link related Chad called Zachs mom Denise and she gave a great reaction

Shawn K Neustadter Sr. (Father)

D.O.B. 07/02/1966

25 Victoria Dr

Rowlett, TX 75088-6063


Associated Phones

(484) 678-9886 - Wireless

(610) 942-3526 - LandLine/Services

(484) 883-8383 - Wireless

(610) 698-6742 - Wireless

(610) 942-4573 - LandLine/Services

(610) 269-4500 - LandLine/Services

(610) 514-0201 - LandLine/Services

(610) 273-3510 - LandLine/Services

(610) 593-2438 - LandLine/Services


Associated Emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]



- 2008 Mitsubishi Highlander

VIN Number: JA4LT31W88Z011421

- 2008 Honda Civic

VIN Number: 2HGFA16998H501531



- "Miller's Insurance Agency Inc."

255 W Uwchlan Ave

Downingtown PA

Business Phone: 610-269-4500




Denise M Neustadter (Mother)

D.O.B. 04/04/1968

25 Victoria Dr

Rowlett, TX 75088-6063



[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


Associated Phones

(484) 883-8383 - Wireless

(610) 942-3526 - LandLine/Services

(610) 942-4573 - LandLine/Services

(610) 269-8242 - LandLine/Services

(610) 273-3510 - LandLine/Services


Marketing Data

- HOME OWNER SOURCE: Verified Home Owner

-INCOME - ESTIMATED HOUSEHOLD: $75,000 - $99,999

-ESTIMATED NET WORTH: $100,000 - $249,999


-RANGE OF NEW CREDIT: $501 - $1,000

-EDUCATION: Completed Graduate School




4814 Mescalero Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

fun thread

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Suck my balls, CIAniggers

Other than memes being posted on galen's campus - what's being done?


Shut up nigger.

Yes, muh' fun

Another 88 year range ban for my good ol' shills.

fuck off shill and kill yourself irl
saged and global reported for harassment of a minor


Are you one of her tranny friends?

He is a tranny probably

I can't wait for it to be revealed that this distraction gayop was designed to cover up major happenings on a nuclear scale and all the cuckchan /b/tards that comprise nu/pol/ will STILL justify it.

Why don't you quit bitching and go find what's being covered up then? Oh yeah, you're just a whiny faggot.

Quiet, schizo.


can we do anything about that?
i guess no

McHorse still hasn't learned

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Was this you guys?

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zach still hasn't learned

Soundcloud shit is deleted

If anyone wants to really effortpost, put a tracker on his trannymobile for when they move to escape the IRLposting. (in minecraft)


I'll repost this again for visibility


Assumedly by "MHS" he means McCallum Highschool, which is confirmed here with his basketball roster:



Looking at Beth's Facebook below one can see she is pictured with Tyler in her profile photo.





D.O.B. 11/22/1975

5920 Carleen Dr
Austin, TX 78757-4410

Associated Phones:

(512) 374-9077 - LandLine/Services
(512) 423-4273 - Wireless
(512) 565-6610 - Wireless
(512) 401-0577 - LandLine/Services
(512) 458-4920 - LandLine/Services


[email protected]
[email protected]


Kevin James Mchorse
( Beth's husband/Tyler's dad )
D.O.B. 04/10/1974
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
(512) 374-9077 - LandLine/Services
(512) 401-0577 - LandLine/Services


Clark M Weatherby
Age 47
3005 Skylark Dr
Austin, TX 78757-2034
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
(512) 345-4048 - LandLine/Services
(512) 407-8494 - LandLine/Services
(512) 419-7276 - LandLine/Services
(512) 345-4040 - LandLine/Services


Meredith F Weatherby
Age 47
3005 Skylark Dr
Austin, TX 78757-2034
[email protected]
[email protected]
(512) 345-4048 - LandLine/Services
(512) 407-8494 - LandLine/Services
(512) 560-7290 - Wireless
(512) 419-7276 - LandLine/Services
(210) 824-4968 - LandLine/Services

Catherine K Mchorse
Age 49
5202 Turnabout Ln
Austin, TX 78731-5634
(512) 451-7112 - LandLine/Services

Thomas Steven Mchorse
D.O.B. 08/02/1941
5503 Ridge Oak Dr
Austin, TX 78731-4817
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
(512) 452-5207 - LandLine/Services
(512) 970-7540 - Wireless
(512) 663-5036 - Wireless
(512) 459-6503 - LandLine/Services

Paul Christopher Mchorse
Age 47
3602 Crowncrest Dr
Austin, TX 78759-8710
(512) 614-6942 - LandLine/Services
(936) 273-6864 - LandLine/Services
(404) 273-6864 - Wireless
(770) 633-4057 - Wireless
(281) 808-7629 - Wireless
(512) 633-4057 - Wireless
(281) 713-2736 - LandLine/Services



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Thanks user. I’m starting to get discouraged about this whole thing, but even if it stops here, we got something done at least


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not bad user.

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at least she seems to be a good sport about it.

Good shit lads, this is the type of retaliation we need

Shitler took Rohm's gay cock into his mouth and ass.

"National Socialism", it's working!

If it stops here whatever we have, we can just start order and sending them stuff like what happened to Zach, and can later release the dox info so anyone else can mess with the tranny degenerates.

I'd do that tranny before any Asian or any other non White female. But I'm pro White unlike the Stormers here.



jeez.. this really ran out of steam

Should have wrecked more shit
basketanon shouldn't have got vanned
busanon needs a car

meh, i'm kinda sort of busy today, i'll be back to fuck around tonight or tomorrow if you faggots keep this going on some level or another. stay strong, stay user strong.

Some user a few threads ago mentioned that he didn't want to dox them, because they were "minors" and needed to be redpilled and that “they don't know what they are talking about”. Clearly according to Zach’s and McHorse’s, they haven't learned a thing and will continue their degenerate ways from now and until the future until they polluted others around them with their filth. They never did and will never learn as the filth of degeneracy is too deeply ingrained in their minds, and Zach is a Jew as it is in their natural instincts to surround themselves with the filth and subvert others around them. The moment they started to accept this degenerate lifestyle was the moment they are gone, regardless if they are “minors” or not. Now, it seems like we are limited to only prank calling, like if that even does anything. This is specifically when I wanted to SWAT them using proper OPSEC, so if they learn nothing (which clearly is shows they don't) then at least there is retribution for their actions. Or at least if not SWATing considering the risk to other anons without proper OPSEC, then ruin their lives by dox and release their info. I and many anons want retribution and lulz, why else would we dox them?
The solution I see so far is to either dox them, and use the info found to either SWAT them (using proper OPSEC: burner phone or a still existing old pay phone, or anonymous online tip) so they suffer, and/or send them various shit (like Zach, but worse), random groups of people meeting at the house that destroys property in the process, or other things that will cost them financially or pisses them off that will complicate them and their parents’ or relatives’ lives further and ruining their image. If they are “accidently” shot by ZOGSwat, then nothing of value is lost.

Are you kidding me? Good sport? This just shows we need to work 10x harder instead of just prank calling. Some of you newfags and moralfags need to dehumanize yourselves. Ask yourself, would you say the same to a subversive kike or anything of their puppets and proxies who accept their filth behavior? Or better yet, what would Breton Tarrant do if he saw an invader or degenerate destroying his people, prank call the invaders?

Attached: dehumanize_yourself.mp4 (1280x720, 11.64M)

lol the amount of trannies in this thread is astounding.

You fucking parasites should understand that any tranny faggots after race war will get executed, because you failed your race. You mutilated you balls and nobody will ever respect someone who mutilated their penises. stop trying to cling to the right, you cannot stop this with your incessant trollshielding. Tranny faggots should either kill themselves or revert to being a man and forget about all the cocks they had to suck off in anime convention hotels.

So much to read and so little time. Still reading thread 3, only halfway. Sorry, but quick update on basketanon? I would hate something happened to him / her.

Basketanon went off grid after the video
Lots of infowars tier theories about him/her/it

you're both fucking retarded and from reddit.

Then again im not surprised the election attracted trollshielding trannies like you. Nowadays its changed, anons used to dox all the time and punish retards. This spic tranny went for a white kid. and is now paying the price and hopefully the dox attracts a serial tranny killer.

not everthing has to be siegetard shit but it helps to stamp out uppidy redditniggers who believe that twitter and its hugbox can shield them from the internets disdain.

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I think the point is that he's NOT paying the price.. because the raid sucked.

This. The raid did suck.

I don't see it paying the price. The injun is still gloating on her Instagram page.
"Hopefully" is the key word. You are retarded for relying on chance. SWAT and be done with it.
I don't see her paying anything? Do you? Because as far as I see, she still hasn't paid anything.
You're right, its changed. Now it's just prank calling, and you're a retard for going with it.

Hey leftypol.

This whole thing has been officially psyoped out of existience.

Damn, hope he's or shes ok.
After all the trolling and the swatting chances were high the mother would have already called LEO. I believe basketanon even mentioned in the livestream a car seems to be passing by multiple times? The house was under surveillance….

Because the memes left in the basket were so direct, maybe it wont pass off as nothing on basketanon, especially considering all the things that have already been going on.

hope basketanon doesnt get charged for a "hate crime" over memes

Someone should check the court records again

Our base goals were accomplished, the original tweet is gone and Zack's account is locked.
He had had a good portion of LGBT twitter mobilized against the zoomer considering it was 15k+ likes strong, we basically nipped it in the bud before they could fully launch up their lynchmob with journalist backing etc.
People thought the internet hate machine was dead, weaponized autism was a thing of the past,
but the fact that we were able to not only contest but win a battle against these degenerate cretin despite their advantage raises my hope for the future.
This is only the start of something that should happen much more often as a regular occurance.

But you are right in one aspect, we need to force Zack and people like him off the internet for good.
Until that is achieved, I don't consider this total victory yet.
Every time he tries to bring out his pimpled trannyface for internet cummies and praise we should be there to metaphorically stomp him back into hiding.

You're welcome to add something more spicy if you want but swatting is overrated as fuck if they aren't a streamer
One look at the twitter replies to his acc show we've obviously gotten to him at least

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like another user in a past thread said, they probably got pulled over for something simple, maybe running a red light last second or their car had something wrong with it. I doubt they just pulled basketanon over for leaving the meme basket.

if anything theres an investigation going on and now basketanon is involved, doubt they're locked up, they're probably lurking for their safety because cops are probably monitoring the thread

post caps pls

Zach is a minor?


the problem is it's harder these days

a big part of the game used to be exposing whoever was being raided's irl and showing them to be a complete faggot
the problem is that now people post their whole lives online, faggotry and all, and aren't ashamed of it so you can't so much from that angle
it's also harder to pwn people even if they're retarded, just because websites are a lot more secure these days and encourage more complex passwords
unfortunately, that means in order to get results we have to take more risky actions that are more likely to get us caught/charged with a crime

It's 2019
Zig Forums is on to mass killings now (in minecraft)
A basket doesn't cut it.

Not that I think death is appropriate here at all. Just c'mon.. a basket!?

Keep in mind, this isn't a waste of time on some random tranny.
It's to set an example to show that these callout-culture faggots who think they can destroy people's lives for rejecting poz what can happen to them.
They have the societal control backing them, they know this, and they think that they are invincible because of it.
We can't get them fired from their jobs, rejected by their families, or have their bank accounts shut down.
We have to work within what little resources and power we have compared to their unlimited amount in order to make the biggest punch back at them.
They have grown utterly soft because nobody has stood up to them in a way that gets under their skin.

This was basically a david vs goliath situation.
They've done similar tactics to countless other people for slight transgressions against them but this is the first time they've recieved backlash outside of conservatives pearl-clutching over free speech being threatened (while doing nothing to stop it)
This was a test run for a future strategy that we should embrace.

Obviously things are guaranteed to eventually become physical with them initiating it but online raiding gives you a better chance of people actually doing something instead of sitting around.

Barely, he's 17

Attached: wave.jpg (570x390, 88.77K)

This is clown world. If it isn't funny, what's the point?

This user gets it. It's about sending a message

since it's texas, he would be considered an adult I believe.

We're talking about basketanon's fate here, normies won't find it funny, and it may be seen as a hate crime or harassing a "minor" in the cops eyes, though texas seems to have no laws protecting transgender people, only sexual orientation

I’m not sure if this is helpful. I may as well post it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If I would her I would would say I didn't,t know the contents of the message and that I was just delivering them and thought they were supportive.

Please give more screencaps, screen cap his reaction that prompted these replies.

Anything left to do at this point? Should we keep trying to do Zach's friends?

Please post what Zach said to prompt this reaction.

Yeah ikr

cops are monitoring the thread, she'd be retarded to lie when all the proof is on the first thread.

I wouldn't be surprised if more than the local department is involved because it's coming from here, and normies are scared after the shooting. So light memes are seen as awful in their eyes. Would be retarded to give some poor chick jail time over something this small.

Most likely, she basically said on zoomergram that the FBI was involved. I am still not very concerned.


I'm not following him. You can view replies to his tweets but not his tweets themselves
Just search his username and hit 'latest'

the FBI? really i doubt that shit

Someone need's to infiltrate his twitter, my curiosity is peaked. Make an account, use the tranny flag as the profile picture, and pretend to be a tranny man/woman. Follow some famous trannys before trying to follow him, and maybe he'll accept it. I tried but it won't let me make an account for whatever reason.

It's piqued

Kek, who knows because cops take this shit seriously when it comes from here id imagine.
Where did she say fbi was involved? Just from her saying the one car that kept passing by?
Hopefully she's okay.

Alright so this bitch on Twitter sent an email telling them to take disciplinary action against the ginger zoomer to his high school, and she bragged about it on Twitter, I say we dox her too. We should do it while her Twitter is still private.


Attached: D4Zlg1HUUAAPjhU.jpg (933x903 102.71 KB, 411.52K)

I meant not private fuck.

I found Zach's car's info in the last thread, but it doesn't appear as though it was carried on into this one's body. Anyway, here goes:

2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser
License plate: LDR1204
VIN: 3A4FY48B16T319655

Use it for whatever y'all please. Let's make this kid feel the very hell he desires for all of us.

Attached: 9727f11ad1d522b4036d8ee2e5d2e4bf2c3bdc8a7786a6ac1683d584debbeb0d.png (1000x350, 464.25K)

Hope Tyler's mom appreciates the voicemail Ethan Ralph left her.

It's all ok because "clown world XDDDDDD"

Post proof basket user is arrested or kill yourself.

I guess you win

Which is it, you neurotic kike? Tell you what, you go down there and do whatever you want. Prove us wrong.

You got your callout-culture bullshit shoved right back down your own throats where it belongs. It's a tiny preview of the backlash to come.

Attached: shitpost harder.mp4 (1280x720, 3.08M)

In the form of cute baskets and pizza slices.
The nigger killing starts after I deliver this box of dragon dildos.

Oh my God! Why is Ethan Ralph calling Tyler Mchorse's family now?! This is insane.

Go down there and prove us wrong, make us look stupid. Be a big boy and show us how it's done.

They're going to get gunted

Attached: u got that gunt.mp4 (1280x720, 9.15M)

That's the job of the A C C E L E R A S H I O N I S T S on this radical den of racial holy warriors, not me.


This kind of raid should stay on half


Gotta admit, I think the action is pretty much all over. We ruined some tranny’s lives, and it was fun, but just like not everything has to be serious all the time, a stale joke is worse than no joke at all.

You caused minor inconvenience for an afternoon

all that yucky pizza

I think the normalfags on Twitter found out about busanon. It look's like they have the version of busanon's video with his face in it, fuck.

RIP busanon

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I'm mediocre-fragile-ugly-sperg-white-dude-phobic. Ridiculous demographic.

Pray for me Anons that I stay user to people who are looking for me IRL