ITT: Explain these quotes

"You (Jews) belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."

John 8:44

"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

Revelation 2:9

"Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."

Revelation 3:9

Should be easy for you.


This. The anti-Christian anti-Jesus rhetoric has increased ten fold on this site ever since this board has gotten more press. Jews have always hated Jesus and Christians from the beginning. Jesus outed them as the Satanic garbage they were. This is why in the Talmud there's nonstop hate against Jesus. Jews have always been jealous of Jesus and the true Israelites, because they have always been the chosen of God, not the mongrel Satanic cursed bloodline which are the Jews.


Fictional quotes from a fictional character. What do you want me to explain? Ancient Whites knew Jews were subversive nation-wreckers back then just like they are today.

Also, Satan doesn't exist. He's a supervillain in the Semitic comic book universe. You present a fictional work, and just because it speaks of Jews being scumbags and this imaginary character called Satan, that this is somehow proof that the whole Jesus story is true. Yes user, the Palmolive advertisement is going to show that Palmolive cuts grease like no other. Try looking for a consumer report before you make a purchase.

It dosen't matter if he "exists" or not. There's a reason why Jews practice child sacrifice, and child rape. There's a reason why they worship Saturn. They could have subverted and destroyed nations without doing any of these things. They still practice these ritual sacrifices today, including worshiping Saturn.

Tell me, why do they still do it? These people have managed to survive for thousands of years destroying nations and genociding whites, and they easily out themselves by child/human sacrifice and worshiping Saturn. This is not an argument for if Satan exists or not, like I said previously it doesn't matter.

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Of course not, but I do and did in the very post you're replying to, voat.co/v/news/2869564/15191838/, and that jews aren't pointing out themselves jewing doesn't change that christfucks are right there with jews genociding Whites. Your whataboutism is nowhere.

yeah we should talk shit on pagans because they aren't abrahamic