How to Nullify Sexual Desires

Brace for a minor blog-post on my part, but I want to use it to start a general thread about the subject.

As far as I see it, I'm not in the best physical and mental condition right now. I have only myself to blame for that, but in order to fix it, I need advice, information, from some independent source, and this place seems the best for it; at least I can't think of any else that would do the job. For many reasons, the biggest ones being my own shortcomings and the general situation of the world today, I'm on the verge of breaking and giving up, because the strength to combat this clownship happening nowadays is running out; and everything being a constant struggle against (((the tide))) wears me out like hell.

Everyone has weaknesses, I just happen to have more than others, or at least they're more overbearing for me. I've been holding on for a long time already, and these weaknesses are starting to get the better of me. Without going into others, I want to focus on what the thread title points towards. Sexuality is, in my eyes and according to my conclusions, one of the biggest weak points of humanity, specifically the male part of it: females since time immemorial have used it to gain relevance and power over men, so for them it's a "weakness" in a different way, but I don't want to get into it, and instead focus on men. As far as we're aware, healthy human male possesses a certain amount of sexual drive in order to gain a mate and continue the species. Yet, in modern times, after the inception of sexual revolution and sexualization of everyday life through all kinds of (((media))) this has become a much greater problem - hedonism, once a fringe part of world views reserved to widely despised degenerates has grown into full-fledged, legitimized lifestyle and continues to grow, incorporating more and more people, sometimes fully aware and embracing it, sometimes unwitting. Hedonistic approach has many faces and its followers many reasons for embracing it. The one I wish to focus on, for it concerns me the most, is the unwitting one, with its goal being reconciling with the personal problems and relaxation.

To put it more straightforwardly, I have fallen into a downward spiral trying to reconcile with my state of being. I'm probably addicted to masturbation, and due to my body growing tolerant to the stimulus my brain is seeking more and more degenerate, unhinged fuel to maintain the flow of dopamine. I have caught myself seeing pleasure in something that shouldn't exist in this world, and I greatly despise myself for it. I can blame only my own weakness and the only explanation I have for myself is trying to stay sane and satiate my need for something that just felt good. I woke up a few days ago and feeling enormous disgust and disdain for myself I said "no more, it will not happen again". I fully realize that what I do is wrong and that the pleasure is a false idol, it brings no good. Drug addicts feel pleasure when they inject poison in their veins, a poison that destroys their bodies. Alcoholics feel pleasure when they engage in their vice and aren't aware they're poisoning themselves as well. And the pornography and masturbation are drugs as well, and they poison and pollute the mind. I refuse to go further down the rabbit hole. I need to stop it, and I cannot do it alone for any longer. I have nobody else to ask for help, I don't want anyone to know about it. It's known that great men managed to reject the vice and remain steadfast to their convictions, but I'm not one of them, despite how much I would like to be one.

And that's what I need your help with. How to combat this occurence? How to make myself numb to sexual attraction of any kind? How to destroy and uproot the lust and make myself completely untouchable to it? I want to have the strength to fight other things that make me weak, but I need to help with this one in particular, because I cannot handle the corruption of mind that have already taken the root. What can I do? Is there anything I can take to stop feeling the lust, the constant sexual imagery and the temptation of relieving myself?

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yikes… Just stop watching porn, you cuck. Get busy so you wouldnt have time to jack off.

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Without going full Buddhist-nigger , you cant, and totally numbing yourself to sexuality is not the answer to your problem either. You feel youre in a very exasperated state which calls for drastic action: But really your just giving yourself an excuse to fail by setting such a lofty and irrational goal of total numbness. All you need to do user, is isolate yourself the best you can (within reason) from sexual stimulation, stop watching porn, do nofap, you will fail at nofap again and again, and again, but keep trying, and eventually youll work out a reasonable way to manage the desire.

Same with food, control yourself
Use your day wisely user, you only have one

The problem is that most of the userbase are NEET. They don't have the capital to invest in productive hobbies.

I do not have all of the answers user, but I do have one thing that may help you and indeed everyone here.

When you fail in life, and you will always fail in one way or another even if you have no issues with perversion or anger or whatever; there will always be something that you fail at. When you fail; do not beat yourself up over it, do not mourn, do not get angry, do not wallow in misery and depression. Acknowledge that you did badly and then force it out of your mind, and continue with your life trying not to fail. Wallowing in misery and despair makes it much harder to move on and recover. Never dwell too long on your failings; instead push the negative thoughts out of your mind and work on being the person you want to be.

another faggot devolved into fapping to trap hentai and sissy hypnos. why dont you focus on the fact thats where shit comes from? and instead of those bois being strong warriors that would die beside you in battle theyre submissive cucks. maybe youd rather have submissive cucks around you as youre not wired for battle anyway. have you tried not being a faggot?

You don't do it by letting faggots run you out like a nigger, that's for damn sure. You also don't do it by fucking every sloppy obese piece of shit around, or turning quee

Blowing your load isn't a fail, and only you faggots think that for some reason.

Fast for 3 days my friend, drink nothing but water and a pinch of sea salt occasionally. On the 2nd day of your fast, begin preparing bone broth to be consumed after the 3rd day is over. This will begin your healing journey.

Another thing is pretty much every male in the west is suffering from overexposure to sexual stimulation. OP is clearly beating himself over his lack of discipline, but the fact that he recognizes its a problem and is looking for solutions makes him wiser than the normies. OP sexual desire is one of lifes most powerful energies, you cant just turn it off, you need to conquer it, tame it, and use it to your advantage. Do 30 days nofap you fucking pussy faggot, youll understand what i mean.

You cannot nullify them.
However you can redirect energy into 'positive' outlets.
The act you are committing is a creationary and physically rewarding event.
What you absolutely need to do is a creative and physically destructive event.
Meaning, dig a hole.
Build something with large rocks,
Plant a garden, move trees,
Something that will devastate your physical systems and exhaust your muscles and circulatory system.
Ideally having a goal, and your eyes and mind can then see the result.

This will balance both your mind and your body if you continue this regiment with frequency.
Never cease in creation thru physical exertion.
The answer then is self evident and you need not change anything else

Look up the testimonies of ex-homosexuals. They're the most enslaved to sexual desire, so it should be useful. The tl;dr is to become a slave to Christ.

I wasn't watching porn for years. But things in general started getting worse, and I was in need of something to take my mind away from what was bad. I went into a downward spiral and now I'm determined to pull myself out of it.

The problem is that I can never fully isolate myself without being a hermit in the woods. Sexual thoughts continue to assault me. I lie in bed and can't sleep - sex attacks me again and I wank to chill myself and fall asleep. I do something laborious and thoughtless - it happens again, on its own. I cannot become completely detached and focused 24/7 to avoid thinking about it. Or, rather, I can, but the barriers start to break sooner or later.

I bust ass every day, training both mental and physical. Helps, but not ultimately. Also, as I said, I have physical problems as well, my body isn't perfect. But that isn't the issue I want to talk about.

I'm not a neet. In life, capital-wise, I have more than I could ever ask for.

Easier said and done. When mistakes pile up on your back it's hard not to dwell on it, think about it and try to conclude something from it. I continue going forward but I start to lose sight of the ultimate goal. And my strength and endurance are coming to an end. But, in principle, you're right in what you say.

So tell me, where does it come from? I train regularly, I consider myself physically capable, and there's nothing I want more than a battle to fight, a goal to achieve. But there's fucking none. And I'm not a faggot. It's just the life in a modern world that exhausts me.

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Why famioli, it's an anonymous board? Talk to me like you talk to the voice in your head.

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k op is actually a hopeless nigger faggot “waaaahhh a permenant facet of existence isnt fairrrrrrr”

Your problem is not as big as you think it is, the solution is not as hard as you think it is, you will defeat your demons, if you decide to.

I had just had a good wank to aboriginal porn

Can you fucking shills stop subverting the board culture by giving shit answers to well written posts like this? I think the mods should take action soon or we might end up like 8ch. (((Someone))) WANTS the board culture changed.

Water fasting for 7 days. Then do 14 next. Usually drops the libido to 0.

All I saw in that post was BIG and HARD

op would rather fap to loose gaped fecal slime asshole than tight wet naturally lubricating twat. op you should treat masturbation as a fantasy where even if youre not some turbo chad with a pussy spasming banana pipe you should pretend in your head that you are. otherwise your insecurities are going to creep in and youll devolve into degeneracy. TREAT FAPPING AS A FANTASY WHERE YOURE A PUSSY SLAYING GOD. detach yourself from reality. its not you in your current state fucking these twats, its the turbo ubermensch version of yourself.

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OP, ignore posters like:

These are hired shills delibarately shitting this thread to a potentially undermine a quality post such as yours.

The answer again is in the essence of physically creating something in this world, while simultaneously punishing your physical body.
Build something now!
Leave the confines that other men put you in!
See they built the world around you, and prevent you from carrying out the divine process.
Your enslavement and encapsulation is the result of other men going thru this process themselves and being themselves liberated, a negative entity used those remaining structures to hold you hostage and prevent you the same outlet.
If you are unable to create something with your hands, and exhaust your physical body at your will.
You are enslaved, and must retreat at all costs

Don't "nullify" your sexuality. Sexuality is natural, healthy, and a great part of life. Your problem right now is not sexuality but rather perverse and unhealthy sexuality.

Sex has two main purposes

It is of course pleasurable and that's a perk, but pleasure is a motivator and not a purpose. You need to refocus your sexual drive on those two purposes of sex. Fall into neither the trap of nullifying your sexuality or becoming perverted and promiscuous, because those both fail to accomplish the purpose of sexuality. Celibacy and promiscuity are both jewish degeneracy. The best first step you can take is to think about what you want long term in terms of your sexuality - do you want a healthy relationship and kids? If so then stop wasting your sexuality on other things and focus it on that.

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ever heard of having an argument?

Read the perfect matrimony by Samael Aun Weor, not even joking

You're not supposed to "Nullify" sexual desires you fucking retard. You're supposed to find a wife and use those sexual desires to create children. You failed at some point, either you're attracted to the wrong women because your brain is controlled by the jew, or you're a self hating nihilist who can't bring himself to get out of the house and be social with another human being. Either way, it doesn't matter how poor you are there are white women out there that are willing to make children with you, get your fucking shit together.

And, also, blogposting should be a permaban, I'm sick of all these new blogposters popping up with "so, yeah, this is a blogpost hear me out" no fuck off, it's taking over the board at this point.

Op here is a serious answer, if you have been masturbating since you were 12 and you are now an adult. I have bad news. Your brain has already been rewired. I suggest you start waterfasting, it destroys libido, extends lifespan and increases intelligence. Start with 5 days. Then go for 10. Then 14. That is how I did it, I still get sexual urges but the difference is, its WAY LESS frequent and even it its there, its under control.

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obviously you dont lift or exercise.

Op, just stop eating and drinking for 60 days. You'll never have a sexual desire again!!!!!!!! Use THIS secret clickbait method.

Everyone here engaging in addictive pleasure rewarding is at the bi-product of slave morality.
The industrial society has allowed this practice and the puppeteers promote it in a perverse manner as a distraction force against your divine creation.
You are a physically bound being with the compulsion to create your own world, and must carry out this practice to achieve eden.
This is a physical transaction of beating your hands upon the earth without industrial assistance.

Find a more or less traditional, non-degenerate woman. I know it's hard nowadays, but a wholesome relationship keeps the jew within you at bay.


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From personal experience, just having a passion for something overrides the sexual drive. Even though everyone else has said basically the same thing, just find something to occupy your mind and body, so you’re too tired or too preoccupied to give into degeneracy.

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I did a nofap that lasted for a month or so. I thought that nothing will touch me anymore, I felt no desire to change it and it was slowly getting better - but then I relapsed, despair kicked in and my downward spiral started. And you're right, nowadays sex jumps at you from the fridge. Everything is sexualised, in the internet, media, tv, anything. I don't watch tv, but other people watch it. I don't watch media, but others do and it reaches me, one way or the other. I browse the board to read something interesting, to find more books, to read /SIG/ threads, but suddenly someone posts porn or erotic stuff and I'm stirred again.

All right. I didn't want to derail it into physical issues and instead focus on sexuality, but fine, maybe someone will learn from it as well. You're on point, I'm aware of what you say, and it's one of my dreams to commit myself to something like this. A goal, something to strive towards. Like building a house from ground up, like my father did, like the hero he is. Or gardening. Or whatever. The issue is that I struggle to find strength. I lack energy and drive. I drink mineral water, eat meat, home cooked meals, I live healthy, train every day, never smoked, zero alcohol and drugs, but I don't feel healthy. I wake up and I can barely walk from exhaustion. I can't remember when I had a proper rest despite sleeping ~10 hours. I'm creative, I write stuff sometimes, I read all things that come into my hands, I educate myself in philosophy, religion, I can argue with people with reasonable skill - but I lack energy. I'm fucking exhausted. I end up doing my routine, reading boards, some book and then collapsing again with despairing thoughts. I realize it's nihilism, defeatism and general faggot's way of viewing things - but that's why we're talking in this thread, right? Maybe someone will learn from my mistakes, if I myself won't make it.
My family members and people close to me tell me it might be depression, but I don't know if there are ways of treating it without going into another rabbit hole of receiving (((medication))) from kike pill-pushers.

It's a bad advice. I fantasized of things like you describe them, pure, familial, and beautiful. But ultimately it turns into fucking degeneracy and submissive fantasies over time because of sexual stimulation on the brain it does. I don't want it, I know it's wrong. I want to fight, but my energy reserves draw to an end.

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Nigger why?

Sexual desire is good and natural.

Stop being a cuck who let your line dies out.

you don't get this board culture you dumb nigger, you probably came here after brendon tarrantino
fuck of back to 4cuck

His post was good, but it doesn't mean that it isn't open to legitimate criticism. Your water fasting idea is probably a better angle for NEET anons.


Im not sure if your just a useful idiot, an uneducated clown or just a shill. However I just broke a 21 day water fast several days ago. I could have gone another week more without flinching. The ancient romans and greeks considered 20 days "short" with "40" days being long. For the other fags that might read this. You might want to start lurking at reddit's r/fasting. The benefits are too enormous to list here.

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The masters of industrial society need you in a degenerated stasis in order to extract your labor.
Sexual addictions are a bi-product of this, and a environmental exclusion for those who dwell within highly urbanized areas.
These urbanized developed areas intent fully have no green spaces for people to engage the earth and build their own worlds.
For if you could, you would be liberated from the slave masters of industrial society.
Your mind would self-correct, and lack the time to reflect on the stress the urban environment created as you would just then turn to your survival instinct which is to create a world of your own, that no man can stop, and which involves the physical exhaustion of you physical body on a daily basis.
This routine is suppressed by the urban slave masters extracting your labor, and keeping you in an urban cage with no other outlet but addiction to your only remaining creative tool.
Your libido.
And they are victorious over you.

When you forgoe sex and become a machine, that's when you are liberated.

Who tell you this so I might shoot it in the head?

How the fuck am I strawmaning

Where is the porn addict mentioned in my post?

You don't abolish sex, it just no longer has a negative physical consequence. Should I call you Rabbi?

user, you are energy, you are the motivation and you are the source of motivation. You won't get happy because you fap or no fap, just do. You will have to find it, the things you excel at and focus on them. I know it may sound like hippie bullshit but hear me out. You will need to get it out of yourself through pain and suffering, and that is the only way. Go to somewhere green and have a deep conversation with yourself, and from then on, control yourself.
That's it, there is no other way to it. There is no secret rule, or a hidden talent, it's just pure will.

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You want to abolish sex while claiming it's "liberating". Should I call you Rabbi?

Why have I never considered this? I’m always focused on the woman in fantasy and I suppose when I look back on myself for a brief moment I see reality where I’m not some god and I feel shame. It does make sense sense masturbation is pure fantasy you should be inserting the best version of yourself into it and acknowledging that it’s just a fantasy. I always just pictured my current self fucking 10/10s. I’m sure my subconscious was aware of the delusion which led to seeking out lower tier degeneracy to compensate. Next time I’ll close my eyes and larp as greek god with a vibrating penis devastating slamming titty round ass succubi.

I in no way said abolish sex in any fashion you filthy kike slave.
Take your forked tongue and jam it back in your Rabbi master's asshole

Destroying your libido, thus no desire to have sex.

Yeah I fucked that part up, I used to be really into blowjob videos because I would imagine how it would be like from the male perspective but I have lost my masculinity from too much fapping and seclusion and now I'm a sissy bitch who can only imagine myself from the female perspective in porn.

i was here when you called someone a shill you explained why instead of just calling them shlomo or telling them to go back to reddit. its called having an argument. dont address the content though just call me a cuckchanner and move on.

also you must be fat as shit because not eating for 20 days would eat away all muscle gains of a fit person making them physically weaker.

They will never engage in argument with you.

Logical fallacies is how they win fights.

They are free to criticize, but they also write the reason why. Not give out random slurs.

I just noticed that r/fasting has been hijacked by shitty hedonists who are fasting for looks, not for self discipline and enlightenment. For the fags reading this. I suggest to do your own research.

Cut of dick off, cuck


If the christcucks hate their libido so much, do it like Jewsus said and cut it off.

discord trannys mad as fuck at this advice.

meant for

Thanks for advice and involvement, everyone. I'm thinking hard and heavy on what I should do. I know the purpose and workings of fasting, but I'm not convinced towards it, because, as I said, I'm already on my last legs - or that's how it feels like. I want to continue training, and I need food and energy for it. I sincerely doubt that going full fast and starving myself will do anything but harm.
About finding a waifu - easier said and done, as you all know. I have a good friend that I know for years already, but she's more like a sister than a gf for me. And maintaining this one "relationship" is tricky enough already.

I want to grow numb and de-sexualize myself because of how widely popularized hedonism is. Prostitution, sluttiness, homosexuality, movies and nigger music with women shaking their asses in your face - it's everywhere. I don't want to be touched by it. I don't want my body to respond to the seduction of a used up slut who tries to use me herself. Eternal conflict of body and mind. I don't want my body to desire something my mind rightly finds repulsive. Know that in my current state I'm very, very far away from creating my own family, I'm nowhere near ready for it if I cannot get myself together.

I have thought about getting myself completely off the grid. Cutting the internet off in full, and focusing just on books, work, learning, and whatnot. The problem is that internet is like a giant library for me. It provides me distractions so I can stay mentally sane, it provides me music for the same purpose, it provides me books to read through pdf repositories and book threads, it provides me /SIG/ threads of advice, and it enables me to talk to you all now here, ask for an advice. Internet is both good and bad things, but it's hard to drop completely without losing some things that influence me in the good direction. Also - in the past months I have cut contact with almost everyone I was in contact with through the internet, people I got to know and kept some loose contact with. Why did I do that? To steel myself, to cut the negative influence I was talking about. To take back my independence, to have more time for other things, to focus on what's more important. To challenge myself, to push myself out of my comfort zone I was putting myself in. To resign from something I enjoyed.
And it's bearing down heavy on me, it doesn't make me happy even if I know I did the right thing.

Why. You chose to have that reaction, you chose to have a negative reaction as an excuse for more degenerate and self destructive behaviour.
Your problem is your mindset.
Every time you choose to let negative thoughts win, you reinforce negative thinking and negative behaviour.
Every time you post here with something negative about yourself and self pitying, and something hopeless, you are reinforcing negative behaviour.
Maybe it is depression, but who gives a fuck. Someone on halfchan said years ago "fight against depression like it was someone trying to take your life".
That requires angry, fury, energy, forcing your will to live to destroy anything that is trying to attack you. When you have a negative thought, destroy it with a merciless intensity that you will do the exact opposite of what it is saying to you.
Stop being so fucking pathetic and start being angry, use that angry to create energy, and use that energy to do constructive, positive and beneficial actions.
If your negative thoughts say "my life is over", you say "no, fuck you, fucking fuck off, I am the master of my life and I can do whatever the fuck I want, in fact, I'm going to do something positive RIGHT NOW", and you stand up and do it.
If you want to stop being a fucking slave to porn and fapping, then stop doing it. I don't care if it takes 20 or 30 attempts, it doesn't matter in the slightest how many attempts it takes, because with each attempt, your will is growing, and the influence of the porn etc is fading and becoming weaker.
After 6 months or so without porn and without fapping to porn, your brain will already have healed a great deal.
To help it, no fap for a couple of months.
If you slip up, don't make a big deal out of it, instead think positively, "I rid myself of porn for that many weeks and in that time my brain healed somewhat, and porn has less hold on me, my will is growing, I will start again!".
Like that.
As for why you are so fucking down in life, and can't feel rested or happy, it is very likely because you are not doing anything with your life.
Do something, it doesn't have to be perfect, but do something, lots of things.
Study hard, work hard, take training courses to make you more skillful and useful and to give you more opportunities. Do not stop. Be relentlous, and set goals for yourself, no matter how small at first. Work your way up.
Most importantly, ACTIVELY practise positive thinking. Every time a negative thought comes, destroy it and hammer into shape a positive thought. It will be hard and artificial at first, but even if it takes 1-2 years, you will become good at thinking positively and being a positive person. Coming up with realistic solutions to your problems, and working towards them without being a negative doomsayer.
Watch arnold's six rules of success on youtube, watch it 50 times until you understand it all and can apply it to your life.
And don't dare respond to my post with negativity.

The absolute copping state.

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there is literally nothing in there about greeks and romans besides one quote that says fast for a day. obviously at this point im justified in calling you shlomo trying to make anons starve themselves.

If you are asking for a clarification. I can honor that if you are willing to understand.
I am saying industrial society has left you with no outlets.
Your sexuality becomes one of the only outlets you have when there is supposed to be many more for a man living in his natural state.
Hence why this urbanized world has seen the rise in 'gender bending' it's a byproduct of urban slavery.
Man living how he was never meant to live.

Follow what Jesus said, christcuck.
It is nobody's vices but your own.

Industrial society does not encourage libido, it actually destroys it.

Less men are having sex than ever and this trend will continue.

You want a solution, yet when given one you complain you cant do it because muh "low will power", "its dangerous" without even researching an ounce of what fasting does. YOu are going through Hedonism because people like you deserve it.

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Oh, you're spamming EVERY thread now!


How? I'm seeing strawman and I report it thus.

Why can't jews argue without resorting to logical fallacies?

What are you trying to prove? I'm here all day.

Is she single, if yes, then go for her.
Don't starve yourself because other people are overfeeding.
user don't destroy yourself. Find power in your self but don't abandon life. It's a precious gift and I believe that you will overcome the obstacles ahead of you.

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Strawman, and read it for yourself:
You think you sin too much with your hands? Cut it, that's what your jew tells you to.

Happiness and mood are not important, and will come of their own accord with time and effort and movement in the right direction.
The true path is to make good habits, and good habits come from doing something every day, every week until they become automatic and part of your life and eventually, part of your being. You train yourself, like a dog, until you become a good dog.
Most habits take just a few weeks to create, the longer you do them for the more solid they become. A habit is never permanent, and must be fed with repetition.
If you exercise every day or every other day,after several weeks it will become easier to do them. After a few months if you don't exercise for a few days, you will miss it, you will want to do it. After a while it will become automatic, like tying your shoes.
Mood shouldn't be the basis for doing a thing that must be done. But by doing a thing that must be done, you will improve your mood over all, even if it takes months or years.

that you blatantly lied in an appeal to historical cultures we would care about

I agree with you.
Not certain what you are arguing at this point.

No, it is in your spirit. You must break your spirit in order to rebuild it, crush it if you have to. Normally once upon a time this would happen in the failures of our lives, those able to withstand the barrage survived and those who couldn't, could not.

Because our enemy now dare not face us in direct physical combat means we must enact those trials on our own because our enemies won't do it for us. The struggle must become real again, because it is real, even though all the past signs would show to us now that everything is fine when everything is anything but fine. The struggle is not easy but it is not just working towards the end goal that you should see also you must get used to but working the struggle itself.

Whatever you do remember though:
"The struggle is irrevocable." -Adolf Hitler

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You're seeing no such thing. You're failing miserably. Tell your boss to fire you.

Lack of capital is legitimate criticism in regards to starting productive hobbies.


My argument is that sexual desire is bad.
If the christcucks think sexual desire is bad, do it as their kike lord Jewsus says and cut off their hand/gouge out their eyes.

Where I have strawmanned?

Yes, I see it clearly.

You are propping up things nobody said, that is by definition a strawman.

You failed instantly. Change your IP again.

When you lie in bed and you want to wank it. Instead of wanking it, write in a journal about why you want to wank it. Then write in the journal about all the positive things associated about not wanking it. You need to clearly define your goals. Writing said goals down connects your conscious desires to your subconscious self.

Once your connect your conscious self to your subconscious desires you will have more strength/fortitude/willpower to accomplish your goals.

Also, it comes with age..

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It is not bad if directed toward a Jungfrau that you marry, love and unite and procreate with her.
The Jew has no place here.

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I was in your position a year ago and will tell you the solutions I have found. First to general worries about the world and second, to sexuality.

1. Get off Zig Forums and 4chan. Including mild boards like /fit/ and /out/. They have nothing to offer anybody, except for asking the hive mind for sources of further reading. This means you shouldn't need them for more than 30 minutes at a time, once or twice a week max. Anything more (after you're redpilled) is a complete time sink. You should know enough by now, not to need this website for several hours a day. You should move on with your life.

This place is a psychological sewer. Everyone praises anonymity, but the dark side of that is that you're constantly exposing yourself to people's most ugly side. Reading "kill yourself faggot" 10 million times is going to affect your psyche no matter how above it you think you are. This place has turned you bitter, depressed and despairing. You are constantly drip fed information about how fucked the world is, and constantly nitpicked and dragged down by loud assholes who spend their life tumbling into one internet fight after another, anxiously keeping 10 tabs open to ensure they have the last word in all of them. This place will destroy your hope and self-belief.

Get away from the chans, forget them until you have a query that some amateur experts on a subject would be able to help you with. You're not growing here, you're not making memories. You chuckle every 30 minutes and are occasionally spurred to masturbation by lewd images and sheer boredom. You are addicted to consequence-free communication and the sense of being in a sekrit speshul club - a sense of superiority over teh normies (which is a false dichotomy supported by sad lonely men with nothing but their opinions, and further isolates you). Normies are just you if you hadn't stumbled across this place- more ignorant and happier.

I have been so much happier since I started checking up on this place only once a month or so, and never staying to chat unless I was after specific information. Life just seems more open and normal. Sure, I'm not in denial about the state of the world. I just realised there is really no need to focus on it 24/7. In fact, regularly focusing intently on how hopeless and massive your problems are, is a sure way to never be able to take the first step to fix them. Your mind and spirit need a certain level of ignorance to be functional. It's how humans have always worked. You would never be able to eat if you spent 10 hours a day for years reading about food viruses, bacteria on your hands, and looking at pictures of parasites, in an environment where everyone reinforced your despair. The chans are an attention trap and an addiction.

2. Your sexuality is power. At the moment you have no idea what to do with that power, it controls you, and thus, no matter how strongly you wish to not masturbate again, inevitably the dam of willpower overflows eventually and you spill the energy out of your dick. Like a ball held underwater, the deeper you push it, the more powerfully it erupts back upwards the second your grip slips.

It is possible to 'put the fire out', but you lose part of yourself, part of your motivation, and become passive and boring. Don't try to put the fire of your manhood out. Instead tame it into a long slow burn, learn to feed it appropriately without it burning you or burning out, and use it to fuel you. Master your masculinity. I would suggest pic related as an absolute must read for every man. It will give you a new goal (beyond physical relief from jizzing), a higher goal to strive towards so that you can actually see something through the temptation, beyond more temptation and battling yourself. It will give you self control and also joy, pleasure and power in your sexuality, rather than shame and frustration with it. It's basically how to retain semen properly without becoming a sexless monk or dying of prostate cancer.

As for stimulation, I have found there are actually only 2 types of pornography, above all the other categories. These I would call passive observation, and direct service.

Passive observation: Sexy women do something with/to someone else. The camera is simply recording sex- including from POV positions. This fucks your brain because a) You watch other people's lust boil over into orgasm, which can overpower your mind and make you have to cum, and b) you're making yourself into a cuck who faps to other people having sex. Also, if you self-insert, and orgasm, it may make you more satisfied and feel like you've actually mated, which further fucks up your motivation when that dopamine is on tap 24/7.

Direct service: The viewer is the subject of the scene. The performer does something "for" the viewer. Solo videos, JOI, dancing, etc where they talk/aim at the camera as if it's you there. This type fucks your brain much less, because you, personally, are being 'given' something directly by the performer. Also, especially if you don't cum, it simply further motivates you to succeed so you can get the girl on the screen. Your brain doesn't think you've actually mated with her. It's a bit like if you were at a pool and a girl winked at you and bent over really slowly to give you a view. That wouldn't satiate you or turn you into a cuck, it gives you a massive test boost and encourages you.

So if you must watch porn, I highly recommend sticking only with type 2, where you're actually being personally 'served' by the performers. This is much more in line with actual sex and won't destroy your self-esteem. It can help you build your masculine power, especially if you use the book's techniques to retain your seed and transmute it into energy. Feeling sexually successful, doesn't make you passive. Success breeds success. It's only draining your balls that makes you weak and satisfied. I recommend stasyq on Youtube for mild stimulation that you can learn to use to build your sex drive into positive life direction. But the book is absolutely essential.

I sincerely hope I've contributed to your struggle.

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honestly you sound low T, get on steroids. i fap every day and pretty much conquered the degen stuff by realizing its disgusting and leads nowhere. at least good sex with a female stengthens a natural relationship.

Based & Redpilled my fellow 4redditor
…which is the requirement to join Zig Forums

So why is the thread full of strawman?

If all philosemites were dead, we wouldn't have autistic threads about how to micromanage dicks all fucking day. I present this fact for your consideration, and the eventual begrudging acceptance of even the most jew-trained and self-flagellating stickcuck. Acceptance is only the beginning, and should do much to inform you of the necessity of your suicides. It's up to you to carry them out and spare us your presence for even a single instant more than your damaged minds require to process this most obvious information. You'll probably fail us, I'm already anticipating it.

ufukinwotm9. absolutely degenerate cuck shit.

Because you are shilling here.

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Sexual energy is literally one of the most powerful energy's creatures have. The power comes from redirecting that energy into useful things, like studying, creativity, building… If one learns how to redirect their sexual energy they can accomplish a lot.

So I'm "shilling" here by exposing strawman?

Seems like the norm of this board is stranger than I thought.

I did not lie. Do your own research. Hippocrates, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and Galen all praised the benefits of fasting. If all that evidence, studies and historical context still does not convince you. I'm sorry but you are probably to stupid to even risk fasting.

Not if it's positive. But yeah it's not great.

I wasn't talking about "low will power" @ fasting, but low physical power. Energy comes from calories, calories come from food intake. Fasting is greatly limiting food intake. How is it going to help? Enlighten me.

You're right, my mind is full of negative thoughts. But, on the other hand, I'm admitting to myself, and to you, how reality looks like. I'm not in denial and full of wishful thinking when reality is different. I have my weaknesses, deficiencies, and I'm aware of it - and I want to change it. This is the ultimate reason why we're having this conversation.

[b]I can only tell you that I will try.[/b] Almost every night I hear my mind screaming "I want to die". For many reasons. But I want to fight, before I die. So I will try. I haven't wanked for two days already, and I want to drag it as far as I possibly can. I have succeeded a few times already, before relapsing, and maybe this time I will beat my record.
Only thing I disagree with is:
You overestimate how much control I have of my thoughts at this point. Less than I feel comfortable with. The despair I was trying to describe to you is something that kicks down your door, it isn't something you choose and invite inside, it's something that forces itself in and you have to struggle to remove it. If you give a fuck enough to do it, picture what I'm speaking about here.
About how I hate the degeneracy that impacts me.
About how physically exhausted I am despite YEARS of work towards fitness and strength.
About how fucking sad and angry I am about the world, about things that I don't have control of. Things that upset every single one of us right here, things that happen to our world. The past. The present. And God knows what future.

[b]I AM angry[/b]. But it's powerless, helpless anger.

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