ISIS just published the image of the Easter Church attackers

ISIS just published the image of the Easter Church attackers in Colombo, Sri Lanka

- At least 290 dead
- 625 wounded
- Bomb defused at Colombo airport
- 26 people arrested
- Possible additional terrorists on the loose
- 10s of foreigners among those killed, inc. Americans
- ISIS coordinated with local group

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but trump defeated isis, nice try

You can't defeat Islam.

Why are they attacking christians though, and tamils at that? Is it because their bosses fear jostling the white man right now would draw too much ire, so they jihad in india for a bit?

Christfags deserve it anyway.


Semites and kike-lovers like Trump aren't even interested in doing so. Slimes are useful pets for the kikes to distract with and blend in with.

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the unmasked one in the middle looks like a closeted homosexual

Yes, I can.

That’s just the leadership. Almost all the soldiers are dupes.

Christcucks are weak, thus easy targets to display dominance and gain continued momentum.

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Don't be fooled by OP this wasn't an attack on Christians this was an attack on Easter worshipers. Seriously though you'd think they'd attack western countries over NZ, its hard to get mad when shitskins die.

As do you fren.

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Pretty easy to get an erection, though.

They all look like neckbeards at a convention too

It is a subversion of the natural order for you to decide what I deserve, baby man.

They are so dumb they are killing their own fellow ethnics because a White man killed some Arabs. Talk about anti-racism!

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Basically chad Caliphate vs virgin christchurch shooter. When will people learn that violence only ever creates more violence.

Why don't the jews take the masks off?

It would be extremely painful.

It's like some female stalker tries take the identity of your ex, only to be noticed.

You haven't seen white men get violent yet, nigger.

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Because this is where cold hard reality interferes with table-top wargaming. ISIS would want to attack White Christians if they could but their networks in Europe and America are shit right now. Consider the ISIS attacks that they have managed to accomplish; mostly truck attacks.
Their cells in Europe/America are led by incompetents and lay-abouts. However, in South-East Asia they have more "quality" leadership and personnel.

No, I think its like I said. Attacking whites would be too much at the moment. This way they don't make front page news, nobody cares about indians getting bombed. They don't want whites even thinking about chimping.

pic related

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OP, you don't seem to understand what the Chad vs Virgin meme is.
See, Tarrant is a White Nationalist, not a Christian. And he struck a blow against your fellow cultists because they were foreign invaders, not for some religious reasons.
Thus, ISIS struck back at the wrong people and they did so because they're too weak to do anything worthwhile in Europe.

Maybe so. We have too many pleasures here, and the fat jew proxies cannot resist.

Source? You absolute niggerfaggot.

Has Reddit regressed far back enough for you to use that image? Shocking, at this rate you'll be a little nigger zygote again soon. Get out, baby man.

ACCELERATE. Trust the plan.

I think Notre Dame is big target.

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put down your phone

good work brothers

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It reminds me of what (((Dr. Stephen Steinlight))) wrote in his article to his fellow jews about how he foresaw the future.
He asked rhetorically " Will a country in which enormous demographic and cultural change, fueled by unceasing large-scale non-European immigration, remain one in which Jewish life will continue to flourish as nowhere else in the history of the Diaspora?"
After describing in very unkind terms his disgust with Muslims, he arrogantly asserted that he is sure his fellow jew (((Sumner Redstone))) and other tribesmen in the media can ween young Muslims off their religion and turn them into the same soulless cattle they have turned White Americans into. Writing;
“I suspect that MTV, for better or for worse, will prove more powerful with young Muslim immigrants than the mullahs.”

Cute, eh?

ISIS has not claimed responsibility for that. Though I'm sure I'll cause some kvetching, I do not believe that ISIS was responsible for that. It's neither their style nor their MO. If it was a muslim, I suspect it was a lone-wolf acting outside any major terrorist organization.

And ISIS wants to get revenge for Christchurch and so far has failed to do so.
That's pretty pathetic considering that even the small cells in Europe are better organized and less suppressed by the System than White Nationalists are.

Look, what this boils down to in the end is shitskin streetshitters killing other shitskin streetshitters and I am A-OK with that.

I am not a Christcuck, all Abrahamic religions spawn from the treacherous kikes and they can kill each other as much as they like. Now yes, if I had to pick a faction to back it'd Christianity because of its exstensive history in Europe (thats a whole other can of worms as it ultimately usurped true European pagan religions but a/e) and if it inspires people to kill Muslims and kikes in the name of Christ then hey that's cool too… But my religion is National Socialism and my prophet and savior is The Führer.

ISIS is in fucking tatters anyway, al-Baghdadi is probably fucking dead or hiding in a shack somewhere and they're launching attack in absolute shitholes like Sri Lanka and the Congo now. They're a non-issue at this point - it's impossible to shit up the third world more than it already is so let em go nuts

I heard the bombers weren't Muslims but were actually Luciferians.

Luci-FaggotTier-ism you mean?

More churches have been attacked in France in the past months. Notre Dame is the tip of the iceberg.

You're the one who did the bombings faggot

Christians: What happened at christchurch is not our values!

Muslims: Here's a picture of our heroes who killed christians on a christian holiday

I mean the satanic cult that rules this world orchestrated the attacks. Are you claiming allegiance to that cult? It appears you are.

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Sri Lanka has several ethnic groups divided on religious lines

Dont you have a black man's feet to kiss?

See my post here, newfag

The post you replied to is a joke, Christcuck.

Still up 50 - 0

Like a true Celtic Druid, I actually worship Esus of Eros, who also just so happened to be crucified.

You must be a kike. Projecting you're own backwards fantasy onto others. Such kike behavior.

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Well my apologies then, meine Kamerad. I have looked into European paganism in the past and Wotanism seems pretty cool but I have a hard time following any religion based on things I can't see/prove myself.


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they are all europeans

Ah, so you fell for the jewish brainwashing and became too vain to accept things that your little human mind isn't powerful enough to comprehend, Christianity and Paganism were both tolerated in the third reich, the jewish plague of (((atheism))) was not

Christians: nothing

Look into stoicism.

well yeah that's exactly what they do besides muh deus vult larp

Didn't say I believed in nothing just not sure what.

Atheism was not outlawed in the Third Reich. Atheists were not allowed to join the SS as far ad I know, at least not early on… And it was looked down on, but it was not outlawed.

The Führer was raised Catholic but he believed all religions were obsolete and would eventually be usurped by science… Read Table Talks. Otto Stasser also was convinced Hitler was an atheist. I believe The Führer did believe in a higher creator but the retards who paint him as some kind of devout Christian Crusader are deluding themselves to feel better about their beliefs… He was most certainly not that. His support and mentions of God etc in speeches was just for the masses as in '33 62% of Germans were protestant and 34% were Roman Catholic… The Führer was a politician after all.

I am vaguely familiar with it but I will certainly look into it. Thank you.

Multiculturalism strikes again.

Christcucks btfo. They will never fight back either. Too busy racemixing and molesting boys to care.

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I'm proud to present this musical album to you, Zig Forums.

Feel free to distribute it as widely as you wish.
All of those upload URLs lead to the same 7zip file; it's just there for redundancy.
Listen once, listen twice, enjoy for your entire life.

I hope you like it.

Make sure the songs are in the right order when playing them. It's a concept album.

Downloading this blind just for the fuck of it, what is it exactly?

All that carnage and no one picked up they were planning it before??? It was allowed to happen.
Clown world

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i remember this post. about a month ago.

shame the TORpedo can't post it in the right thread

i love using pictures like this when i hear people try to argue "because X decided to fight back by doing Y, the muslims are going to hurt us"

How am I not surprised?

Nevermind, this shits gay as fuck.

Inbreeding will eventually do that for us.

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As usual the jew celebrates his brother, the mudslime


White man step up. Don't let them beat your killscore

When all who believe Islam is true are dead, and all Qurans are burned; Islam is defeated.


tfw our comfyness actually shields us from jihad

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You can't defeat white political identity… (NSDAP… the ETERNAL TEMPLATE)…..Globalist been trying since 1939 nigger

LOKI is eye fucking TYR….whats it gonna be my niggers

Sure we can
I’ll defeat all of adamism too while I’m at it. Get fucked sandnigger

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Source? Where does ISIS publish their news?

All muslim men are closet homosexuals.

Probably on Facebook and Twitter. Social media only bans those who speak out against islamic terrorism (because that's 'hate speech') and not the actual terrorists (because that would be 'islamophobic').
Clown world

I'm sure Rita Katz was cohencidentally monitoring their comms.

Unironically this. Youtube has the execution videos.

Goat fucking barbarians.

Waiting on a Vlad the Impaler successor….he WILL appear niggers….he ALWAYS does.

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The (((proxy golem army))).

why would Muslims attack Buddists in India because a Limey whacked Muslims in NZ?

It all seems SO Jewish. Yes, I'm sure 90% of those killed were Buddhists, not actual Christians. Buddhists will go to these things just because they like all the flowers, and "showing respect" etc. Like chicks going to a auto race.

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insightful, I think.

yes, ALL "ISIS claims…." cums from one Jewish woman running a fake news operation. There is no legit "ISIS website". These Jews must not understand how the WWW works. If ISIS did have a website, every kid in the world could access it themselves.

Note that doesn't stop EVERY (((reporter))) going along with the gag, every night, on TV news. Its the biggest case of Emperor's New Clothes since the Holohoax.

Rita Katz is daughter of part of 13 Jewish members of Iraqi congress that were arrested for treason by young Saddam in 1968, given fair trials, and executed. All "sectarian violence" ended until Israelis came back in with US troops.

then by all means they can stay based and keep slaughtering christc*cks


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so you made this thread to suck off your fellow shitskins

Self contained loop.

Tell me treecuck, how are you going to solve the sandnigger problem?

by letting our useful christmutt idiots be the meat shields on dotr

Well, we're waiting


You are once again, projecting your sins onto the innocent, while claiming to be holy. This have been your hallmark for a thousands of years.

The (((Catholic Church))) was infiltrated by you. The (((Masons))) are your henchmen. You have infiltrated ((((Islam))) in Saudi Arabia. What do you do, every time, once you get into a position of power? You start raping and torturing innocent children.

You get off on torturing the weak and innocent. Then you have the audacity to accuse us of doing such acts. No. No. No.


It is the Jew which has brought the Synagogue of Satan into our institutions. Ever since Sabbatai Zevi in 1666.

We know who you are, we know what you are, we know where you are, and we know you're plans against us.

So CARRY ON, with you're usual tactics and patterns. It is only becoming easier and easier for us to discern. What are you going to do when the whole world knows? What then, Moishe?

The thing about you, Moishe, is that you hate yourself more than you hate anyone else. That is the only reason why you commit such evil in this world. You hate yourself. You can't forgive yourself either, because you refuse to accept the Grace of God.

So, I take great delight, in knowing that despite all the misery you cause on this Earth, there is none so miserable as you.

You a godly nigga. Preach on, brotha.


There were no suicide bombers.
These were remote-controlled detonations places by the Israeli Mossad. The guys in the IS video cover their faces. They could be anybody. They weren't even their. Maybe they donated blood to mix it in with the victims to "prove" they were there.

Both Christchurch and Sri Lanka were Mossad. Can't you guys see that?

Before whites men and Muslims go to war, we should first nuke Israel.

"Suicide bombings" are the easiest of all false flags to orchestrate.

The recipe

1. hide remote controlled bombs
2. add soms bags of blood or bones of deceased men
3. detonate bombs
4. release video with hooded men, say they did it
5. blame Muslims

rinse & repeat

local terrorist group

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